Bathroom Makeover Part One {Mandy’s Blue Bathroom}

Happy Wednesday!

I have a couple of things to tell you before I share Mandy’s blue bathroom.

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Now to Mandy’s bathroom!

My hubby and I just finished Mandy’s kitchen remodel, and we have moved on to her bathroom.

This is a typical bathroom of a home built in the 70’s.

Check out all the blue-ness…

Blue toilet, blue sink, blue tile….


Blue shower and tub…


This bathroom is located in the upstairs hallway, and it is the bathroom that most guests use when visiting Mandy’s home.

This bathroom desperately needs updating!

We are going to give the cabinet a new coat of white paint and new hardware.

The sink top will get a new vanity, white sink, and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.

All the tile will be removed from the walls and shower.  The tub will get glazed a clean, crisp white.


My hubby will also be installing  a new tile floor!

It’s going to be gorgeous!

Can you picture it?

I cannot wait to share the transformation with you.  :)

If you have any advice or suggestions, feel free to share!  You guys always have great ideas! :)



  1. i think it’s going to look awesome – we are doing our bathroom this summer (I feel like I’ve been saying that forever) and I’m collecting pics for inspiration :D

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I saw The Pleated Poppy mention yesterday that she used beadboard in a previous home to cover a popcorn ceiling. That might look nice in this bathroom!

  3. Hi…I’m new to your site and I know I’ll be back.
    You’ve likely already thought of this, but updating light fixtures makes a huge difference :)
    Happy renovating!

  4. Ooh! I can’t wait to see what you do! We’ve gotta get around to finishing our guest bathroom at some point too. Sure would love to come up and help you with your guest cottage first though… ;-)

  5. Hey, girl, I know all about 70’s bathrooms & am in the middle of renovating my own right now. It’s looking fab & I can’t wait to show it off.

    We are using vinyl wood planks on the floor and LOVE it. Turned out so great, so I can highly recommend those in a bathroom. can’t wait to see you work your magic! xoxo

  6. The vanity looks like there might be room for 2 sinks? Not sure how much extra work that would be but, just a thought. Plus maybe framing that mirror too. Good luck and have fun!! Can’t wait for more pics of your progress!

  7. I can’t wait !!! The bathroom in my stepson’s room looks almost like this one !!!! The only thing we’ve done so far is to have the fiberglass tub enclosure refinished. (white) I am so excited to see what you have in mind for this bathroom and hopefully get plenty of ideas !!!!

  8. Looking forward to seeing the “after”! I think what you have planned sounds great. Framing the mirror would add a lot. Maybe doing a different texture on the ceiling? I’d also add one of those attached, curved shower rods in such a small bathroom. We have a tiny bath too and it adds a lot of space when you’re showering and looks nice too! Are you keeping the blue toilet? :)

  9. This will be good to watch as we just moved into a house (built 95) that looks like this (tile wise) except that it is pink :( fortunately there isn’t quite as much pink as there is blue, but something still needs to be done! :)

  10. Oh Drats,…someone already suggested my idea to frame that mirror in wood, painted or decorated to match the cabinets. New lights, and I am wondering if putting in a glass shower door would make the room look more spacious. There are some beautiful glass designs for these now days. I know you and DH will do a wonderful job. Oh, to have friends like you guys!!

  11. I can’t wait to see what you do with this bathroom! I am so lucky we are living in a 7 year old house with a really pretty and modern bathroom, I don’t know if I could handle waking up to a blue bathroom everyday! lol

    Unbelievably, I have only just come across your blog – I must have been living under a rock all this time :) Can’t wait to go diving through your archives! (and see the bathroom transformation)

  12. Hi Traci!

    Oh it sounds wonderful, I cannot wait to see the turnout!

    Can I ask you…what is her vanity made out of? Is it laminate? My old house had a vanity that looked like that it was laminate. At least the routing grooves gives an illusion of a wood cabinet so if you paint it out using the right materials that will look awesome!

    Unfortunately the house I am in now has a huge double sink Vanity in the master. But it is smooth white laminate but it is so formica looking and we cannot afford to change it out at this time. I don’t believe there is a paint fix for this vanity! :-(

    It looks so dreadfully dated being smooth it seems we are stuck. It has a composite faux marble countertop that is almost tolerable…but I wish the cabinets had that groove!

    Good luck with Mandy’s Blue bathroom!

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