Yes, I make Money From My Blog

It is hard for me to believe that the title to this post is true.

I cannot believe that I actually make money doing something that I would do for FREE!

What a blessing!

It didn’t start out that way.

Two and a half years ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was.  My mom asked me if I liked to read decorating blogs, and I said, “Huh?  What?”

I’m not kidding.

After Mom’s continual coaxing, I finally decided to go online and check out these decorating “blogs”.  What the heck is a “blog” anyway?  Weirdest name ever.

I instantly became hooked!  And a couple months later, Mom convinced me to start my own blog.  Reluctantly, I did.  (Thank you, Mom!)

I felt completely stupid at first.  No one but my husband, Mom, and sister knew I had one.   I didn’t want my friends to find out that I actually posted pictures of my house online and shared with complete strangers how I made pillows or painted furniture.   And I certainly didn’t want my friends to see the pictures I took of meals we ate. :)

Seriously, the blog world sounds a little crazy to “outsiders”, ya know?

But as my blog began to grow, so did my love for my blog and my readers.

Now my blog is such a part of my life and my family’s life, that I cannot imagine life without it.

It has brought our family so many blessings.  Most of them are not tangible blessings, but blessings of the heart.


Okay…now back to the money part.

When I started blogging, I had no idea that you could actually make money doing it.  That is NOT why I started blogging. I started blogging as a creative outlet.  It was fun, and I loved connecting with other bloggers around the world.

I think most bloggers did not start their blog with the intention of making money.  Making money is the added bonus.


I feel so blessed that I have been able to start making money from my blog.  Who would have thunk it?

But I didn’t start making money right away, it took me a long time to build up my blog and my readership in order to make some money.

The main ways I make money are through:

affiliate sponsors,

private sponsors,

ad networks,

and sponsored posts.

Last year, I got some private sponsors in my sidebar.  They paid me a monthly fee to have their button on my blog.  Their hope, as my sponsor, is that my readers will click on their ad button, visit their shops, and hopefully purchase something.

I have awesome sponsors!!!


I remember feeling so “legit” when I had some sponsors in my sidebar. Smile

The people behind these ad buttons are precious!  Some of them I have met in real life, and some I have not.   I am so honored that they advertise on my blog, and I love supporting their businesses as well.

Another way I make money from my blog is through ad networks.  I am currently a part of 3 different ad networks.

You can see their ads above my header…


and in my sidebar as well.

I get paid from these networks by how many page views I get on my blog each day.  That means how many times someone clicks on my blog page to view it.

So yes, the more page views I have, the more money I make.

I am also able to make more money depending on how many times those ads are clicked on.

For example, if you see an ad coupon for Michael’s in my sidebar and click on it, that will give me a better “click through” rate which helps my “CPM” increase.  Basically, it helps me make more money. Smile


The third way I make money is through Affiliate Sponsors.  Those are my sponsors like Canvas People and Silhouette.


Each time you click on one of those buttons and purchase something from their site, I make a small percentage of the profit.


Lastly, I make money through Sponsored Posts.

I actually haven’t done anything of these yet, but I will be.  Smile

This is where I review a product and post about it on my blog.  I will be paid to write that post, but I am free to give my own opinion.  If I do not like the product, I have the freedom to say so, and I will still be paid.

So, I promise to tell you the truth.


Some people don’t like a blog with a lot of ad in their side bars.  But it doesn’t bother me one bit.

Because I know that blogger is probably somebody just like me.

I’ve stayed home with my boys for 12 years.  We have had to live frugally all those years, and still do.

Money has always been tight for us.

So for God to surprisingly open up this avenue for me to make a little money to help provide for my family is amazing.

Again, I would do this for FREE!

But since the opportunity is there for me to make money, I will.  It seems the older my children get, the more they cost!  Can I get an “Amen!”?

I am so grateful to be able to contribute to the financial needs of my family through this blog.

Let me add, I do not make a lot of money from blogging, but enough to help out.  :)


I am so grateful to my readers.

Let’s be honest…I wouldn’t have a successful blog if I didn’t have you, right?!

So thank you!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thank you for supporting me and my family.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!





As a side note, if you are interested in learning more specifics about how to make money from your blog, you may want to consider coming to Haven next summer! 

Haven Conference 2012

We will be having an in depth session about this topic. 

