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There’s nothing that provides fond memories like a beautiful backyard space. Playing in them as a child and growing up to host nighttime dinner parties in them as an adult, beautiful backyard spaces have lots of design potential. And since this space is, and should be, an extension of interior décor, you can decorate it with home accessories and decor that reflect your personality.

You can place patio tables and chairs, candles or modern flowerpots outside, or maybe even have a fire pit installed for some real intrigue. Just take a look at these beautifully decorated backyard spaces for some inspiration.

Backyard Spaces

Four Inch Fold (via)

The table decorations on this backyard picnic table are simply breathtaking, aren’t they? This is definitely an easy look to replicate in your own backyard. Place a low-lying table on blanket, using large floor pillows for seating. Add colorful seasonal flowers and vintage tableware, et voila, a beautiful, and whimsical backyard dinner party.

Backyard Spaces

Remodelista (via)

In his own little neck of the woods, architect Steven Harris installed a ground-level fire pit. Fire pits add this really great ambience to any outdoor space and can even extend your outdoor parties when it gets cool outside, since they actually provide a good bit of warmth.

Backyard Spaces

Apartment Therapy (via)

In this cute backyard nook, is a canopied reading area. Definitely easy to replicate; just drape a white sheer curtain over some outdoor cushions. What a pretty spot to relax or take a nap when it’s nice and cool outside.

Backyard Spaces

Elle Décor (via)

This garden/backyard is feminine, quirky and chic, just like its owner, fashion designer, Nanette Lepore. The table was custom designed by Jonathan Adler and features colorful Bisazza tiles. Love the colors shown in the table, the flowers and accent pillows—so beautiful.

Backyard Spaces

The Blue House (via)

In this makeshift backyard space, the designer surrounded the balcony with potted plants and trees to add a sense of nature that you get in an actual backyard. They decorated the space with some simple white patio chairs and bright-colored accent pillows and tablecloths.

Backyard Spaces

Coastal Living (via)

This home’s designer created his own private oasis by planting varying sized shade trees, shrubs and plants. The result is a beautiful backyard that looks more like the edge of some exotic woods than a home in the suburbs.

There are many ways to create your own beautiful backyard space. You can plant different shrubs or colorful flowers in flower vases, have a beautiful table decor ready for an outdoor picnic, install a fire pit or water feature, or create your own private escape with a makeshift tent and pretty accent pillows. The choice is up to you — just remember to be creative and have fun with it!

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