Finding Treasures on Craig’s List {by Kim from My Domestic Bliss}

Hi, friends!

Well, I am still packing like a maniac!!!

I am hoping to get to the guest house today because we will start moving boxes tomorrow.  Wow!!

Today, I am so happy to have Kim, from My Domestic Bliss, as my guest poster.


She is one my very first blog friends.  She has a heart of gold and a super special knack of finding treasures on Craig’s List!

I love her post today, and I think you will too.  Thank you, Kim, for helping me while I move!  :)


Many thanks to Traci for giving me the honor of guest posting for Beneath My Heart today during her “Help, I’m Moving” series.

I chose the topic of Craig’s List for this post because it’s become somewhat of a theme throughout my blog.  I’ve had extensive experience both buying and selling on CL as well as utilizing it to map out my yard sale route each week.  It’s an excellent tool for decorating on a budget.  In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that with a few small exceptions, I will never pay retail prices again.  And you don’t have to either.

My husband’s wonderful parents are in the process of selling their house.  I staged their home almost entirely from Craig’s List.  Let’s take a look!

A Clayton Marcus sofa/loveseat combo in mint condition for $350.  The loveseat is to the left of this picture.  All accessories, including the area rug came from Home Goods, which is a whole other post in itself!

This photo came from the listing online, which is why it’s so blurry.

On the opposite wall is this lovely mirror and table.  I paid less than $100 for everything, including the accessories, from a moving sale I found on Craig’s List.

The Dining Room table and chairs were listed and purchased for $250.  The chairs still have the original plastic on them!  On the far wall is a gorgeous granite top console table that I got from Craig for $150.

Another pic from the listing shows the centerpiece that was purchased from the same moving sale mentioned above.  It’s hard to tell from the pic, but the arrangement is absolutely gorgeous!!

The kitchen dinette was a steal for only $125!

I had a lot of fun staging the sun porch.

The red and yellow theme ties in with the color scheme throughout the rest of the main floor.
The rattan sofa was only $60 and the coffee table was from a different listing and a great deal for only $25.  The china cabinet in the corner I got at Goodwill for $75.  Love the yellow color on her!
Upholstered parsons chairs are from Home Goods.

I’ve also had fun re-doing my own home using finds from Craig’s List on every floor, and even outside!

This adobe chiminea was purchased last year for $50.  I just love sitting on my patio and enjoying the fire, and who doesn’t love that smell!

I found this bakers rack on CL for $50, listed by someone who also used it outside.  I love how it looks with my garden goodies!

Upstairs in the master is a sweet French Country chair I found for $15.   See that sweet little footstool with the bunnies on it?  Well it could be yours!  I’m offering it in the Cottage Charm giveaway that’s going on this month.  Just click on the link in my sidebar to enter!  I should also mention that the table in this pic is from a church rummage sale that I found on Craig’s List.  I paid just $4 for it!

Now, this may sound crazy to some of you, but I have been known to travel quite a distance for something I found on CL.  Every now and then, while browsing my favorite site, I come across a piece that makes my heart go pitter patter.  And when I get that feeling, there’s almost no stopping me.

Like last year, when my hubby wanted to strangle me as I drove an hour and a half at 6 months pregnant to pick up this chandy.

I got it for just $50.  Unfortunately for my mister, it came apart during the hanging process, proving my theory that nothing is ever easy – especially things that should be!

Not to worry though, after 14 hours, several trips to Home Depot, and a crystal-stringing party my master now looks like this.

Off of my master is a sitting room that’s home to another CL find I traveled quite a distance to retrieve.
This sweet slipper chair was listed for $50 and I got it for $35.  I took a pal on a road trip to Pennsylvania to bring her home.

Next to her in the same room is a china cabinet that I found from a barn sale listed on CL.
I got this piece for just $45.

You can read about her transformation here.

Down in the basement is another good CL find from last year.  A brand new microfiber sofa for only $250, delivered for free!

Microfiber is so kid-friendly, making this find perfect for the basement.
Everything else down here came from either a yard sale or thrift store.

And back on the main floor are some of my biggest and best CL scores of all time.  Starting with the coffee table in the family room.  I found this on CL listed for $40 and when Mr. Bliss and I went into the city to pick her up, the sellers were literally holding up downtown traffic with the moving truck in the middle of the street.  They told me I could have the table for $20.  I think they just wanted to get it out of the way!
It’s wrought iron with a thick glass top.

In the kitchen is perhaps my favorite piece and an incredible deal at just $250.

Folks, I tell ya there was absolutely nothing wrong with her.   I just love how she looks and the storage she provides.  Yep, I think she’s my fave.

And this sofa is a very close second and will probably knock your socks off when I tell you how much I paid for her.
This is a Duncan Phyfe leather sofa with nailhead trim.  Now, let me preface this by saying that when I first saw her, my heart did the pitter patter thing.  Then I saw the price and the pitter patter turned into strong palpitations.

