Gingerbread Family Ornaments For Sale (made by me!)

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Do you need a meaningful and inexpensive Christmas present for a friend,teacher, coworker, or family member?

Then stop by my Etsy shop and check out my Gingerbread Family Ornaments!  (My Esty button is in my sidebar.)

I have been selling these ornaments for almost 20 years, and I make them every year because they are by far my best sellers at my craft shows.

These ornaments are extra special to me because my mom is the one who created them and made them first.

She and her sweet sister, Nancy, would make beautiful ornaments and sell them at Christmas craft shows.  Their “business” was called My Sister and Me, and they always had the most beautiful and successful booth at every show they were at.  I loved tagging along and helping them personalize the ornaments.

Those were very special times!

They stopped making their ornaments around the time I became a stay-at-home mom.  So Mom encouraged me to make the ornaments to help pay for Christmas.  (We were broke.)  :)

I did this for many years.  Actually, I have made my ornaments almost every year since then!

The smell of my ornaments baking in the oven is one of my favorite Christmas memories now.  And for my boys too!  :)

I decided to share my ornaments by video because pictures just don’t do them justice.  It’s hard to really see their cuteness in a flat picture.

****I talked a lot in the video about buying these as gifts for grandparents, but they would be great for any family.

Actually, most of the families I make are 4 or 5 gingerbread men long.

My family ornament could be personalized like this:          

Dad, Jonathan, Luke, Adam, Eli, Mom


Cy, Jonathan, Luke, Adam, Eli, Traci

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section and I will get back to you.  :)

I will be taking orders through Sunday, December 5th to make sure you get them in plenty of time.


***If you would like a magnet board like the one in the background of my video, they are for sale in my Etsy too!  I have several choices.  :)


  1. Good Morning, Traci. They are just adorable! Love ’em. What great gifts they’ll make. Will have to go check them out in your shop. Oh, and I LOVE the scarf you’re wearing in the video. Super cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Traci – I know I’m weird. Please don’t laugh – but would you happen to be able to make a dog? Have a very blessed Thanksgiving! Linda

  3. Traci, those are so cute! I also think its special you are carrying on something your mom started. I too love your scarf, where’d you get it if you don’t mind sharing?

  4. Hey Traci~
    Your gingerbread people are so cute!
    Do you mind me asking where you got your scarf?? I love it and would love to buy one. ;)


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