DIY Labeled Bath Jars {Blog Swap with Amy from The Idea Room!}

I am so excited to be doing a Blog Swap with Amy from The Idea Room! Amy is such a sweet person, and if for some reason you have never been to her site, you are missing out.  It is full of amazing ideas…thus, the name! :)  Be sure to check it out!

Without further ado….Here’s Amy!

My name is Amy and you can normally find me over at The Idea Room.  I am a SAHM to 5 littlies and married to an amazing and supportive husband.



I am so honored to be guest blogging here at Beneath My Heart.  I first discovered Traci’s blog when I happened across her DIY Cafe Shelf Tutorial.  I have followed along ever since.  I just love Traci’s style of decorating.  Isn’t she amazing?!  So, I am really excited to be a part of her amazing blog…


Today I would love to share with you how I made these labeled bath jars.

bath jars 1wm

I like to have pretty matching sets rather than big, bulky bottles cluttering my spaces…don’t you?  But all the sets I have seen were really expensive.  Then I saw this picture from Country Living.  I had my next project!


I looked around online for various bottles and in my local thrift store but couldn’t find anything that was pretty or in my budget.  Then one day while I was shopping I had the idea to look at the various glass food jars.  I was surprised at just how many styles there were but none of them were just right.  I had almost given up until I turned down the last aisle and lo and behold I spied these beauties!!!

bath jars 5wm

It was the perfect size and shape and there were exactly 4 bottles.  The labels looked easy to remove and there were no upraised markings in the bottle…PERFECT!  Now only if I drank coffee ;).  No worries…I gave the coffee to my friend and saved the bottles for myself!

bath jars 7wm

I removed the labels and took off the residual glue with this Goo Gone.  I already had this on hand and originally bought it from Home Depot.  It works like a charm.  Then I thoroughly washed the bottles and then let them dry.

bath jars 8wm

Then I created some labels on my Silhouette machine and cut them out in black vinyl.  I also cut them out in white vinyl as well.

bath jar labelswm

I took the inside of the white label and put it on the jars first.  Then I took the black label and put it on top of the white label, kind of like a little puzzle.  The reason I did this is that I wanted the labels to stand out really well on the bottle.  I thought about just cutting out a white square of vinyl but the borders of each frame were really different and this just seemed easier.  Of course you can just place the black vinyl on and not use the white vinyl.

bath jars 4wm

I wanted to cover up the writing on each of the lids so I simply spray painted them white and let them dry thoroughly.  Then I simply filled each jar with my favorite bath products.

I love how fresh and clean it looks.  Isn’t that so much better than a bunch of big and bulky bottles?

bath jars 2wm

I have made my label file available for you to download for those of you who would like to make your own labels.

*Click to download bath jar labels {in GSD format}

**If you don’t have a Silhouette Machine, you can still make these.  Simply download the PSD labels and print them out.  Then simply cover the tops of the label with a few layers of Mod Podge (let dry between each coat) and then cut the labels out.  To apply to the bottles add a small amount of glue like E 6000 or other water proof glues.

***Click to download bath jar labels {in PSD format}

Thank you Traci for sharing your readers with me and your blog.  I would love for you to come and visit The Idea Room!  We would love to have you join us!

How cute is that?

Thank you, Amy!

Now pop on over to Amy’s blog by clicking on the button below!

I am sharing a little table makeover that I just completed. :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. Those look lovely!

    We buy Frappuccino’s in bulk at Costco and I use the bottles to send OJ to work with my husband~he eats breakfast when he gets to work~and I suffer and drink the coffee myself ;)

  2. Love it! We are re-doing our master bath and this would be perfect! Now if only I had a Silhouette. For those that don’t have one, how would you suggest to make the labels? Also, did you buy the white box or make it? :-)

  3. super cute but I can’t use open the file – if it were a jpeg, pdf or even a word doc I could open it but not sure what a GSD file is…

    I will have to do this sometime for my own bathroom – such a neat idea!

  4. I am usually not a “froo-froo” kind of girl – taking the time to empty my Suave into a decorative bottle, but you’ve made this look easy and it is so much prettier than the utilitarian bottles that the products come in. I might just give this a try. Thanks.

  5. What a wonderful idea. The jars in the catalog pic remind me of vinegar jars, but I like the coffee bottles much better.

    Adding buttons from both blogs to my new blog to pretty up the wall!

  6. So darling!! Love this idea Amy…those bottles are perfect :) The bath set would make a cute gift too. Thanks for the fun tutorial!

    And Traci I’m so glad I found your blog! Great job on the table you shared over at The Idea Room :) And you have such a handsome group of little men :) what a lovely family.

  7. I am catching up on my favorite blogs tonight after having not been in blogland all week and am in love with this project! I am dying to try it and may have to go get some of those frappuccino’s this week and force someone to drink them for me so I can use the bottles too. They look perfect!!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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