Cottage Guest House Tour

cottage guest house tour

I wanted to share with you how far we have come on our guest house. I am still not finished with some of the decorating details, like curtains and such, but we’ve come a long way, baby!

I have also added to this post 6 links to some of my favorite DIY projects that I completed for the guest house. Be sure to check those out as well.

This is our detached garage that we built about 4 years ago. We built it with the intentions of turning the top part into a guest house.

ice storm 09-ebay 005

The red door takes you into the garage. Directly inside you will see our black “school house” door that leads to the guest house. We got this door at a Habitat store for ten bucks! It was solid wood and had a glass pane missing. So my husband installed a new piece of glass, painted it black, and added hardware. I love it.

IMG_5347 The picture below is a “before” shot of the steps. We used pine for the stair treads and white bead board for the stair risers. We stained the steps a “Provencial” stain from Minwax.

work 015

Here’s the “after” shot of the steps…

We used some tile we had left over from the guest house bathroom to make the entry way.


The next two pictures show the “before” picture of the hard wood floors. The floors are made of 9 inch New England pine, tongue and groove, wood planks from Lumber Liquidators. We used the “Provencial” stain from Minwax again. My wonderful father-in-law helped my husband build this beautiful black bannister and also installed our hard wood floors. Thanks, Pop!

work 005

The right side of the room is where we planned to put the den.

work 006

Here’s the “after”…


This is the left side of the room where we wanted to install the kitchen.

work 007

My husband built some cottage style open cabinets…

work 036

He also made me a plate rack which I love! Then we painted the whole thing black.

cabinets 002

We added corbels underneath the black cabinets. The white cabinets on the bottom were old cabinets we had leftover from our old kitchen island in our house.

cabinets 010

I wanted some shelves on the side of the sink for baskets, so my handy hubby built some.

cabinets 017

cabinets 018

The picture below shows the baskets we added to the shelves and the cottage style doors that my husband made as well. We got the sink at a Habitat store for $7.00! It’s perfect!


My husband also tiled the countertop. It turned out fabulous! The backsplash is travertine tile that we got at the Habitat Store for a few dollars. The larger tile we got at The Tile Shop. The black hardware is from Lowe’s.

chairs 008

Then I added my white dishes that I got mostly from Goodwill.

The chairs for the kitchen table were a Goodwill re-do too. You can read about them HERE.

And I made the burlap tablecloth, and you can read about the tutorial HERE.


The light we added in the kitchen is from Lowe’s. We purchased a the black fan without a light because we couldn’t find a black fan that I liked. I wanted the old school house look. We found a light kit at Lowe’s with the old school house globe that we attached to it. It’s exactly what I wanted!


The picture below is the “before shot” of the opposite side of the room.

work 013

Here it is now…


I got the little chair from Goodwill for $6.50 and recovered it in burlap. You can read about that project HERE.

The white coffee table was also purchased at Goodwill for $6.50, and I painted it white. You can read about that HERE.


The couch still needs to be slipcovered. I am working on that! :) I got it at Goodwill for only 25 dollars. Right now I just have it covered with a white matelesse.

The next picture shows the door leading into our guest bedroom. We got that door from my sweet sister-in-law when she was re-doing her home. It was a green color, so we painted it white and added a oil-rubbed bronze door knob.


The next picture is a “before” shot of the guest bedroom. (We still had the kitchen cabinets in the room at this point.)

work 009

Here it is now…


I am hoping I can find a cute little desk to put under that window. I would like to paint it black and distress it.

The furniture in this room used to be natural wood, and I painted it white. You can read about that project HERE.

The white dust ruffle was a $2.50 purchase from where else but GW.

The chandelier was given to me by my mom. It used to be silver, and I painted it black.


Here is the “before” picture of the bathroom…

work 010

I haven’t done much in this room except to make a unique headboard towel holder. You can read about that project HERE.


This is the armoire that I painted white. It sits right outside the bathroom and stores towels and blankets. I got the wire locker basket at a yard sale for $5.00. I am on the look out for some more!


