Bathroom Makeover REVEAL!!!

Well, we finally finished Mandy’s blue bathroom makeover!

We are so excited at how it turned out.

It looks soooooo much better, and we transported the bathroom from the 1970’s to the year 2011!

I wanted to try something fun with this post, so I finally figured out how to do the “mouseover” effect with my pictures.

All you have to do is move your cursor over each picture to see the AFTER shot.

Try it out!  :)


Doesn’t it look so much better?!  In these pictures you can see how we installed a beautiful new vanity top and white sink.  We also replaced all the silver fixtures with oil rubbed bronze ones.

Move your cursor again over the picture below to see the before and after!

The cabinets got a fresh coat of white paint and new hardware.

Go on…keep going…keep on moving that cursor over the picture below…


The biggest change to the bathroom was getting rid of the blue tub and toilet.

My husband installed a new white toilet, and he glazed the tub himself with a $40 kit from Lowe’s.  You can read about how he glazed the tub, HERE.

Now move your cursor over both of the pictures below to see the before and after!

And again…

The shower curtain wasn’t hanging very well  in the above picture, but it is a beautiful shower curtain.  Here is a shot of the curtain pulled out…


The 3D flowers on this curtain are so adorable!  I purchased it at HomeGoods.


And behind the shower curtain is the beautiful tile work that my hubby did!

Didn’t he do a great job?!


Move your cursor over the picture below to see the before and after…



We were so happy to see the blue toilet with the padded seat go “buh-bye!”

Move your cursor over the picture below and say “Goodbye ugly blue toilet!”


We kept the same light fixture and just spray painted it with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

And the gorgeous mirror we got at Lowe’s!  (I usually do not take pictures for my blog with the lights on.  But there is absolutely NO natural light in the hallway or bathroom, so I had to leave the lights on.)


Mandy is extremely happy with the way her bathroom turned out!  And we are too!

Here is one more look at the before and after…

Just move your cursor over the picture….


We are going to be doing a little work around our home for the next few weeks, and then we will be back to work at Mandy’s house!  :)

We will be doing a makeover in her downstairs bathroom, laundry room, and entry way.  Fun!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Great makeover. Very impressive – and so very 2011.

    How did you discover how to do roll-overs?

    Maybe you could write a post about roll-overs.


    – Joy

  2. Beautiful! And I’m super excited to know that there is oil rubbed bronze spray paint!! That will be an easy update to our home :)

  3. Your bathroom transformation looks great! I love the counter tops. It’s all very pretty.

    Love the curser photo technique.


  4. It looks so good! Why would anyone choose a blue toilet??? LOL! If you are like me, I bet you walk by just to take another peek :)

  5. This is great Traci…you guys did a great job! I have to try the mouseover thingy….I have some before and after shots for a post. :)

  6. Hi! I was wondering if you could do a small post with before and after pics that don’t need a mouse over? I have been looking forward to this bathroom reveal, but I can’t view it. I read your blog from my phone and the mobile version doesn’t allow the mouse over option.

    The pics that I could see looked beautiful though! Good job with the design and the follow through!

  7. Traci,
    you and Cy did a great job. His tile work is beautifully done. LOL, can you all come over here and do some tile work for us. : )
    Looking forward to seeing the projects at your house and the future projects at Mandy’s

  8. Love, love, love the make over but really love the way you did the roll overs with the photos. Great job on both.

  9. The bathroom looks sooooo much better than before! You guys have done a fantastic job! I, too have a 1976 blue bathroom we are in the process of redoing! Our blue toilet was replaced long ago but the old blue fiberglass tub had a crack that finally started to leak giving me an excuse to GET RID OF THE BLUE – YEA!!!!! The new tub and surround are in and we’ll be replacing the vanity and old blue sink next. Luckily the old floor doesn’t butt up to the new tub so I get to replace the floor too! Thanks for some great inspiration!

  10. Great job! The blue reminds me of the bathroom in our first rental after getting married. The sink, toilet, and tub were TURQUOISE!

    We are starting the kids’ bathroom remodel this week. I so have to learn the mouse-over thing!


  11. Wow, you guys did a wonderful job! I can’t wait to see the other makeover’s in Mandy’s house.
    I can hardly wait until you do the addition to your house. You and your husband make a great team! You both have a great God- given gift to make something look wonderful:)

  12. Wow! Great job. Growing up I had that same blue bathroom….right down to the same faucet. It must have been the standard back then, and I imagine there wasn’t a lot to choose from years ago, or as many stores either. Today it sometimes can get overwhelming. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Looks FANTASTIC! You both are so talented. You could do that for a living. I’d hire you in a heartbeat- and ask you to bring your boys with you to help keep mine busy! (It’s not an easy job but I think four boys could do it. :)

    Can’t wait to see more at your house and Mandy’s!

  14. Awesome! I love the tile work, like-new bathtub, and the fixtures:) I think she could use a new mat though too

  15. You guys did an amazing job on the bathroom. It looks gorgeous!

    On a side note, you might want to put a note that the pictures don’t work in a reader and that you have to click through.

  16. Y’all did an amazing job!!! WOW!!! The bathtub tile wall is beautiful, and I love that the light fixture was a spray paint update…it looks like a million bucks. Congratulations!! What a fantastic makeover! (P.S. Loved the mouseover pics!!!)

  17. Gorgeous and even more so that you did it yourself. I am loving the tile work. My sister does this for a living and I think it is her artistic ability that makes her so good!

  18. Wow!! What a gorgeous transformation! I’m especially impressed with the glazing of the tub, toilet and sink. And the tile work is just beautiful! You guys did such a fantastic job!

  19. AMAZING MAKEOVER!! Congrats…… I love the tile work around the tub!!.. the whole project is just gorgeous!!!! Thank you for sharing….. Terri

  20. Wow! What a difference. It is very classy and adorable. I bet that redo had a lot of sweat and muscle power behind it. Great job, I love the colors.

  21. That came out GREAT!! And I love the picture behind the toilet!! Very cute! I love that there are small hints of blue like a dedication to the old blue room it was. :)

  22. Oh that shower curtain!!!! I will be hunting that thing DOWN!!! So beautiful. Of course it belongs in the beautiful bathroom the you have created. Love It.

  23. The mouseover did not work at all in the RSS. I went to this blog site by clicking the title and found that it didn’t work here either! :>) However there were many more pictures here that included the makeover. Only four were in the RSS – 2 of the shower curtain, and wall tile, and sink/counter top. Enought to see Ya Done Good! but I’m glad I came to your blog site for the whole deal. I’m not a tecky and find it frustrating. I want to turn on the light switch and it works, ditto car ignition, water faucet… whatever. Just do what’s suppose to be done and make me happy! Right? :>)

  24. Beautiful job! Every time I go to the Habitat for Humanity Restore I crack up over all the colored toilets and sinks they have – hopefully those are NEVER going to make a comeback.

  25. Turned out fantastic! Looks to me like ALOT of hours and love went into this bathroom. What a great transformation. Great choices! One little thing I would do is spray-paint the hinges on the cabinets with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the knobs and faucet, etc. What are you going to do next in Mandy’s house?????

  26. It looks great! Did you have to prime or sand the light fixture before spray painting it? what brand of spray paint and color did you use? My husband and I have been looking at spray painting our existing light fixture too!

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