Giveaway: $75 Gift Card to Lowe’s!!!

Hey Ya’ll!!!

I am soooooo very excited to announce this giveaway!

Do you remember the DIY contest I was entered in a couple of weeks ago at

There were 14 wonderful DIY Projects to chose from in this contest.  If you didn’t get to check them all out, click HERE to see them.  They are amazing!

And the wonderful people at donated $100 to Habitat for Humanity for each of the weekly winners.

Before and After 2010 orange

I asked you guys to vote for my Back Patio Concrete Makeover at  (Okay, okay…I begged and pleaded.)

And you sweet ladies rose to the occasion.

With your help…

I won!!!!

I won!!!!

I won!!!!

I was so very excited!  (Can you tell by the excessive exclamation marks?!!!!)

Did you hear what I won?

I won a $150.00 Gift Card to the home improvement store of my choice.  And of course, I chose Lowe’s!

The guys at OneProjectCloser. com are class acts.  They have been super supportive and encouraging.  So when they emailed me about my prize, I asked them if I could share my prize with my readers.  They enthusiastically agreed and sent me TWO $75.00 gift cards to Lowes.

Eli wanted to show you the gift cards!

One for ME and one for YOU!!!

It’s a fact…I wouldn’t have won the contest without YOU.

YOU are the reason I have my blog.

YOU are the reason I am motivated to do projects around my house.

YOU are the ones who inspire me and motivate me everyday.

And YOU are the ones who voted for me.


Here are the ways you can be entered in this giveaway for a $75.00 gift card to Lowe’s:

1.  Leave a comment telling me what you would use your gift card for…DIY project, Christmas gift to hubby. etc.

2.  Tweet about this giveaway and come back and tell me in a separate comment. (leave your twitter name or link)

3.  Share this giveaway on your facebook page and come tell me about it in a separate comment.

4.  Mention this giveaway on your blog and come tell me about it in a separate comment.

That’s four chances to win!!!

The giveaway ends Friday. October 22nd at midnight EST.

I will announce the winner  on Saturday from the Relevant 10 Conference in Harrisburg, PA.

Good luck!

P.S.  You don’t have to follow me or subscribe to my blog to be entered in the giveaway, but I sure would love it if you would anyway.  :)


  1. If I won the $75 gift card ti Lowe’s I would use it to help pay for fence material for my yard for our new little puppy to run and play and not get out and hurt. We lost our adult dog that was such an important member of our family for a good number of years so this new little addition to our family is extra special cause not only do we love animals but because he also helps fill the empty feeling we had in our hearts. Even though we love and miss our sweet Mako, our new little puppy is putting some much needed smiles and laughter back in our family.

    Bless you!

  2. You are so generous! I would LOVE to win this give-away! I would probably use this for a combination of things…I always buy mistinted paint because it’s cheap…I would buy a few gallons of paint that I LOVE and would get it tinted the way I wanted it! I would also get some Purdy brushes, and some awesome hardware. I would LOOOOVE to win!! :)

  3. How generous and gracious of you to share your winnings girlfriend! May you be exceedingly blessed for your good heart! And, count me in because I have an entire lower level to paint!

  4. Wow! Just like your Momma wanting to Share with others Traci! Reminds me of something my Mom would me to do too! Let’s see, I could see me getting me some new Mini-blinds for dining room and some paint!! so, Pick me , pick me!!!

  5. Congrats on your winning and sharing with us! I have been inspired to get projects worked on with reading your blog. I completed 2 projects with many more to go. If I would win the gift card – would be used on paint or a ceiling fan for the bedroom! Reasoning for the paint – I have a blank canvas since the hubby likes white walls. :( There is no color in this house! We got married 6 years ago and I moved into his home. The house is in need of painting. So I know how to pick and choose my battles. Baby steps. So I choose the bathroom. Well, I have 1 room with color now. I painted over the weekend and convinced him to try color! I went with a light tan. He likes it! I told him the kitchen and our bedroom next. I promised to leave the living room white! (giggle)

  6. Hi Traci~ How nice of you to share you winnings!! You put so much hard work into your back porch you deserved to win!!
    I think the gift card would be a fantastic Christmas stocking stuffer for my hubby. He was just talking about a new saw of some kind this weekend!!
    Have fun in PA. :o)
    The Tattered Tassel

  7. Congratulations on your win! You are very generous to have thought of us. I would use this gift card at our Lowe’s to help finish our master bedroom closet storage project. For 11 years we have had one major space-wasting single rod. I want to add an affordable closet system with different levels and shelves to better make use of the space. We also want to add beadboard to the closet back and sides to cover up the holes from the old rod supports and add some interest. We took off the broken closet doors and plan to add a curtain rod and drop cloth curtains. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Congratulations on your win!!!! You earned it! I would probably use it to either buy curtains and a rod for my daughter’s sliding glass doors in her bedroom, or use it to buy a rug for my newly remodeled bathroom.
    This is very generous of you to give half of your winnings away!!! You are great!

  9. I’m so happy my vote helped you out :) With the money I would buy wood to make some projects on my to do list from the Ana White blog. I would also buy fabric and spray paint to finish some projects that I have on hold and maybe start some new ones!!

  10. Traci, You are so thoughtful and generous! What a wonderful give away. Thank you. I think if I won I would use it towards lamps or area rugs. Or for any of the many other things I can think of at Lowes.

  11. I have SO many projects in my head and not enough cash to fund them all, so this would be a blessing! I would probably buy sheets of MDF boards to cut up to make board and batten wainscotting in my foyer. :)

  12. You are so very generous to share your prize!! I would use the gift cards for…paint. My office and bedroom desperately need to be painted!! ! I love reading everything you write about your Mom, it inspires me to be a better Mom!!