Well, that’s it!

I didn’t show you the laundry room because I still have a lot to do in there.

My goals for the guest house are:

1) Make shelf for laundry room.

2) Make shower curtain for bathroom.

3) Find mirror for bathroom.

4) Create curtains for each window.

5) Slipcover couch.

I am taking my time on the above list because I have some pressing projects that I need to get done over in our house!

Thanks for taking my little “Guest House Tour”. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Have a Blessed Week!


  1. Traci your guest house is so beautiful and welcoming!

    How wonderful to have such a lovely and comfortable space for your guests. It is truly outstanding in every single detail. LOVE the black kitchen cabinets with the open shelving. I'm in awe of your creativity.

    Love it all! *Smiles* ~Melissa :)

  2. Traci,
    I love what you and your hubby have done with the guest house. It has come a long way from when you first started. It looks like a wonderful place for your guests. Thanks for putting it all in one post with all the links to projects you made along the way.

  3. I love your guest cottage. What a lovely place to stay. What color did you use on the walls? I really like it, it goes so well with all the other colors you used.

    My thoughts and prayers were with you and your family this weekend. Hope everything went as smoothly as possible.

    Love to you.

  4. Oooooh, I love it all!! How wonderful to have a separate guest house! Everything looks so fabulous! And know that you did it 'on the cheap' while looking so super fabulous feels good, doesn't it? That's my favorite way to do things! Great job!

  5. GORGEOUS! You've done a fantastic job so far! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. You have a great eye for detail. I would love to stay in such a cozy guest house — hint hint. Have a blessed week.

  6. Oh Traci, this little hide-away for visitors is gorgeous…I so wish I had a room I could do up for guests in my home BUT we don't!!
    However God has been trying us in a different way of late with problems with access to my 2 other beautiful children. We have not seen them for 5 months & maybe, just maybe when the time is right I can speak to my husband re creating some "visitor space" in my step-daughter's room if this absence is going to be ongoing. We are sent these hard trials & do not always know why but God is overall. Thanks always for your inspiration…hope all went well on the weekend for your family with moving dad & mum's things out of the family home. May God continue to bless, love form the Aussie contender! TK xx

  7. Well, let me say Blessings! right back to you, because that is what this blog is! I have been stressing and praying over what to do in my kitchen–the counters are almost thirty year old blue laminate and so worn. The tile job is amazing! I swore I'd never do that because of cleaning the grout but I'm sold–that is just beautiful.

    And the khaki wall color–could you please share what that is?

    I think the entire thing is just beautiful! :)

  8. Morning, Traci! Oh, Dear One! I love your precious guest house! It's amazing all that you two can do. It's so romantic looking and you and your skills just bowl me over! You're something else. I love everything you've done and I know how proud you must be of it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I think you need a guest for your guest house. I'm available! Anytime! I'll just come right over. I'm good at taking care of boys and working on projects.

    Seriously, any guest would be thrilled to stay in your guest house. Great job!

  10. I love it! I would be thrilled to stay somewhere like that, I can't believe it's a guest house :) I love the black and white. It makes me want to redo everything here!

  11. I love it! I am so impressed with all the inexpensive items you found and you made it look like a million dollars and it all flows together so gracefully. Your mom is beaming in heaven.

  12. What a cozy space! I'm sure any guest would absolutely LOVE to stay in that space :) Thanks for taking us on the tour of your beautiful place!

    Enjoy your week :)

  13. Everything looks so nice and put together! Love the black and white theme. I want Josh to build me a Garage with a guest loft/ picture studio above it someday. This gives me inspiration!

  14. I love your guest house! It is beautiful. You give me so many ideas!! Now, if I just had the time. You are truly one amazing lady! So proud to get to know you.


  15. What a delightful little cottage! My DH and I are trying to find a home with a guest house and turn it into an in-law suite for my parents. I may have to turn to you for inspiration AND suggestion. The cottage is a quaint place for your guests..truly a wonderful space.


