New Wood Floors are moving into the den!

I hardly know where to begin.  Smile

Here is what I want you to know, though.

I swear, we are not crazy people! 

I completely understand that if you have followed what we have been up to the past few weeks in the kitchen, that you have enough evidence to prove otherwise.

kitchen 014

And now that we have begun ripping up the carpet in the den, you could say it is a cut and dry case.

But I swear, we are not crazy people.

We have been doing this kind of stuff our whole married life.  Now we just get to share the chaos with thousands of people all over the world!

Fun, huh?!


kitchen 015

In my defense, I did not tell my husband to start working on the den.  He decided it would be best to get these two rooms finished before the holidays.

We had planned on putting hardwood floors down in these two rooms AFTER we were finished with the addition to our home.

However, since I had already opened up a can of worms in the kitchen, and everything in the house is already upside down, my husband decided it would be best to go ahead and get it done!

Of course, I agreed!

So we cleared all of the furniture out of the den.

kitchen 018

You can see in the above picture there is a wall that we will be tearing completely down soon.  Right behind that wall is the staircase to the upstairs in our new addition.  I wanted to be able to see the pretty staircase from the den, so we are getting rid of that wall.


Cy has been working so quickly on the floors, he is just a blur at times…  Smile

kitchen 021


I absolutely LOVE this next picture.  I posted it on my blog and my facebook page yesterday and asked you what you thought Cy was thinking in that picture.

You guys cracked me up!

kitchen 024

Here are a few:
"That’s the last time I believe her when she says, But I promise….just a little paint!" {Shannon}

"Oh Lord I love this woman, but she’s gonna kill me yet."  {Deborah}

"All I asked for was a foot massage.  She never mentioned how much it was going to cost!" {Gina}

"Do you want me to work, or do you want me to pose?"  {Edwina}

“How did I get here?”  {Joy}

"Oh, crap. My picture’s going on the blog."  {Loribeth}


I have a feeling he was thinking ALL of those things and MORE!  Smile


After we rolled up the carpet we found two things.

1.  A linoleum entryway…  (Just screamin’ the 70’s!!!)

kitchen 025


2.  A bump in the subflooring between the kitchen and den.

So Cy had to cut a large section of the subflooring out, fix the floor joists underneath, and add some new subflooring. 


kitchen 026

The boys were eating pop tarts in the bedroom while Cy was cutting a hole in the floor.

He went to Lowe’s to get some more materials, and Eli came running through the kitchen into the den and fell right into the hole!  Not kidding!


kitchen 028


He was fine.  Just a little scared.

We moved that shop vac in front of the doorway to stop any future runners.

Cy got home and repaired the hole and now the subfloor is completely level.

We already have some wood flooring down, and I am hoping to share that with you soon!

We were hoping to have the floors installed, sanded, stained, and polyurethaned before Thanksgiving, but we’re not so sure that will happen.

Oh well!

We have sooooo much to be thankful for!  I am counting my blessings!


Do you think it was smart to go ahead and finish the den floors, or would you have waited until after the holidays?


  1. I would have gone ahead and done them. From the looks of your husbands above photos I say get it while the getting is good. LOL ;) Hope your little Eli is all right. It is going to look great when you guys get done!

  2. I, too, have lived this life. And I say, get ‘er done while the tools are still plugged in. When we stop things around our house, we just lose momentum.

  3. I would have gone for it too! The people that come to your home during the holidays are after all family and friends, not DIY inspectors. I am sure they love seeing the progress in your home and they are not not there to judge. Enjoy the holidays and celebrate what a fantastic job you are doing.

  4. That picture of your husband is funny :) It is amazing that he knows how to do all of this stuff though & is able to do it for you. You are so lucky!

  5. I am assuming that you’re not hosting the big family get together this year, so why not do the floors now?! :) That gives you the cooler months to putz with paint and everything else, right?!

  6. Hey, I shot you an email recently about your subway art. DId ya happen to get that? From the looks of all your projects, though, I think you’ve already answered my question. :) Things are lookin good!