  13. New bathroom flooring in our master…This would cover the tile I adore…what a divine Christmas gift to me. You are most darling for sharing your winnings. Thank you so much!!!


  14. I would probably use it for DIY projects by way of a Christmas gift for the hubs! :) Or new cabinets for my laundry room….decisions decisions. :)

  15. A gift card to Lowes would help me finish the painting that I have started. I still have a long ways to go so I know that gift would be helpful!

  16. Wow, Traci! This is awesome! It does not surpise me one bit that you would spilt your winnings. You are a sweet and generous woman!! Hmmmm Lets see……If I won, I think I would get me some curtains for my kitchen and maybe a rug or two. The ones up in there are the ones that were there when we moved in! What can I say about them? Hmmm….They are white, thats about it… ;) Yea definitly new curtains!!! (or maybe wood blinds???)

  17. You are so sweet Traci! Always thinking of others.
    I would love to win the gift card. I would use it towards buying some new tab top twill curtains for my living room area. We have an odd long length thus making us have to buy the larger size making them a little more expensive. This would come in very handy.

  18. Ooooh, sign me up, I could use another $75.00 to spend at Lowes on all my projects! Delighted you won friend, say hi to Melissa for me~

  19. I am so happy you won!! I voted for you!! That’s exciting!! Anywho…I would love to redo my hideous pantry, and a gift card would allow me to refresh the much needed mess in there!! You are such a giving person…what an inspiration you are — not only to be a better homemaker, but to be a better mother, friend, sister, wife, and woman. I absolutely LOVE YOUR BLOG! Thanks so much for the inspiration…

  20. Ooh, so exciting. I am planning to get a dishwasher for my kitchen, so I have been collecting giftcards to Lowe’s for birthday and holidays so if I won here I would have enough (finally). Pick me, pick me!!

  21. So many projects and not enoug$$$$. Boy this would really help finish up some projects we have going on.

  22. This is easy..I’d use it to install a new front door. For one thing I lost the key years ago and haven’t locked it while we’ve been gone in so long…but that’s not the real reason ..the real reason is that my two dogs ATE my door!! Yes I left my dogs outside one night a couple of weeks ago and we were all downstairs watching a movie in the basement and a thunderstorm came and they completely freaked out and ate my door! It tooks terrible..I’m afraid to even think what the mailman and the neighbors think!! So this one’s easy I’d get a new door!

  23. I would add it to the Lowe’s cards I have been getting from doing online surveys and save it to pay for my new countertops! I want to be able to install them with no OOP expense to us

  24. Congrats on winning the contest. I have to say your porch makeover really has me planning on what to do to ours next year. If I won the Lowe’s gift card I would use it to start a makeover on my small master bath! A great room that a little can go very far.


  25. Congratulations on winning! I voted for you and kept going back to the website to check if you had won!

    I would use the gift card on supplies for homemade Christmas gifts. I am not sure what to make this year yet, but guess what? Last Christmas I made cup coasters with photos of my family at the beach following your instructions. My entire family loved their gifts and I had fun making them! They are much more meaningful to give because it’s much more personal.

    Again, congratulations on winning and especially for paying it forward.

  26. Congrats on winning! I would use the gc to make a big chalkboard for over my couch, like ashley anns… i have been wanting one forever!!!

  27. i would buy a ceiling fan light for my craft room, the owners before us took it with them when they took everything else that they could and we just haven’t gotten one yet. I would love to be able to utilize that room better!

  28. How sweet of you to share! I would put the gift card toward a new faux Christmas tree (with lights). Our’s kinda pooped out on us last year.

  29. If I won I would use it to buy stuff to remodel my oldest son’s room for christmas. He has been wanting it done so bad.

  30. Congratulations on winnng the contest!! You are a sweetie to share part of your prize with your readers. If I won, I’d use to card to help my hubby buy the table saw that he’s been wanting for a long time.

  31. Congratulations on your win, and, how generous to share your prize! I really need carpet for my living room in my condo. The previous owner had painted the room that dark red color that you see on all the decorating shows. Unfortunately, she spilled a can of the red paint on the light beige carpet. It left a terrible, huge red stain that cannot be removed. Professional cleaning made it lighter, but it is still there. I have resorted to a strategically placed area rug to cover it, because after I painted over the red walls, the carpet just looked like a poorly cleaned up crime scene instead of a red paint mishap. I have already been to Lowe’s to choose the carpet, and have the measuring done, and was just trying to save up some money to help pay for the carpet. I would so love to win the Lowes gift card!

  32. I would use it to put new shelves up in the laundry room, It is is DIRE need. What a wonderful giveaway!! Congrats on your win, you deserve it.

  33. Wow- great giveaway! I love Lowes- Right now I would either spend it on moulding to finish my family room or door hardware in oil rubbed bronze.

  34. Congrat’s on your winning! I would give the gift card to my husband to buy a power tool of his choice. He’s been my biggest fan and team mate when working on projects around the house.

  35. I am trying to turn an extra room into an office for my husband, and it progresses as the money becomes available. I would use the gift certificate to help me refurbish an old credenza to put in the office. It is so nice of you to share!

  36. 1st i would ask hubby if there was something he would like or needs, if he said no then i would put towards some new lights for inside and out…..thxs for being so kind and sharing your prize.

  37. I think I would put the gift certificate to a chain saw for my husband. He really needs it with all the trees we have around our house.

