Thrifting in Nashville {with my home girls}

In my last post, I talked about dealing with blog insecurity.  I told you how I felt insecure about my blog while down in Nashville and the Blissdom conference.

I wanted to make something very clear.

My struggle with my insecurities was NOT a result of how other home bloggers made me feel.

It was quite the opposite.

The precious home bloggers that I hung out with or even met for the first time while at Blissdom were encouraging, uplifting, loving, inspiring, and purely amazing!

They made me feel special.

I am my worst critic and it was ME who was beating myself up at night.  Just wanted to make that clear.

I was so fortunate to be able to hang out with some of my favorite bloggers one afternoon in Nashville.

There is no way to explain how incredible it feels to hang out with other bloggers who “get” me.

We talked about decor, thrifting, family, and much more.  And we laughed.


These girls are funny!

Before we went thrifting, we decided to stop at the Cracker Barrel for lunch.


(from left to right around the table: Ashley, Rhoda, Myra, Beth, Chris, Sarah, Shauna, Me, and Layla. Kate took the picture.)

We took a few pictures before we left.  Here are the fabulous Kate and Beth.


Layla video taped some of the fun and looks gaw-geous in this picture.  Ashley is such a doll (left), and very young.  :)  I felt a little old in this crowd at times.


Shauna was our driver and Chris was giving her support from the front seat as we tried to keep up with Rhoda in front of us.  Let’s just say there may have been one or two (or ten) uturns during our trip to the antique stores.


Our first stop was the Goodlettsville Antique Mall.


Kate was very taken by this set of china and was demonstrating how to sip tea with style.


Shauna took a quick break to take a call.


If you don’t know already, I am a HUGE coca-cola fan.  This drink cooler needs to be in my home.


Sarah shares the same passion for this bottle of goodness, except her beverage of choice is Pepsi.

But I still love her.

She and I share the same dream of one day owning a fountain drink machine in our own homes.  How wonderful would that be?

(I will say that I am proud of Sarah for drastically reducing her cola intake.  I’m just not there yet.)  :)


Look at these beauties…Chris, Rhoda, and Sarah.  I cannot tell you how much love we all have for Rhoda.  She is the most genuine person.  Her spirit is sweet and her heart is gold.

Chris is so kind and funny.  She was such a joy to meet in real life.

And Sarah…well, we had to be sisters in another life.  We are so much alike that it freaks my freak.  I love her.


Layla, Kate, Myra, Ashley, and Shauna found some treasures they couldn’t do without.


And the sweet man that worked there volunteered to take a picture of us all.  Such a great memory!


We visited another antique mall that had a lot of great treasures.  I loved the “old books” sign in this picture.


We also visited a thrift store where Myra got some steals!  I can’t wait to see what she does with her treasures.

Myra loaded them up in Rhoda’s car for the trip back to the hotel.

(Check out Beth and Chris in the background of this picture!  They crack me up!)


I am so glad I got to spend some extra time with these ladies just hanging out doing what we love to do!

It was just too much fun.  :)

I hope we get to do it again real soon. (hint.hint.)

As a side note, I am guest posting over at Giggles, Glitz, and Glam today.

I would love for you to come over and visit me!

Have a blessed day,



  1. You guys totally crack me up!!! Looks like you had a great time and you are awesome for sharing your insecurities, it’s not an easy thing to do. I always say if I make one person laugh on my blog then it was worth the embarrassment and you made me feel “normal” so you get the I’M AWESOME award today!! ;0)

  2. I drive past the Goodlesttsville Antique Mall quite often! Great to see ya’ll having fun there!

    It was hard knowing that some of my favorite bloggers were in town that weekend and I wouldn’t get a chance to meet anyone. ( I guess that ugly insecurity keeps me from doing a lot of things!) The Opryland is only 25 minutes form my house!

  3. Oh Traci I so wanted to go this year. I planned on going but God had other plans. We just had our baby boy 3 weeks ago. Maybe next year!!! Hope you are doing well.
    xoxo, Kim

  4. Hi Traci! I recently found your blog. I am a new follower. I was searching drop cloths and found you! I was so inspired by your blog and yes we all have insecurities. I love what you said in your previous post about being a child of God and nothing can seperate us from his love! Thank you so much I really needed to read that. I was searhing for drop cloth ideas and found something that I touched my heart beyond words. Its so nice you got to meet all those sweet ladies. I enjoyed reading about your trip. God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Love all the pics, looks like you had a blast!
    I must admit that insecurity is part of why I haven’t made it to a conference yet. Maybe someday :)

  6. Hi Traci ~
    It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Nashville!
    I’m right there with you on the insecurities and like Kimberly, I appreciate your previous post, as well.

    I’ll have to see how far Goodlettsville is from me. I may be taking a trip there soon if I can do it in a day. I’m closer to Knoxville.

  7. Looks like you had a blast! Hope to join in next year.
    Absolutly no reason for insecurities you rock! Sometimes I think we are most insecure when we are on the brink of something fabulous. Bet you are!

  8. That is the thing that I hate most about my insecurities, that they are based on nothing concrete. Just the little voice in the back of my mind that says I am not worthy. Thanks again to posting on this subject and bringing it to the forefront of our minds where we can remind ourselves that these feelings are not true.

  9. GIRL. I may be young but I only HOPE to look half as good as you, in like, one year, HAWT MAMA! I totally get what you mean about feeling insecure. I am my own worst enemy. And I’m working on it. Seriously think you are fabulous, and it was an honor meeting you! ;)

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