One or Two Sinks in the Master Bath? What do you think?

Hey friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted quite as often this week.  My back has been hurting again, and I haven’t been able to tackle any projects this week.

It seems right now that I am just doing a lot of planning.

Planning for our new addition.

Where should the lights go?  Where do I want my outlets to go?  How do I want to design the boys’ rooms upstairs?

Another decision I need to make is whether to have one or two sinks in our master bathroom?

I think we are planning on using this buffet for our vanity in our master bathroom.

I got this little beauty for 50 bucks at the Habitat for Humanity store.  It is in good condition and will look fabulous when I give her a little makeover!

It will fit perfectly in our master bath, and I love using furniture for a vanity.

Here is an inspiration picture from my Pinterest boards.

I think I may keep it stained a dark color, but sometimes I want to paint it off white.  I think a white vanity would look good on the dark hard wood floors we will have in the master bathroom.

But I am going back and forth about whether I should put one sink or two in the vanity?

Personally, I think one would look great.  And we really only need one.  Rarely are we brushing out teeth at the same time.  :)

Here’s a picture that I found with one sink in what looks like a master bath.

Plus, I will have a separate vanity in our master closet where I will get ready each day.  It will not have a sink, but it will be a place I can sit to put  my makeup on and fix my hair.

So we will not be getting ready at the master vanity at the same time.

However, most master bathrooms have two sinks.  I know for re-sale value, it is best to have two sinks.  (Although we do not plan on selling our house any time soon, if ever.)

This buffet could hold two sinks, but is it necessary?

I put some white plates on it to help me visualize it.  (Do ya’ll do silly things like this too?)

There is plenty of space for two sinks.

So, what do you think?  One sink or two?

I would love to hear your opinions!



  1. You found a lovely piece, it will make a beautiful master bath vanity! We are in the process of remodeling ours also and will try to put two sinks in…but I don’t think it is a must. Your piece is very nice, and I feel with the shape of it, you should go with the center curve. Put one sink in the middle of the center curve. You will then have plenty of counter space on both sides. Also, with only one sink pipe underneath you will have much more storage. Great find…can’t wait to see it when you ar finished!

  2. I would do one in the middle. My hubby and I rarely need the sink at the same time. I mostly need lots of counter space for all my hair/makeup stuff. We have a double vanity now and it bugs me that the sink takes up so much space on the countertop and my stuff is always falling in the sink. Love the piece of furniture you picked. I bet it will look gorgeous!

  3. Plus with all the $ saved from the plumbing, fixture and labor that will pay for the one sink, right? Beautiful piece and love your inspiration

  4. I love the plates…I would so do that ;) I don’t think you need 2 sinks….even though I say that and we have 2 sinks. We may miss the oneif we didn’t have it. My hubs and I rarely are in there at the same time also…so I think if you arent use to 2 —I would just do one. Is that vague enough?? Geez, I think I confused myself. Need to go to bed :) good luck. LOVE the dresser…what a score!

  5. I vote for one sink. As Cindy said, one sink would look perfect in the center curve of the buffet. And that would give you more counter space to use or to accessorize!

  6. great cabinet. i think the lovely curve calls for one sink – then you have more counter space.
    just my 2 cents!!
    take care of that back. have you ever seen a oesteopath?? they are amazing. gentle and fixed my really bad back – now i rarely have to go back. hope you’re feeling stronger soon.
    cheryl xox.

  7. Oh, Traci –

    We decided to only put one sink in our bathroom vanity and I regret it every day! I thought the extra counter top space would be nice but I have to say it is not an issue. The second sink for us would be a must!

  8. Hi There,
    That is one of my favorite dresser styles. I’t’s going to look beautiful in your bathroom.
    We did something like that in our old house. I got the buffet for $40.00 from a thrift store. You can see it here ~
    (The sink is in the center of the cabinet. The pic makes it look a little off :)
    You’re lucky because of the cabinets on your piece. You can have plumbing in there and still be able to use some of the space in the cabinet…and have the use of ALL of the drawers.
    We used one vessel sink so we could use almost all of the space in the cabinet. All three drawers were untouched and usable. Then to save money we covered the top with glass tiles. I love the idea of marble or granite though! And will use it next time. I’m always on the hunt for a long, vintage piece for our new house, master bathroom. I would do it again in a minute!
    Enjoy the process!


