Our Vintage Home Love

First of all, I have to thank all of you who have left me some of the most precious comments on my past two posts.  I want to write each of you back and thank you, but realistically, I know I will not be able respond to over 150 comments.  Well, unless I could get rid of my boys for an entire day, but that’s not gonna happen. :)

So if I do not get a chance to email you back, please know that you have touched my heart, and I truly appreciate your kindness toward me and my family.

God bless you!

Today, I wanted to share with you a blog that I found a little while back ago, and I love it!

It’s called Our Vintage Home Love.

And Diana is the owner of this fabulous blog!

(Doesn’t she look like Hillary Swank?)

I love this girl!

She and her husband live in this beautiful older home, and she has done some fabulous decorating throughout.

She is so super talented and isn’t afraid of using power tools.  :)

Look at this great Rustic Kitchen Table Island she made!  And she shows you how to make it too. :)


I also love this little desk she made, especially because I am wanting to make one similar for my own home soon.

Click HERE to see how she made the desk and check out the rest of her beautiful living room.


And Diana also broke out the power tools and made this beautiful Barn Door headboard for her master bedroom!

I tell ya, I love this girl!

I could spend all day showing you all the fabulous things she has made and decorated around her home, but I need to wake the boys up so we can go yard sale-ing today. :)  Plus, I want you to head over to her blog and browse around for your own enjoyment :)

But I will leave you with two delicious recipes she shares.  My husband has requested that I make both of these SOON!!!

Blueberry Crisp with Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

And since my hubby is from Georgia, he especially wants me to make this one…

Stuffed Peaches with Homemade Whip Cream!       Oh, yeah, Baby!


I highly suggest you click on over to Diana’s fabulous blog, Our Vintage Home Love, and start following.  (Tell her I sent ya!)

I know you will enjoy it.  I have subscribed to her blog through my emails, and I have loved each post!

Thanks, Diana!


I hope you have a wonderful day, and wish me luck trying to yard sale with 4 boys!  Watch out! :)





  1. Awesome Traci!!
    haven’t commented lately, but have cried at your last two posts!
    Janet is truly a gift from God..
    and now I’m headed over to visit Diana..
    enjoy your outing with the fellas..
    will check back with you later!!!

  2. I discovered Diana just recently and faithfully read her gorgeous blog. Diana is a precious soul, and we have become blog friends. I eagerly await each and every one of her posts.


  3. I think four extra pairs of eyes at a garage sale would be fantastic. Don’t forget how at the “House” store, the boys knew exactly what you would be attracted to . Little Eli might be sidetracked by the bright plastic toys laying out in the driveway, but he is so damn cute, I could excuse that!! I will be checking out the new blog recommendation. Looks yummy from the preview. Linda S. in NE

  4. Love her blog, and yes totally looks like Hilary! Love that she is handy with those power tools. She had me at her front porch picture. Love it! I said love enough right?

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