  38. That is so generous and thoughtful to share your prize with others. It’s really heartwarming. I know exactly what I would do with one of those cards. Our front porch needs some repair. We have started working on it and that would help us to finish it. Thanks for offering this giveaway and for the opportunity. It really is a wonderful gesture. Congratulations on your win! Your project was certainly worthy!

  39. You are so sweet for wanting to share! YOU are SO awesome!
    If I were the lucky winner I think I would give it to my hubby for all his projects and it would make a heck of a great Christmas present for him!Thank you and have a terrific week.

  40. So many things to buy at Lowe’s…paint for my guest bathroom, hardware for the kitchen, a couple of new faucets, 2 new light fixtures, a bench for the dining room…decisions, decisions!! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!!

  41. I want to make some built- in shelves for each side of my fireplace so I would stock up on wood.

  42. This is sweet of you! I would give it to my mom, she has some projects that I would love to help her with!

  43. That was a really neat thing to do! If I were to win I would try to finish my office. I’d like to make a giant magnetic board trimmed in molding. I’d also like to get a big piece of acrylic cut to size to put on top of my desk. So fun…congrats on your win!

  44. I would put it toward a table saw! I’ve been wanting one for a long time. Your so sweet to share!

  45. Wow! How incredibly sweet & generous of you. We are in Colorado right now, visiting son & daughter-in-law to see the new house they bought & I just showed her your patio. “Look what you can do”
    I would give it to them. Thaks for the chance.

  46. $75.00!! I’d probably faint before I got in to Lowe’s. Hmm.. mirrors, paint,spray paint, finally putting knobs on the nightstands that I finished several months ago, a paint sprayer!!!. I just can’t imagine having that much money to spend at Lowes!

  47. Thank you for being so generous! I would use the gift card to buy moulding to finish (!) the kitchen re-do I started 2 years ago (being completed in little steps :) )

  48. I would give the gift card to my hubby who is currently using every spare second of his free time to get our basement finished (or at least functional) in time for the holidays! (to make his darling wife happy, of course) :) $75 would help us out quite a bit!

  49. I would give it to my dad for Christmas. He loves Lowes for getting all his gardening supplies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I would use the gift card towards the repair of OUR back porch. During the excessively dry weather we have had the last few years, our concrete floor on the backporch has developed a serious crack. Not life threatening, but it needs repaired. Repair is waiting for cooler weather to start.

  51. If I won, I would give the gift card to my hubby to help finish our bathroom (which is the last on our list before we can put our house up for sale). He has been working long hours, and hasn’t had time to finish, and we haven’t had the extra cash since we are both paying on student loans. He does all the hard work himself, since I can really only paint and pick stuff out. He is doing all this so we can buy a home with more land that I can have a photography studio. He is sooo wonderful. Thank you for the giveaway.

  52. Congratulations on winning! I enjoy your blog and if I win, I will give the gift card to my husband. There is always one more tool he “needs.”

  53. My favorite store, too! I think I would have to raid the Christmas section :) first! So glad our votes made a difference and you won! Am I getting excessive with these: !!! (sorry :)
    PS – finished my burlap bird pillow–love it & thank you!

  54. Congrats! I, too, LOVE Lowe’s. In fact, my husband works part-time there but even on his nights off, we end up shopping there. I would use the gift card towards flooring for the kitchen.

  55. Congratulations on winning!! I would finally finish our kitchen! Kick plates under the cabinets, transition for the doorways and paint to finish the cabinets! That would be soo nice!!

  56. Oh wow! There’s so much I could do with the $75! I have been wanting to redo my bathroom (new paint on the walls, refinish the cabinet) and that would help a LOT!

    Congratulations on the win and how sweet of you to share!

  57. So excited that you won and how incredibly sweet of you to share with your readers! If I won, I would buy new lighting for our dining room.

  58. There are so many little (and big) projects that need to happen around our house but the most realistic one is the yard! I would use the gift card to purchase fertilizer and some new plants. Thanks!

  59. Mine would be a very simple DIY project. We recently changed out our 1980’s kitchen flourescent light to one I found on sale that looked oh so nifty. Problem is the lighting is horrible to say the least, sales are not always the way to go, and the new light just does not work so I would purchase a new kitchen light for my darling husband to install. Congratulations on winning. You did an over the top good job on your patio.

  60. Amazing that you want to share your prize with others! I would for sure use is to purchase materials for our friends home. Her husband (my husband’s best friend) passed away a month ago and they were about to start working on their “project” home that they bought for themselves. He passed away before any work could be done and now we are all pulling together, asking for donated materials and volunteering to get it done for their family to move into. Every little bit helps – Right? Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. It was so easy to vote for your patio. I have loved it every since the beginning!
    Anyone who knows me, knows I would use this Lowe’s gift card for tools or tool accessories. I have a new kreg jig jr and I could use more screws for it.
    I also have a new Dremel Trio that I could use new accessories for. The ideas are endless! I’m sure I would have to make a list and go from there!
    So sweet of you to share with us!

  62. Big Congrats on winning! That is exciting :) And thanks for being so generous and giving away half of it! If I won, I would use it for one of the many DIY projects we have going on here. We just recently moved into our mostly remodeled house from 1889, and we still have LOTS left to do!

  63. First of all, congratulations on your win – we all knew you could do it!!

    If I had a $75.00 Lowes gift card, I would be so thrilled to give it to my hubby for his birthday in December!! He loves making a Lowes wishlist every year!!

    Looking forward to watching what happens with the new house. Praying your home sells at just the right time for just the right amount.