  9. I’m very visual, so the plates make perfect sense to me. I would go with one sink. I think it would just fit so nicely and accentuate the center curve of the dresser. Either way, it will be stunning!

  10. Oh, I would absolutely go w/ the one sink. It will look great centered in the curve of that gorgeous buffet. (I vote for the dark wood w/ the white top– oh, my– lovely!) We have two separate sinks/vanities. And anyone who uses the bathroom washes up at the one sink. Other than Sunday mornings, my husband and I rarely cross paths due to his early, early work schedule, so we don’t have any sharing troubles. And I agree w/ Brook–I would much rather have more counter space. Wish I would have had the forethought to do something lovely like you are doing! sigh.

    PS – A suggestion: Put the plug for your curling iron/hair dryer, etc on whatever “side” you use. Right handed–>right side. Makes me crazy to drag the cord across the sink. And since I am chatty and giving advice—-I wish we would have put in two separate switches for the shower fan and light. We have one switch that is for the fan and light. The fan needs to run longer than the light does, but we didn’t think that one completely through. Rats. Live and learn.

  11. My vote is definitely for TWO sinks… I wish we had 2! Resell value… also, think long-term of schedule changes, etc, when you and your hubby might end up needed to use the sink the same time every day. You will appreciate it then.
    One last thought… you can add the second sink now a whole lot easier than having to redo everything to add it later!
    Just my humble opinion… have a great night :)

  12. Well, after reading all the other posts, I almost changed my mind on my advice!! I have to say that I love having two sinks & have for a long time. In our last home (9 1/2 years) & our new home we have 2. The cabinet is great!! I think it can handle two sinks & resale is important, even in the far away future! My hubby’s & my schedule are different too, but as Andrea says, that can change. Can’t wait to see it all in & looking beautiful!!

  13. Traci, I think one sink would be enough, especially since you’ll have a seperate vanity. It’s going to be beautiful. You are so talented with decorating.

  14. The dresser will make a beautiful vanity. What a great idea! Two sinks are nice, and that’s what we put in our last home, but there are disadvantages: 1. Loss of storage space – the plumbing under a sink takes up quite a bit of space. 2. Loss of counter space. 3. How do you feel about cleaning sinks and faucets? We have one sink in our master bath in our current house, and I actually like it better.

    But whichever you choose, it’s going to be lovely. Please keep us posted!

  15. My house plan was drawn with 2 sinks but I did not think it necessary so I only put one and opted to have the extra counter space and have never doubted my decision. The buffet is beautiful and it would look great either way.

  16. I might be in the minority but I say go for TWO sinks. I would love to have 2 and if we ever save enough to renovate the master ensuite you can bet that would happen. I love your dresser you are going to use. I think it will look balanced to have 2 sinks and would be stunning. When you do alter it for the sink and plumbing can you take pics for us? In our bathroom/laundry room I’m hoping to find a small piece of furniture to do the same thing but we wouldn’t know where to even start. I’ve got my hubby talked into board and batten in there though! We so aren’t handy so that should be funny.

    Have I mentioned how much I love reading your blog and hearing about your planning? Yes, I think I have once or twice! ;)

  17. I vote for two sinks. Even though you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, you never know what the Lord has planned. :)
    Plus you don’t have to get annoyed if your hubby leaves big globs of toothpaste in his sink. Not that I’m saying my husband does this. ha ha
    Whatever you choose it’s going to look beautiful!! Love the buffet!

  18. i vote for 2!! his and hers side is always nice :-)

    what a great find!

    also, less counter space is less room for mess!!

    p.s. i am a visualiser too & would definately be putting plates, vases, soap dishes etc there to get a feel for it!

  19. TWO sinks! Definitely! My husband and I have had 2 for the past 12 years and I don’t know how we did it before with only one sink. I don’t think you will regret it. Beautiful piece. Will look great!

  20. Go with one sink. We have 2 and we rarely ever use the second one. I have contemplated putting in a new vanity with only one sink so I could have more counter space. Love all your ideas and pray God’s grace during the coming days!

