Who will raise a Princess for my Boys?

I’ve been getting caught up in the media coverage of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, have you?


The whole Royal Wedding thing is so fascinating to me.

I think it stems from my obsession with Princess Diana when I was in elementary school.  I was a member of the Princess Diana Fan Club (and the Harrison Ford Fan Club too!) and loved reading about her fairy tale marriage to Prince Charles. 


Well…it started as a fairy tale.

And now another Royal Wedding to enjoy.

I watched a 20/20 special about William and Kate, and it was so interesting. 

Isn’t it every little girl’s dream?

To find her Prince Charming?

My mom used to sing to me when I was in high school…and in college…and after college…

“Someday my Prince will come….”


I love that song.

Mom was right.

I found my Prince.


And now we are raising four little princes of our own!


It got me thinking…

about four sweet little girls who will marry my princes someday.

And honestly, I worry a little bit.

I get discouraged with the way I see so many little girls being raised today.

They are growing up way too quickly.

They act more like “divas” than princesses.

So many shows on tv portray young girls as sneaky, spoiled, self-centered, and manipulative.

I tell my boys all the time, “You are NOT going to marry a girl like that!”

I want more for my boys.

I want them to find a REAL Princess!

And so I pray…

…for a Princess that realizes she is the daughter of the King of Heaven and Earth.

…for a Princess clothed in humility and grace, rather than the must-have fashions and trends.

…for a Princess with hands that will get dirty for the sake of serving others and with feet willing to walk the extra mile.

(Rather than one that demands manicures and pedicures by age seven.)

…for a Princess whose “adornment is not merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel—  rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.” 

1 Peter 3:3-5

…for a Princess who loves unconditionally and forever, and doesn’t run out when her Prince falls off his Royal horse and isn’t as charming as she dreamed. (Because it will happen.)



To the mothers of girls, I know it is not easy raising your daughters in today’s society.  They are bombarded with so many images that negatively effect their self-worth.  So I pray for you too, as you raise them.  May the Lord guide you as you teach your daughter’s to find their true beauty in Christ.

And let me add, that we moms of boys need to make sure we raise Godly men to care for these princesses,  to lead their families, and to love their wives as Christ loved the church.  It’s not easy for any of us, is it?


When I was in college, many moons ago, I used to love this song.

It’s a song about a father who prays for his son’s future wife.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would be the mom of FOUR boys!

But now that I am, this song has even greater meaning to me.

Here it is, if you have never heard it before.


  1. Love your words, pictures, and your blog.
    Don’t worry about the future wives of your handsome princes, they will find great ones for themselves.
    i believe in that.

  2. Oh I love this, I’m saving your prayer. As a mom to two boys (and one more on the way) I think about this often. Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful post. It made me cry, because it is so true. I am scared to death to have my daughter not to have the innocent childhood I had. I am even thinking of homeschooling. I hope my daughter will be your kind of princess.

  4. Thank you. I have a boy AND a girl. I think about each of their future spouses. I want a young woman who will adore my son and a gentleman for my daughter. If we want kids to be different than what we see on TV or even in our schools then it is up to us to raise our children to BE different than those around them! :)

  5. My son is only 20 month, but I pray for his wife already. One day he’ll find he life partner and in that union God will be glorified! Your family is beautiful!

  6. Traci!!!! Tears before 8am?? And before finishing my first cup of coffee?? BRUTAL! LOL Thank you for sharing that……I have 2 of those little princes….and pray for their princesses often!

  7. Well put! I am also the mom of boys and it is amazing how soon we can start to worry about this. I also struggle with weather or not I am doing the right job of raising them as good princes!

  8. Thanks for this post! So true.

    And for the record… I’m raising a princess who someday would love a nice, well-raised Christian prince. I hear you’ve got a few… just sayin’ ;)


  9. I am raising a Princess who is not caught up in all this world’s trappings. Alas – she is a little old for your princes. But just wanted to say – they are out there. It helps to be in a church that is teaching Truth on these things. We have always taught to follow God’s Word – not what others are doing. And they may mean standing alone – even among Christians. Blessings to you. Prayer is the answer. I pray for a Godly man for my daughter. One who will love her as Christ loved the church – willing to lay his life down for her and to lead her into righteousness and holiness. And I wonder – are they out there? Godly attracts Godly – let’s both keep praying!

