Look at my new (unfinished) Pantry!!


In my last “kitchen post”, I showed you how my husband tore our pantry down.

kitchen 024

Many of you asked me in the comments where I was going to put all my food now?

I had to laugh when I started thinking about what my readers might be thinking.

My kitchen has gone from this….

kitchen 011

To this….

kitchen 034

Seriously, y’all?!

I’ve torn down all the upper cabinets AND removed the pantry!

You guys have to be thinking, “What’s that crazy girl gonna do with all her stuff?!  She has no where to put anything!”

Well, I’ve got plans.  (I know.  Shocking.)

My plan was to put a longer, “shallower” pantry in the kitchen. 

And guess what my sweet hubby did while I was at the Relevant Conference in PA this past weekend?


He built me a new pantry.  Just like I was hoping for.

halloween,kitchen 004



The pantry is longer and much “shallower”.  It’s going to look so pretty when I paint it.

halloween,kitchen 007



Remember how much the old pantry stuck out?  And how close it was to the island?

corn maze 097


Now, I have a lot more space, and the kitchen looks more open.  And this pantry makes much better use of the wall space.  In the picture above, there was a ton of unused wall space to the left of the old pantry.  Now we have put that space to good use!

halloween,kitchen 009


We still have a lot more work to do.  We have to finish mudding and sanding the drywall.  Let’s just say that is a blast!!! {insert large amounts of sarcasm}

halloween,kitchen 012

We will be adding wood to the ceiling and the floor.  And we will be getting rid of that tacky, lopsided ceiling fan.

Guess what else my hubby did?

He added lights inside the pantry!

Now I can enjoy a beautiful glow at night.

halloween,kitchen 019

I plan on covering the glass in the pantry doors with some type of film or material so you will not be able to see our food inside.

So what do you think?

Do you like it?

Do you think my hubby did a good job?

Can you see it coming all together?

Can’t wait to hear what you think.


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  1. The transformation is incredible! He did a great job, and what a blessing to come home to a finished project! I can totally see it coming together.

  2. I never comment on blogs because I am time poor (and lazy!) but I HAD to stop and tell you that your pantry is almost as amazing as your husband! Yep, I was wondering where you were going with all that tearing down and now it all makes sense – love it so much, even in this state! Tell your hubby I give him 10/10!
    Erica (from Australia)

  3. LOVE the new pantry! I can’t wait to see it AND the bathroom finished. I am looking to your new bathroom as inspiration for mine…

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Love your pantry. My husband built me one several years ago, and I just love it! Mine has bead board doors on it, but I love your french doors! We just finished a kitchen reno, so have fun! It is so worth the mess!!

  5. Do I like? I love!!!!! Oh my goodness girl it is looking so good. I think you have a pretty special hubby there too. Those double glass doors and thoughts of a wood ceiling have me so excited for y’all. A true labor of love ~

  6. That looks awesome! I wish I had the vision to take on something like that. I am inspired with your creativity and “go for it” attitude. Keep the pictures coming.

  7. I Love it!!!! Wish I could convince my husband to get rid of all of our top cabinets and install shelves!! Good Luck! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  8. I love your new pantry and those beautiful doors! Swoon! Your sweet husband did an amazing job – what an awesome gift to come home to! :)

  9. Oh I love your new pantry!! You are going to LOVE it!!!!! ♪♪♫♫♫♪
    I’m so excited for you, and can’t wait to see it completely done!! You have an awesome hubby!!!

  10. Oh my! What a great transformation! It IS all coming together and I CAN see the incredible finish in my mind! I can’t wait to see it all done. Your hubs did an outstanding job. Lights in the pantry is a must. I love the doors with the panels. Lookin’ good, Tracy!

  11. how exciting, what a great surprise! It looks great and I love that it’s lit!

    We have cool etched glass vinyl that would be awesome on those doors ;)

  12. I like it! And it still keeps ths kitchen looking open and bright, like when the pantry was gone altogether! Looking good!

  13. Awesome progress! You have great design-vision and a very talented husband. So are you going to have any upper cabinets or only shelves? I’m excited to see more updates of your kitchen and home addition. Blessings to you & yours!