  21. Originally I thought one sink, so that you’d have more surface to lay out make up, hair supplies, etc. BUT when you said you’d have a separate vanity, I changed my opinion to two sinks….I just think master baths should have two if at all possible. Oh and I vote for white, even though you didn’t ask for that! I’m just loving the combination of white wood cabinets and dark wood floors and/or counter tops. Whatever you decide I’m sure it’ll be GORG!!!

  22. I like one sink. I’ve never been big on 2. Maybe it’s because I don’t like cleaning the bathroom and adding one more sink seems like way too much to clean. I think a nice large bowl would be nice. I’d sink it about 1/2 way in. I’m short and often have a hard time washing my hands in bowls that are just sitting on the surface.

  23. Definitely two sinks and keep the buffet dark. Hubby and I did the same thing a few years ago in our master bath. We bought a 100 year old buffet, brushed on several coats of poly, and added sinks and plumbing. We still love it!

  24. Sunday mornings getting ready for church is when we really use our two sinks.
    But, I also kinda like the idea I get my “special hand soap” & he gets his dial pump soap. :))
    Just telling you the way it is at our house after going 18 yrs. with one sink, it is great having two.
    Hope you feel better & have fun planning & decorating!

  25. My vote is for one sink. The plumbing would take up less space, you would have more counter space, and I think that it would be look best with the curves of the vanity. That’s my 2 cents, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you!

  26. Love the buffet…..and what a great price!! I think either way you go, its going to look great! Just depends on your wants/needs. I personally think I would go with one sink if that’s all you need……that way you have more counterspace!! Lots of room for curling irons, blow dryers, make-up & all that other stuff us girls need!

  27. Like you said, two sinks are better for resale value. I know you don’t plan on moving, but my dad has said that about 2 different houses now. Things can change. But it’s not as if you couldn’t put a double vanity in later. Maybe put in pipes for a double vanity, but cap one off so that it’s there if you want to get to it later?

  28. Since you asked I vote for one sink. I think it will look better with the curves of the furniture. PLUS, you have to think of plumming and what drawers you will loose and reconstructing of cabinet inside if you go with 2. Just saying. Also, not that you asked but I would stay with wood stain at first. It is easier to paint years from now then to strip once installed.

    Your addition is looking awesome and I hope your back gets better soon so you can keep on creating!

  29. Two sinks. Like the justifications for one in the curve, but with two smaller, you have more space to stage the curve, like your inspiration from For the Love of a House (LOVE that blog). Also, practically speaking, if there are two of you that use the master bath, having two sinks is really the way to go. Unless you’re on totally different schedules (as are we, but even still, I can have my space to sprawl, he can have his).

    All said, LOVE your piece. I’ll get brave and replace our counter one day. Especially if I could find a piece like this.

    Great find. I’m sure it will look great no matter which way you go.

  30. Sorry…but who wants to be in the bathroom with their husband brushing their teeth?? I don’t get it, never will. I have no desire to watch my husband’s personal grooming rituals (whatever they may be!) and I have no desire to have him watch mine. I’ve only ever shared bathroom time with my sibling when I was a kid and I have no desire to think of my husband as a sibling – kinda kills the romance, ya know? I am, of course, OLD, so maybe just old-fashioned, but our romance is still going strong at 60 and 64!!

  31. Mmm…..will the kids ever be using the master bath? If so, definately go for two. I love how the two sinks look, but my in-laws recently replaced a two vanity sink with one because the 2nd was never used. I love the idea of using the buffet as a vanity. Is your bathroom going to be white? If so I vote for staining it dark. Although, Annie Sloan Chalkpaint has that awesome old white color. So indecisive…Sorry I’m not really much help.

  32. I scrolled through to see what other people said, and was really surprised with all the suggestions for 1 sink. If there is even a remote possibility of resale, you really need 2 sinks. Buyers think that way. For me, we have always had 2 sinks. We get ready about the same time, and I can’t imagine only 1 sink. That’s my 2 cents : ) Linda

  33. Love the dresser and your inspiration! You will have a LOVELY vanity when you’re finished. Being a visual gal I certainly enjoyed the plates that (YES) is so very like things I do with my own projects in their planning state.

