House Tour (Part One) and Time to Vote for Your Favorite Project!

Before I show you some beautiful pictures of a recent house tour I took at the beautiful Reynolds Plantation in Georgia, I needed to tell you that it’s time to vote for your favorite DIY project at

Remember how I entered my back patio concrete makeover?

Well, I was one of the weekly winners, and now it is time to vote for the overall winner.

Would you please vote for me?

It only takes a couple seconds.  Click on the link below and it will take you to the contest.  I am the very last project on the voting list.  Just click on “vote” and you are done!  :)

And if you like another project better, you can vote for them instead.  I understand.  :)

Here is the link:

One Project Closer….Vote for the Best!


Now to the house tour…

My mother-in-law and I recently took a tour of two beautiful home in Reynolds Plantation in Georgia.

I took a ton of pictures, so I will show them in two separate posts. Today, I will be sharing pictures from the Ideal Living Magazine Home.

(I won’t be writing a lot in between the pictures.)

I hope you enjoy the tour…

The Dining Room…


Living room…

Master Bedroom…

Do you see what I see?…

Is that a gorgeous burlap tablecloth like the one I made for my guest house…

Oh my, YES!  Love it!

Plus, they had burlap window treatments…

I am so gonna make me some of these!  Look at all that burlapy-goodness!

The downstairs den…

First Bedroom…

Second Bedroom…

Home Office…

Upstairs Mudroom/Office…

My favorite room above the garage…

The Outdoor Porch…

It was such a beautiful home!  Much bigger than I will ever own, but certainly fun to look at.

My favorite home was actually the second one we visited.  I can’t wait to show you those pictures.



  1. I love that two tiered valance and that graphic rug upstairs is calling my name! Lovely inspiration!

    BTW, I think your patio makeover is hands down the most innovative DIY outdoor project I’ve seen all year. Brilliant! I hope you win! Ooops, did I just say that? With me in the running too? Seriously, it was such an incredible makeover !!! Peeps, vote for Traci!

  2. what a beautiful house. thanks for sharing. my favorite room was that back porch. Looks like a great place to curl up with a good book or enjoy the beautiful scenery,

  3. I voted for you!

    Love the pictures. I am just outside of ATL so I’ll have to see where these houses are and check them out!

    I have a confession, I did laugh when I saw the picture of the house you are thinking of buying but I DO see the potential and (another confession) am a little jealous that you have a husband that would enjoy an endeavor like it! ;) I’ll be praying that the Lord’s will be done in this situation!

  4. What a beautiful home! I love when going through an Idea/Model home and looking at the window treatments for ideas. They have some gorgeous window treatments! Thanks for taking great photo’s for us.
    P.S.(Love your patio, too)

  5. Just voted & if I read it right, I think that you are ahead… : )
    Thanks for the tour of this beautiful home, LOVE to see what is new in furniture, window treatments & accesories….. some of that is SO do-able. That little red table is in my future, as well as some of those window treatments. You don’t by chance have a pic of the living room drapes??? Looks interesting..
    Praying that your house sells soon… I didn’t comment, but what an adventure… I have ALWAYS wanted to do something like that ….. we tried twice & both fell thru, so we ended up building…
    I am hoping to watch you do it : )

  6. Thanks for sharing your pics of the Ideal Living Magazine House. We live in GA, and weren’t aware Reynolds Plantation had this home for tour. I definitely plan on seeing this soon. Did you make the drive from Kentucky just to see this? Heading over to vote for your patio project right now!

  7. Vote has been cast… there was NO QUESTION as to which one to vote for. Your patio totally rocks!!! I wish I had a patio I could use the technique on!!!! You go girl, hope you win!!! (If the current numbers are any indication I don’t think there is any question that you will have the winning DIY project!!!)

  8. Thank you for sharing those fab pics-love the house and its surrounds!
    Just voted for you-looks like you’ve got a good lead so far, fingers crossed :)

  9. I just voted for you. Thank you for sharing all the photos from the Ideal Living house. They are beautiful. I loved the window treatments the most. Does anyone know information on the window treatments or patterns that are similar? I’m determined to beautify my windows!! Thanks.

  10. I voted fo you, too! Looks like you’re winning so far…

    Can I live in that house? It looks so peaceful and tidy, though I know that would change once my family moved in! I’d have to ditch the big dog picture in the living room and the cow hide blanket in one of the bedrooms. Otherwise, pretty!

  11. I’m sorry, I don’t have a blog. I love yours, though. I voted for your patio because I love it. Do you think your process and technique of staining would work well on an uncovered patio? My patio is just like yours only not covered. How has it worn with the moving of patio chairs and furniture? I’d love it if you could send me a quick note just to give me an idea of what I should prepare for before I take the plunge.

    Becki (

  12. Lovely blog. I have been following for a while. I have a dilemma today though. I have recently viewed a blog post, made a mental note to go back to it, then forgot which blog I was on. So, my question is have you recently posted a blog about a new rug in your kitchen? Thanks.

  13. Oh my dear…your home is beyond words. I feel so behind in your world though. I was unaware that you were selling. I feel like such a bad blog friend. I hope all is good though and another home is out there just waiting for you to make it a home…a BEAUTIFUL one at that.


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