I hope to see you there!


  1. Tracy,
    I started following your blog about 18 months ago. My neices introduced me to “blogging”! I too have been addicted ever since! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading and following your blog. It has led me to some very interesting sites and other blogs. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing and being such a real person!

  2. Love your blog! Good for you for making some cash and contributing to the family budget! I think its awesome! :)

  3. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know you had ads on your blog…I use adblocker so I can enjoy reading my blogs without the annoyance of “commercials” :P It’s so great that you’re doing that, though! Good for you :)

  4. I appreciate this post. I Just started putting adds on my blog using adsense on blogger. I figured “why not?”.
    I really love your blog! Thank you for sharing your ideas, life, and experience with us!

  5. Not sure how I found your blog, but I have been a follower for a while. I have enjoyed reading and following your projects and life changes. I lost my Mother, Feb. 2010 and reading your post about your Mom has helped me greatly. Thank you for sharing !

  6. Great post Traci! It’s an amazing blessing to be able to have so many different streams of income. With my design business, the various streams through blogging etc. It’s a gift to be able to bless my family…and have some “fun” money. :)

  7. What a timely post for the questions swirling around in my head.(I almost wrote you to ask you some of these very things.) Your blog is a blessing to many and an inspiration of creativity! Keep doing what you’re doing! I pray the Lord continues to bless you in the blogosphere! ;-) <3

  8. Thanks for your great blog Traci! I’m like you, I didn’t even know what a blog was 2 years ago. I stumbled onto a blog doing a Google search and what a great find. I’ve taught myself about blogging and I’m still learning a lot. I’m thankful for bloggers like you who are willing to help others. You made my day back in March 2010….you were my FIRST follower!

  9. Great post! I really enjoy your blog, like so many others. I always wonder about how people make $ on blogs so I appreciate your openness.

  10. I love hearing about fellow blogger’s humble beginnings in bloggy land and to know that there are so many of us that are so passionate about blogging that the money doesn’t even matter. Thanks so much for sharing your story and may God continue to bless you on all of your future endeavors.

  11. I have been reading your blog for about six months and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. My mom passed away when I was 37. I can relate to the pain and sorrow. I love the honesty of your writing. Just thought I would introduce myself. I will click away for you :)

  12. I think that you are SO DESERVING to make money from your blog–both for your HUGE heart AND your AWESOME content!

    The fabulous Rhoda from SH was at my house this weekend and was talking about HAVEN and said you’d be there and asked if I followed you!!!

    Of course, I said–she’s awesome. I told her how I’d fallen in love with your little boy singing on the video (what a BLESSING!) and how I thought that you were AMAZINGLY kind and supportive of your father when he re-married–that showed true Christian character!!!

    And I love that you’re in Kentucky!!!!

    I was born/raised in Ky and my family is still there–my parents just came down from Bowling Green tonight to Huntsville and my favorite cousins are in Lexington!!!

    Rhoda talked me into coming to HAVEN so I’m psyched to meet you in person! Even though I’ve had my blog for well over a year/maybe two, I took TONS and TONS of months off because of working on some musicals (I’m a writer/musician–though I’m really a stay at home mom who homeschools for the most part now–and occasionally I will work for a production company directing musicals–I love the kids/youth and encouraging them–it’s a ministry to me!) so I’m still new to all of this.

    I don’t think I *really* started blogging until 7 months ago when we moved to Italy. We just moved back!!!

    Anyway….I think you’re wonderful and I look forward to giving you a big hug in person–you’re one of my bloggie heroes and I am SO THRILLED FOR YOU that you’re blog is doing so well!


  13. Any time I am able to get on the computer for a bit…I make sure to see what is new with you and your blog. Have been ‘following’ you this way for about a year now.
    Love your inspirationsal blog!! From your trials/tribulations/blessings/and love for God and family!
    Just wanted to let you know….since you thanked me…without knowing me. :)
    Thank YOU for being a part of my days.
    Take care and enjoy your new home and making it yours!
    Laura D.