    I’d encourage 2 sinks. There’s plenty of room on the vanity, you have the extra personal prep space, and I’ve NEVER heard anyone regret 2 sinks. (I have, however, heard many people regret 1 sink when they could’ve had 2.) And, yes, if any chance you’d ever sell – buyers will list the 1 sink as an item to deal down ($$) on.

    Enjoy the fun ahead! Can’t wait to see the end result.

  34. I agree that the shape suggests 1 sink. That said, I also agree that 2 sinks are a wonderful splurge for the master bath. Could you replace the top with a rectangular surface (e.g. ikea butcher block)? I think this would address the design issue that is holding ppl back on recommending 2 sinks.

  35. I like the look of one sink with your vanity…it just seems right. Plus, if you and your husband aren’t using the sink at the same time what’s the point. We have the double sink vanity and it’s pointless in our MB because we are never in there at the same time. I wish I had the counter space to put a cute lamp on. Now in my two teenage daughter’s hall bath it’s a must-have since they’re both getting ready for school at the same time.

    Hope your back is feeling better soon!

  36. My husband is a builder & I have tried to convince him to NOT put double sinks in the master bath. Who wants to go in & brush their teeth when your beloved is doing “whatever”?!? I think you need one sink in the middle of the vanity, keeping it with the dark stain. Have you considered a bowl vessel style sink? There are so many options with sinks & faucets, depending on how much you want to invest. I love your idea & the piece you have. Good luck!

  37. Great find & good idea using it as a bathroom vanity! I say, 2 sinks :) I have my realestate license & yes, 2 is better than 1 :) We just did the same thing with a large bureau that I got at a yard sale for $25! Looks awesome as our guest bath vanity….simple simple and inexpensive!

  38. I think you could go either way with the paint. What are you using for a counter top? I think that’s the decision. If it’s a dark top, then go light with the base. If its a light top, go dark with the base. As far as the double sinks, do you watch Sarah 101? I think you should check out the master bath reno she did a few weeks ago.
    She did the same thing with a single sink and separate vanity and it looks amazing. In my opinion, a double sink is not as necessary as plenty of vanity space.

  39. We have owned 4 houses now and 2 have had one sink and 2 have had 2 sinks. LOL I noticed I liked his and her sinks, except when I had to clean. I always kept mine nice and clean and hubbie had toothpaste and hair from shaving in his. We now have just the one sink and I love it. I usually brush my teeth and rinse the sink out. Hubbie has been trying to remember to rinse the sink out as he goes, otherwise he knows he will hear about it. I will live in this house until they drag me out in a casket and I LOVE just the one sink now. :)

  40. Beautiful buffett. I had one very similar to that with a dining set and sold it. :( I think the curved front lends itself to one sink. If you go with two it will cut down on your storage drastically.
    The two-sink thing is too ‘college dorm’ for me. I’ve been married for 40 years and never needed to brush my teeth at the same time as my husband. eewwww. Plus it would just be another sink to clean and who needs that?
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  41. Definitely one! The shape of this particular vanity will look stunning with one sink. Create your home as your home and not as something that future tenants someday down the road would want. You can always put a vanity with two sinks in before selling (and take the one you really like with you!).

  42. One sink would look lovely in your beautiful buffet! There’s really no need to have two sinks and with the shape of your buffet, one centered sink would look awesome. Plus, less plumbing needed means savings! We just built on to our house adding a master suite and thought long and hard about one or two sinks, separate tub/shower, jetted tub etc. We went with one sink and a tub/shower combo not jetted. We’ve had a jetted tub in our current home and rarely use it…so the savings were great and we’re VERY happy with our final choices! One sink allows for more (or less) accessorizing, too! ;-) Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your construction!!

  43. I understand the reasoning for 2, but that piece is perfect for 1. In the middle, that way you keep the two drawers on the side and only sacrifice the one top drawer.

  44. My first thought, was you have to have 2 sinks but after reading the others, I think you need to go with one. The shape & saving as much drawer space as possible are more important than being able to brush your teeth in your own sink.
    Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  45. One large sink in the center, if it was mine to do! The shape of the top is what dictates it. And I wouldn’t paint it a light color. I would keep it stained, or refinished.

