The Sanding Crew {You HAVE to watch this video…guaranteed smiles!}

Well, we are moving right along with our staircase makeover!

Monday, I shared with you Part One of our Staircase Makeover.

Tuesday, I shared with you Part Two: How to prepare and “strip” your staircase.

And today, I am going to show you how to sand your staircase.

Now, some people think that sanding is the worse part…so tedious and dusty!

But let me give you some advice that will make this step so much easier…

Hire a Sanding Crew!!!

We did!

And we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Check out this video of all their hard work:


Super Easy!

I was able to sit back and get caught up on my favorite tv shows while they were working.  :)

Unfortunately, they are not for hire.

Well, unless you can pay them in bubble gum, star war figures, baseball cards, and a whoopie cushion…then they may be willing to talk.

Thanks for stopping by.

Next up…staining the stairs!

See you, then…


  1. You have the best helpers ever! So cute. I have 3 boys I should totally make them work more. Maybe I’ll show them the video and tell them “See boys all I want you to do is the dishes, this Mom made her kids sand the stairs!!” You could tell they totally got into it and loved it especially when they were “sleeping” and kept sneaking little peeks.

  2. Could the music be any more perfect, Traci? Our House!!!! My mother is so house proud! I love it!! Very cute. So are the offspring. And livestock. Now get to bed!!!! We are in the same time zone so I know how late you are blogging!

  3. How fun! You are a good movie director and they take direction very well! Loved that video. I bet they will be so proud of those stairs because they helped make then gorgeous.

  4. This was hands-down my favorite home improvement video ever! I think I could get my son on board for a project like this, but am pretty sure the girls would resist!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing that, I laughed out loud! What a good way to start my day. Kudos to you – Mom of 4 boys. I loved it when your dog jumped on your son while he was laying on the floor sanding.

  6. What great little actors you have. I loved the sleepy sanding but cringed when the oldest was using the palm sander against the wood grain. I’m anal like that. Those boys will always be proud of how they helped transform that staircase!

  7. My boys have just gotten to the age where they are helping out with projects (though they get bored quickly). I love the up/down tempo of the video – reminds me of how my kids’ brains work. I love it when we tell them to “clean up quickly” and instead of actually cleaning up quickly they just move their arms and legs really fast to “look quick” :-)

  8. You are right, that was hilarious! I live in Kentucky, south central below Lexington. Can you send those boys down this way, I could use some help! They are so cute!

  9. I absolutely loved this video. I have 3 small boys of my own and I could sooo relate to this video! This was absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  10. My husband could take a few pointers from these guys…….

    lolol! Hilarious!!!! I’ll bet that they had a blast making this video! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. I loved your video!! You have 4 outstanding actors. If they are ever interested I know someone in the business!! Kayla and Brody says “Hi” and wants to know when they can come back and play. They had a great time!! Enjoy a coke!

  12. Too cute! I always paid my boys with chocolate coins! I wonder if they would still fall for that?! Probably not they are all adults now, time goes way too fast. Enjoy every precious moment with them!

  13. You’re almost ready for your own sitcom, Tracy! You have, writers, directors, actors all in you own home. Now to just find a producer. Tell the boys how much we loved it!

    Have a fun weekend…Tracy :) (or at least a productive one).

  14. That is absolutely PRICELESS!! I have 4 grandsons that are great workers just like your boys!! Thanks for sharing your project with us! … AND your boys!! Can’t wait to see the finished results. :)

  15. OH. MY GOODNESS!!!! That is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while! But as funny as it was (and I mean LOL funny!), they did such a good job and worked so hard! I need a crew of them for my house! : )

  16. That was such a cute video…I was smiling and chuckling the whole time. Thanks for the smiles and laughter.
    Sarah Hardy =)

  17. That was AWESOME! Seriously – too cute! I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and only just realized you’re in KY and saw that you were wearing a UK sweatshirt in the video. Go Cats!! I’m from KY but sadly don’t live there anymore. They won today, you know! Anyway, I love your blog and that was fun to watch. Mine isn’t quite the par of your’s but visit my blog anytime – Have a great weekend!

  18. Super cute. those boys are precious. Are they for hire? Beautiful family. Enjoyed every minute of the video.

  19. Traci, thank you! I wasn’t sure how to sand the stairs properly, but now I think I have the technique down properly! You are quite the movie producer by the way! And your cast is very cute!!!!

  20. Oh my gosh that was adorable! What a great bunch of hard workers. I can’t wait to show this to my boys to show them what ‘real work ‘ is. Ha!

  21. Wowee! Your “crew” are simply amazing. Why didn’t i think of that when my kids were young! DOH

  22. Adorable!!! I think I might need to put my boy to work too. :) I am looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  23. Lol! That was too cute! I caught a glimpse of a picture hanging on your wall. The red & black one..I think the artist is Jo Moulton….anyway…I used to have a lot of black & red in my kitchen until I just recently painted my cabinets & changed my decor…I had that exact print, plus all the others that went with them! They are so cute…I LOVED them! I sold them all in a yard sale this last fall…sad to see them go, but didn’t have a spot for them anymore! :(

  24. Ok – so Jacob just asked to watch for the umpteenth time. He will tell me, ” I want to watch Eli fix the stairs.” Thanks for sharing the fun!

  25. Love your “crew” but in watching this video I found the video of your Jonathon singing Oh Glorious Day in church!! I’ve still got chills!! What a Blessing to hear that sweet young voice singing for Jesus. I love the “tone” in his voice. I know you are so proud of him and I’m thrilled to know he’s being raised in a Christain home. I love your blog!!
    Gmama Jane

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