Giveaway Weekend!!!

I am so excited to introduce you to one of my newest sponsors…

Yellow Hope Cards

Isn’t that the cutest little button?

Rebecca is the sweet soul behind this ministry.  She loves the Word of God and knows the importance of having it as a part of our daily lives.

She has created sets of scripture cards to display in your home or keep with you at all times to help you learn and know God’s word!

KJV Scripture Memory Cards - YOUNG LADIES KJV Scripture Memory Cards - YOUNG MEN KJV Scripture memory cards -- GOD'S GUIDANCE KJV Scripture memory cards - PEACE

There are 14 scriptures in each set.

Some of the sets include:

Scriptures for Young Ladies

Scriptures for Young Men

Scriptures of Peace

Scriptures of God’s Guidance

and many more!

The Giveaway is…

Rebecca is giving away one set of scripture cards and a stand to display them on!  (The giveaway excludes the “featured items” in her Etsy Store.)

Just leave a comment telling me which set of scripture cards you would choose from Rebecca’s Etsy store and you will be entered!  :)

You can visit her store by clicking HERE.


And I will announce the winner on Monday.  :)

P.S.  Voting for my back patio makeover ends Saturday, Oct. 9th at noon.  If you haven’t had a chance to vote for me yet, click HERE. (It only takes a couple seconds…promise!)  Thanks!


  1. I would choose the young men’s–my cousin is going through a tough time, but just was baptized and needs God’s Word!

  2. My goodness what a lot of cool choices. I think I’d like to check out Duties of a Wife–sounds like it might be a great shower gift (and it would probably be good for me too, lol)!

  3. I would definitely choose “God’s Guidance” because I need to remember every day to seek FIRST God’s will & all else will follow through….HE has been tying to teach me this for so long but I just seem to try to do it on my own & then continually wonder why I stuff up!!!! Yes, its God’s Guidance for me!!!

  4. Hello!

    I agree — they’re all sweet bu I think I would choose “Scriptures for Young Ladies.” With three daughters at home (13, 11, 6), we’re always striving to hide God’s word in our hearts, and apply His wishes for situations that come up at school and home. I love your sweet website!

  5. This is a beautiful idea. I love the set for Young Ladies. I love the word of God but have the worst time memorizing verses. With there only being 14 I would have a better chance of memorizing them and then sharing them!

    Thanks for the give-away. BTW- I voted for you too! Looks like right now you are winning. Good luck!

  6. I’d choose Scriptures for Peace. We have no young people at home now. Our nation needs peace–of mind–right now I think. Please vote November 2 and vote conservatively. The people need to take back our govt from the govt itself.

  7. Becca’s verse cards are so cute! I kind of wish she did those while we were in college! I like the Duties of a Wife set as I know a number of friends are getting married soon.

    BTW, I voted for you, Traci!

  8. I would definitely choose the Scriptures of God’s Guidance. I could definitely use something like this and it would make an awesome Christmas gift, too!

  9. I have a coworker at work that is 47 yars old and has just been dx with stage 4 lymphoma -she is having her second chemotherapy treatment next week -I would pick peace I believe or guidance -I would need to talk to the sponsor of the giveaway and let her determine which she would feel would be most appropriate. –

  10. They are all so wonderful! I think at this time the God’s Guidance cards would be very helpful…I love them all though!

  11. It is between two, because I can’t make up my mind. (not the first time, won’t be the last) They are scriptures for young ladies and duties of a wife. :)

  12. I haven’t seen the “Verses for Young Ladies” yet, so I would probably like to get those for some of the teens I am working with in our church ministry. Love the cards, Rebecca!

  13. Duties of a Wife and God’s Guidance-two areas I really need help with lately! Thanks so much for hosting this! A blessing! -Jill D.

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