  64. Oh my, what a wonderful giveaway! Congratulations on your win!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with your Lowe’s giftcard.
    Hmmm, if by some miracle I win, I would definitely be buying paint! We have three bedrooms that need it soooo badly and it just feels financially overwhelming when I think of all three needing done. So therefore none of them get done. So, paint it would be, and probably a light pink for our daughters room and a light blue for the nursery.

  65. That is so great you won, you deserved it, beautiful work you did!! If I won I would give it to my husband as a gift, he would be so very happy!!!

  66. You are very sweet to share your prize ~ If I were to win I would use the gift card to purchase paint and lights for my twins’ bedrooms. They have recently gone off to college :( and I have moved their rooms ~ so now the “new” rooms need to be painted and updated. Thank you again for your willingness to share your winnings and congrats!

  67. I would use it to buy a new microwave. Ours broke almost a year ago and we were doing OK without for awhile. Now my wife is pregnant and due in December so a microwave would be quite handy with as busy as we are going to be. We’ve been using any extra money to get baby stuff in order so this would be a true blessing.

  68. This is sooooo nice of you. I would use the gift card. To fix up or front yard. We just bought a new house and have fixed soooo much. We have neglected the front yard. Thanks.

  69. How nice of you! I would purchase more of the flooring that we are currently buying (two boxes at a time!) to replace the old, gross carpet in our three bedrooms and hallway! Love your blog!

  70. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your prize with us. If I would win I’d use the gift card to buy items for my bathroom or living room renovation.

  71. Congratulations! I think I would get some faux wood blinds for my naked breakfast nook windows that face the street. Privacy please! :)

  72. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!! A very well-deserved win…as your patio looks FANTASTIC! Not sure what I’d use the gift card for, but can’t wait to see what YOU do with yours!

  73. That’s so generous of you to share your prize. I would totally put it toward a new sink makeover. We are in dire need of a new faucet, garbage disposal and sink (we have a bucket under our sink at the moment since our garbage disposal has a crack in it). Way to go on your big win – that’s so awesome!

  74. Oh, wow!!!! Congrats on your win! I so enjoy your projects. If I were to win a share of the Lowe’s Loot, I think I’d put it towards my master bedroom. The hubster and I really focus on our home, and try to make it look as best we can. However, our bedroom is soooo neglected. I have lots of ideas in my head, but am in OVERWHELM when I step into our bedroom. It’s SOOOOO unorganized, I feel like giving up every time I begin. Yep, as a present to the hubster, I would DEFINITELY head into that room! Thanks for a great giveaway, and congrats again!

  75. I would use the gift card to make over my home office into a Mom Cave. I desperately need a space to call my own. I would make a space for me to correct all of my papers for my students, but also include a space for scrapbooking! I would also love a comfy chair in the corner to read a good book…the possibilities are endless!

  76. I just moved into a new house and I need just about everything. We are saving now for new counter tops.

  77. Congratulations on your win! I LOVE your back patio. I would love to use the gift card to buy closet doors for my boys’ room. We enclosed half or our loft to make a bedroom for them and have never gotten around to getting closet doors. Thanks!

  78. How FUN!! I was just at Lowe’s last night ~ our project list is growing by the minute. Custom dog house, paint the master bath, new light fixtures, tile back splash… :)

  79. WOW! How sweet of you to share your prize!! I’ve been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets & that gift card would soooo come in handy to buy all the essentials for that project!

  80. Yeah! Congratulations to you on the win!! I love your patio!!
    That was so nice fo you to consider sharing with your readers!
    I am excited to have an opportunity to win! I have so many projects on my to do list from all of the amazing inspiration blogs like yours give me! And it is a perfect time to start on some Christmas projects/gifts!
    Thanks so much!!

  81. How sweet of you to share with your readers. We need to replace some boards on the back skirting of our house. So this would help with some of the cost. Thanks so much!!

  82. WOW! You are too generous! Thanks for the giveaway!

    We are finishing our basement, so there are limitless things that I could use the giftcard for. Likely, it would go toward our sink fixtures or even some lighting. Fingers crossed!!

  83. Big congrats on your win…you so deserved it! How sweet you are to share your win with one of us. I am planning a transformation of my kitchen island and would use the gift card for paint, corbels and trim.

  84. I would use it toward new closet doors, or maybe paint for the entry, or maybe towards a Powder Room makeover. The list is endless! Love your Blog!

  85. Ooooooh FUN!!! I would use it to buy all the paint supplies & paint that I’ve been *dying* to paint my living room with. We just have no extra money at all until the first of the year, waaah, for a big project like that. oooooh I hope I win!!!

  86. Wow, Traci, you are a sweetheart. Not everyone would share the prize.

    I would love a new gooseneck faucet for the kitchen. Thank you and congrats!

  87. I commented above and also shared the link via my Facebook profile. Thank u for thinking of others with your gift! That is very generous!

  88. If I had $75 I’d replace one of my builder grade lightfixtures to something stunning! Or DIY one!

  89. Oh, Traci, I’m so glad they honored your request! And you’re so very sweet to think of this. Boy, would I ever love to win that gift card! We have a new Lowe’s just about 10 minutes from my house. I can certainly think of fun that I’d have spending that $75!

    I am so proud and happy for you to have won the One Project Closer competition. Good for you!!

  90. I would spend the gift card on home improvement projects! Like, oh, I don’t know, maybe drop cloths so our front room could have curtains! Or curtain hardware! Or something to fix the fence with — we have some warped boards. Our fence does, I mean. ha!

