A giveaway you will want to win!

I am so very excited about this giveaway!

Not only do I love what I am giving away…I love the one who wrote it!

I was so super blessed last year at Blissdom to meet Sandy Coughlin.  We sat together at lunch one day and made an instant connection.

We have kept in touch throughout the year, and her friendship has become very dear to me.

In just a couple of months, I will get to see her again at Blissdom, and I cannot wait!

Sandy is an amazing person.

First of all, because she loves the Lord with all her heart.

Secondly, because she loves her husband and children passionately.

Thirdly, because she has used her blog as a way to encourage other women to practice hospitality in their homes…without fear.  :)

reluctant entertainer

Sandy has so much to share about this topic that she wrote a book about it!

I was so thrilled when I received my very own copy of it in the mail!

(I will be taking this book to Blissdom to have Sandy sign it!)

Isn’t it beautiful?!!

I am learning so much from Sandy about true hospitality.  Sometimes I avoid having company because I am worried about not “having it all together”.  But Sandy is reminding me that I don’t need to have it all together to be hospitable.

Her book has been getting amazing reviews by everyone who has read it.

I found this review by kathyscottage at Amazon…

“I purchased two of these books. One for a friend and one for myself. Sandy Coughlins’ common sense ideas and encouragement for the reluctant entertainer are wonderful! She takes the fear and drama out of entertaining and puts the emphasis where it belongs, on just being with people you love. If you hesitate to entertain, this book is full of beautiful ideas that anyone can do, encouragement to not get caught up in appearances, and delicious recipes and suggestions to get you started. A must have for any new bride or for those who would love to entertain more but are afraid they can’t do it well.”

Here are a couple of reviews from bloggers well-known in these parts…

The Nester, author of Nesting Place
“For any excuse-making woman who avoids inviting guests into her home, this book should be required reading. The Reluctant Entertainer gently unveils common misconceptions about entertaining and guides women to the freeing truth: The art of hospitality is about connection, not perfection. I wish I could have read this book fifteen years ago.”

Melissa, author of The Inspired Room

The Reluctant Entertainer is my go-to guide for practical and inspiring ideas for opening my home to others. In her gracious and gentle way, Sandy helps us women move past our fears and personal hang-ups by providing the tools and perspective to make entertaining doable and enjoyable!”

Now for the giveaway!

Sandy is giving away TWO of her books to TWO of my readers!!!


Here’s how you can enter this giveaway..

1.  Leave a comment telling me what hospitality means to you.  :)

2.  Tweet this:  “I want to win the book The Reluctant Entertainer, @SandyCoughlinRE at Beneath My Heart http://www.beneathmyheart.net/2010/11/a-giveaway-you-will-want-to-win/” , then come back and tell me about it in a comment.

3.  Share this giveaway on facebook and come back and tell me about it in a comment.


The giveaway will end Thursday, November 18th, at midnight EST.  I will announce the winner on Friday, November 19th.


  1. I love her blog! And hospitality is getting to share a piece of yourself and your home with people. Letting people into your lives.

  2. Hi Traci!! I know how you feel about making great friendships at blogging conferences! It has been awhile since I made my blog rounds, but I am glad to ‘see’ you in blogland :)

    love this giveaway! hmmmm… these days, with homeschooling and 2 small guys… entertaining has become very BASIC. It is more about keeping the attention of small children, and keeping meals simple so that they will sit down long enough to take three bites. Although, at bday parties, I try to overdue it to make up for the rest of the year !!! hahahaha.

    I don’t tweet, so I hope I can still enter :)

    love to you! Oh… did you see this post? http://worthwalkingtoward.blogspot.com/2010/11/he-will-sustain-you.html
    I thought you would want to know.

  3. To me, hospitality is sharing a piece of your heart with others. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate or fancy, either. We can open up our homes to others, but it’s also nice to open up our hearts.

  4. Hospitality to means sharing yourself with others….your life, heart, and home. Welcoming those who grace your path.

  5. Oh she is adorable! I think hospitality is being obedient to the Scriptures. It is reaching out to make others feel loved, important and special. It is an extension of our homes to others.


