And You Thought We Were Stopping In The Kitchen! Oh no…..



I just wanted to quickly show you what we are up to now.

It’s just a little picture to freak your freak.  Smile


kitchen 024

The above room is not our kitchen.

The chaos had moved to the room next door.


I would love to hear what you think my hubby was thinking in his mind when I took that picture!

(Keep it G rated, ladies.)  Smile


  1. wow!!! lots of projects going!!!! you got my head spinning!!!! LOL!! I know it is gong to look great though. Can not wait to see it at the end!!!

  2. CY: “I Love Traci, she is the mother of my four sons!” “I LOVE TRACI, she is the mother of my four sons!”


    LOL! OH NO, you just didn’t stop with the kitchen, or the addition! Girl, you are a hoot!


    Marilyn C.

  3. “This would go much faster if you put the camera down and help!” I love that you are making the house your own. :)

  4. He is thinking “My wife has the most amazing vision. I’m so lucky to be able to help her make this house look wonderful”. At least that is what I tell myself every time I get that look from my husband…I know that face all too well! ;)

  5. Seriously????? This should be a reality tv show!! You would have America on the edge of their seats. Can’t wait to see the big reveal!!!

  6. “That’s the last time I believe her when she says, But I promise….just a little paint!” LOL!!! My hubby has that same look every time we get knee deep into a project that was just supposed to be a “little paint” ! God Bless ya both!!

  7. Tracie’s comment and Marylin C’s comment – both made me laugh out loud. Can’t top that, too funny! I can’t even imagine what he was thinking… maybe, “Paint the cabinets, my foot!”

    You’re such a joy!

  8. I don’t think I should leave a comment becuase I know exactly what he was thinking, I get the look all the time from my hubsters :)
    Sure can’t wait!

  9. “Oh Lord I love this woman, but she’s gonna kill me yet.” LOL! I’ve got to catch up on what you are doing. I’m up to my eyeballs in my own projects and am getting behind on everyone elses.

  10. Just kidding. He’s really thinking “I don’t care if gorgeous, ripped, smart hunky men that know how to use power tools are the hottest and latest new women’s accessory . . . “

  11. Are you sure it’s not ok for a grown man to cry??? Or did you just show him a picture of Ty Pennington smiling while ripping up a floor?? Traci, I am DYING & wish I could pop over to see all the madness for myself!!

  12. “When I’m 60 years old, and I can’t walk because I spent too much time on my hands and knees, without taking the time to put on knee pads, will you help me get my aluminum walker in and out of the car?????
    Linda S. in NE

  13. Oh, this has been too funny to watch the madness unfold. I’m laughing SO hard right now. I was trying to recap this story to my husband because it’s so funny. He said “I know that look. I’ve seen it in the mirror.”

    Aren’t our men wonderful to put up with how exhausting we can be at times?

    This is great. Keep the blog posts coming.

  14. “Oh honey, not another photo! I have to keep my pace taking up this carpet so we can start on the new wood floors in the living room. Remember, we have lots to get done before the holiday’s!” :)

  15. Go for it! What’s a little more mess NOW while everything is in chaos? I wish I had that mess in my house .My guy is such a whiner! Mainly because he is not confident, doesnt ask” how to” questions, and doesnt have the right tools for these projects. I am soooo envious. But I DO have a good man, even if he is not handy!Yep, go for it! Git ‘er done!

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