  16. Traci, you have such a knack for decorating! I love your guest house, it looks sooo inviting. My parents use to have a log house on the side of the mountain just out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. They had a guest room and a loft that they would rent out as a bed and breakfast. They met so many nice people and made a little money too. I'm not sure where you live, but it's just an idea for you guest house. I really like the kitchen. I live in Utah and we get so much dust, I wish I could do open shelves. I have to dust in side my china cabinet every few months because of the dust that gets in! I have dark green counter tops that I love, but they collect so much dust everyday. Anyhoo, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you've done!

  17. This is a great start from scratch apartment. Be careful guests don't move in permanently! The black and white against the neutral walls makes the whole apt. cohesive and inviting. Thank you for sharing.

  18. What a fabulous job Traci! Any guest staying there will feel very welcome. You have a wonderful eye for detail and you have a very talented hubby and father-in-law. I love the details you have put into the cottage guest house. Thank you for adding the links. I like the headboard towel holder and may utilize it when I can get back to remodeling my home.

    My thoughts and prayers were with you and your loved ones this weekend.

    ~ Tracy

  19. Such a beautiful and inviting space. Your guests aren't going to want to come down to visit with you. :)
    I particularly love the two doors you put up, the entrance and the bedroom door.

  20. You've done an amazing job, but funny, I always thought those black shelves your hubby did was in your 'real' kitchen, not the guest house? Have you shown pictures of your other kitchen before?
    I love all the DIY stuff you do :-)

  21. That is gorgeous!! Sounds like alot of people would love to be your guests right now, myself included. Where do ya live? haha…

    I love all the Good will finds… good eye for bargian hunting and making it all over -yourselves. That says alot.

  22. Wow how pretty. Can I be the first guest!
    Thanks for sharing you did a great job.
    BTW if you have time come check out my post today I need help with a table.
    Oh I am also My Journey Back that's where you know me from.
    Have a Blessed Week,

  23. What a beautiful guest house. And, how nice to have a place like that for company to stay in.

    If you are interested, Traci, I am hosting a pay it forward give away over at my blog. I would love for you and your sister to join in. Take a look.

  24. Pretty sure I am ready to move out of my own house and into your guest house! You guys rock! Great job. Can't wait to see what else you do. :)

  25. Oh my word! Your guest house is stunning! I'd be your guest any day!

    And thank you for your sweet comment today. Want to hear something funny? I know exactly who you are! I've been here many times and apparently, I've never commented. Bad Kimba.

    But whenever I'm here, I think about how much you look like a friend that I go to church with. So, I'll know you as soon as I see you…assuming you look pretty much like your profile picture. :)

    I'm looking forward to meeting you next week!

  26. Oh wow! I love every inch of it – it's perfect! And I can just imagine how cute it will be when you finish your to do list :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. This is just so neat! I need to borrow all of you to help me redo part of my house. lol Where did you find the black oil rubbed doorhandles? I wonder if you could spray paint brass ones?

  28. It looks amazing Traci! I love it! It makes me want to come visit! :) Actually, it also makes me want to have YOU come visit ME and decorate my house for me! I love you blog. You're one talented girly!

    Have a blessed week.

  29. This is just wonderful Traci! Thanks for sharing with us. I love all of the seeing all of the redos that you have worked on over the months together in one post. Just love the kitchen. And that black door for $10 is fabulous.

  30. If Kimba doesn't move in, I will! What a terrific job you did – and I love all of the projects and the details that you share along the way. You have a great decorating eye.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog and went back to read about your 2009 wrap up and all of the posts about your Mom. I can tell that she was very precious to you and I'm sure that you are still missing her. I'm sure she would be so proud of you!

  31. I love it! I think though, i would use it as a "break" room for myself. Sorry kids, mommy needs a break…gotta go in the "break room"! No kids allowed!

  32. This is absolutely LOVELY! Your guests will adore it. It is cozy and comfortable and beautiful. You are blessed to have such a handy and talented dad & husband. The salt and pepper prints on the kitchen wall are a fun touch and I love the blue and white duvet cover in the bedroom. Thank you for sharing!

