DIY “Grand Central Station” Sign for my Laundry Room


I am so excited to share with you a sign I made for my laundry room!

When I posted about my laundry room hooks last month, I mentioned that I was hoping to buy or make a sign to go up above the baskets in my laundry room.

The brown paint left that small space too dark, and it needed to be lightened up a bit with decor.

My blog friend, Cheryl, mentioned that I make a sign that said “Grand Central Station” in one of her comments.

That’s what I love about blogging!  You guys are full of such great ideas.

Thanks, Cheryl!


And since my home feels like Grand Central Station most of the time, I thought it would be perfect!

I had removed a shelf from one of the boy’s closets during my organizing frenzy in January, and it was the perfect size for my sign.

It was originally painted an off white color.



I gave it two coats of my satin white Valspar paint.

Then I  used my Silhouette machine to make the stencils for my words.

This is the part that I committed a complete and total BLOG FAIL!

I did not take pictures of how I painted on the words.
It was late, and I was in a hurry, and I just completely forgot.

Please forgive me.

But I used black craft paint, a sponge brush, and my stencils.

After the letters were dry, I used my new SKIL Octo Multi-finishing Sander to sand the edges of the sign.

I love this sander because the sandpaper just attaches like velcro!


And it has this cool little filter on the end that catches all the dust!



I used a 60 grit sand paper to sand the edges.



Then I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze from Lowe’s and wiped a layer over the whole sign and edges.





Here is my sign with on layer of glaze on it.  I used a paper towel to apply the glaze.


Then I used a damp paper towel to remove some of the glaze.

It is a subtle difference, but it was exactly what I wanted.



When I was wiping off the glaze, some of the black paint on the letters came off too.


It gave the sign that aged look.



I added the sign to my laundry room, and I love it!



I put some of my outdoor lanterns and a plant up on the shelf with the sign for now, but I may change that out.

Any decorating ideas?



It definitely helps lighten up that area.


I cannot tell you how much I love this laundry/mud room!

And if our house sells, I am going to miss it so much.

Do not be surprised if we build another one just like it at our new home.


Here is a “reality” shot…




I will be sharing more this week about my new little  Octo-sander that I adore.  :)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. That looks great! I have the same saying in my mud room over my large metal calendar!! It really feels like Grand Central Station with six kids!!

  2. Love this sign, Traci! I think every mom feels like our homes are like Grand Central…what a perfect way to accessorize your beautiful space. I have some extra wood in the garage that may be calling my name…

  3. I love it! It really does brighten up the space!

    I think I’m going to have to get me one of those sanders! Mine doesn’t have a filter and make a huge mess! Hee hee!

  4. Ewwwww, I love this !! And, have taken diligent notes, too, as I’m getting ready to attempt my first (and possibly last) sign !! Thanks for sharing, *Becca* (still lovin’ your mudroom!!)

  5. Your sign came out great. I love it! I also love the reality shot. : ) Thanks for the link.

    You know what would be cool to put up there??? A clock. you seen those kind that hang from the side of the wall that looks like it’s in grand central station? LOL, or is that carrying the theme a bit too far? i am going to see if I can find you a link.

    I actually like how you decorated it with the lanterns and the plant. The plant gives it some life and greenery.
    Was excited to read about your house selling. looking forward to hearing the story.

  6. I love this! I have been looking around for a Grand Central Station sign idea. I will be following you on FB from now on so keep the ideas coming. I also have a mudroom/laundry room but it is in desperate need of work to get it closer to yours. I recently pulled the floor up and need to do so much more work in there! SOME DAY!!!

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