The Pantry is Gone!!! {And the kitchen looks so much bigger!}

We tore the pantry down, and I already love how it has opened up the kitchen and made it feel bigger.

Just roll your cursor on and off the picture, and you will see the before and after pictures of my kitchen.


What do you think?

Doesn’t it make the kitchen look so much bigger?

If you were unable to use the “mouseover” effect on the above pictures, here are the pictures posted separately…

BEFORE (with the pantry):


AFTER (without the pantry):


What do you think?


  1. Wow ~ what a difference! I have to know – where are you going to put your food? What’s the plan? Inquiring minds need to know these things…lol

  2. Oh wow! It does look sooooo much bigger and brighter! Can’t wait to see it with walls painted, the cabinets done and of course the new, shallow pantry! I can imagine it will be AMAZING!!!! You, and your husband are doing such a great job! Fantastic:)

  3. It really does look so much bigger. I just know you will come up with something fabulous in it’s place.

    One random question, weather permitting (and it probably will not permit), I NEED to take my children to a Pumpkin Patch before it’s too late. Which is probably now. The patch that you all went to, is it open on Sundays? Our local one is not. Thanks!!

  4. Wow! I love it. It not only looks more open, but I’m sure you will be able to feel how much more room you have. Can’t wait to see it all finished!

  5. It really does open it up a lot. But with all the above cabinetry down and your pantry gone, do you still have enough storage with what is left? I know you will be putting up shelving on the window wall. Will you also be putting up shelving in place of the pantry?
    I only ask, because I couldn’t live without my pantry.

  6. It’s amazing what a small change can make. The room already looked larger with your top cabinets down and now taking the pantry out really expands the space. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  7. Traci – amazing what a lot of hard work will produce!! It looks so open and it’s going to be great!! Thanks for the updates!!


  8. So much better. It’s amazing what a difference that pantry made. I like your idea of putting a shallower pantry in, it will keep it open. Looks wonderful.

  9. I agree with the previouys post-ers who asked where you are going to put all of the essentials… I toy with open shelving, but sheesh – I have STUFF! and lots of food essentials that need to be nearby. So not only am I wonder WHAT you are putting on the shelves (plates? cups?) but how do you deal with things that do not loos so great… travel mugs, kids plates and cups, water bottles, etc…

  10. That really looks good! At first when you said you were going to tear out the pantry, I wasn’t sure it would look good. Boy! It really makes the room look bigger. Looks great!

  11. YEAH!!!…….I LOVE IT! It does make you kitchen look much larger. It was my choice when you asked us all to tell you what you could remove to make your kitchen bigger. I think it looks even better than I imagained that it would. Way to go, ya’ll really ROCK! :)

  12. Unbelievable!!! You’re Big Girl Panties are gonna get all worn out! I can see “Spectacular” in your future. I had commented before and it wasn’t about the fan, I was wondering if that is wallpaper on your ceiling? I do like ceiling fans . . . in the right places. I do have a brand spanking new one over my eating area. My husband insisted. I would rather have had a chandelier, but I had to cave on this one. There are a few beautiful ones out there, and everyone who sees mine comments on how pretty it is. It is the Minka Aire 54″ Calebria Oil Rubbed Bronze. It is not your everyday fan. Can’t wait for the next installment of your kitchen!!!!

  13. You guys are sooo brave! What a great move…it looks so much bigger without the pantry. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.

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