  10. I remember being told I could pray for my husband when I was little and I prayed for him from age 12 until I met him at age 33 :) Praise God I did because my man needed a lot of prayer for what I was bringing his way!
    We now pray for the spouses of our own children.

  11. Some times I fell a bit inadequate commenting on blogs like yours. After all I am just a 20 year old girl in the midst of college. I don’t have children of my own, etc.. But I loved this post. I am thinking of a prince in a different light ;) Hoping that someone, somewhere has raised a good godly prince for me..hopefully. (I think he got lost, and is too stubborn to ask for directions)
    But I can promise you that when I eventually find my prince I will raise godly princess.
    I work at a local pre- school and some times I get so discouraged at the way parents are raising their children. I wonder what will the world be like in 20 years with these spoiled children running the country? However, if people like you raise their children for God, I believe they can turn the world upside down. Thanks you for endeavoring to raising Godly boys.

  12. I love this and hope that I am raising my daughter to be the princess you are describing. It is overwhelming to be raising children in this society but I love your scripture from peter and think that I will defininitely be striving to raise my daughter in that way. I am positive your sons will search for that kind of girl! =)

  13. As the mother of just one little prince (who will be 4 yrs. old in a few months), I totally agree with you. People say you have to lock up your daughters, but I am thinking I want to lock up my son! I love your prayer…it’s become mine too! God bless!

  14. At first, I wasn’t into all of the royal wedding fuss! I was actually wondering why there was sooo much attention put on William & Kate, but now that its getting closer…I’m started to get excited for it! LOL!! I meant to record the 20/20 special the other night, but forgot to set my DVR. I’m sure I can watch it online…might have to do that! And I often think about my boys as well & who they will grow up to marry! I hope & pray that God blesses them with wonderful, Godly women & me with wonderful daughter-in-laws!!

  15. What a sweet post. My husband & I prayed for years for the girls the boys would eventually marry.
    And we told them that. Wetalked about how important respect was with the girls they were dating. I think without knowing, we set kind of high standards for them.. : )
    God’s plan was perfect for each of them & all 3 of them are married to the most perfect girls for them.
    We never thought to pray for thier famiies… what a sweet thought.
    All 3 of our boys are married to girls whose parents are still together.. & husbands secretary once googled that statistic…. we are about one in a million where all familes have never had a divorce…
    we are so Blessed to have such wonderful, Godly daughterin-laws where commitment is part of thier legacy.
    BUT let me tell you as a MIL… it is really hard o watch some of thier struggles… but we have to trust that we did out job, raised them well & leave them each day at the feet of Jesus.

  16. I believe this is my first comment on your blog but this entry so touched me. I’m the mom of 2 boys and 2 girls. My oldest is 11 and it is very hard to keep her innocence with what she hears in school and on tv. We closely monitor her tv and internet usage.

    However I was quite pleased (and somewhat shocked) to hear of her dreams for the the future: She hopes to marry by age 22,have children and be a worship leader! I asked her why and she said ‘I want to be a good Christian mom like you and what else would I do before that?’ I think my heart skipped a few beats!!

    I have never thought to pray for my future children-in-law but I will now and can only hope that my own children become the kind of adults who work at a good ,loving marriage.

  17. Your post got me all teary! First off, what gorgeous boys you have! I have two boys and one girl, and you’re absolutely right when you say that girls grow up too fast these days. After having two boys, I longed to shop in the girl’s department and have enjoyed it so much. But I can’t help but notice that even at the age of 4-5 some stores are selling clothes with way too much “bling” and not enough little girl sweetness. I hope that I am able to raise her to value and respect herself and to be the sweet girl that I know she is. (And I hope my boys are able to find a girl like that as well!). :-)

  18. I am raising princesses for a couple of sweet princes!! I pray for the men my girls will marry all the time. We don’t live that far apart. We should do some planned weddings one day! :)

  19. I’m actually very put off by this post. You imply that girls are growing up way too quickly and act like divas. I beg to differ. As a mother of a 6, almost 7 year old, brilliant daughter and coming from a community with many girls very much like her, we do not have little “divas” running around here. Maybe you need to be surrounding yourself with better people or staying away from being judgmental of girls you don’t know. Just like I’m sure you don’t like your “princes” being put into a broad category of pig-headed men, I don’t want my “princess” being thrown into the category of diva when it’s far from the truth.