  14. Amazing as usual … wouldn’t expect anything less from you too (anything less isn’t in your vocabulary)!! Love it!!!!

    Just one question … do you rent Cy out once in a while? LOL

  15. Love it!!!! What a great idea!!! Love your choice of pantry doors!!!! Can’t wait to see the next reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Terri

  16. It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the progress and transformation.
    We also just recently removed a similar sized pantry! lol We’re hoping that our new kitchen island will replace that storage when we build one along with converting a wide ?hallway/small room? between our living room and kitchen into a pantry with open shelving. Winter DIY!

    Looking forward to seeing the reveal!

  17. Do I like it?????? Traci, girl, you must be joking! I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! And when it is actually finished it is going to be award winning kitchen :)
    Lots of hugs for you and respect for your husband – he did more than great job:)

  18. Traci it just looks great! You are going to enjoy this kitchen so much! I am so excited to see the end reveal!! Keep up all the good work!

  19. AMAZING!!! Oh, I LOVE how it looks. The kitchen feels so much bigger and brighter. And what a gem of a guy to do that while you were out of town. I’ve got a gem of a husband too…but he stays away from powertools so that I continue to have a gem of a husband :-) LOL. It is going to look just incredible when complete! Well done!!

  20. What an awesome idea! It looks soo much better! I just can’t wait to see how the whole place comes together! You and your husband are such a creative pair!!!

  21. That’s beautiful and such a great use of the space. You’re so lucky to have a hubby who can (and will!) do that sort of work!

  22. It’s going to look amazing!
    Not sure what your plans are for covering the doors, but thrifty decor chick used contact paper on her pantry doors, and we followed her tutorial, and it looks awesome.
    I wish I had time to find the exact link….

  23. What an incredibly kind hubs you have! He clearly loves you to have created your fabulous new pantry while you were away. You make an incredible team and your vision of your new kitchen is wonderful … can’t wait to see it come to fruition. *Becca*

  24. Absolutely love it. A film on the inside of the glass that has some type of texture but not color would be great. The lights are something you are going to appreciated every day.

  25. Like Erica from Australia, I don’t usually comment on blogs but this change certainly deserves it. I love your idea of the long and shallow pantry, it is an absolutely ingenious idea. What a sweet hubby to surprise you with the finished product. Can’t wait to see the rest of your plans and ideas. TFS!

  26. LOVE!!! What a fabulous idea to add the french doors. Adds a touch of surprise to what lies behind. Open and airy. My husband has mad, talent skills as well, but your’s works at lightening speed. Maybe he could come on down to Memphis and finish the built ins in my laundry room. :)

  27. WOW. My mouth is literally agape as I type. I keep saying “Oh my word. Wow” over and over again and even dragged my brother over to the computer to look at the pictures.

    Ya’ll are AMAZING. :)

  28. Um…traci? Can you share your husband with the rest of us? Or at least let him hang out with my hubby for a little while so he can give him some tips?! :) looks AMAZING!!!

  29. Oh my goodness, he did a WONDERFUL job and I know you must be thrilled! You are so fortunate to have such a sweet and talented husband. I’m so happy for you and your family and I so love watching all the progress in your home. :) God Bless!

  30. It looks great!!! You are so lucky to have a hubby with skills that exceed plumbing and electrical 101. Mine would love to have those skills, he just hasn’t had the opportunity to gain the experience. But he can map it out to scale on a room plan and put the detail into a spreadsheet like a mad scientist…
    Are you still keeping and painting your existing cabinets white? :)

  31. Wow! That is SO amazing!! After skimming the other comments, I didn’t see that anybody said exactly what I was thinking so… I would do frosted contact paper. You would be concealing some of your stuff and you could leave the light on for some drama. It really does look AWESOME, what a great hubby you have =)

  32. Love the new pantry, especially the doors! Have you seen the Frosted glass spray paint that they have now that looks like an etching? If you get tired of it, you can always scrap it off :) Can’t wait to see what you do!

  33. Unbelievable!!!! I didn’t think you were putting any pantry in! This is beautiful. I have a “little” suggestion that you may not have thought about: put the light in the pantry on a dimmer. It looks so beautiful at night like that!!! Can’t wait for the next installment. Does Cy rent out???

  34. What an improvement! This pantry makes much more sense for this space. Your husband did a great job! Kudos to him.

  35. I love your new pantry. Gorgeous. And really makes your kitchen pop. I can’t wait to see the rest once your done.

  36. Someone posted about your kitchen on Pinterest.
    I love it!! Trying to do something similar in my kitchen
    Where can I find/purchase a similar Pantry door?

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