I’m sorry I asked! (hee.hee.) Plus a video update!

Remind me to never ask y’alls opinion about a decorating dilemma again!

Y’all done got me more confused!  (Yes, I know I am using improper English, but it just sounds better that way!)

I had over 100 comments on my post about whether to put one or two sinks in my vanity for the master bath.

Some of you felt very strongly about your opinion too.  :)

I tweeted with some of you about it.


And some of you even sent me inspiration pictures to help me make my decision!

Look at this “twinkie” that Susan found of my buffet!


How crazy is that?!!

Doesn’t it look great?!  And with one sink!

I tallied all the votes from the comments you left, and it was almost a complete tie!

There were about 10 more people who said to put only one sink in the vanity.

Here were many of the reasons you gave for only one sink:

1.  Only one sink to clean.

2.  Not sharing the space with your hubby as he shaves and spits. :)

3.  Less plumbing.  Less money.

4.  One sink fits better with the shape of the buffett.

5.  Do what fits best for my family NOW, and don’t worry about resale.


Here are many of the reasons you gave for two sinks:

1.  Can get ready with my hubby.

2.  Resale, resale, resale!

3.  I’ll regret having only one sink.

4.  Resale. resale. resale!


THANK YOU for taking the time to share your stories and experiences with me.

It really did help me with my decision.  And you helped me to think of things that I had never thought of before.


So here is what I’ve decided to do…

I will be adding one sink to the buffet for our master bath.


If I were dead set on having two sinks in my master bath, I wouldn’t use this piece of furniture.  I would try to find another antique piece with a straight front.

However, this buffet will look best with one sink, especially because of the bowed front.   One sink will also allow us to keep more of the drawers in the piece functional.

We do not have a lot of money to spend.  So the fact that I already have a beautiful piece that I can use for only 50 bucks just makes sense to me.

I also think that one sink goes with the “look” I am after.  What I mean is that I am trying to create an “old house” feel in my new addition.  Most older homes did not have two sinks in the master bath, and I love the simplicity of that look.

The main reason that many of you said I should do two sinks in the master bath is because of resale.  And I totally hear ya on that one!  I watch those home shows on HGTV too, and they always say that buyers love two sinks in the master bath.

But I will have to say that I am not worried about that at this point.  Mainly because I am blessed to be married to a handy man.  If we did have to sell our home (which I hope we won’t have to for a very long time!), my husband can add two sinks to the master bathroom in a day!  No problem.

So I feel we need to do what is best for us right now and not worry about the future.  Carpe Diem!  :)

I took some video of the doorway we will be adding in the brick wall between our new bathroom and our old bathroom.

If you would like to see what we are going to do, just click on the video below.





Thank you again, for all your kinds comments.  I love you guys to death!

And you are making this addition to our home so much more fun since I get to share the process with you.






  1. The one sink in that buffet looks GORGEOUS!!!!! I’m giddy with excitement for you! I love watching it all come together!

  2. I missed your post asking for opinions but I am in total agreement with your choice. If you don’t actually have the toom for two sinks it just looks odds and eats up your counter space.

    I am loving following your remodle.


  3. Yipeee!!!! I love the idea of one sink (I voted for one, hhahaha). The unit seem to be just made for one sink in the middle:):) Can’t wait to see it !!!!!
    Take care Traci:)

  4. Wow Traci, that is going to look super cute when finished! Love the one sink afterall! I totally get the video by the way and can see how your shower room will work. It will be fabulous!

    Have a great week!!!


    Marilyn C.

  5. I didn’t vote, but we have two sinks and one is the official hairdryer/curling iron holder :) I wish we had only put in one sink! Love the piece and can’t wait to see it finished.
    How’s the back?

  6. oooh. sorry I missed weighing in, but I am with ya! That console totally calls out for one sink {beauty trumps all in my book!, well, almost all}. Your house will sell JUST fine with one sink, geesh.
    Besides, life is for the living … not the planning. Enjoy, sweet girl!!

  7. someone posted on pinterest a link that comes back to your blog…it showed some oval tin buckets hung on the side walls of a pantry with chalkboard paint labels that say “popcorn” and “oatmeal” but i can’t find this on your blog….i am trying to find out where the tin buckets came from because i NEED to copy this idea…can you help me? thanks candy

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