    1. Randi,I am so sorry to have offended you. If you knew my heart, that was not my intention in writing this post. My intention was to encourage mothers to raise their daughters just like you are doing. And I do surround myself with Godly friends. They are doing an amazing job raising their little princesses. I just want those sweet girls to be celebrated in this world, not the others. Please keep doing what you are doing! I praise God for mothers and daughters like the two of you. God bless you both.

  20. Oh my goodness – I’m bawling my eyes out right now! I’ve heard that song several times, but never really took note of its meaning. I have a son who is almost 16 and I’ve been thinking about these same concerns as he grows older. I also have an 11 yr old daughter and I hope and pray that I am raising her as a Godly woman for someone very special in her future. Thanks for sharing and the reminder that we are not only raising our children for themselves but also for their future spouse and children.

  21. Hi Traci

    Oh my goodness this tugged at my heart this morning. I think you just have to do what you are doing and pray and have faith for the future of your kids.

    I too have been a bit smitten with the royal wedding coverage. A good friend of mine is having a royal wedding party on the day of the wedding and we are all going all decked out dressed up like royal wedding guests. I can’t wait! I just need to find me a big floppy hat! :)

    Enjoy your day.


  22. I think this is my first comment on your blog, but I’ve been reading for a long time.

    I have an almost two-year-old son and I have been praying for his “princess” since before he was even born. You eloquently expressed the same concerns I have for my own child (and any future sons we may have). Thanks for writing such an honest post.

    Your blog is one of my favorites!

  23. I just wanted to add, I also pray that my husband and I raise our son to be a godly “prince” who will be worthy of someone’s “princess.” And if we are blessed with a daughter one day, I pray that she will be a godly “princess” with a “prince” waiting for her as well.

  24. You just took the words right out of my head. But you did it much more eloquently than I would have. I’m raising my own 3 little princes, and I too am praying for princesses that will be worthy of them and that my princes will become Godly men. I have to agree that it seems like little girls are growing up WAY too fast and I get blown away when I go volunteer in my son’s class and see little girls with HIGHLIGHTS and MANICURES, they are in SECOND grade for goodness sake!! God help us all……

  25. Thanks for this. My boys think I’m crazy, praying for people they may not have met yet, who may not be born yet, but I do it every day. For health, for safety, for goodness…and that I am raising them to be wonderful partners in this journey as well–and–most important–that they FIND each other!

  26. I have a boy and a girl. I worried more about who my girl would find than my boy. I didn’t want her to end up with someone who would lie or cheat or break her heart. I tried to raise them both with integrity and you know, it seems to have paid off. My daughter married (in January). He is the truest, kindest and most loving individual and he is her best friend. They make an awesome team. My son is getting married in July to a sweet, intelligent girl. She is a teacher. So, what is my point? Raise decent children (boys or girls) and they will make the correct choices for their life partners.

  27. I love your post!!! It is so true about little girls today, they are in such a hurry to grow up and think image is everything. However, there are some awesome mom’s who are raising their girls to be ladies and I admire them. My 17 year old son is dating a young lady, whose mother did an awesome job. I think raising your son to be a gentleman is important, but raising them to want ladies and not a high maintenance Paris Hilton wanna be is equally important. My son seen a Barbie in Walmart last year that I was buying for my grand daughter, he was upset by the way Barbie was dressed. When I asked him what he would do if his girlfriend wore that, his reply was: We wouldn’t go anywhere together until she changed. It is very hard in today’s society to raise boys or girls to realize that self worth is not outward but inward…Praying for your future princesses for your princes…

  28. Great post Traci! My best friend was just saying last night that she knows that no matter who my boys choose, I won’t think she’s good enough! While that’s not completely true, you’d have to be someone pretty darn special to be good enough for one of my little princes!
    I hope my boys wives (and yours) will be everything you said!

  29. I am right there with you. I have FIVE sons. I have been thinking lately how society (media) has an absolute lack of morals and values. I remember when we were kids TV shows taught values. Kids got into problems and then their parents helped them figure it out and they learned something. TV shows now are all about acting stupid, being rude, and trying to be famous. I just purchased the Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman series because I want my kids to start watching something that actually teaches something of value. So far, they are loving it!