  14. Hi Traci! Thanks for being so generous in sharing how you are working to make blogging profitable for you. Blogging is so much fun and I did not get into it either for profit, but it is also time consuming and I think it is a great way to contribute to the family income. My kids are grown, but my oldest daughter has chronic health issues and is unable to drive because of them. She homeschools and has four children from ages 15 mos. to age 14 yrs. I work at a physically and emotionally demanding job working with disabled high schoolers. I love many things about my job, but I really feel like I want to be available to help my daughter (youngest daughter is a single mom of a 2 yr. old). Currently I am helping both daughters after working full time–can I just say I am exhausted. I am considering monetizing my blog so I can help out with my grandkids and hopefully retire soon! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for sharing this with us. I, too, have wondered how people make money by blogging. I’m glad God opened this door for you. Isn’t it amazing how involved God is in our lives, and sometimes we aren’t even aware of it until later?

  16. I’ve loved your blog-I can really relate to your writing and ideas-interesting ways to make money-I started to blog as a creative outlet-still haven’t gotten into the money part yet-maybe someday-love seeing the progress in your new home-keep up the fun show!!

  17. I was laughing out loud at the beginning of your post b/c that was me not even 2 months ago :) I didn’t know what a blog was. I felt like I had been living under a rock for years and that there was an entire other world out there (blogland) that I knew nothing about :) As for the $ part, I still can’t believe people make $ blogging, in fact, I didn’t know that until a few weeks ago when someone said they got a check from google. Silly me emailed them and said, What? Why is google sending you $!!! ? Thanks for sharing :)

  18. I think it is phenomenal that you make money from your blog and I say, “YOU GO GIRL!” You are successful because you are real. I appreciate that and you!

  19. You are just too cute!!! I’ve made most of my money blogging from doing the design end of it but I have made some through paid sponsors as well. I’m just getting into the whole affiliate thing although Canvas People has been my biggest pay out. :)

  20. Hi Traci! This is just to weird for me! Literally this morning I was on the computer and wondering how I could learn all the “cool” tools that bloggers such as yourself use to make their blogs unique! Then I stumbled across “How to make money by blogging” I thought, “Wow seriously, is that possible?” I am an independent interior designer/artist and started my business from our home in 1998. My goal was to open a store front by the time I turned 35. I wanted a shop where I could sell my artwork and handmade jewelry along with offering design services. Plus, I was growing out of our home……….with three kids, a husband and two dogs an artist needs her space! lol That happened two days before my 35th birthday! I am surviving this recession…….I have ups and downs as a small business owner but I refuse to give up! This is my dream! I started a blog last year and have found it hard to keep up with. However, I am still intrigued by all of it! I just need to take the time and learn more about them…………………maybe I will try to attend the Haven Conference next year! Thank you for sharing and for being such a great inspiration to me:)

  21. Hey girl! I am so honored to be one of your first sponsors :D

    As I’ve told you before, you are SO great at promoting your sponsors. Having a button in the sidebar doesn’t do a whole lot, it’s the mentioning your sponsors products/services in blog posts and on FB and Twitter that really get your readers to your sponsors sites.

    You rock, girl!

  22. Your blog is the first one I check every time I’m on my computer…at work or at home. :) I, too, didn’t know what “blogs” were about a year ago, but I’ve definitely made up for lost time! THANK YOU for your insights, for sharing your amazing talents, and for your pure honesty that you so eloquently write. I feel so blessed to have “found” you and your blog.

    You are AWESOME and a BLESSING to many!

  23. Yaaaay !!! I click on your blog everyday. Some people read the news paper everyday , me…. I check out my favorite blogs…..and you are one of my all time favs!! I love your style and at this point I feel like I know your whole family. Ok I will share a silly secret with you I always hope that I will run into you when Im in lexington shopping . Silly I know , but hey Im a fan!! Lol have a great weekend . Bless you :))

  24. Traci, you and I talked about this a lot at BlissDom–and I’ve gotta tell you, I couldn’t be happier for you that you’re able to make some money from your blog. It makes me a little sad when I see that someone starts blogging just to make money–I always wonder if they really enjoy it. But when someone loves blogging and loves the connections AND they can make a little money, I think it’s awesome! :)

    Hope you and your fellows are having a great fall!

  25. Thanks Traci for the interesting post! It’s amazing to think how many DIY blogs are actually out there, so the fact that you’re in the top percentile is just amazing!! Congrats to you and your hard work. Can’t wait to meet you in person at HAVEN!!!

  26. Congratulations! I knew that it takes a lot of time to blog, I just glad to see that you get some kind of compensation out of it. I do try to support the buttons on the side when I can on any blog! Glad to know it helps, I had no idea.