    Here are some tips from someone who’d like to slap whoever planned the master bathroom in my house. Outlets on BOTH sides of the vanity. Hello?
    Good, flattering lighting, not spotlights.
    A dark vanity. White vanities always look dirty, spotted, scratched.
    Recessed knobs or no knobs. I hate it when the cord from my hair dryer and flat iron get caught over and over on the knobs!

    Can’t wait to see how this all turns out. I know it will look incredible!

  46. I honestly think either way it would be very pretty — but I think one sink would look great. Maybe you can get a fairly large one to balance it out.

    One thing you mentioned that sent up a red flag to me was having your private vanity in the master closet. I would love a set up like this but even after years of cleaning my bathroom sink and counter (where I do my hair and put on my makeup) I’m amazed at how much powder and hair gets all over. If you use hair spray or anything like that will it get on your clothes that are hanging in the closet? Makeup has a way of getting where you don’t think it can etc. I just thought I’d bring that up in case you reconsider and decide you’ll want to do your hair and makeup in the bathroom after all. Would having 2 sinks be helpful in that situation?

  47. 1. wow I have the same buffet in my dining room! so cool to see you use it for something different.

    2. blargh, I hate doing things for resale value. a lot of the time I different ideas from what is supposedly desired in the marketplace. if I’m living there, I’m going to make it the way I like it.

    3. I like the look of one sink, and I wouldn’t want to have an extra sink to clean.

  48. I love Joan’s bathroom, too! I think one sink would work in that buffet- a large one. I prefer having two sinks in the master, but in our baths at this apartment, the landlord used very large sinks and they work. Hope you feel better soon!

  49. Even though our kids have their own bathroom, they always want to get ready in our bathroom by us. Which means sometimes there are 5 of us wanting to brush our teeth. Its pure chaos, but great. I would vote 2 incase it turns into a family bathroom!

  50. I like having one sink. Not everyone thinks having two sinks is a positive selling point, it would be a definite negative to me. I think you should go with what you want and not worry about resale value.

  51. Hmmm…I vote 2. We never really realize how much we appreciate our two sinks until we are somewhere on vacation and there is only one. That’s just us and our getting ready habits though. I think the vanity is going to be gorgeous and would look good either way! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  52. I am definetely a two sink kinda person but you should “test” both standing at your “sink” to make sure you don’t bump each other. It also might be harder to run plumbing for 2 sinks with the drawers in the way.

    I also have to say I have that EXACT buffet!! We bought it at a consignment store and my plan was to refinish it. Guess what… it’s still sitting there unfinished. Needless to say, I am super excited to see you tackle this so I can follow along!!

  53. I’m a fan of two sinks, but that is just works for us!

    Happy planning and outlet placing! :) I can’t wait to see how to transform the new addition into a lovely space for your family!

  54. Traci, congrats on becoming a great aunt. You’re the hottest great aunt around!

    I think 2 sinks would save my marriage! :) Even though some brilliant posters have said that it’s not likely you’ll be using the bathroom together all that often, I think not having to deal with my husband’s beard trimmings, toothpaste, and general messiness would be pretty fantastic. Good luck!

  55. I think that one sink would look beautiful, but if you can do two then do it! I never thought I’d mind having just one. I didn’t realize how often my husband and I want to use the sink at the same time! I would always regret having just one.

  56. We just added on to our house and we used a buffet that looks almost just like yours for our vanity in our master bath! We left the beautiful wood and put a nice, beveled edge white top on it. We only put in one sink. When we moved into our house 17years ago it came standard with two sinks in the master bath. I asked them to please only put in one. EVERYONE thought I was crazy. To me, it was just one more sink to clean. My husband and I very rarely get ready at the same time so it’s never been an issue. I have never regretted only getting one sink. I LOVE my new vanity and I’m sure you will too.

  57. Here is how it played out in our master bath….we did two sinks because that is what you are “supposed” to do. Whatever. We both use only one sink..ALWAYS. You know what is in the other sink all the time? My hair dryer and curling iron. It is in there because I have NO counter space due to both sinks!! It is really the one thing in there I would change if I could. Good luck~your pics from pintrest are beautiful!!