  30. PS. I also worry about what kind of husbands boys these days will make. Will they just sit in front of the TV playing video games while their wives do all the work? Will they know how to carry on a conversation or look someone in the eye during a job interview, communicating without texting? Will they respect women and avoid the grasp of rampant pornography? We moms of boys have a big responsibility and a big mountain to climb in raising up righteous sons.

  31. My heart is right there with you! I’ve got 1 prince and 2 princesses. I feel like it’s a battle daily to guard their hearts and keep them with a sweet heart. I’m always praying for wisdom on the inputs in their life and do my best to keep them from tv shows, etc that glamorize (in my opinion) selfish, snotty behavior.

  32. My heart is right there with you! I’ve got 1 prince and 2 princesses. I feel like it’s a battle daily to guard their hearts and keep them with a sweet heart. I’m always praying for wisdom on the inputs in their life and do my best to keep them from tv shows, etc that glamorize (in my opinion) selfish, snotty behavior.

  33. Beautifully written Traci! Don’t you worry, I’m raising my girl to be just like you want her to be! She’s seven now, so perhaps we can arrange a union now with your oldest? *wink*
    Miss you my friend, loved this post!

  34. Great post! The last song, “Somewhere in the World”– was used in a portion of the video for our daughter & son-to-be -son-in-love at their rehearsal dinner. Sweet memories! God had certainly answered our prayers for them both! <3
    And related to your heart's desire for the "princesses" being raised now…several of my friends shared this post today: http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/04/19/granderson.children.dress/index.html
    It's from an unlikely source, but yet speaks, sadly, about what is happening today . I pray for my grandchildren and for my adult children to raise them all in the fear and admonition of the Lord! <3

    1. Cathy, you read my mind! I read this article yesterday and felt that it was so on point. I’m so glad my mother raised me in teh way she did and taught me how to cook, clean and iron. So many girls grow up feeling entitled and later realize how much harder this make a marriage. I’m not being sexist or old-fashioned, but if I have children they will grow up the way I was raised. Both boys and girls should learn to be self-sufficient, learning to do hard work with their hands.

  35. What a beautiful prayer for the future wives of your boys! I pray that my daughter will fit that bill. And I pray that there is a prince charming out there for her who will grow to be a strong and wonderful man of God. You’ve reminded me that is something that I need to be praying for.. even though she’s only two months old. :)

  36. Very touching post! At my baby shower two years ago, some of the best advice I received was to pray for my baby’s future spouse every night. I do this and have a shared prayer with you for the little girl out there who will someday be my little boy’s wife!

  37. So true and well stated. I am also a mom to 4 boys and have the same prayer. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am going to put your link on my blog!

  38. You struck a chord here dear friend! We have two boys and this is my desire as well. HE has the princess picked out for them, I pray for them to be the Prince to her as well! The song is so fitting.

  39. What a wonderful post. I agree completely. We have a son and a daughter and I feel the same about my daughters future husband as I do for my sons wife. The sense of entitlement, very little work ethic, spoiled to a huge extent, bad attitudes; it’s everywhere. Even among the conservative group that we are around more often than not, I see it. I even see it in my children at times, to be honest. Thank you for the reminder to pray for my children’s future spouses more than I do.

  40. Ok now I am crying like a baby!! Just beautiful….. I pray for God to send them only the best with pure hearts.

  41. Love your post… My father in law sang that to me at my Bridal Shower.. it was such a special moment. My In Laws talked about how they prayed for a Godly spouse while their children were growing and how thankful they were to have me as an addition to their family! Keep praying! I’m sure youre an awesome mom and they’ll want to be married to someone just like you someday!

  42. Great post Traci. I want my sons and daughter to grow up to be caring, amazing, Godly people. I, too, pray for their future spouses.

  43. I totally agree with you! I have one baby girl, and another girl on the way and I’m already praying for the friends they will have to be raised in righteous families, and for the princes that they will someday marry too. It’s really hard to keep good standards for our young girls in this world, even if you have a good church to go to. Sadly even girls at church can have the wrong standards sometimes and be the wrong influence. I believe as long as we keep our homes the way God would have us do, and teach our children to keep Him in their hearts that they’ll be just fine. :)

    Ben (my own prince) was laughing the other night because he said that when he was about 14 he started praying for his someday-future-wife. He said that God must have been giggling at his cute prayer because at the time I was just an 8 year old tom-boy running around in the mud and trees. Lol!