  6. hmmmmm….what is entertaining to me:

    Well its about having dear ones with me just in the moment, whatever that may be, having my friends leave feeling that it was good to be here & feeling blessed. Oh yes & to do this WITHOUT stressing about how perfect everything is!!! TK xx

  7. Hospitality is being willing to let go of your perfectionism in order to serve others through the use of your home…for me, it means being willing to be more flexible with my time and energies…

    I would love to win this book!

  8. Hospitality means cordiality, generosity and kindness towards your guests. It means making your guests feel welcome and accepted. My home is yours.

  9. To me, hospitality is giving of your time, your home, your heart so that whoever comes to your home feels welcome, comfortable and feels “at home.” Give to them what you love, and they will feel the comfort of you. That is what most people want when they come to see you.

  10. I have Sandy’s lovely book on my Amazon wish list but would love to win a copy :) Hospitality to me means treating friends like family, enjoying each others company, making special memories.

  11. Well, being from the South, hospitality means to me opening your home, your heart & your family. Inviting old friends and new to gather, chat, laugh and/or cry and of course, all over some dessert & coffee/tea! This book sounds fantastic and exactly what I need to remind me that just bc my home is small, it is still my home & I should share my hospitality!

  12. Hospitality is having a welcoming heart first and then having my home open and inviting to friends, family and others! Would love Sandy’s book – thanks!

  13. Oh great! here is just another chance. I love RE (and Sandy- though, I haven’t met her personally or anything, she just has been such a blessing to me.) Thanks for this chance.

    To me Hospitality means living a life that says welcome. Scripture says to “Practice Hospitality” – and somedays it’s really hard to live that life while practicing a welcoming spirit to ALL we come in contact with and especially in our own homes and those closest to our hearts.

  14. Hospitality, to me, is simply an opportunity to bless others. Whether by means of a fancy dinner party or afternoon coffee, it’s a chance to live life with others.

  15. Hospitality is all about spirit. It’s about receiving someone into your heart and into your life, and just treasuring the momentary gift of time together. I’ve been eying this book for some time. It looks remarkable!

  16. Hospitality to me is putting aside your pride and perfection and just being yourself when entertaing guests. I really need to do a better job at this………….. I would love to read this book!

  17. Hospitality to me means blessing others with what God has blessed me with. It’s not about the outer things, but the inner things that means the most.

  18. Hospitality is making your guests feel comfortable to be themselves, relax and enjoy their time with you.

  19. Hospitality to me is making sure those who come to your home feel comfortable and welcome, not being pretentious or too sterile. No one likes to go to someone’s home and feel uncomfortable. This is a fabulous giveaway!!

  20. Hospitality is making others feel welcome and comfortable…in your presence as a person as well as in
    your home/office/etc. I’ve been looking at this book and keep thinking I’ll ask for it for Christmas…an
    early present would be wonderful!

  21. hospitality to me is feeling like you are wanted (your company) even if it is pre-made cookie dough cookies and milk. :)

  22. Love your blog! Hospitality means making people feel comfortable in my home and creating an enjoyable time for them!

  23. Hospitality is an open and welcoming home where others want to come because they know they are going to enjoy spending time together!

  24. I am a European living in the Middle East, Hospitality back home was all about etiquette, how much time between the first drink and the second, which plate and which fork for which foods etc. Here it means, giving your best to your guests. The best foods and as much as possible , the best chair, and all this without knowing in advance you are getting guests.

  25. Hospitality to me means sharing what you have with your guest, making them feel at ease and at home and comfortable, and above all, welcome. I treasure my relationships with my family and friends and try to take every opportunity to have them over for dinner or games. However, I must admit, it usually stresses me out! I am sure I could use The Reluctant Entertainer’s advice, especially with the holidays upon us.


  26. Hospitality is making people feel comfortable. At home. At peace. Letting them see that your home is nothing special, just open. Making them feel like they can hop up and grab a glass of water themselves.

  27. Hospitality (to me) means having people in your home and making them feel so welcome there that they just want to stay and/or come back every chance they get !!!

  28. Hospitality means communicating that it was your great privilege to have your family/friends present at your home/church-wherever you are providing a warm welcome.