  91. I would totally use it for a DIY project or for a tool to complete a DIY project.

    I voted for you! Your patio is so pretty.

    Thanks for you blog – I love reading!

  92. I would love new blinds in my sewing room …or maybe a rug in the middle to catch my threads :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. I would use my giftcard to get some new Christmas lights, and a wreath!! I was in there the other day, and they had GORGEOUS wreaths!!! :) And, congrats on your win! Thats awesome!!!

  94. I would use it to help fund the tile backsplash I am wishing for in my kitchen!
    So glad you won, and it’s awesome of you to share:)

  95. You’re so thoughtful and generous! I’d use the gift card for DIY projects. I have a coffee and end tables to paint, more tables and chairs to paint, curtains and rods I’d like to get . . . the list goes on . . .

  96. Congrats on your win. I would purchase some new shelving for my garage, Furnace Filters….Winter is unfortunatly coming and save some for the spring to buy flowers.

  97. I would use it to spruce up my basement laundry room. It is depressing! : ) And, congratulations!!

  98. Congrats!!! I would use it for my own DIY projects, painting furniture, making Christmas projects…the list goes on.

  99. Such a hard decision! But I would probably use it to buy some new light fixtures for our master bath makeover that we’re in the middle of. I hope I win!

  100. Congratulations!
    Right now, I would use it to buy a PetSafe doggy door and yard fence (well, put it towards it :) We’re finally getting a dog for my daughter and the costs are through the roof just to get ready :)

  101. I would use the gift card for paint. We have six children & NEED to repaint our family room, hallway and stairs very badly. Pick us!!!

  102. I would buy PAINT!! My husband and I have been in our house for about a year and it has been badly in need of interior re-painting that entire time. We’ve chosen colors, but have only gotten as far as actually painting our bedroom!

  103. We are planning many home improvement projects, so this would come in really handy. New counter tops and kitchen sink, paint for several rooms, flooring for the bedroom on an on….

  104. I would love to win. I’d use it to buy a garage door keypad thing… I know, not exciting, but something I’ve always wanted on my house, and I realized just a few weeks ago that they’re only like $40! With the remaining $, I’ll buy paint/laquer to finish my table and chair painting project that I’m 1/2 way into.

  105. How fabulous that you won!!! Congratulations!!! Even more fabulous that you are so generous to share with your readers! Just another reason I love your blog! If I won we would buy the supplies needed to put up board and batten in my two year old’s room that we’re making into her big girl room. We can’t wait to get started after the hub-bub of the holidays settle! Congrats on your win, again!!

  106. How exciting! I’m getting ready to remodel a bathroom so I would use it for paint or a new light fixture! You are so sweet to share! Hope you’ll stop by to visit me and enter my giveaway! Hugs! ♥

  107. How exciting! I’m so happy for you Traci. I would spend mine on my oldest son. He so wants a grill to grill up food like his Pop. He is recently married and loves to cook. A good thing since the DIL doesn’t cook. They’re the happiest couple. Both are trying in youth ministry as new college grads.
    Congrats again! Eli is adorable.

  108. Congrats! I love your patio & whenever I buy my house next year, I hope to so copycat your patio. That’s what I’d use the gc for.

  109. Getting ready to start working on the kitchen renovation, and have seen a couple of light fixtures that would be great, and some crown molding. This would be really great! Jackie

  110. I don’t think I have ever been here, but I came over because Rhoda tweeted about your giveaway! Lest that sound too mercenary, I have also become a follower. Any blogger that wants to share her win with her readers must be a great one in my book!

  111. Congradulations, I love reading your blog. I’m so excited about your new house venture. I would do something like that in a heart beat but my husband takes more convincing. Any way I would use the gift card to finish my master bathroom remodel. I have been with out a master potty for over 6 months. Thanks,

  112. As much as i would like to replace the floor in my bathroom because I ripped up the previous tile and left holes in the linoleum, I would use the card to help my mom restain her outdoor deck. She has had to spend quite a bit redoing her house and the giftcard would be an unexpected treat,

  113. Congratulations on winning. My mother died recently from pancreatic cancer. I am having to get her house ready to sell and I would use the money to buy paint, bathroom light fixtures, faucets and whatever else the house needs.

  114. I’d use it to paint our basement! Gotta get it ready to use this winter when we are stuck indoors!

  115. We recently moved into a rental home with NO ceiling fans in the bedrooms. We could use it for that…or a new (expensive) filter for our refrigerator. Either way, we could use us some Lowe’s!

    Thank you!

  116. AHHHH!!!! This is! I was just hoping to make a trip to Lowes soon because I’m in need of making a swag lamp to go over my new sewing desk! We live in an apartment and so we need a non-hardwire lamp to hang from the ceiling. Thank you so much for this chance!!!!

  117. Oh gosh! I know exactly what we would do…I tore apart our “mudroom” corner last year and my kids have no place to put their coats, bags, and winter gear. I would put in nice wood trim, hooks, a wooden bench, and shelf above. I can picture it now!

    Congrats on your win! I’m so excited for you!

  118. Congrats!! How nice of you to share. I always look at the how-to books when I am at Lowes and it would be nice to actually purchase some. Great blog.

  119. Congratulations on winning! I voted for you–not just because you asked, but also because I truly thought you did an amazing job on your back porch. I’ve had my eye on a light fixture at Lowes, so I think I would use the gift certificate for that.

  120. Congrats to you, I love the patio floor and even showed my husband when you posted about it, I also voted for you!

    I’d use the gift card for one of those new shower heads that look so neat…


  121. Congratulations on your win Traci, your patio is beautiful. I’m pretty sure if I won the giftcard I would buy a power tool for my very own, I would love to make some of the great signs I see in Blogland.