    Thanks for your sweet post Traci! I love that you don’t hide your faith, standards and convictions :)

  44. I pray for my sons’ wives, too! We have three boys ages 8, 6 and 3, and we have a baby on the way. I am totally “obsessed” with their future mates and hope that the Lord will match them with spouses who love them with all of their hearts and who aren’t “divas” or drama queens. I love this post!

  45. Loved your post!!! I’m looking at this from the other side – I’m the mother of seven daughters and praying that there are princes out there for them! I promise you my girls are princesses!!! Do you want to arrange some marriages? lol

  46. That is such a sweet song. I so worry about my boys and their sweet hearts in the future when girls come into the picture. I love this song and it reminds me that I need to be doing this. I was gung ho about doing this when I was pregnant with my first but then they came into the world and everything got so busy and I forget this important part of what we should be praying for for our sons. Thank you!

  47. Oh Traci. Thanks for sending this pregnant girl into a fit of tears. I haven’t heard that song for many years, since back when I was that little girl waiting to find my prince. Now I have found him, and we will be having a son of our own sometime in the next month or so. It had not even occurred to me to start praying for that baby girl that he will someday marry – you better believe I will be praying for her from this day forward!

  48. This is such an encouragement to me Traci. Sometimes it feels like I’m alone in trying to keep them young as long as possible… I needed this reminder today. Great post, friend. And I’ve got dibs on at least one of those boys, right? (Though we are really going to need two) ;) Hehe.

  49. I recall Annie Lennox relating a story about singing just that song. “Someday my prince will come. Someday I’ll find the one…”. Her sister heard her singing and knew that she was in trouble. Annie was hoping for the fairytale wedding with the birds singing, and Prince Charming riding her away on his white steed. “Annie,” her sister said, “You can’t marry a prince because you have to have royal blood.” … Many, many years passed by and finally, Annie realized that because of Jesus Christ she now has royal blood. The Prince of Peace has washed her clean. She has married into “The Royal Family.”

  50. Well, I just couldn’t agree more with your assessment. We pray daily for the girls who are being raised right now who our 2 sons will marry one day. I’m convinced that we have to keep good examples in front of our children and model the kind of woman that we pray they will marry. I think the whole “prince/princess” idea just sets children and teenagers up to fall when they realize it takes work and sacrifice to stay happily married. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. I enjoy your blog so much. Would love for you to stop by at Gracious Spaces & say hello:)

  51. You have an amazing way with words. I think alot about how my three princes and one princess will grow up to be and who they will marry. Not only do I hope that they find their perfect mate, I also pray that I will have the courage and grace and strength to accept whoever it is they choose to share their life with. In the eyes of my mother in law I will never be good enough for her baby boy (my husband is the oldest of three boys) no matter what I do. And my mother is jealous of the relationship and happiness I have with my husband (she was divorced after 13 years from my father) and thus she trys to sabbotage things and I am constantly justifying the decisions we make for ourselves and for our family.

    I am thankful that I married my prince, for he truely is. I hope everyday that we are setting the example for all four of our children on how to act not only as a person in society in general but also towards those that they care about and love. For how will they know it if they are not shown it.

    Blessings to you and your amazing family.

  52. Hi Traci.
    Sweet post and I listened to Wayne’s song. Beautiful song.

    No doubt many will be watching the royal wedding in just a few days, but my heart aches a bit. Don’t mean to be a debbie-downer, but it bothers me that these two young people have lived together for about 4 years before marrying……saddened.

    Traci, it would so neat if you’d write a book about why people should marry.

    Even today I must pray that I be the godly wife to my husband that God would want me to be.

  53. Traci, It does my heart good to hear that another mom prays these things for her boys. I pray for my future daughter-in-laws (probably not as often as I should though). I pray for my boys too though that they would grow up to be Godly men. No matter what path God has for them that they will serve God with all their heart, soul and mind. I could go on but let’s just say I’m right there with ya. Love this post as it is right where I’m living with three wonderful, witty, fun, full of life and energy boys!