  27. Hi Traci-I am old enough to be your moth—I mean, older sister—and have only recently started reading your blog and several others.

    You answered questions I have had for weeks, but didn’t feel any of you had time to teach the rest of us!

    I have fibromyalgia, help to operate a support group for those with this illness locally, and write for the group, as well as my church—all for free! Although I have written a newspaper column for a small sum in the past, we are currently living on one income due to my illness.

    (I no longer have enough work credits to apply for disability; learn from my mistake, if you are reading this with a chronic illness.)

    I have a friend who says I am great at turning nothing into something; I just hadn’t figured out a way to turn that into at least a little income yet, other than an occasional eBay sale.

    Now I am thinking of starting a blog that would combine the difficulties of living with a chronic illness along with crafty decorating idea using little, if any, cash.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with your readers.

  28. I have to say that I am so happy for you and your family. From the comments I have read, it appears you have not only been a blessing to your family but God has used you to bless others as well. I am really glad that you listened to your mother’s advice. Thank you so much for your post and for your honesty.

  29. I have been reading your blog for over a year. I love it! I am still thinking about starting my own. I’m glad you get paid for doing something you love to do that is truly a blessing. Your a good wife and mother to help support your family and I’m happy to know that every time I click on your blog that you love and devote time to that you get something from it. There is a lot to be said for honest work.
    All the best to you and your family.

  30. thanks Traci!

    By the way, do you seem to do better with affiliate sponsors or private sponsors, and how do I go about getting sponsors?

  31. You go girl! I have no problem with ads on a blog (as long as they aren’t distracting pop-up ads). As a new blogger who also works a full-time job outside the home, it’s difficult to come-up with many postings. I know the work and time that goes into writing content for you blog and taking pictures, plus all the DIY projects and taking care of hearth, home and family. I’m happy for anyone who can be paid for writing a beautiful blog! I like that fact that you stated you would do it for free. That says a lot. Blog for the joy of it, and any money that comes as a result, is an added bonus.

    Yes, your bedroom makeover in the posting about pinterest is definitely pin worthy. In fact, we are all worthy. It’s all in the eye of the beholder and thankfully in God’s eyes we’re all worthy whether we decorate like a professional or our house looks like crap.

  32. Hi Tracy
    I am sooo pleased to hear that contributions & referrals to your site have helped to help you to support your family … just as you help to support others via your Blog. I only discovered Blogs a few months ago , but am hooked. I have recommended your site to friends as a great start to checking out Blogs as I have found yours to be one of a select few of the very best.
    Although I’m not currently well enough to actually DO things that I find & love on your site, but it gives me great pleasure to read. I have also found that you guys pay about 1/4 of what we do in Oz … including Ikea items! Apart from the price, I drool over what’s available to you over there. Many of the items that you pick up for a pittance, are not even available to us here … let alone for the price! I saw something on a Blog today that cost $20 … reduced from $30 …. IF I’d managed to get it for $300 … I’d have thought myself to have a real steal as it would have usually cost about $900+ over here! & NEVER found in a thrift shop!! If I could afford it, I’d hire a container & bring it back to Oz FULL …!! … especially of Thrift store finds! So, you can see why we envy you guys … even with this, the love of ‘refurbishment’ of pre-loved items is going well & strong in Oz.
    I still can’t wait to be healthy enough to get into all the projects I now have glued in my mind … just waiting for the health & energy to create. I might even start my own blog! lol However, I’d have to leanr to overcome my fear of using a power saw … as well as learning to take decent photographs (or at least remember to take them! lol)… & learn how to set up a Blog … as I am a bit of a technophobe! :-))
    I also need to take a lesson on how to thread & how to use my 4 thread ‘serger’; your Aussie fans call it an ‘overlocker’.
    Thanks for filling us in on how God presented you the opportunity for you your miracle. :-) I’m a very firm believer in miracles as I have been given several during my life … so am sure that one day, this will also come to fruition for me …. not necessarily in the form of a Blog, but at least to achieve what I dream of in my rented duplex.
    Thanks again for a wonderful site … sorry, Blog … lol
    Wendy … :-)

  33. Howdy! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with Search Engine Optimization?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains.
    If you know of any please share. Cheers!

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