  122. I’d get some Valspar glaze!!!! Then I’d look at lighting for something hanging and pretty for my hallway or maybe some wood to build a bench or a belt sander! So many possibilities!

  123. If I won a $75 Lowe’s gift card, I would probably spend it on my parent’s Christmas gift. They are helping me through college, but they are also trying to fix some things in their house and they can’t afford all of it right now. I think it would mean a lot to them if I helped them with home repairs this Christmas.

  124. Traci, You are just the sweetest person ever! Since I go to Lowe’s about once a week I would have no problem spending that gift card on a much needed home improvement project, so let’s start with paint!
    Have fun at Relevant, I live just down the road and still thinking about going too. Enjoy!

  125. Could you be any sweeter?! Sharing your hard won prize with us?! If I won, I would either purchase all the supplies necessary to paint my white island black and add some trim and bead board to it, a la TDC, or I would finally place my order for the granite tiles to redo my fireplace that has been a dream since we finished the kitchen. Then I would have to bribe my husband with cookies to actually get them both done, but it would be worth every chocolate morsel! Thanks again Traci!

  126. Congratulations on your win! If I won the gift card, I would use it to buy paint to repaint my daughters’ and sons’ bedrooms. We redecorated my oldest two daughters’ rooms last fall. Now my little ones are saying it’s their turn but it takes money we don’t have right now. :)

  127. Congrats on your win!! I would use the gift card for several different things!! I need window treatments for kitchen windows and patio doors. We just bought a new house so I could really use this for a lot of things!

  128. Just found out about your blog from My Tattered Elegance and will be following from now on! What a generous giveaway! If I were chosen to win, I would use it to purchase a new updated faucet for the handicap restroom at our church. I am in the process of giving a facelift to the decor there, and this gift card would help out a lot in that area, leaving me funds to buy some pretty things to hang on the wall instead. Thanks so much for this opportunity!!!

  129. Congratulations Traci!!! You are such a generous and giving person. I just love your sweet spirit! If I won this which I would so love to, I would go straight to Lowe’s a get the biggest canvas drop cloth they have and lots of spray paint. A girl can never have to much. And I have been wanting to make several things with the drop cloth.

    Thanks for your generous giveaway and again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Hugs…Tracy :)

  130. My sweet 23 year old daughter just bought her very first house. ( A little bit of a fixer upper!) She could really use this for one of her many upcoming projects!!! Love your blog and all the great ideas you share!

  131. We had our deck rebuilt a few months ago & have decided it’s time to stain it now. We got a small container of stain from Lowe’s to be sure we liked the color, etc. . . $75 would be about half of the 5 gallon container of stain that we need to do the rest of the deck!

  132. We bought a foreclosed home over 3 years ago and are STILL working on it. I can think of too many projects to use this gift card for. :) Thanks for hosting this!

  133. I love Lowes! We are in the process of buying heavy duty shelving for our basement and one set costs around $75. We went Sun afternoon with our yard sale proceeds and bought 3 shelves (all they had) and plan to buy more as we can. The GC would make it possible to get another. It’s not exciting but will help get things more organized.

    By the way, love the exposed brick walls of the house you hope to buy! I couldn’t imagine covering over them.

    Have a great weekend at Relevant!

  134. Wow! So nice of you to share. I would use it to buy drywall to fix the plaster wall in the upstairs hallway. Only our family sees that wall, but it has been cracking and falling down for years and can’t be painted until it is fixed. We also need new paint for the living room……so much to do!

  135. Yay!! I am glad you won! I voted for you :O)

    Thank you for sharing your awesome prize!! I would buy a new light that I have my eye on or give it to my husband to get a tool he needs.

  136. I would use the gift card to buy paint to start decorating my basement! It’s a finished basement – usually unheard of in Lexington! – but it’s a bit sad because the walls are bare and they are in desperate need of some color!

  137. You have a generous soul. How thoughtful to give away half your money. I’m sure you could’ve used it since you have lots of projects. I never blog any of mine except for the big one we are doing now. We are building a new home and so I’d use that towards the stuff we need to do the flooring.

  138. If I won I would use this giftcard to buy paint and painting supplies. We need to update our house and that’s not reallyin the budget so I figure changing the paint color would give it a fresh look. This giftcard would help me do that!

  139. We have a room that was completely gutted after the roof leaked. Now the roof is fixed but we are out of money to buy dry wall. The $75 would definitely go towards walls! It’s really nice of you to share your prize.

  140. If I were to win the $75 gift card, I would put the money toward my upcoming porch project. The paint is flaking, the steps and split and need to be replaced and it just needs a general makeover. Congratulations on your win. What an awesome kindness you are showing by sharing! =)

  141. How kind of you to share. I would love to get the gift card to put towards two framed mirrors for my master bathroom. We built our house 6 years ago and toward the end of building money was a little tight so I settled for ugyl plain mirrors that had no frame.

    Congratulations to you! I’m so happy I found your blog; you’re such an inspiration. (and you have a really cool name!)

  142. Congratulations! If I were to win the %75 gift card, I would use part of it as my husband’s birthday present (it’s tomorrow), and the other part I would spend on perennial plant for my son’s school garden.

  143. I would SO love to give this to my hubby for Christmas!! Beginning next week I’ll be on unpaid maternity leave through Christmas, so funds are tight. He’s working double to try to bring in extra income so we can provide Christmas for our 5 year old. I would love to surprise him with this!! Thanks for the chance!