  29. Hospitality is sharing something you have with others, be it your home, food, time, joy etc!

    I loev to extend hospitality, but definitely need some pointers. I still have some of that newbie fear!

  30. For me, hospitality means a gift that my wonderful neighbor has. If I win one of these books, maybe I could match just a bit of her gift of hospitality….

  31. I think the core of hospitality is being welcoming. Welcoming your guests into your home changes by the guest and by the event. Different guests need different things to feel welcome. Being hospitable is finding out what that thing is and then doing it.

    I’d love the book!

  32. Hospitality!! That is giving part of yourself to someone else. The hospitality of years ago is gone now in our fast paced world. People don’t invite other people into their home for meals anymore. I still love to though!!

  33. Hospitality to me means making friends and family feel comfortable in my home and never having to make excuses for anything. Time spent with those you love is all that matters not striving to make everything perfect.

  34. Being on the receiving end of hospitality is WONDERFUL. Being hospitable is stressful :-). I so enjoy your blog.

  35. “Treat your family like guest and your guest like family.”
    I don’t remember where I heard this but it stuck with me. To me, hospitality is having a home where anyone who enter knows that they are loved.

  36. Hospitality around our house means having people over spur of the moment! My husband is the asst pastor at our church, and we live in the parsonage. Anybody who is around working at the church during the day is invited over to eat with us. This also includes any missionaries that may be visiting our church. My house is not always spotless, my kids are not always on their best behavior, and I am not always in the mood to entertain, but it is more important to be a blessing to other people, than for me to worry about all the small details. A friend put it this way, “It is not always convenient to be a blessing to others….be a blessing anyways!”

  37. Hospitality is when the hostess sits down and gives her guests the attention they deserve! She doesn’t worry that there are crumbs on the table or dishes in the sink. All of her attention is on making them feel that they are special! After all, we come to visit the people, not their houses!

  38. Hospitality is a gift of service to whomever is in your home. I love to serve others, and it is definitely a reflection of the light of Jesus in us. I love to have people over, but also am afraid that everything doesn’t look good enough, or whatever. This sounds like a great read. Thanks for hosting this!
    -Jill D.

  39. Hmmmm… the title of this book so describes me! I want to have people over but feel reluctant because my house isn’t clean enough, or I don’t know what food to make, or…or…or… Hospitality to me means opening your home and your self (perfect or not, mostly not), inviting others in and sharing time together. I love reading all the other comments to this question!

  40. Love her blog and would love to own the book! Hospitality means just opening your home and heart to whoever the Lord sends your way – and it all works out somehow! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Whenever someone practices hospitality toward me and my family, it has always blessed me and made me feel important to the hostess. I have a lot to learn about hospitality and would love the chance to win this book! Thanks, Nancy

  42. To me, hospitality means making people feel like they are the most important thing in my house. More important than the clean carpet, the pretty decorations, the projects I’m working on, or even the mess in the kitchen. ;)

  43. Hospitality means making people feel welcomed, loved, cared for, and special. I think this can be at home, at church, or in your neighborhood. I would love to have a copy of this great book!!

  44. Hospitality…being gracious, open hearted and loving to all who enter your home. Making someone feel truly welcomed and so comfortable, they will want to come by often,

  45. Hospitality is being open to what and who God brings your way and sharing His love for us through serving others

  46. I would love to win her book. I’m fine with welcoming family, any day, any time. It gets trickier with me to invite friends and co-workers. This is where I need the help and confidence. Where I have the fear of not measuring up. Hospitality to me means being patient and comfortable with opening our home to family, friends and neighbours and making them feel welcome, cared for and wanting to return.

  47. I would love to win this! I am always afraid to do any entertaining because I might not do it “right”! Hospitality is opening the door wihtout thought!

  48. Hospitality to me is sharing the blessings that God has given me. I am such a “reluctant entertainer” because I always fear my home is not perfect. It never will be and I know that I miss out on lots of blessings and opportunities because of this fear. God has been teaching me that I need to work on this and I am.

