Blogging at a birthday party

It’s funny how blogging can affect your life.

My life is completely different than it was two years ago.

Especially my mindset.

I cannot look at an old piece of furniture without picturing its potential in my head.

I cannot stay away from Goodwill for more than two days.

I check the weather forecast to see when we will have sunny days.

(Sunny days are best for taking pictures for my blog.)

I now have friends all over the United States.

When something funny happens, my boys tell me to tweet about it.

And every moment of the day can be made into a “blog” moment.


Take for instance, my nephew’s 6th birthday.


It was on a Friday night at a local “Kid’s Place”.

My sister had asked me to make some vinyl labels for her jars with my Silhouette machine because she was having company on Saturday night.

So, I did.

And I brought them to my nephew’s birthday party to give them to her.

But of course, she didn’t know how to apply the vinyls.

So I had to show her how to at the birthday party.



We shamelessly asked her husband to take pictures of us so we could blog about it.


Cyndi brought her glass jar with her so I could do one for her.



We could talk about blogging for hours.

Our husbands say it can become a little annoying.

We know they are just kidding, right?


This little project actually took me less than 10 minutes.

Then we stuffed our faces with cake and ice cream,

watched my nephew open his presents,

and caught up with my precious family.

Here is a great picture of my younger brother, Blake, and my sweet daddy.



Cyndi took the rest of the vinyls I made home with her and put them on the rest of her jars.

She loved the way they turned out!

What would she do without me?



  1. You two are funny, but don’t change a thing. I think this is a great sister story and how wonderful that you have a common passion. BTW the labels look great on the jars.

    Cha Cha

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