Our Staircase Makeover: Part Two

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If you missed our introduction video, you can see it HERE.

We are re-doing our staircase, and I am sooo excited about it!

Today I am going to share a video of how we prepped the stairs and began removing the polyurethane from the stairs.


My hubby and I are having so much fun videoing this little series.  I love working with him.  :)

In one part of that video, you could hear our boys in the den playing.

I kept wondering if one of my readers would be thinking…”Who’s watching the children while they are doing this?”

My thoughts exactly!!  :)


Here are a few pictures I took of the process:

1.  Apply chemical stripper:

2.  Let it sit and watch it bubble!

3.  Remove with a scrapper.

4.  Repeat steps until you get to bare wood.


On Thursday, we will show you how we stained the steps.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh I have done this with my husband! We had fun and made it even more daring by doing it when I was preggers. Congrats on finally getting the project done!

  2. Traci, I am loving that you and your husband are videotaping this process. I’m about to start mine – I have been waiting for the warm weather to come so I could keep the windows open – I heard the stripper is quite unhealthy? I’m curious if you stripped (and will stain) all the treads on the same day, or do every other one so you can access your upstairs? Can’t wait to see how the dark stain comes out! Our foyer looks so much like yours by the way!
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  3. I’m loving these videos! I also love the DC*B music. : )

    I wonder, would that stripper work on brick? The people we bought our house from polyurethaned the outside of the fireplace (!!!) and we want it OFF! We have lived with it for umpteen years because we didn’t know how to get it off!

    Any advice?

  4. It’s amazing how the poly bubbles up with the chemical stripper. How fun that you are enjoying working with your husband.


  5. Totally lovin’ your videos, just wishin’ you were working on my stairs! :) lol I kid, I kid!! So glad you’re getting yours done…I’ll get there eventually. :)


  6. Sure looks like red oak to me. Oh my, are you going to love your new staircase! I did mine (well I didn’t do it exactly — my nephew did) last year after ripping off the carpeting. I am so happy with the stairs. Originally, I was going to put a carpet strip up the middle, but after seeing the beauty of the new wood, I could not bear to cover it. I live in the Chicago area and most people do not have white risers on their staircases — the oak goes straight up on the risers too. I thought it would be too much, but I truly am loving it. really like the white risers too, but I would be forever worried about the kids kicking it and messing it up going up and down, especially After I had told them to take their dang shoes off! Good luck, I will be watching your progress!!!

  7. Yay! Love the video series so far! How exciting for you to be getting a “new” staircase — I’m sure its going to be gorgeous when you finish!



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