  144. Traci, you know I can use this girl. I would so buy a couple of cans of paint to kick-off our own bedroom re-do (it’s on a two-year plan–haha). Whatever’s left will go toward new organizing shelves or baskets. Pick me!!

  145. I would use the gift card to buy some “fake wood” to build a deck. I love front porches, which we don’t have. I have a cute aderondek (?) chair set and no place to put it. This would be a great start. Later I would like to put an arbor above it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  146. How generous of you!
    I would totally take that gift card and run to Lowe’s for some fix it stuff that our (new) 50+ year old home desperately needs (as in the original light fixtures we tried to replace this week and discovered bare wires up above. hello fire hazard!)

  147. I would buy some paint for my ceilings. They are so U-G-L-Y! I would love to take all the blown stuff down as well. Anyone ever done that? All it’s good for is dust bunnies. Or, do dust bunnies habitat on ceilings?
    Congrats on winning!

  148. I would buy my son & daughter-in-law there Christmas tree. They have two little boys & haven’t been able to buy as she says an adult tree for there home. Love, Love, Love your blog. God Bless YOU!!!!

  149. I would use one of the ideas from the other entrants (but I voted for you – ha!) and turn a closet into a nook for my grand kids in their playroom!

  150. I’m going to owe Lowe’s a whole lot more than $75. when we start remodeling our bathroom!

  151. Thanks for sharing your prize with us!!! We readers are so lucky. If I were to win the $75 gift card to Lowe’s I would put it towards those absolutely gorgeous outdoor decorative lighting that has motion sensors! Ours as of right now are made out of plastic and need to be replaced. Again thanks for the opportunity, and congratulations on your new beautiful outdoor space!

  152. I would use that $ to buy some paint for my coffee table! Glad you won-you did a great job. :)

  153. I would use the gift card to buy some more Christmas decor, as well as some much needed paint for my house! :) Congrats on winning, you deserve it, and you are SO sweet to share :)

  154. When I voted for your project, I knew you were going to win!
    Since we’ll probably be moving soon, if I win, I’ll probably hang onto it and use it when we need it!

  155. Ooh pick me, pick me! I would rather go to Lowe’s than the mall anyday! Right now I am contemplating a screen door for the back porch — a gift card would get me a bit closer!

  156. I would use it to buy paint! I have been busy choosing paint colors and this gift card is just what I need!

  157. Congratulations on your win! Even if I didn’t know you I would have voted for your back porch project – it was WAY better than the others! If I win the Lowe’s gift card I will use it to buy river rock for our front landscaping. We’ve been wanting to replace the mulch (that is not safe for dogs) with rock. Have a great time at Relevant10!

  158. Congrats! Well deserved! I’d use the gift card on paint for our basement – We’ve been in our house nearly 4 years now, and it’s been the same color the previous owners painted it. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  159. Yay for you that you won!! Congratulations. You deserved it. How generous of you to share your winnings. If I won I would use it towards converting our bonus room to baby girls room/guest area. Baby Girl is due Feb 2nd and the funds are not quite there to get the project done now. This would be great to win, however, I am not going to stress because how much does a baby really remember about their baby room??

    Have a blessed day!

  160. So glad you won the contest! We are moving into our 1st home this coming month!! We are hoping to redo flooring and complete some other small projects as well- the gift card would definitely help out!! :)

  161. We’ve been in this house for 16 years and it shows! We need to patch walls, paint, replace lighting, etc. I’d definitely use this card to help us look less worn and torn!

  162. It’s generous of you to share. There are many projects-in-waiting here that could benefit from the gift card! Thank you.

  163. we need to put doors on my old office {which is now a bedroom for my brother}! I feel bad he has zero privacy!! Plus we need to finish a bathroom. my house is a walking DIY disaster at the moment :)

  164. How generous of you to share your prize. :-) I fell in love with your Handmade Coasters for Christmas when I saw them last year and really hope to make some with my girls for their teachers this year. I would also love to make some with other designs (Relay Logo, awareness ribbon, etc.) to sell as a fundraiser for my Relay For Life team.
    I would use the gift card to purchase items for the coasters to help cut the out of pocket expenses. Thank you & God bless!

  165. We would use the Lowe’s gift card to purchase a new outdoor refrigerator. Our refrigerator broke this summer, and we still haven’t replaced it. This would be fun to win! Thanks!

  166. I FINALLY purchased new doors to replace the 1960’s flat paneled stained doors throughout my house to update. I put them on my lowes charge SOOO the money would definetly go toward that charge!

  167. I could SO use this! We are just finishing a HUGE renovation on our new (to us) home…but it still needs lots of finishing touches!! This would be perfect! :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  168. Congrats on winning. I love your patio. I showed your post to my husband awhile back and said “okay, now get to work”. I’m still waiting. LOL

    I would use this gift card to purchase storage items to get my house in order and away from the Hoarders show. LOL I would buy storage bins and shelving.

  169. Your patio is beautiful. Congratulations on winning!

    If I won this giveaway I would use it buy insulation for our attic. We definitely need more. Thanks!

  170. I would use it for by back patio…It is a work in progress (about 4 years work in progress)…three children later we are ready for it to be our “outdoor living space” that we have been dreaming of!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  171. Ok there are SO many comments already…but I just have to enter because I have a serious addiction to Lowes! I would use the giftcard for several projects sitting in my garage right now because its just not in the budget to finish them right now…some christmas presents and some things for our home that I would really love to have done!