  33. How CA-UTE is this ?! Gosh, I love everything … the kitchen is awesome (reminds me somewhat of Layla and Kevin's kitchen over at The Lettered Cottage). Your guests won't want to leave !! 5 stars !! Take care, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  34. I kind of sort of really want a guest house after seeing this. I love how it turned out. What hard work you put in and it totally paid off. Very nice!!!

  35. Stunning! Everything you've done I adore. The kitchen has some really interesting details, I like how you did two tones to the cabinetry and how the black hardware ties it all in.

    Thanks for linking it up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  36. Oh man, anytime I see "my husband built….., my husband whipped up a cabinet….. I am GREEN with Envy! My husband is very talented, but not with power tools! You are a lucky girl, with great taste! (In men AND makeovers!)

  37. Okay where do I line up to put my name on the list… what a sweet thing to do for your guests… you and hubby did an amazing job…everything is perfect… I love the cabinets in the kitchen, heck I love everything… great job.

    Hugs, Deb

  38. This is the prettiest guest house! You both are so talented! Anyone would love to stay there! They might not ever want to leave! LOL

    I love the cabinets in the kitchen. I love the black and white. All of your touches are beautiful. I love the burlap covered chair and the school house light,too. Perfect!

    Lee Laurie

  39. Oh, my goodness. I am in love!! Your garage is beautiful, and the guest house is perfect! Every detail is just amazing. I wish we had something like this for our family when they came over. What a nice little home away from home for your guests!
    P.S. I am so glad that you had pictures of your new floor. We are going to be installing unfinished pine planks from lumber liquidators soon, and I've been trying to decide between Provincial and Ipswich Pine for stain. I love the Provincial stain, but it may be a little darker than what I'm looking for. Maybe we could add some Natural stain to lighten it up? Anyhow, I LOVE your guest house!! :)

  40. those pictures look great! can i borrow your husband for a while to finish my kitchen? keep up the great work!

  41. I own a complete bedroom set – head & footboards, rails, vanity with the awesome mirror, AND a dresser IN THE SAME, EXACT STYLE/ PATTERN. I bought this set for $500 – the set was painted & distressed with black paint. I love how you re-purposed the headboard in white. Maybe I'll learn how to post pics so I can show the world! LOL

  42. Absolutely amazing!!! You guys are super talented … to be able to accomplish all of that with very little help … to decorate .. paint, etc. FABULOUS JOB!!!!

  43. I am so impressed, I don’t even know what to say!!! Wow! I love the way you were able to get everything so inexpensively and figure out how to make it all look just incredible. It all looks so nice together. Seriously….you have amazing talent!

  44. Wow…….this is EXACTLY what I want to retire in……I love it!!! Would you consider selling your building plans?

  45. Wonderful job! Many people can decorate, but few can pull it off using only Goodwill and Habitat! You and your hubby remind me of me and my husband. I find the junk and come up with crazy ideas and he makes them a reality. Isn’t God cool the way he brings couples together that complement each other so well!

    I know you are busy with getting ready for a move, but if you get a chance I would love to know what plan you used for your garage. I’m trying to convince my hubby that we can by land and live in a garage apartment while we build. I’ve been looking at plans forever and would love to know the square footage and the plan you used if you get a minute.

    Blessings as you move and prepare for new home adventures!


  46. Dear Traci,

    Your guesthouse is charming and beautiful. You and your husband are a phenomenal team. My husband and I are currently renovating and often it feels very challenging in the midst of building and renovation but what you accomplish together is outstanding. Your guesthouse is a wonderful reminder for me to get out there and work hard and not stop until there is order & beauty. Well done! Thank you for sharing your beautiful posts. Sincerely, Sonja

  47. If you don’t mind my asking, what is the wall color of your lovely guest house? I know it shows differently on the computer screen, but would like to know so I can check it out. It is such a nice, calm neutral color without being too “blah beige”.

  48. Hello,
    I see a number of people have asked you what color you used on the walls, but I did not see a response. Can you please let me know?


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