  58. Just one! Especially in that beautiful piece. I don’t know about yours, but my husband uses a sink for about 2 minutes each morning. :)

  59. Just thought of something else…….when we built, I had them put outlets on the wall behind the doors of the cabinet (where your doors are if you only put one sink in the middle. – they just cut a small hole in the back of the cabinet) That way my hair dryer, straightner, curling iron are always plugged in but I don’t ever have to see the cords. I just open the door, pull them out to use them, then put them away when they’re cooled off. I love it!

  60. Oh my $50, I am so jealous!!!! It is gorgeous. Either way you go it will a great piece but I would just do one sink.

  61. I say 2 sinks…it just screams master bath to me, also, if you do above counter sinks, you might get away with keeping the center drawers in tact for the extra storage?

  62. One sink in the middle will look gorgeous. And I think I wouldn’t paint it white personally….
    BTW, funny really, couple of weeks ago I looked very critically at a little unit I have in the hall and I decided to turn it into vanity unit for the bathroom… haven’t started yet though, but if I do it, I will surely share the result (even if I completely ruin it, hahaha)
    Have a fab weekend:)

  63. While I really have no opinion on 1 or 2 sinks, I just wanted to let you know that I’m excited to see how this turns out. My family has that same buffet and it has been in the family for years.

  64. Congratulations on that find at HFH! I am STRONGLY in favor of two sinks, and here’s why: RESALE VALUE.

    I live alone. I have two sinks. I only use one, but I sure wouldn’t trade.

    Do you ever watch House Hunters? Over and over you hear people whine, “But the master bath only has one sink . . . we really wanted TWO.”

    I rest my case! LOL

  65. I’d do 2 sinks, and space them farther apart, like in your first inspiration pic. The sinks would look great at the ends of the piece centered over the 2 far drawers and cabinets leaving the center bank of drawers for shared storage. Try that, with the plates, at least. :) Love your blog, btw. Andrea

  66. You will never regret doing two sinks, however you may eventually regret doing just one! I wish every day that we had a master bath with two sinks so I didn’t have to keep all my stuff in the hall bath for guests to see!

  67. Ahhhh. I am looking for the perfect vanity for the same thing. AND on good authority (many realtors), one sink is what is in fashion right now. Or if you want two sinks, you have two vanities. Two sinks on one vanity is what they did in the eighties and early nineties. When I redid one of my bathrooms, I took out the extra sink. It was NEVER used. We both gravitated towards the one sink. Also, I stay at home and never get dressed at the same time as my husband does, neither do you. That buffet is crying out for one larger sink in the middle. Crying!!!!! Boooo Hooo!!!! Give me only one sink, please!!!! I am bad. I just about skipped to the comments section. Are you going to put granite or something on top or have an overmount sink and keep the wood? You can poly, poly, poly and keep the wood since it is in “your” bathroom, not the kids. Either way, I am JEALOUS. If you want, I will take that buffet off your hands for ya. Then you won’t have to make a decision. I double your money or even triple it. That’s how much I love it. I will drive from Chicago to get it, just sayin’

  68. Wow! I’m not sure we’re helping with this decision at all since the opinions are so varied but I agree with the others “1 sink people”. The piece that you are using dictates 1 sink. If nothing else then architecturally speaking- it looks like your dishes are over the joints within the furniture. You would either have to move them way over to the sides to fit them within the frame of the furniture or you would need to fit them both in the center which would just look… odd. You could do some creative pipework within the cabinets but I say why bother if you like having one sink? Chances are the new owners would rip out your bathroom & redo it in their style anyway so just build what you love! BTW- gorgeous piece of furniture, it’s going to look beautiful as a vanity regardless of the number of sinks it holds.

  69. Traci,
    You know before I actually read the post I was saying two. Just because we have been in our current house almost a year and its the first time I HAVEN’T shared the sink with the hubs. But looking at the overall scenario, I think one would be best. Just make it a glorious sink, like the inspiration pic with the one in the center. Because honestly the reason I love having two, is so that he’s not in my way when I’m getting ready, not because we brush teeth at the same time. So I think you’re headed toward an awesome bathroom! Feel better soon!

  70. I have this exact same buffet – my grandparents bought it out of the 1952 Spiegel catalog according to my dad. I have the matching china cabinet with curved glass in almost perfect condition, so I couldn’t paint it (but I’ve thought of it…..).