  172. My husband and I want to change out the light fixture in our dining room. This would be awesome to get!

  173. I was so excited when I saw that you won. Congrats, and thanks for sharing the spoils. :)
    I just scored an awesome router at a yard sale, but I have no router bits, so I would use the $75 to buy a few. And of course I can always use more spray paint!

  174. OMG! I am in need of some bead board wallpaper for my kitchen! Please place me in the drawing…..maybe I will win…..



  175. Please enter my name in your drawing. I would use the gift card to help with the re-do of my bathroom. One of the first items would be a framed mirror for the bathroom.


  176. Thanks for entering me in the Lowe’s gift card contest! I would love to use this for our bathroom renovation!! THANKS, Nancy

  177. We just moved into an 80+ year old home. I painted the living room, entry, and hallway. It was the PERFECT color during the day. But when night falls…it is just so, so wrong. It goes from a soft green in the daylight, to a weird minty pastel that just is weird with our olive couches. So…I would spend it on repainting supplies and paint!

  178. I would love to win…we would purchase trees/landscaping for our house. A little at a time keeps it from becoming overwhelming :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. How wonderful of you to share! I would use the gift card to put towards an awesome rug I’ve had my eye on…..or the bamboo shades I’ve been wanting….or paint for my kitchen….the list goes on and on!

  180. I would use it to purchase tile to start remodeling the kids bath. It is the only room we have not done or started and left half done. It has pukey green carpet in the bath! Who in the world put THAT in? a man, a man I tell you!

  181. I would use it to purchase something for our new rental home, possible some lighting or maybe some shades for our windows.

  182. That was really really sweet of you. i dont think it woudl have even occured to me.

    What would I do if I won? We all ready established that it woudlnt occur to me to share:) I have projects that need to be done but I think I would probably buy a rug…OOOHH or money towards a really BIG Christmas tree!!

  183. I would use it to buy and open a bunch of drop cloths and then return the open drop cloths :) Actually, I would probably replace the toilet seats in two of our bathrooms with the Whisper Close–we have one in our master bath and if you can love a toilet seat, I love it.

  184. We would use it to get the house sale ready. Fixing to put it on the market like you, and move, to possibly buy a fixer upper in another state. wow.
    Love Lowes.

  185. We’re moving next week, and I will be repainting the entire house this next year. I would buy paint!

  186. You have an awesome blog! I’m so glad you won the vote! I would definitely use a Lowe’s gift card for Christmas presents! We love Lowe’s.

  187. I want to redo our master bedroom, so I would use this gift card on paint and a new overhead light! The current color is a off-white that turned out waaay too yellow. I want to go more grey.

  188. You are too generous! I would use the gift card toward a small snowblower (yes, snowblower!) since we live in Northern Illinois where it gets pretty snowy for a good chunk of the year. My husband travels a lot so we’ve always wanted to get a small snowblower that I can manage to use when he’s away. Our driveway is HUGE!

  189. Congrats, girl! : )

    If I won the giveaway, I would buy some supplies to refinish this awesome vintage vanity that I just scored. Can’t wait to get started on it!

  190. I would give the $75.00 Gift Card to my sister, Cindy, who has battled endometrial cancer this year. She works full time, gives of herself freely in any spare time she has, and could really use it for some repairs to her home. Any money she earns through her job goes directly towards her two college-aged children’s tuition with just about nothing extra for herself. Let me qualify that, not “just about nothing” — it is just “nothing,” Her kids are her everything and she has come in dead last. I know $75 isn’t much, but I am excited to introduce her to your blog which I have been reading incessantly for enjoyment, inspiration, and your enthusiasm which is infectious! She is at a point now that she can start looking things up on the computer for “enjoyment” rather than cancer research.

  191. Hi. I’ve been stalking your blog for a while now (and your sister’s too). You are such an inspiration to me as a christian woman and with your projects. I adore your porch! A year ago I bought the home I grew up in which had fallen upon some “hard times”. At this point, most of it is finished but I still have quite a bit to accomplish and have to wait to replenish funds. I decided to make the most of my pink and black tile bathroom until I can have it gutted. The gift certificate would go towards making that room less scary to guests. Blessings. Linda (Philly burbs)

  192. Congratulations on your win! Well deserved. If I win the gift card I would buy some paint for my bathrooms and my laundry room. I would love to beautify my laundry room with some color and cute decor. You are a blessing to many with your blog. Lydia

  193. I would love to win this giftcard. I have a couple of rooms in my home that need some paint on the walls. I dont know that my husband would find it as enjoyable as I would.

  194. I am in the process of organizing my closets, so I would use the gift card for “closet organizers”. For a “stay at home” Mom, I sure have lots of clothes. Which is also what my auto mechanic said…”Lady for a “stay at home mom”, you sure put alot of miles on this thing!” Obviously he had no clue, right?!?
    Love you blog!!!

  195. So sweet of you to share! I would give it to my mother for Christmas or her birthday in December! She’s got a bunch of projects around the home going on and I know she could put it to good use!

  196. My oldest son has been sharing a room with his little brother and wants his own. I would use it to help create a cool haven for him to hang out in.

  197. That is so sweet of you to share. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I would probably use the gift card to purchase some gifts. Also, I have been wanting to paint my patio deck, so I would use any left over to buy a gallon of paint.

  198. Congratulations on your win. Our bathroom would really appreciate a gift certificate from Lowes.

  199. The practical me would do Christmas shopping/decorating. The other part would start my craft area.
    I love your blog!

  200. If I won the gift card I would use it to buy a new microwave!:) Mine officially “died” this week and I can’t believe how much I miss it! Guess I wouldn’t have done so well in the “olden days”! lol!

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