  54. I TOTALLY AGREE! I pray daily for the young women who will someday be married to my boys. And like you, I hope they are NOTHING like the young women we see on TV today!

  55. I have 2 boys and 1 girl, and I see her struggle much more in school dealing with peers than the boys do. However, I must say that reading your description of a princess, it fits my girl totally-and that is not to pat myself on the back, because everyday I am so in awe of my daughter and her caring, compassionate heart. But, she is not interested in marriage when she grows up-she says she will be too busy saving endangered sea animals! :)

  56. I pray that I am raising my girls and boys to be just this way. Beautiful post! Love the beautiful song, it brought tears to my eyes. Especially to think about my little children growing up and moving on. Thanks for this lovely post.

  57. What a sweet post. I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my first child, a little boy! I feel like I’ve been praying for him to be a Godly man ever since I found out I was having a boy! Your boys are precious!

  58. Lovely post… I have three princesses and two princes and I pray for their significant others often. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  59. We are raising a Godly princess. I only hope and pray she finds a Godly prince and has a mother-n-law like you who will appreciate her!

  60. I love this post! I have a little daughter of my own, and what a great prayer to pray over her that you shared! And hmm… where do you live? With parents like you, your boys sound like they will make wonderful princes one day for my princess :)

  61. love love love this post! the moment i had both of my boys i started praying every night for their future wife! never too early in my book!! thanks for posting!!!

  62. Oh, I love this, Traci. Your boys are precious! I’m raising three wonderful girls, but, alas, I have a feeling they’re just a little too old for your guys (19, 17, 13). :)

  63. Thank you. That was beautiful. As a mom of 3 girls and 1 boy I feel the same about BOTH Princes and Princesses! :)

  64. Love the post, Traci! Sounds like we should consider the whole arranged marriage thing. Your little prince & my little princess! Sarah is a definitely a princess that likes to get her hands dirty (literally)! :-)

  65. This post really spoke to my heart (as it did to so many!). I have three little girls and after listening to that song I had to laugh…just tonight my oldest daughter prayed for her sister to pass a Kindergarten test and after dinner my husband was “spinning” them as they shrieked “again, again”. God is so good. I love moments like this when it makes you stop dead in your busy-life tracts and soak in their sweetness. I am grateful from this end that you are raising godly young men…can we meet up, in say 15 years?? :)

  66. When my son learned at the age of 4 that he couldn’t marry his Mommy, he began to pray for “his princess.” (That is what he calls her…for all the reasons you listed above.) We pray for her as well, but it moves my heart that my now almost 6 year old has been praying for his future wife. :) On another note, we also have a beautiful 3 year old girl. And we have already had to make conscience and purposeful decisions on what should go in her wardrobe. Did i mention she is THREE?!? I just can’t believe the options of “clothing” available in size 3T. *sigh* We already talk with our son about “bouncing his eyes” from images in commercials and such of inappropriate or impure things. It looks like we will be having many, many talks with our kids over the next few years! :)

  67. Don’t even get me started on how parents raise their kids today! I have two girls. Yes, they are princesses {of course they are!} but no, they are NOT divas. I will NOT put up with that!!! And I can’t even handle it when parents let their kids act like they rule the world. Aaaaah! Glad I got that out, I feel better now :) You should read this article: http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/04/19/granderson.children.dress/index.html

    1. The article you posted is so fabulous! I already had it posted on my FB because I thought it was amazing! As the mom of three girls, it was nice to hear the opposite side of the story but with the same concerns. Nice to know that so many of us are trying to raise great kids! :)

  68. What a great post and the timing couldn’t have been better. I have always worried about who my 10 year old son will end up marrying and hope that as parents, my husband and I have been a good example for him and his futrue family. I have hoped and prayed for him a good wife and a good daughter-in-law. Then about a year ago comes along our sweet baby girl, which brought many more worries and prayers. It is very hard for young child these days and even harder for the parents that have to raise them. I sure hope that my simply family values that my parents taught me I pass on to my children.