  49. Hospitality to me means making people feel like they are in their own home…very comfortable with themselves and their surroundings…they can share anything and everything (love, laughter, stories, good food, hugs, etc.) and still feel like there is plenty to go around. Of course, if they want to come back…hopefully that means that the job was done right ;)

  50. Hospitality is inviting people into our home to share our lives.

    I definitely want a copy of this book, I really enjoy her blog!

  51. Hospitality means making people feel at ease and comfortable when they are in your home. It’s a chance to serve others by opening our doors and providing a space for fellowship and breaking bread.

  52. I tend to be a perfectionist and forget that I really just want friends and family to feel welcome and comfortable.

  53. Hospitality means less about me and more about them. Now if only I could live that. I hope Sandy’s book helps.

  54. Hospitality means making a guest feel special, welcome and at home, not uncomfortable and awkward. Its amazing how even just a smile can make a person feel special. It sometimes feels like Hospitality is a lost art in todays “Whats in it for me” world.

  55. Posted on Facebook …. will encourage my friends to enter the contest too….. Wish me luck !!

  56. I feel like hospitatlity is opening the door to letting your guest meet the Jesus in you.

  57. Hospitality means to me that you welcome people to your home, by making them feel, important, warm, relaxed and comfortable. My hope is that when people come over to my house that they won’t feel like leaving, like this is a second home to them and that they will feel the love of Jesus when they walk through the door or when ever they are in the presence of my family. *I have been a reluctant entertainer for as long as I can remember. I really do want to have people over, but have hindered myself by thinking that everything has to be perfect. I started to read Sandy’s 31 days of Stress Free Entertaining and so far it’s making so much sense and a feeling of calm comes over me when thinking of having others over. I realize I, the meal, nor my house has to be perfect in order to be hospitable to my friends and family. I look forward to the changes I am experiencing in my life. Thanks so much for all the free giveaways. Hopefully someday I will win one!
    Sarah =)

  58. To me hospitality is about opening up your home to people and making them feel loved and cared for and well fed while they are there. It doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy, but it does need to make them and YOU feel good!

  59. Hospitality is more than just inviting people to your home, its giving them the time and attention, letting them know that they are special and you want to spend the time with them. Not being rushed and more concerned with what’s going on in the kitchen or how your home looks. Hospitality is making your guests feel loved, not showing off your decorating or cooking skills.

  60. oh. . I would so enjoy reading this book. Hospitality it taking your eyes off yourself and focusing on the other person. . . loving the other person. . .it really can happen inside your home or outside of the home.

  61. Oh Traci – I’d SO LOVE to win this book!

    To me, true hospitality is making your guests feel as much “at home” in your home as possible. I want all my guests to be relaxed and comfortable, because that’s how my husband and I are. Anything I can learn to do that will facilitate that better would be exciting to read about!

  62. My mother. Whether it was a lady from church who needed to share her heart over a cup of tea or 35 for Thanksgiving dinner her home, kitchen and heart were always open.

  63. Hospitality means making people feel comfortable and welcome in your home. I am so bad at this and worry about how the house looks and the food and everything else. I could really use this book!

  64. Hospitality is making people feel such warmth and comfort when they enter your home. The love of Christ flows through your hospitality and makes them feel as welcome in your home as they feel in their own.

  65. Hospitality to me, means making connections. I’m not the most confident person when it comes to having people in my home, but when I go to someone else’s home and I get to make a great connection with them, I know I want to go back! I hope that people feel that way when they come into my home. I know I could learn a LOT from her book!

  66. Hospitality used to scare me. LOL Now, it means to just be warm and welcoming. To make people feel comfortable in your home by body language and words. Facial expressions, even.

  67. I tweeted I want to win the book The Reluctant Entertainer, by Sandy Coughlin at Beneath My Hearthttp://www.beneathmyheart.net/2010/11/a-giveaway-you-will-want-to-win/

  68. To me, hospitality is opening up your home as well as your life to share with others. I do believe that in the Christian life, hospitality is a spiritual gift :)

  69. Hospitality is opening your home, your heart and your time to others to let them know you care for them. It can be simple or elaborate, but the sentiment of your effort is what really matters.

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