Making Your Summer More Enjoyable with My Job Chart!

People ask me all the time how I make it with 4 boys?


My answer…just barely!  :)

They definitely keep me busy!

Having them home for the summer required some adjustments.

The first week out of school was great (because they were at basketball camp), but by the second week…things began getting a little hairy.

We do not have a lot of money to go to the pool, or shopping, or anywhere else that costs money.  And we are not going on vacation this summer.  So we were all getting a little restless.

Spending all day and night together every single day…well, let’s just say, we were starting to get on each other’s nerves.

I knew I was going to have to break down and do something differently.

I needed the boys to have some responsibilities, and some incentives to do their best.

A couple of months ago, I remember seeing some blogs post about an online chore system called MY JOB CHART.

My Job Chart is the free, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for

teaching, organizing and motivating your kids to Save, Share and Spend responsibly.

So I checked the site out and decided it would be perfect for the boys!  Did you catch that it is FREE?!

We have been using My Job Chart for two weeks, and it has been heavenly!  I cannot tell you how much it has helped our summer days be so much more productive and fun.  The boys and I love it!


I loved it so much, I contacted the creator of My Job Chart, Gregg Murset, and asked him if he would be interested in sponsoring my blog!  Thankfully, he said yes!

I love having a sponsor whose product I use and love!

All I had to do was sign up and make a job page for each of my boys.


We created a Daytime and Evening Job List for each of the boys. There is a whole list of jobs that you can chose from, or you can make up your own.  (We have more evening jobs, but I couldn’t get them all to fit on the screen to show you.  They are…clean bedroom, take a bath/shower, brush teeth.)

When one of my boys finishes all his jobs, I get an email.  Then I can leave him an encouraging note…see the yellow note under Luke’s picture?  The boys can also write me a note back!  They love doing that, and I am loving it too.  Check out Luke’s second note…


You can give each job a different point value.  Basically, each point equals one penny.

My Job Chart is set up where the boys can SPEND, SHARE, or SAVE their points.

They can SPEND their points at Amazon. com, or they can spend them on family or custom rewards.  My boys are trying to earn points to have a friend spend the night with them.  They also picked out some items on to work toward.

The boys are also putting 10% of the points they earn in their SHARE bank.  They will give this amount to our church which teaches them the importance of tithing.  You can also pick a charity to give to if you prefer.

They are also putting points in their SHARE bank to learn the importance of saving money.

I really do love this program, and I think you will too.  I have already been sharing it with my friends and family!

Currently there are 75,000 kids using MJC and over 300 + kids added each day!

Here is a video explaining the program…

And here is my four year old, Eli,  using My Job Chart… (my 9 year old filmed us, so it’s a little shaky)….

Untitled from Beneath My Heart on Vimeo.

The boys are so motivated to do their chores and earn their rewards.  It truly has made our daily routines so much more fun.  I think the rest of the summer will be much more pleasant.  :)


I really do hope you check out My Job Chart!

Let me know if you like it!


  1. What a terrific idea! My boys are grown and on their own but this is a great way to encourage kids to do what they need to and get positive reinforcement, plus using technology!
    Thanks for sharing! Stay sane…two boys were enough for me-you have to be creative with four!

  2. I have three boys and we’ve been using My Job Chart for over a year now and we love it. The boys forget about it occasionally but when they want something at the toy store, they are quick to remember :-) I have to run, seems like a rubber band war has gotten out of hand:-(

  3. How does your youngest work with it? I had heard of it a while ago but my two older boys are only 3 and 4 right now and I wasn’t sure if they were old enough for the computer aspect of it. Such a great idea and site though!

  4. Tracy we started doing this at the beginning of summer and my boys LOVE it! They race to the computer every morning to see what job they “get” to do that day. I only have three boys and I know how difficult it can be to keep the boredom away…. let me know if you have any other great tips! :)

  5. Oh Traci,

    Gonna have to tell this to my niece that has two girls and my nephew that has two boys. SLAM DUNK GOOD IDEA!

    Those boys are as cute as can be!!!

    Happyy 4th!!!

    Marilyn C.

  6. I do something alot similar to this. We went to a Dave Ramsey class years ago and got piggy banks that have 3 slots in them. One is Spend, one is Save and one is Share. We have always paid them on a Friday night….they must put 10% in the share right away and 50% in savings. The rest they can use as pocket money when we go out. It has worked like a charm. They always have their own money for simple things..and they save for their bigger “wants”. I am seriously going to look into this as it may help me make it even simpler. It is sooooooooooooo important to teach kids of all ages how to be good with money. So many people are in so much debt because of bad money habits. Thank you for sharing this cool program!!

  7. Can you tell me how you got in contact with Gregg Murset? I have emailed them 3 times in the past 3 months asking them if they would like to have a copy of my DVD (Ready, Set…CLEAN!) so that they can review it.

    I have clients who recommended that I try My Chore Chart. I have been using it with my kids for 3 months and we really like a lot of things about it. I would love to write a blog about it and recommend it, but I would also appreciate My Chore Chart promoting my DVD as a reciprocal for my promoting them.
    If you can check out my website and give me any ideas how I can get My Chore Chart to respond to me, I would really appreciate the networking. Thanks.

    Adrienne Freas

    P.S. I was actually checking out your blog because a friend of mine sent me an email with links to her favorite decorating blogs. I am going through her link suggestions looking for decorating ideas and was sweetly surprised at your blog about My Chore Chart!

  8. this is such a cool idea! We have only been off school a weeek so far and it has rained this past two days. My four boys are like baby tiger cubs prowling around the house with unspent energy. I need this chart big time.

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