    From a home stager’s perspective, you should have 2 sinks for resale. However, with the shape of the piece, one would look better. However, because there are drawers in the center and not a cabinet, I’m not quite sure how you will handle that. Will you lose all the drawers or be able to keep the bottom one?

  71. I say 2 & this is why… Sometimes when my husband is using his sink, his little side kick Konner likes to come in & get ready with his dad so he’ll use my sink :) As silly as it sounds, it’s another way to have some time with your boys & just talk. My husband showed our older boys how to shave & he used his sink & again, while the other used mine. It’s just nice knowing it’s there for one of them to use or even 2 boys to use if they want too. I know some people don’t like their kids in their bedroom or bathroom, but I disagree. As long as I’m not using my bathroom they’re welcome too!

  72. The going trend is 2 – but I am leaning towards 1 sink, as you will lose some drawer space… it’s a beautiful piece you got there. I was picking out my kitchen cabinets ( I actually went with white!) this last weekend and they had some bathroom vanities on the showroom floor, some actually used the drawers that are mostly “dummy” drawers- they were “U” shaped, in other words when you pulled out the drawer that normally doesn’t work- it had sections on the sides and front that were useful… but with the cut out to allow for plumbing, shallow and narrow but IMO there’s always weird stuff that you store when it’s in a bathroom. I don’t know about what color though- I think it would be gorgeous in a dark rubbed bronze color but I can also see it with the white look too.

  73. Well, my opinion isn’t going to help much…I’d like either! : ) Really, no matter what you pick it will be beautiful. I guess the best way to answer the question would be to ask another one…what kind of storage do you want with it? That would probably be the determining factor for me, but I’m so storage poor in my bathroom it’s just what I gravitate toward. : )

  74. I say one. You will have more storage and counter space. That’s what I’m about so you can decorate- a pretty lamp, pretty towels, tray- you name it. It’s great! Love the cabinet- it’s perfect. And I think, leave it dark. Can’t wait to see!

  75. Just my opinion, but forget “RESALE” ! Design a home YOU love, not a home someone else “might” love in 10 years! Even though I say 2 sinks, go with what works for you. You are the one looking at it for the next several years, not your future buyer! Also, If it really is crippling your resale value that badly, IN 10 YEARS, go to Homegoods, buy a new vanity! (We bought ours for $200, with the sink and granite counter top included) Easy fix :)

  76. I vote for 1. Two feels forced in that furniture piece. We had two sinks in our old master bath and we only used the 2nd one when the first one started getting too filthy;-) For resale, I don’t really see 1 vs 2 sinks as a deal breaker.

  77. 1 sink! Less money and less to clean. Plus it leaves you with room to place vaces of flowers, candles, etc. Also, a nice lamp would love great on here. Another reason not to do two, if one sink gets chipped or ruined and you cant find the exact replacement, you will have to replace two.

  78. That buffet would look fantastic with one sink. You’ll lose a bunch of the storage space if you put in two and then it’ll look pretty but won’t be very functional. Plus, most homeowners would like 2 sinks even if they only use one. I vote for option C and vote that you makeover the buffet and put it somewhere else. Find a different cabinet that you like that will accommodate 2 sinks better. Looking forward to seeing what you choose! :)

  79. I think that particular buffet would look good with one sink in the middle if it was an insert. However, if you did vessel sinks, two would look great on either end as well. And just because I am all about options, do you have space for two completely different vanity/sinks. His and Hers. If I had the space, I’d want my own across the room from Hubs. I have a teeny tiny bathroom, so the vessel sink was a nice element to add. The one I chose is all white and sorta chunky, giving off that cottage vibe.

  80. I totally do things like that – putting the plates on top to get an idea for the sinks!!! lol! Doesn’t everyone?

    That will be a beautiful piece for your bathroom. I can’t wait to see the finished look. And I loved the photo of the chandelier in the bathroom. You can never have too many chandeliers.

