A Stenciled Shower Curtain Tutorial using the New Martha Stewart Decorative Paint Line!


Hello, friends!

Thank you sooooo much for the over 100 sweet, uplifting, encouraging, loving comments you left on my blog post yesterday!  You guys are so precious to me. :)

I went to my physical therapist again yesterday, and she hooked me up with those electro-thingys  to help the muscles in my back relax.  I am feeling much better.  I am still overwhelmed with all of the things I still need to do, but I am taking all of your great advice and taking it one step at a time.  I’m gonna live in the moment and not be discouraged by unfinished projects or work.

Many of you suggested that I tackle one corner of my home at a time, and that’s what I have decided to do!  I’m not going to focus on how every square inch of my home needs to be remodeled. :)  I am going to start with one little section, and work on it until I am finished.  (Not including the addition.  My hubby will be continually working on that.) :)

So I am focusing on the boys’ bathroom for now.

We have already done a couple of things like removing the sliding shower doors and the moose head toilet seat.  :)

But we still need to remodel the vanity and paint the walls.

Today, I am going to show you a shower curtain I made for the boys’ bathroom using the NEW Martha Stewart Crafts Decorative Paint Line, brought to you exclusively by Plaid Crafts!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a huge box of Martha Stewart products in the mail.

It was a HUGE loot of goodies!

I was amazed by all of these cool products, and so were my boys!  (I had a hard time keeping them out of this stuff!)

The new Martha Stewart Line is available at Michaels stores in the US and Canada starting the last week of August.  I’ve heard some stores are already selling them. :)

There are over 160 different paint colors to choose from, and they work on ALL crafting surfaces including wood, metal, glass, ceramic, terra-cotta, and fabric.  They are also indoor/outdoor safe, and dishwasher-safe on glass.  That helps to take a lot of guess work out of buying paint, doesn’t it?!  Yay!

Another added bonus is the paints are non-toxic, so they are safe to use with children. :)


I decided to use one of the Martha Stewart stencils for my shower curtain.

I had a drop cloth (which was a curtain in my previous home) that I thought I could use for the shower curtain.  It was a 6 ft x 9 ft drop cloth.  Since the tub was about 6 ft across, this would be perfect.  I didn’t have to hem the sides or the bottom of the drop cloth.  The only part that I had to sew was the top! Perfect!

I used the Martha Stewart stencil brushes to do the job…


I taped the stencil to the bottom of the drop cloth with scotch tape because that is all I had.  But it got the job done!



Then I mixed some navy blue paint with Martha Stewart’s fabric medium and painted over the stencil.  This was the fun part!

 I was hoping and praying that it would look good when I took the stencil off the material, and it did!  Whew!


I continued this same process all the way down the shower curtain until I was finished.  Then I ironed over the whole thing when I was finished to let the paint “set”.

And I love the way it turned out!

I KNOW you love seeing a picture of my toilet! :)

It only took me about 30 minutes to do this stencil project.

I used my sewing machine to create some button holes on the top of the shower, but I was hoping to find some cute shower curtain rings before I show you that part.

The possibilities are limitless with this line of craft products!

Look at the beautiful pillows that Jen at Tatertots and Jello created with her Martha Stewart Stencils!



You can see Jen’s tutorial and review of the Martha Stewart Decorative Craft Paint line  HERE.


My sweet in-laws are coming in this weekend, so I will probably not do anything else to the boys’ bathroom until next week, but I have a few things in mind.

And I am going to be using some more of these wonderful products from Martha Stewart and Plaid to help me!

If you are interested in trying out some of these products for yourself,  here is a link to a 40% off Michael’s coupon.

Have a blessed day!


The opinions in this post are Mine all Mine.

Full post disclosure here


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe you found the time to do this – even if you say 30 minutes. With everything else you’ve been up to? But it’s too cute! I desperately need a new shower curtain. I guess I have no excuse now ;)

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL Traci! I was going to make a curtain out of a dropcloth as well and of course use my new Martha Stewart Stencil :) I’ve never been so green with envy than when i saw all your Martha Stewart loot :)

  3. I bought that same size drop cloth day before yesterday to do some upholstery with…glad to know it works for a shower curtain too in case I change my mind. :) Can I just tell you I’m a wee bit jealous of all the Martha Steward goodies…looks like a fun time! LOL I LOVE that thingy that changes any paint into spray paint…I just might have to go buy one of those! How cool!
    Glad you’re feeling better girlie! Hey…maybe we can do lunch soon when you’re not feeling so overwhelmed. :) Let me know!

  4. So stinkin’ cute. I have drop cloth curtains in our master bedroom but I never thought to use them for a shower curtain. You are my personal creative genius, just one of the reasons I love you!

  5. The shower curtain looks amazing! I love the color Navy Blue- to quote Steele Magnolia’s, “It’s my signature color!” ;)
    Anyway, How did you get the M.S, kit? Is there somewhere to sign up, or is it because you have this SUBLIME blog? :)

    You are Awesome! I love LOve LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Traci
    The shower curtain is great! An easy update! I, too, was wondering how you got the MS kit! I saw it on Tater tots and jello as well and am so very jealous!

  7. I have been wanting to stencil or embellish my master bedroom drapes to give them some pattern and interest – and this might be just the ticket!! Love it! And lucky you getting all of those goodies! It’s like Christmas! :-)

  8. Love the shower curtain, it’s awesome. Now throw some other navy bits on the counter for the boys and call it a day. Have you done your own bathroom? Do something for YOU for your next little piece you’re biting off to do. As for yesterday’s cry — good for you, we have to give in to those!

  9. Wow Traci, it is just gorgeous!! I just love that stencil you used. It adds the perfect finishing touch to your shower curtain! :)

  10. Hi Traci. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I read your post yesterday. Thanks for reminding us that you’re not super woman either and that we’re all more alike than we think. I’m just sorry the message came at your expense and that your tears were shed but I can certainly relate girl. Been there, done that and go there often.

    I don’t leave messages as often as I’d like anymore but I want you to know your post are always one of my favorites and I always look forward to reading them. I’m really happy for all the well deserved success you’ve had with your blog. Your an inspiration to all of us. You accomplish so much with not just your blog but you family. What a full plate you have. You’re much too hard on yourself.

    Don’t feel like you need to respond, I just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed knowing you these past 2 years.

    Hugs and love….Tracy :)

  11. BEAUTIFUL!! I agree – one day/room at a time. That’s what I’ve been doing…and praying :)

    Thanks for the coupon – I’ve printed it off and plan to use it this weekend.


  12. Hi Traci-

    The shower curtain came out great – just enough to make it pop and draw your eye to the detail. I love it. Those darn toilets – always getting in the way :)

    My best- Diane

  13. Oohhh…I love this! So cute, not too girly, and really makes a statement. I’ve never stenciled on fabric before, but now you’ve got me itching to try :-). Happy weekending!

  14. Awesome! Amazing how a stencil can really add some pick me up to a plain old shower curtain! I used the pearl paint and the satins to decorate our his and hers tray tables :)

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