Beautiful Vinyl Monograms {and my ceiling update}

Well, we had a fun Friday evening here at the Beneath My Heart household.

We spent it hanging new sheet rock in our kitchen.

It’s not an easy job.  It took me, my hubby, and our 11 yr. old son (all on chairs and step ladders) to get it done.

My shoulders are sore!!

But it looks way better than it did!




So progress IS being made.

But it sure does leave a mess in its wake!

Look at the dust and dirt left behind….


So, since my house is upside down at the moment, I thought I would show you my sister’s neat, clean, and pretty home.

She just got a Vinyl Monogram for her bedroom from Leen the Graphics Queen, and it looks fabulous!


leen, the graphic queen

She just recently moved her bed in between the two windows in her room, which left a perfect spot for her monogram.

leen, the graphic queen

Doesn’t it look great?

And my precious Aunt Pat purchased one of Leen’s vinyl monograms for her basement.

I snapped some pictures of it on my phone when I was there.

leen, the graphic queen

(Yes, that’s me crouching in the corner and my dad in the red sweater.  Cutey-pa-tootey!)

I love that she order it in cream, not black.  It looks so good on her mirror downstairs.

Aunt Pat also ordered one of Leen’s “welcome” signs for her garage door.


leen the graphic queen

You can NEVER go wrong with a welcome sign!

If you are needing some vinyl wall sayings or decor for your home, be sure to visit Leen’s online store.  Just click the button below!


Leen The Graphics Queen


We have a ton of work to do on our home before the inspector comes, so I will be sure to share all the chaos with you along the way! :)


Have a blessed weekend!

And Go CATS!!!!!!!



  1. Glad to see you’re making progress…and YES, Let’s go UK!! :) I know what we’ll all be doing tonight! LOL
    Hope they win!!!
    Leen does such great work with vinyl…she’s a talented cookie! :)
    Have a great weekend

  2. Thanks Traci, for including my mirror and door in your post! That’s so nice of you! I also am getting the monogram like Cyndi’s to go in the master bathroom on the new houseboat. I love Leen the Graphics Queen, but I love you even better!

  3. Hanging a ceiling and then taping and mudding – a tiring job, you will be so happy when that room is finished. Loved your sister’s pictures too.
    – Joy

  4. Beautiful monograms! I love those. What I love the most is the Wildcat at the bottom! I didn’t know you were a UK fan! Are you from KY and/or an alumni? I completely missed this along the way. I am an alumni and I grew up in KY. It was a hard game to watch, but I am very proud of our boys. They went further than anyone gave them credit! Go Cats!

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