  81. Two sinks, hands down!!I went with one and have regretted it for 24 yrs. All of the reasons you gave were my justification for one sink and none of them trumped the need for two sinks when reality set in! But I agree with a comment above about design what You want NOW because God doesn’t promise tomorrow. Make it work for you NOW!! My mother was one of these women who ‘saved” all her good stuff for “LATER. Well, Later came, and she was so far into dementia that she never got to enjoy her best gowns, her best dishes, etc…I loved her with all my heart and she was a wonderful mother. However, I wanted to NOT repeat her legacy of not using the good stuff. I eat on my best dishes, on my best tablecloths, and enjoy every minute of it!
    Gmama Jane

  82. I vote one but have a question. How can you keep wood floors from ruining in a bathroom? Doesn’t the water (I have a 2 year old who splashes in the tub) warp the wood. Even without a 2 year old, what if there’s a water leak?

  83. The lazy girl in me says one sink is one sink to clean! I do think though that one sink would compliment your buffet cabinet perfectly in delightful symmetry!

  84. My vote is for 2. Better to have it and not need it than to later decide you really really wish you had 2. You will not be able to go back. Hope we’ve helped you with your decision and that you are feeling better.

  85. one sink in the center. I normally prefer 2 sinks but I think the peice would look best with one in center. Especially if you have the dressing area somewhere else.

  86. You are SO creative! I definitely think 2 sinks!! I have that exact buffet!! It was my MIL’s and it’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture!! I would have NEVER thought to make it into a vanity!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  87. I would go with one giant one….possibly an older one refinished? I love the older bigger deep sinks. If you have a separate vanity as I do, I don’t think sharing the sink area be a problem :)

  88. First, I’d like to say I think you should design this home for your and your family’s comfort and needs in mind, not a future owner. No matter how hard you try, you cannot and will not make remodeling decisions that will please every prospective buyer if you should decide to sell. If you were thinking about putting wildly colored or patterned tile everywhere, that’s one thing. A prospective buyer would probably balk because replacing tile is a hassle and can be costly to change. However, a sink vanity is not very expensive or hard to change if the future homeowner doesn’t care for your buffet-turned-vanity so I wouldn’t worry about resale based on 1 sink vs. 2 in this vanity.

    With that being said, the size and shape of this piece dictates one sink, IMHO. I’m no plumber but I also have concerns about the drain pipes if you place two sinks where you have placed the dinner plates. The drain pipes usually fall directly beneath the sink and with two sinks, wouldn’t that make the pipes come down exactly where the center supports between the drawers and door area are? Even if taking out both separation “walls” between the drawers and door areas to accommodate two sinks doesn’t impact the structural integrity of the piece, it will surely limit the storage capabilities. I’m sitting and looking at a nearly identical buffet I use for storage in my home office so that’s why this occurred to me. :) You’d probably just lose 2, maybe 3 drawers with a center sink.

    So sorry you are having so much pain with your back. I know how frustrating physical problems can be, especially when they interfere with projects you are anxious to get done. Have you tried acupuncture? It can be a great source of natural pain relief. Acupuncture was instrumental in helping me get through the pain of a torn tendon in my shoulder. A couple weeks ago, I posted about my elderly dog who has also been getting regular acupuncture treatments for her arthritis. She loves having it done and I always see a big difference in her mobility after she has a treatment.

  89. Traci that will be lovely in a bathroom but with the bow in the front I think it would look most aesthetically pleasing with one sink in the middle. If it was straight across the front then I think two would look great.

  90. I think it is funny that people think they have to have two sinks. If you only had one bathroom, or if you have lots of kids sharing a bath I can understand two sinks, but I think it is only an inconvenience if you make it one. One beautiful vessel bowl(Lowes has a plain white one for $69) would look stunning on that piece of furniture! I can see it now! As far as resale, if your house is beautiful and tasteful, as it is, I don’t think not having two sinks in the master would keep anyone from buying it. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  91. Two. We have lived in homes with one sink and homes with two. My husband and I have a great deal of flexibility in our schedules, but it never fails that several times a week we will be dodging and ducking around our one sink. What I wouldn’t give for two right now!

  92. We used my daughter’s old dresser, which was an antique when we got it, for the vanity in our master bathroom. After drooling over a vessel sink at Lowe’s for months, they finally dropped the price and I pounced! We have one sink in the middle of our beautiful antique vanity and I love it! If ever I figure out how to upload, I will post a picture and show it to you! :) Hope you feel better soon!

  93. My wife and I have always had one sink but when we did a remodel we decided we would go with two. Now we only use one of the two. So I would say ONE.

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