Gorgeous Claw Foot Tub and Bathroom from Erin in Alabama!

I love my readers!

I love when you guys send me inspirational pictures and give me your opinions on my home projects!

That kind of interaction is so encouraging and just plain fun!!!

A couple of  years ago, when I was working on my master bedroom makeover in our former home, I posted about how I was planning on painting my four poster cherry bed black.

I absolutely LOVED how my bed turned out!



After my post, I got an email from Erin in Alabama telling me that she did the exact same thing to her bed, and she sent me some pics.  I posted about it HERE.

I loved seeing what her bed looked like, and it got me excited about mine.

Well this week, when I posted about my claw foot tub, I got another email from Erin telling me about the claw foot tub she got for her home.

Here it is:

Hi Traci,
This is Erin from Alabama! I emailed you quite some time ago with pictures of my black painted bedroom furniture. (We had the same bed!) I had to share something else with you! Since last time we have sold our home and built another house and I have a claw foot tub in our master bath! I wanted to share pictures with you.
While building, I searched for an old claw foot tub but nothing came my way so I ordered a “new” acrylic claw foot tub from Overstock. I have included a picture of the foot in oil rubbed bronze to give you an idea of what it would look like if you chose to go that route. 
I have been following you since the beginning and really enjoy reading your blog (and your sister’s and niece’s blog too ). I have also made the drop cloth curtains for our back patio! Your words and ideas inspire many of us! Keep up the good work!
Have a wonderful day.


Thank you, Erin!!!

Here are the pictures that Erin sent me.  Isn’t that tub gorgeous!  And I just love that chandelier!

It makes me so excited about my claw foot tub.


Here is a close up of the oil-rubbed bronze claw feet…

I emailed Erin back and thanked her for the pictures of the tub, but I asked if I could see the rest of her bathroom. :)

She has great taste!

Here is what her email said:

Here are more pictures of the bathroom. Its still kinda a work in progress with the decor. I am having an issue finding rugs that work with each “area”. They are either too big, too small, etc…
I had to go with the blind in the window because my neighbor’s backyard is right there so I couldn’t pull it off not having one. I do want to do some kind of pretty window treatment in there to soften it up a bit. Ideas??
I cant wait to see more of your progress with the addition. I know its fun, crazy, stressful, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time. I totally understand after building this house and doing a lot of the work ourselves. It will be worth it in the end!  
Oh, and I would be delighted for you to share my pictures!
Have a great afternoon!

I absolutely loved seeing her five panel doors in the bathroom!  You know I love 5 panel doors!!!

Oh, such a beautiful, clean bathroom!  Will I ever see the end of saw dust and dirt in my home?

I cannot wait to have a finished bathroom.  *sigh*


Isn’t her bathroom fabulous?!

Thank you, Erin, for sending these gorgeous inspiration pictures to me!

If anyone else has inspirational bathroom pics for me, but you do not have a blog to share them on, just send them to me through an email.


I would love to see them!





  1. OH MY GOSH….I love it, Tracey! I love the tub, the doors, the whole package!!! I can’t wait to see yours; I know it will just as gorgeous!!

  2. Hi, Traci
    Great post. I am converting my master bedroom as well to black and white. This is great inspirations. By the way, I feel your pain when your home is being fixed up and you have to wait, I been there and done that. I have to say I don’t thing I will do it again. Its a lot of work, but I pray God will give you the grace to endure.

    Have a Bless week.


  3. The chandy is an absolute stunner! I’ve never actually thought of putting a chandelier above the tub because I thought it’s not safe. the picture above made me consider the idea. Beautiful!

  4. What a pretty bathroom, her style is so much like yours! I can’t even get over those doors! Makes me want to put them in every room of my house!

  5. Hi Traci,

    Love the way your room turned out! I bought a bed frame just like your newly painted one at a garage sale for $10! So excited! And I’m about to paint it black too, but was wondering if you spray painted it or used something else. I couldn’t find that info in your blog.


  6. Can you tell me where you got those black scrol designs over your bed and bathroom walls? I love it and would love to find something like that.

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