  69. I couldn’t agree with your post more! My prince and I are raising two daughters and one son and I pray daily for them, their future spouses and the parents who are raising them. I’m so thankful that our Lord is still in control of this crazy world we are living in! Thanks for your post. XOXO

  70. I’ll be honest. I don’t know exactly how I feel about this post. I have two daughters ages 5 and 6 who are quite the princesses right now. I also have a ten yr old boy who I find quite charming. However when I think about their futures, especially my daughters… I want them to be confident, educated, opinionated to some degree. They should know what they want in life and how to get it. They should never bow down any man. They should never allow him to control her or manipulate her. She should be a working mother if she wants to be, or stay home if that’s her choice.

    My girls have mini mani/pedi’s now and I don’t see them as wanting to be “Divas”, they absolutely feel like princesses when they walk out of the salon. My sister is a hair stylist and she crimps little strands of silver tinsel into their hair before they leave and they walk about twirling just like a princess. They love dresses and shoes that sparkle, lip gloss and things I feel princesses should love. This doesn’t make them a diva anymore than dressing homely makes you a christian.

    It boils down to attitude. You can have all the riches and fame and cary yourself as a princess if you are humble. Just as well you can hold the title of spoiled diva if are not.

    1. Sommer,
      I couldn’t agree with you more! You sound like you are raising some amazing children. You have great standards for your daughters. I feel I am confident, I have my Masters Degree, and I am have my own opinions and can hold my ground with the best of them! (ask my husband!) ;)
      I do not suggest girls to bow down to their husbands. I would never. But I do trust my husband with my whole heart, and he loves me more than anything in the world. And since he looks to the Lord for guidance, it is easy for me to let him lead our family. He never makes me feel less than him or unimportant. We are a team.
      And believe me, if I had a daughter, she would be covered in ruffles from head to toes! Bows on her head, bows on her toes, and bows on her bottom! We would dress up as Princesses and wear lots of bling, and paint our fingers and toes. I miss that. And I would probably take her to get a mini manicure. It would be a special day together. What I was trying to say in my post, is for mothers not to raise daughters who DEMAND those special treats. So many young girls expect it, feel entitled to it, and demand it because they have been spoiled. You sound like you are raising your daughters to view it as a special treat, and I pray they do feel like little princesses when they leave the salon. They are greatly loved by the KING! :)
      I hope this makes sense.
      Thank you for your honest comment.

  71. I heard your heart in this post and say “thanks” for posting. I have 2 princesses, 19 & 16, and daily pray that somewhere out there a mom like you raised a prince for each of my girls :) I too am caught up in the Royal Wedding hoopla! (side note: last nights episode of “The Middle” on ABC has to do with the Royal Wedding – it was hilarious, but somewhat true! Try to watch it if you can!)
    Thanks again for sharing.

  72. I just wanted to write a comment and tell you how much you’ve inspired me today (sort of related to this post, but mostly your blog in general). I’ve had a rough couple months (including three miscarriages in the last year from no explained cause), and I’ve been have feelings of insecurities, that I can’t handle two kids, that I’m not a good mom, that I don’t “have it all together”. This is the first post I read here, but I’ve been surfing your blog on and off all day and I’m just filled with peace. God has blessed me with one child, and if that’s all He gives us, that’s ok. Anyway, I’ve rambled and I don’t know if anything came out right, but I just wanted to thank you for being so honest and open here, it truly is inspiring.

  73. Oh my. I read this post in a hurry on my break at work the other day. I just now got a chance to really read it. I totally remember this song. I always loved it but back then but I could never have fathomed what it means to me now as a mother of two young girls. I am doing everything I can to keep my girls grounded and to make sure they don’t get pushed to grow up sooner than they should. Looking at clothing today for little girls breaks my heart. I have a daughter that turned 8 two weeks ago and is very tall and is now wearing a size 12. It it nearly impossible to find sweet clothing that is appropriate for her age. I want to teach my girls first and foremost to love God. I also want them to learn how to be kind to others and to treat other children with decentcy (I know I spelled that wrong) and respect regardless of how old they are. I want them to recognize when another child needs a friend and to be sensitive to the thoughts and needs of others. Wow. I may have to write a post about this. :)

  74. Traci,

    Thank you for sharing your life on this blog. Pleasing everyone will never happen…so I pray you’ll continue to share as God leads you. I have been so blessed and encouraged by your posts. Today is my daughter’s 13th birthday. I shared this post as well as your love story posts with her as encouragement to follow God and trust His timing for the relationships to come. Hopefully and prayerfully, she’ll stay busy becoming the young lady He desires as she waits for her future Prince.