  7. I am sure that you know how blessed you are, but as the wife of a wonderful guy who is tool impaired, I just want to tell you again. I cannot imagine my DH even thinking about this kind of stuff.
    Have a blessed day.

  8. Well, you can say you’re not crazy people all you want, but I don’t believe it! :) I think if your husband is willing to do all that work then let him have at it! I would NEVER say to my husband ‘Oh, let’s wait til later to do that’ !!
    We were doing a kitchen remodel one year and none of my appliances were hooked up…the frig was in the garage! So we ordered a take-out Thanksgiving meal from Cracker Barrel and it was great. Have fun!!

  9. I am glad it’s you and not me! (Although we just finished a 3 room reno.) I love to see others’ projects.
    I was just wondering, are you planning on removing the Island and putting new flooring underneath?
    Great to see your progress. There is no gain without PAIN!!!

  10. You guys crack me up !!! I can’t even wipe this smile off my face this morning!! It makes perfect sense to me that if you have your kitchen ENTIRELY tore up, an addition to your home ENTIRELY in progress, that you would tear up the Den in it’s ENTIRETY … all at the same time and just days before Thanksgiving!!! There isn’t a soul on earth that wouldn’t have done the same thing (or not)! LOL

    You have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving that’s for sure and plenty to look forward to before Christmas. God bless you both and your boys …. and you all are a blessing to us out here! Keep it up … you’re quite the entertainment! love Love LOVE what you’re doing!

  11. Tracie,

    My flooring downstairs is coming up right as I type this email. Our toilet leaked and now we have to replace about 700 square feet of hardwood! OMG, this holiday season is going to be fun….

    Lawrenceburg KY

  12. I’m glad it’s not just us. Though I have to admit I’ve never been all in like that. Funny story about the your son. That would happen at my house too. Glad he wasn’t hurt. Good luck getting finished before Thanksgiving.

  13. WOW! You should have a DIY reality show with all that is going on in your house! Maybe participate in a series on “Renovation Realities” (since we can’t fit all of this into a 30 minute episode). ;-)

    It’s going to be GREAT though!!

  14. You guys ARE crazy and I LOVE IT!! And why wait? If you’ve already got a mess, might as well get it all done now! My only complaint is that your updates just don’t come fast enough! ;) When I click on your bookmark in my Favorites (you’re listed first), I’m excited to see your updates! And I’m so glad Eli is ok!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your wonderful family!!

  15. Oh I would have definitely done them now. I hope you are not hosting Thanksgiving though?? In the end you will be glad you did it all now. Once you get one mess cleaned up it is always hard to start another project.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Girl, you KNOW I don’t think you guys are crazy! But if you could see our house right now you might think WE’RE crazy- LOL! We’re shooting some footage for our pilot here in two weeks and I just knocked a big hole in the wall that separates our guest bathroom from our pantry. Oops. Guess that’ll need to be fixed soon. <:-)

  17. What a great husband you have! But you already knew this. It is so great that you both work so good together….you tell him what to do AND he doesn it. Just kidding! Have a great Thanksgiving in your new home!

  18. umm… You two really do need your own DIY show!!!! This is amazing!! Go for it while you’re on a roll!!!!! :) btw… you have heard of “The Lettered Cottage”… I’m sure…. That is who you two remind me of !! LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving… and Blessings to you and the family!!!! Terri

  19. I literally laughed out loud as I read this!! Especially the part about your son falling through the hole!! Don’t think me mean, I’ve just been there!! My then 4 yr old didn’t know her Daddy had ripped up the whole kitchen floor cause she was napping,. When she woke, she walked to the doorway, pushed the plastic to the side and stepped right into the crawl space! We still laugh to this day!! And I’m very glad your little one is fine!! Have fun with all the crazy and a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  20. Oh Traci, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us.

    Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving Season.


    Marilyn C.

  21. This made me laugh, this sounds exactly what our house with a little boy is like…they get going 90 mile an hour they don’t look where they are going! Oh and I don’t think your crazy at all, if anything I am a little jealious;)

  22. I would say do it. It takes my husband forever to get something finished. so do it while it was “his” idea.

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