Here’s our “House selling/House Buying/Moving” Update



I think I confused a bunch of ya’ll with the title of my last “house” post.  It read…

“She Bought Our House, He Bought Her House, We Bought Their House, Got It?”

Well, things changed quickly right after I wrote that post.

Now I need to say,

“She Bought Our House, He Bought Her House, We DIDN’T Buy Their House.  Got it”?”

Yep.  We had to get out of the contract we had made on the home because of some foundation/flooring issues that my husband wasn’t comfortable with.

So here  is where we now stand….

We have a lady from Louisiana buying our home.  The contract was pending the sale of her home.

Well, the first person who looked at her home bought it.  So they are now getting ready to close on her home.

Our house has been appraised and inspected, and if all goes well, we will close on our home around May 27th.

So were does that leave our family?….

Well, the same day we got out of the first contract of the home we were going to buy, we found a home on 5 acres that we fell in love with.


(the front yard and driveway)

I am hesitant to show you pictures because things can still change.  But if everything works out, this will be our new home.


I need ya’ll to see the potential here with me….create a new front porch with columns….paint the brick?…..add a second story or an addition to the side….


The house is only 1500 square feet!!! You heard me right!

That’s smaller than the home we live in now.

It has four bedrooms (teeny tiny bedrooms), a kitchen, a den, and a laundry room.

That’s about it.

But it has a ton of potential because the land is gorgeous.  It’s also in a great location!

Here is the back of the house.  It has a brick patio.  The back of the house will look completely different someday, if it becomes ours.



It has a barn (that my husband loves)….



And a shed….



But the part of the property that made my heart skip a beat was this….


A Cabin!!!

Except we will call it our guest house, of course. :)

It has a beautiful little deck area….


We hope to cover it in hardy board siding and give it a different color, but oh, how much fun!

Here’s another view of the back of the house…



If everything goes well, we will close on this property on May 30th, I think.

Can you see the potential?

The DIY projects abound in this home, so I will not be lacking for blog posts for about 10 years! :)

I’ll let you know if anything changes….


  1. I hope it all goes through if that’s the house for you gusy! What a beautiful property with loads of potential. I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

  2. Traci~
    fingers and toes crossed..
    sending up prayers..
    waiting with you!!
    so much..
    and ample room for all..
    especially active adorable boys!!!
    I am so happy for you!!!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  3. What a great place! Praying it all goes well for you .. well also because I’d like to see how you transform everything! lol

  4. I clicked over to your blog this morning (sick child at home) hoping for a housing update! So glad to finally get one. I had you on my mind off and on today. I love, love, love that you all look for homes based on their potential. I adore homes (mine and anyone else’s) and sometimes feel like I could put a for sale sign in my yard anytime and find something different to fix up. Then I worry that I’m just not content. Ugh! Anyway, I love that we can all watch this experience with you! How fun and exciting. I have much faith in you all. :) ~Crystal

  5. Oh how I am crossing my fingers for you! The potential for that property is absolutely mind boggling!!!

  6. Definitely can see the potential! As a matter of fact, it isn’t bad right now….especially the cabin, barn and shed….and LAND! I’m feeling a little bit of envy…..

  7. traci, is it in the same area? i love it and i love that you and cy can do such wonderful things!

  8. So exciting! I definitely see the potential. I’m one of those ‘I love me a good project’ people as well so, I totally get it. I’m crossing my fingers that this works out for you.

  9. I LOVE the possibilities I see in this house! I think your family will make many, many happy memories there, and I can’t wait to see all of your projects come to life!

    On another note, I’ve been wondering if we would end up with four boys of our own, but as of this morning it looks like we will be adding a GIRL to our three boys! I am shocked but happy and can’t wait to meet her. :)

  10. You had me at 5 ACRES!! Wow, as a SoCal girl I couldn’t even IMAGINE!! Will be lifting you all up in prayer :)

  11. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get the house! Wow, it has so much potential! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place. Love the cabin! Can I rent it for a week? lol. Just kidding!


  12. I just love this new house. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. The extra amenities are great too. You can always use the guest house as a your own craft house if nothing else. hehe That would be my dream anyway.

  13. WOW!! Gorgeous!! What state is this in? So much potential! Hope everything turns out ok. Keeping my fingers crossed!! TFS

  14. Good Luck, Sweetie, I know it will be beautiful! Can’t wait to see it and what you all do to it! Also, I love seeing the boys working on your projects. Think what good husbands and craftsmen they will be someday!

  15. Definitely has TONS of potential! I hope your hubs likes to mow too cause wow oh wow that’s a lotta yard! :) SO beautiful. No wonder you fell in love with the place…that little cabin is adorable….oh what a fun place to decorate! :) I bet the boys would love to have that as a clubhouse! lol
    Can’t wait to see if you get to buy it…praying for you!

  16. Oh what fun! I laughed about your house selling story, that is how it goes, huh? You try and try to keep that house perfect and NOTHING. Then the day it is in shambles, it sells. :-)

    We’ve had so many house deals fall through, even THE DAY BEFORE closing, so I know how crazy this whole process is! Hang on for the ride and I can’t wait to see where you end up! It will be great fun to get to work on something new!!

  17. Good luck with the upcoming plans! I hope the doors are opened where God directs your family! Change is exciting and crazy at times. Here’s to a wonderful transition during the summer. Love all of the out buildings and the beautiful green yard!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Yay! Things seem to always have a way of working out sometimes how you least expect it. It sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun. Can’t wait to follow along! And you are right! The land is beautiful!

  19. What a great house on an great piece of property! I see the potential even though I think it looks good the way it is. Good luck!

  20. Wow! That property is beautiful! I am sure you will make the house special…and I will enjoy seeing the step by step process!

    Hope all goes well with the closings.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  21. Best of luck to you!!! I hope this house becomes yours with all its wonderful possibilities and I look forward to reading and seeing all that you do!

  22. Every house that we have purchased…three of them…were ones with “potential”, so I know EXACTLY what you mean. :-) You will have so much fun!

  23. I hope this works out for you! The whole “compound” of house, building, shed and cabin, are so all charming. I can only imagine what you could do with them! Like you, I would have never been able to leave that sweet little cabin behind. Thanks for all the work you do on your blog. I look foward to reading it and am always amazed at your talent. You represent us Kentucky girls well!

  24. The first thing I thought of when I saw that beautiful drive was how it would make a great wedding reception spot! What a great find! And I love that little guest house. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  25. Oh, the land!!!! Everything else is quite relative, isn’t it!!!! From what I see of the brick and I really cannot see it that well, it looks fine. It’s the entrance that has me puzzled. I thought the first picture was the back of the house!! I am sure that you will make it perfect and your own!!

  26. Oh wow, glad you and your hubby didn’t buy the other house…but isn’t it so cool that god alwyas has something better for us. Will keep you in prayer for this recent contract.

  27. I live in a 3 bedroom 1500 square foot condo and we love it. The best thing about living in a small house is that it doesn’t take all day to clean!!

  28. What an amazing property!! Perfect for your beautiful family. And as you mentioned, the potential is awesome. God works in mysterious ways, indeed. Hope this is your little piece of Heaven on earth!

  29. Wow, It is so much fun to be able to live a dream! Your new property is beautiful and the potential in the house is limitless! My husband and I recently bought a new home and are in the process of gutting and restoring it! We also will be downsizing from about 5000 sq feet (including basement) to about 2000. Our yard has gone from 1/3 of an acre to 1.65 acres! We love the land, with 5 acres, I just know you will love it! Praying that all goes well.
    Dee Dee

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