The Shoveling Crew {cheap, but cute labor}

The addition to our home is moving quickly!

I am so stinkin’ excited I can hardly stand it.

We had the block laid last week, but over the weekend, we had to hire a shoveling crew to fill the dirt back in around the block.

Since we are on a REALLY tight budget, we had to go for very cheap labor.

This crew said they would work for ice cream, so we said, “Get ‘er done!”

If you  need a little smile, here is the “crew” in action.

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The Shoveling Crew from Beneath My Heart on Vimeo.

P.S.  This video was not staged.  My boys helped their daddy shovel dirt  for over 3 hours in the hot sun on Saturday.  I was so very proud of them!!!  And so was their daddy!!!


  1. With a crew like this…your chore will come to completion in no time!
    Awesome memories in the making. Your boys will remember working with their Daddy for a long time!
    Great video.
    God bless,

  2. Wonderful! I bet after their warm baths, they slept really well :)

    Just think of the memories they’ll have helping to build this house!!

  3. I love the fact that you involve your boys. They are learning such valuable lessons about working together, about being a family and their dad is teaching them how to make it own their own. Awesome! You are preparing them to be good husbands and dads!

  4. Haha I loved that. Somehow makes me think of O Brother Where Art Thou :) Another video for Jacob to watch and enjoy and may inspire him to go work on some of our projects. He likes to clean floors and load laundry. What can we get him to do next?

  5. Traci, I love the video! I laughed hard when Luke threw dirt in Jonathan’s face. The music is perfect too. You certainly have a precious bunch of boys!

  6. I love how you are instilling in your boys a work ethic. They are also learning how to do home improvements and save money for their family! My husband was taught at a young age how to do any home improvement. To this day, he has saved our family thousands of dollars making our home a beautiful place to live. I have two boys and I love when I see their Daddy teaching them how to do home improvements. I feel like he’s passing on a lost art of working hard and saving a buck. You also earn a sense of accomplishment to see the fruits of your labor! Keep up the great work with your boys…you are all doing a fabulous job!!!

  7. What a great video! I love Tennessee Ernie Ford, so the music was just my style. . .but the real treat is seeing those boys so willing to help! I know you and Cy are so proud of them, and you ought to be. I’m proud of YOU for being such a great mother to these precious boys.

    How exciting for the addition to be coming along! :)

  8. What wonderful boys you have!! I know that you are so proud, as you have every right to be. God Bless your family.

  9. That video was too sweet! The music made it perfect! Your littlest one was so precious filling up his pitcher with dirt! Adorable. And I’m excited to see a foundation coming along there!

  10. I love it! My little girls would have loved to play in the dirt but I’m not sure how productive they would have been but your boys sure got the job done! I especially love the “shovel” that your youngest is using…what a little heartbreaker he will be. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh, this is just too dang cute. I will agree entirely with the post from your reader, “Janell”. The boys look not only like they are learning, but are happy to be out there with their Dad. Way to go….more important than you will ever know…well maybe 40 years from now!! One thing,….can we please get those boys their own personal, proper shovels? Eli is very young, but they even make landscape/garden shovels that would be about his size. Think how cute the garage could be. Shovels all hung up according to age of boy, with their own hard hat hung above that!! Did I mention that Christmas is coming???? Linda S. in NE

  12. What a wonderful thing for the boys to participate in! Did you waterproof the cement blocks before backfilling?

  13. Hey I am in the middle of a family room redo and testing paint on my orange brick fireplace. Did you paint the grout lines? Love how your bathroom wall turned out! My goal with this beast!!

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