    Many blessings to you and your quiver full,

  75. It was great to hear that Wayne Watson song after so many years. Thanks for sharing. And as a mother of 4 girls, who is praying for their someday husbands, your post encouraged me today. Thank you.

  76. Traci,

    I came upon this blog while looking for inspiring words to share with ladies at our next gathering.
    As I write this, the tears well up in my eyes.

    I have spent much time praying that my prince would be a godly husband to a young lady who loved the Lord, I had an empty frame on a shelf with pics of him to remind me to pray for her. I prayed for her protection, that she was loved and nurtured, that she loved the Lord more than anything, that she and I would be close especially since I never had a girl, I prayed that my son would love the Lord and seek to please Him above all else including his dad and I. I believe to the best of the ability of myself and my husband, that we brought him up in the way he should go. It was definitly the desire of our hearts anyway.

    As we move closer to the 3rd anniversary of my son and his wife I sit here and cry for the sad situation our family is in. Before I go on I will say that my son was 19, still very immature and irresponsible when he entered into this marriage but his girlfriend was pregnant. I believe he loved her and wanted to do “the right thing” and appeared repentant.

    I don’t know where to begin but to say that this girl, who is two years older than our son, is not what I prayed for and our lives have been split apart since the moment she came into our home the first time. I wonder if our son even thinks we love him anymore or if he loves us. Ourselves and our family and especially our church family have loved and encouraged her but she has treated most people with such rude disrespect that it is now hard for them to face these people. Although they hold no grudge. She has turned my son against me for sure and only allows my husband to be spared because he is a source of work and extra income for him. I have to say that it is often like I’m in a nightmare. The layers of this are so deep.But as time goes on my son becomes less of the man God would have him to be or we raised him to be. She has stripped all of his manhood from him and he will not stand up to her no matter what she says or does.

    Out of this, God has given us a beautiful grandson.Of course I live in fear everyday that I might say something wrong and not be able to see him. It happens. And I fear I will loose them both anyday.

    I loved the book by Francine River “Redeeming Love” but now my heart breaks to see my son be manipulated and brainwashed by someone who cares about no one but herself. I believe he thinks he is doing right but he won’t talk to anyone. She loves her son but he is not a priority.I have recently come to think of her as his Gomer.

    I don’t know why I’m even writing this accept that I often wonder why God didn’t give my son that princess I prayed for.This has been so spiritually devestating to me and I am ashamed to say that as time goes by I don’t pray alot because I feel like God doesn’t care what I pray. I know I’m wrong but my heart is broken. I don’t know how to show God’s love to someone who hurts my son and I’m sure will do the same to my grandson……..as I write this God is telling me ” I love those who hurt my son everyday . WOW!

    Sorry to be a downer. I pray someday I will be writing on here of the miracles God has done in thier lives and marriage. That is my hope.

  77. Tracy,
    Thanks for putting this out there! I don’t have a blog but if I did I would speak on the subject of raising children in a Christian home often. As a mom of two boys and two girls I also think of thier futures often and pray for them and their future spouses, as did my grandmother for me and my brother. It’s easy sometimes as a Christian mom to become discouraged and overwhelmed when we look at the world and all it has to “offer” our precious children whom we so want to shelter. What my husband and I encourage our children to do, and pray that they will do, is develop an intimate realtionship with the Lord. I think a lot of times we as Christians think, “Ok good, so and so has salvation, they accepted the Lord, now lets move on to someone else”. We cannot just move on we have to nurture that relationship and teach them how seek the Lord and be in intimate fellowship with Him in all situations, everyday! -ps. Thanks for your blog and I’m so glad your my sister in Christ!

  78. This is an old post, but I’ve just read it today…and I have to laugh a little. I am raising 4 little girls and I worry about the same things. And I worry that they will grow up listening to the toxic messages the world is shouting at them about what a woman should be instead of the truth about the truly wonderful and eternal qualities of righteous womanhood and motherhood that my husband and I are teaching them. I just have faith that if they will develop their own personal relationships with God that all else will fall into place.

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