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While I was away at the SNAP! Conference, my husband built a new shelf for me to store my cookbooks on.  I still have to paint it before I show it to you, so in the mean time I wanted to share with you some beautiful and simple ways to store your cookbooks.


The first simple way is to store you cookbooks in a cute basket right on your countertop.


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Or you can place your cookbooks in baskets before putting them on a shelf…


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Here is a very functional way of storing your cookbooks…

Make a Wall o’ Cookbooks!


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Of course, cookbooks store nicely in built-in cabinets on the wall…


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Or they can make a beautiful display in your open cabinet shelves…


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If you do not have room for your cookbooks on a shelf, maybe you can store them on the bottom of a piece of furniture in your kitchen…


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Or maybe make room for your cookbooks in your kitchen island…




All of these ideas make finding and using your cookbooks easy and convenient.


Where do you store your cookbooks?


  1. I love these ideas! I have really put a stop on buying cookbooks as I have run out of room! I have floating shelves in my kitchen where I store them and I have at least 75!! I like the idea of using baskets, especially for the books you use the most. Thanks, Traci!


  2. I’m lucky enough living in an older home that I have a built in pantry type cabinet that holds all of our cookbooks up top with closed doors, then in the bottom holds my good china! Love it!

  3. The top picture of the books in a wire basket could have been taken at my house. LOL I have almost the same basket sitting in a similar corner with a few of my most beloved cookbooks. Love your other examples, too.

  4. Our kitchen is open to the living room, so the cookbooks are actually stored in the living room. We bought an Expedit shelving unit from Ikea and turned it on its side. All 8 cubbies are full of cookbooks. Sorted by colour which makes me quite happy. Yeah, we have a lot of cookbooks. Hubby loves, loves, loves to cook!

  5. I keep them in the cupboard, too. I hate clutter and things on my counter so for now I have them hidden and I only keep 8 at a time. If I get a new one as a gift I decide if it’s something I really want to keep for my collection, if it is then I get rid of one in the cupboard that I haven’t used in a year or more. Keep it simple.

  6. I was a crazy cookbook collector at one time. Too many of them and most I never used anyway. Not any more. I have given away 90% of them when I built my new kitchen. I have kept three or four of them. If I see a recipe I want to try in a magazine, I cut it out and put it in with my personal recipes. If it’s great, it stays, otherwise, out it goes. Now, for the most part, I use All Recipes (dot com). All Recipes has most every recipe that one could ever imagine along with the tweaks that people do to customize them. Very useful without the clutter!

  7. I keep my cookbooks in a buffet table I built (yes, I am a super DIY girl too, my kitchen I built was even in Better Homes and Gardens magazine). I’m just loving getting to watch your house remodel. I was wondering how you go about finding all the great pictures you share from other homes.

  8. Oh snap! You just gave me an idea! I have a banquette similar to the one in the picture and I’m thinking maybe I need to tear part of that wall out and put a bookshelf in there. Hmmm…if only my husband were handy…

  9. Traci~
    I have shelves similar to the ones above in ContentInACottage.
    where they are stored.. reached easy to select.
    My Favorite is the Southern Living Cookbook from many years ago.
    My second favorite is The I HATE TO COOK COOKBOOK by Peg Bracken!
    it’s time to purge/declutter/decrapify while packing for this upcoming move!
    we’ll see who wins..sentimentality..or reality!
    warmest hugs..

  10. My cookbooks are in old wire gym locker baskets that sit on a wire shelf unit next to my stove – along with my canisters, old white pitcher that holds wooden spoons and other cooking “essentials”!

  11. My husband just put up oak kitchen cabinets in our attached garage. The door is right off the mudroom/kitchen area. I wondered if the heat would hurt them. It get pretty hot. Does anyone know?

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