Making Space for an Addition to our Home

Well, we have already had a busy Saturday morning here!

I don’t think I have mentioned it on my blog yet, but we are preparing to add a two story addition to the side of our home.

We will be adding it to the right side of our home.














But there was one thing standing in our way…

A huge cedar tree!

See it standing there (this is the view from the back of our home before we moved in)…
















From inside our home, the cedar tree is visible right outside our sliding glass door.

(This room did have our king bed in it, but it was way too big.  So we had to downsize to a queen bed and put it in the other room of our “master wing”.  Now this is going to be an office room for the time being.  More on that to come in a later post!) :)














Soooo, this morning we cut that baby down!

Cy has a friend that likes to help with odd jobs around our house sometimes.  So he came over and cut the tree down.

It was a little nerve-wracking watching it fall.  We didn’t want it to hit our house!

But it fell just perfectly!














I wish you could “smell” these pictures.  I took this picture all the way from the other side of my house (using my zoom lens), and I could smell the cedar from all the way over there!  It was amazing!!




















Look at that beautiful cedar wood!

We posted on Craigslist that we had a huge cedar tree that needed to be moved, and anyone could have it if they would haul it off.





















So next week, there is a man who needs some cedar posts for his cabin, and he will be hauling off our cedar tree.

But until then….

Let the fun begin!!




















The boys thought they’d died and gone to heaven!

Instant Playground!














Eli tried and tried, but he couldn’t climb up.  He said the tree was “poinking” him.




















Bless his precious heart!




















I tried to help him up but the branches kept hurting him, and he wanted down.

But Luke and Adam were off and running!…














Here is a view from the front of the house so you can see how big the tree was…














Do you see Luke and Adam walking down the tree trunk?

When they made it to the end, they jumped off and started all over again!
























Poor little Eli still couldn’t get up that tree!





















This coming week, we will be having the crawl space dug out and the footer laid to our new addition.

I wish I could say we will be building the addition right away, but it may take awhile before we have the funds (if ya know what I mean!)  :)


Monday, I will share with you Mandy’s blue bathroom makeover!

It looks amazing!

So, what have you been up to this weekend?



  1. Oh boys! You have to love their enthusiasm for adventure!!

    I love the smell of cedar too! It was a good idea to put the tree on Craigslist …I’ll have to remember that idea :)

    This weekend I garage sale-ed and found a couple of treasures, caught up on laundry, went to our church camp and had dinner with wonderful friends from years ago.

    I’m now having my coffee then I need to get ready for church :) Blessings on you, Traci!!


  2. Wow that was a big tree. I’m sure you are completely looking forward to the addition to your home. So you mentioned a blue bathroom make over? I just did one myself. Can’t wait to see yours. You can check my out on my blog . It was a mother and daughter project and we just finished it this week. Have a great weekend, what is left anyways.

  3. There’s just something about “boys” of all ages and cutting down trees! It’s so exciting to them– a girl would just shrug and say “who cares”! I have two grown daughters and a son who was in the middle–I love having both (sons don’t want to shop and lunch with Mama), but I feel so privileged to have had my son. He was not easy to raise, but he is wonderful! He’s married now and growing his first garden–he brought me some pickles he made today!

  4. Oh, we know what you mean about the funds! How great that you have your plan and have begun to clear the area though. Looks like the boys are having a blast and you still have lots of great trees.

  5. Show us what the addition is going to look like from the outside. We’ve been thinking of a two-story addition but I’m concerned the house will look unbalanced. I really lack your ability of visualize.

  6. Hi Traci, Thanks for sharing your exciting weekend. In that one picture little Eli is showing us that he, “Could’a, Would’a, Shoud’a cut that tree down all by himself since he has so many muscles. Too cute. Great pictures of all the boys enjoying their “boyhood”. Thanks for sharing and I am so excited to hear you have plans for an addition. Yes, I DO understand the financial part of it. Linda S. in NE

  7. Oh, Traci! I thought you were about to tell us you would be adding on a nursery for the little baby girl you were about to have! Can’t help it, it’s the grandma in me! :)
    That was one big tree and I’m sure that man is thrilled to get it.
    Your boys are so cute and poor little Eli! :)
    I’m sure they are loving their new playground! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Trying to imagine what a 2-story addition would look like plunked on the end of a ranch. Do you have any drawings to see what it would look like?

  9. Oh, how my Kiddo would love to be there with your boys to play on that thing! You need to make sure you get some wood to make some cedar blocks for your closet and drawers. You could even sell some on Etsy. : )

  10. Traci, make sure to keep some of the cedar chips.. Cedars grow like weeds here on Cape Cod, and I have a half dozen on my property I wish I could get taken down, but the wood certainly does seem to deter nasty insects!

  11. Traci,

    I love your blog! I just wanted to say that I love the first picture of the tree cut down with all of the family around. What caught my eye was Eli’s pose. I laughed so hard. Everyone else is focused on the tree and the conversation and Eli is doing a body building pose. Too funny!

    Congrats on the addition!

  12. Hi Tracy,
    We are about to put the same addition on our brick ranch. I wanted to ask what is the sq footage? We are doing 22×22 two story. Can you post any more pictures of the progress and any pointers?
    Thank you,

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