My Favorite Spot on our New Property

There are so many things I love about our new home.

To be honest, the home is not one of them.  :)

The things I love the most about our new home is the property.

I love our land!!

We have 5 beautiful acres to live on, and we ALL love it.

I love our front yard….

I love our “someday” guest house…

With a wonderful porch and deck area…

Can you picture the potential with me?…

My husband loves his little red barn…

And the tractor that came with it…

We love all the trees!


We even have apple trees and grapevines!

But the spot I fell in love

with when we first saw the house was this….

A little arbor made for a swing!

We cleaned it up a bit and added the swing my dad made me almost ten years ago…


I cannot tell you how much we love this spot.

It is a perfect spot to sit in the shade on a hot summer day.

It’s the perfect spot for Cy and I to sit in the evening and watch the boys play.

It’s the perfect spot to steal a few moments with a little four year old that says, “Swing with me, mama.”

We have already made so many special memories right there in that spot, that I can only imagine how many more are to come!

What is your favorite spot at your home?


  1. Your property is BEAUTIFUL! So lush and green. The home and future guest home have so much potential, I’m sure excited to see what you do with it all! The little swing area looks so cozy and inviting. Love, love, love! I do have one question — about the LAWN! HOW do you mow it?! I’m hoping you have a riding lawn mower? :)

  2. Wow, it’s gorgeous! LOVE the acreage. We live in the city (not a city like NYC but the a smaller city) and sometimes I do dream of having more property. The arbor looks awesome with the swing! So exciting!

  3. Traci, You are an inspiration to what you have already accomplished in and around your house.
    Lovely place for a swing!!!

    Beautiful greenery about the place.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the pics of your projects coming to completion!

    My favorite place in my home is………………………..the home itself. I enjoy the house in the small town knowing I am married to my huny and living together as Husband and Wife.

    I have a multitude of projects to do, and I’m moving at a snail’s pace. This at times is difficult to enjoy! Gulp. Lots of prayers and lots of day dreaming.

    God bless you,

  4. 5 acres…gosh as your boys grow older you can build each of them their own home on their own acre :) I joke with my boys that I’m going to have their dad buy a lot of land & we’ll have our own little compound when they get married…ha ha
    My favorite place to be at our house is with all my family around our fire pit. It’s such a great spot to just talk & connect without all the inside distractions :)
    Thanks for taking us all along on your beautifation projects!

  5. Traci,

    This is gorgeous! I am so happy for you to have found this little piece of paradise! It is just perfect for your boys to explore and grow and I am so excited to see what magic you will be able to do with all of these ‘gold nuggets’ around your property! :O)

  6. I have to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying these posts of your new home. I love your property. I love how fast you and your hubby and boys are getting things done. Y’all are my kind of people….don’t waste anytime.

    I love your swing and can’t wait to see what you turn that guest house into. I know it will be fantastic.

    God bless.

  7. How Sweet, Please enjoy every moment with your DH and that four year old. Don’t you wish you could spray hairspray on that little boy and stop him from getting even one year older? I know…not really, but they are so darned cute and cuddly at three and four!!
    Oh, and since you are not really in love with your current house, why don’t you plan to make a very generous gift to the 1st Son and his wife that gets married? That way, you and Cy have a lot of time to come up with a plan for your perfect house. Of course the new house would be built on the same property, but maybe hidden from each other’s view!! Sounds like a plan to me….but then I am easily entertained!! Saying Goodnight, it’s for the best!!

  8. So beautiful. I just asked my husband if we could sell our house and buy a house on 5 acres. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “No”. I’m trying to make him watch your progress with me so maybe he’ll catch the bug. It ain’t happen’ though. He sees the work involved. lol LOVE your swing and swinging spot. :)

  9. I am imagining the smell all that lush grass after it’s been cut on a summer day – I just love that smell. It’s such a beautiful corner of the world to take care of with your family and I’m loving watch you all transform your house into your home. I love the arbour and the beautiful swing that now hangs there – Happy days!

  10. Amazing! I’d be in love with it too!

    My fav spot is my backyard when I face a certain direction. I can see miles and miles of mountain view. It’s amazing. And I also like the bench in my front yard. It’s already enticed two neighborhood visits which is so welcoming. :)


  11. That little arbor is just adorable!! It looks great all cleaned up with your little swing hanging there!! I love it!! I’m also looking forward to seeing that little guest house & what you have in store for it!! I really see its potential…it could be just darling!

  12. Congrats! This reader is happy for you and your cozy little spot. I’m so jealous. I can only dream of having a place to sit and watch the day go by. It’s totally the perfect place for daddy to have that first “talk” with his daughter’s first boyfriend. Haha. Oh how i wish i had such a place to call home. Good for you and your family! Congrats on the new home.

  13. Where do you get your energy?!?! You’ve only been in your home a short time, and you’ve done more than I’ve accomplished in 6 months! You are an inspiration in motivation! :)

  14. That is a beautiful spot! I can see why it’s your favorite! I’m excited too for your little guest cottage. I think it might like to be a little yellow cottage- what do you think?

  15. So happy for you and your family. I hope we can live out in the country one day. You guys are so fast at getting things done! You’ll have the house the way you like it in no time:)

  16. I totally agree the property is amazing! I can so see the potential of that adorable guest house to be, cant wait to see what is done with it! And I’m loving that swing, and I have a huge affection for outbuildings, like your barn!! Enjoy! Sue

  17. Hey girlie! Your property is so beautiful, and that spot with the swing is straight out of a story book! I’m gonna have to come over and let my guy roll around in the grass with yours, what a great place to play! I’m so glad that you’re happy there! You guys waste no time digging in and getting things done..I’m so impressed with how hard you all work!
    Hope you have a blessed new week!

  18. Oh Traci

    I love your new spot too. My hubby and I are wanting to size down with a little spot of land like yours. I can’t wait to see you fix your house and guest house up. And that spot for the swing – OH MY GOODNESS! What a beautiful place! I would definitely be out there with my Bible everyday spending time in prayer and reading. I am so happy for you and your family.

    Marilyn C.

  19. I love your spot!! it looks so peaceful. Just wanted to post and say i love your blog. I really enjoy your little videos. I have two small boys(2yrs & 8 months) and when you said it was a great place for your 4yr to say swing with me mama ….it melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. My 2 yr old says little things here and there and it completely takes my breath away ….can’t wait for my other to start talking. We have almost 2 acres and now you have given me such a great idea for a peaceful place to land. Thanks!!


  20. I love the arbor and swing too. Now, I’m thinking about where a good place for one might be on our propery;) We only have a little over an acre but we love it. You guys are really worker bees, so much accomplished in so little time. And so fun to watch and glean!;)

  21. Oh, my! What a truly lovely spot! How happy I am for you!

    Actually, I realized recently that I don’t have a favorite spot. I have my quiet times on my couch in the living room, but the arms are too high and the pillow back to fluffy to truly call it “my spot.” I rearranged my bedroom in January and made a little reading corner. However, right now the corner holds an antique rocking chair that is not very comfortable. I think I’ve sat there once. Your post reminded me that I want to get a cushy little chintz chair and ottoman, complete with a throw and reading lamp to truly make it my spot. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. I’m back :)
    I’m learning that it is the people & memories that make a home…not the structure. Our house is nothing from a magazine, but the time WE have put into making it a home has given me memories and made me cherish the experience. We are out in the country with a little bit of property as well and the calmness and beauty of the country has been exactly what I needed…even when I didn’t think it was! :)
    That swing is beautiful! Enjoy the memories you make with your kiddos and hubby. In your new home, you are already creating such an amazing refuge for each of them!

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