One hundred and twenty-five dollars!!!!  Now I should probably mention here that I do have a rule when it comes to buying things on Craig’s List.  It goes without saying that haggling is commonplace on CL, but if someone is practically giving something away, as was the case with this sofa, I just hand over my money, say a polite thank you, and go on my merry way.  I don’t see why it’s necessary to try to talk down a price that is already ridiculously low.  It’s kind of insulting.

I drooled on my keyboard when I saw this sofa and got on my hands and knees and prayed that it would still be available.  Craig’s List is 50% luck.  Being the first one to respond can be crucial to scoring a major find.

Like this clock.

I saw this clock listed for $50 and responded immediately.  Another lesson – don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear back right away.   Many people work during the day and won’t get back to you until the evening or next day.  The seller of this clock told me that she had several responses to this ad, but that I was the first one to email her so she got back to me first.

And here she is on my antique that.I.trashpicked……SERIOUSLY!!!!  You can read about that here.

In the same room is an old secretary that I got myself for Christmas last year on CL for $75.

If you are a regular to CL like I am, you see a lot of the same things listed for different prices.  I see tons and tons of secretaries and the exact same one can be listed by one seller for $350 and another for just $150, proving that it pays to shop around, even on Craig’s List.  Additionally, you learn what things are rare and what’s common.  While there are lots of secretaries listed at any given time on CL, I chose this one for it’s style.  It has a different design and shape than most others as well as wooden knobs.

If you want to hear more about my adventures on Craig’s List and read more of my tips, just click on my “Tips” link at the top of my blog.

I also have a regular Craig’s List series on my blog where I feature things that are available in this area that I consider to be either a great deal or a rare find.  I hope you follow along and tell me what you think!

Thanks again to Traci for the pleasure of guest posting today.  It was so much fun and I wish you much luck with your move!


Oh, my goodness!  Can you believe the treasures she has found?!

After reading this, I wanted to go straight to Craig’s List and look around.  But then I remembered I was packing and moving and came to my senses. :)

I’ll have to start stalking Craig’s List after my move.  :)

Thanks again, Kim!

Now click on her button, and head on over to her blog to check it out.  There are many more treasures to be found when you get there.



  1. Loved this post! DH gave me an $800 budget to do some updating/decorating with recently, and was amazed at what I was able to do with it using Craigs and thrifting. It’s the only way to go!

  2. I WANT THAT BAKERS RACK! Now I know my next CL search. ;-) Would make a great potting bench, I can totally see that in my side garden as a potting station!

  3. I am gonna force my hubs to read this so he will understand the reasons WHY I obsessively comb CL. It is the best place to find stuff like this. I find stuff in antique stores for 5 times the price that I would normally find it on CL for. It’s the only place to shop for furniture these days! Great post!

  4. Wow, those are amazing finds! You obviously don’t live in California, especially southern California or Los Angeles/Orange County area. You would hardly ever, dare I say never, find those kinds of deals on LA’s CL. We have WAY too many ads for furniture stores selling cheap-o PB and C&B, etc., knockoffs, and if you do find a private seller, they just want to recoup what they originally paid for their item. Everyone there sells their junk for $300 and up, I swear, and you will find a lot of pieces going for over $1,000.

    It’s ridiculous. I mean, if it’s on CL, people pretty much think that means you want to get rid of it, not resell a used piece of furniture for practically what you paid for it. Our yard/garage/tag sales are oftentimes the same, and even our Goodwills and Salvation Armies charge more than anywhere else in the country for their stuff. OMG, I feel so much better getting that rant off my chest! LOL! Anyhow, I will live vicariously through your awesome finds, and will definitely be checking out your website!



  5. Kim, I’m with you, CL is the only way I go anymore for hoime furnishings. In the past year alone we have purchased: a brick colored chenille sectional for the finished basement for 300, new airhockey- full-sized- for 50, brazilian cherry laminate for the basment (thick with pad attached and gorgeous) for free (yes, it comes with a story- the best things always do!), 3 piece leather furniture set for family room was 325, lazy boy traditional chenille sofa for LR 200, 2 basset end tables 50/each, a 3 piece espresso colored table set for family room for 50, chandelier for 20, media stand that matches the fmaily room rables for 40, new cooktop for 100, stainless steel dishwasher for 175 and 25 cubic foot stainless steel french door fridge for 700. I got a stunning huge sunburst mirror from william sonoma for 25- for real! Hellooooooooo, guy! Does you wife (or ex, or whatever) have any idea you are doing this? Silly man! :)Also got a sofa/console table for 20 and another for 40 (Love these for filling walls and display!)The cupola for our shed was 20 and I’ve bought tons of artwork and accessories for a steal compared to retail. Lined velvet grommet style curtains for my daughter’s room comeplete with rods for 20 and then the seller asked me if I wanted a king-sized matching comforter for 5- ummmmmm-ok! I agree with you, that you need to look often and act quickly for best results, and like you, if the price is ridiculously good, I just plain pay them and thank them and we have met nothing but extremely pleasant sweet people- at least so far.

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