We Have Our Kitchen Back! Halleluiah!


March (and the first of April) has been quite a memorable time for us!

The first fiasco was the upstairs bathroom pipe busting and creating a HUGE mess in our kitchen.



The second disaster was when the stomach bug (from you know where)  hit our entire family, sparing only me.  I must have a stomach of steel!

I thought about doing a post about how absolutely insane those 5 days of my life were, but I thought I might gross ya’ll out, and  I would lose half my followers.

Believe me…I barely made it out alive!


Now back to the kitchen…

While our ceiling was drying out, and we were waiting to hang the sheet rock, we lived with our furniture pushed up against one wall.


And our kitchen table was covered in a mess and pushed into our kitchen.

Unfortunately, it made cooking very difficult.  (hee.hee.)  So we had to eat out a lot.  Or we had picnic meals in our den!


My very talented husband finally hung the sheet rock and mudded it, and it looked like this for about a week.  This step was messy, but it wasn’t the bad part.

The bad part was the sanding.


Oh, the sanding!!!


It was maddening!!!


(Insert scary movie music here.)


Dust covers everything!

In the entire house.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to stop it, the dust gets it’s sticky little paws on everything.

I was on the brink of insanity at this point.


I seriously wanted to cry.

But I dug real deep, girls, and I got to cleaning.

And cleaning.

And cleaning.


The thing about dust is you have to clean it two or three times to get it off.

The first time just makes the dust angry and smears it around.

The second time, it starts to come off, but it doesn’t let you off that easy.

If you can persevere, the third time is usually the charm.

I did it, ladies!!

I have my kitchen back!



And my ceiling back!

And my drop cloth curtains back!


Can I get a “Halleluiah?!”

It’s the best feeling ever to have my whole kitchen back.

Now maybe I can add some spring touches.

Or should I just move on to summer?  :)

Anyway, I just had to share my good news with you.

Thanks for listening.




  1. Girlie!!!! You crack me up!!!!! Kinda reminds me of removing popcorn off the ceiling! Oh….and at my house?….. shower leak + termites in one week???…..oh wait a minute…..car battery dead…..equals stomach issues!!! lol Hope your family is on the mends with “the BUG”! God Bless:)

  2. Halleluiah Honey! Your kitchen looks so beautiful now! And I think your hubby truly deserves a big big hug too (maybe even more, lol)!

  3. Oh girl don’t I know! The sanding and the dust it creates is the most awfulest! (Yes, I said awfulest- cuz it is!) And when it’s at the same place you have to live each and every day and take care of your family there each and every day, it makes it even awful-er!
    Glad you have things back in livable condition! It looks amazing!
    Oh, and I love it that your daddy completed your survey! That’s awesome!!!!!

  4. Oh boy what a project. I can relate to the sheet rock dust nightmare. While building our pantry a few years back our fish tank, which is in another room, got dust inside of it and almost killed our fish. We had to take the fish out of the tank and wash them by hand. So glad to see that it is completed and that you can get your life back to normal. Your kitchen is beautiful by the way.

    Many blessings,

  5. Wonderful, Hallelujah it is all over and everything looks great. The only problem I see, is that hubby was working in at UK fleece. Please tell him that UK attire isn’t for doing dirty work. GO CATS! Can you tell I bleed blue. : – ) Seriously though, it looks great and so glad you have your kitchen back.


  6. When we redid our staircase and kitchen cabinets in the old house I remember dust being everywhere! It drove me crazy and I just wanted to clean everyday even though it was just going to get dusty again the next. The dining room looks great, enjoy your dust free house!

  7. Love the fact that you said you dug deep. I have to tell my step mother that. We are in the process of sanding her bedroom which was covered with UGLY wallpaper. Now there is spackle everywhere and that means LOTS of dust. She’s about to lose her mind. I keep saying…the end is near.

    Your room looks great. Never would know that a disaster happened in there.

  8. Halleluiah!! It looks fantastic!! I’m sure it was a task to clean all of the dust from all of the sanding! I can only imagine!! And then for all of your boys to have the stomach flu during this mess….I would have cried! Kuddos to you for keeping it together!!

  9. A BIG HALLELUJAH for sure!!!!
    You lived to tell about it.

    Traci, it really looks nice. May it last a long time.
    Can you imagine having the whole house torn up due to natural disaster???? Sad.

    You guys have done an awesome job.
    May you have a delightful Easter in your beautiful Kitchen and Dining room.

    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  10. wow, you have been through a lot and pat on the back for both you and your husband, it looks AH-MAH-ZING!! I can’t imagine cleaning up all that dust!!

  11. LOVE your dining room!! Did you paint the hutch black, or did it come that way? I love it. I’m going to convince my husband to paint mine black for me (I’m preg)- it would look so pretty! Anyway, congrats on getting the room back, and conquering the dust!

  12. I feel your pain. Bad things tend to happen in bunches. I’ve had the flooded basement meets holiday planning crisis and the remodel/sick kids episodes myself. My mom always used to say it was character building. LOL Anyway, your kitchen looks lovely now and I’m glad your family is healthy again.

  13. Wow, thanks so much for the gift card!!! It’s thrilling to see my name listed as a winner :-D I am so excited!!! I will be sure to share what I buy with it.

    Congratulations on completing your kitchen. I know how terrible it is to live through a kitchen renovation, it throws the whole house off. You must feel so relieved now.

    Thank you again!!!!

  14. I truly FEEL for you. We gutted our kitchen last year and no matter how we tried to contain the dust, it seeped in everything! It also seeped in my daughters lungs and my own as we both contracted pneumonia during the remodel. Even shoes in the closet in the furthest reaches of our house were covered in a thick layer. I was told my my heating/AC man to change the filters on your furnace every week for at least two months. He said to use the cheap filters too since there is soooo much dust that the expensive ones will make the furnace run much much to hard. I could not believe how filthy they were every week when I thought my house was getting so clean!!!! Goes to show you what is in your air. A better way to look at this catastophe is that your Spring cleaning is nearly done!!!!

  15. Congratulations to you! That type of dust is beyond terrible and even worse is having the kitchen under construction zone… the busiest room in the house. Have done this twice with renos and it definately not for the faint of heart. Good for you to not cry because I sure did. Enjoy you ‘back -to -normal house:)

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