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Today, I am going to show you a super, super easy Thanksgiving craft that I created for a guest post a while back ago.


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I got this idea from my friend, Julie.  She decorated some pumpkins and candles for the Ladies Fall Retreat at our church, and I fell in love with them.  She used split peas and lentils.  Here is a picture I took at the retreat…

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I started my project with some pumpkins, white spray paint, and a bag of split peas.

(Please ignore the two candles in the picture below, I ended up not using them for this project.) Smile


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I covered the stems of the pumpkins up with some paper towel and tape.

Nikon 168

Then I sprayed those babies outside late at night!

To spray paint the bottom, I waited for the top of the pumpkin to dry and then I turned it over and placed it in bowl covered in a plastic bag.

Nikon 169


The next step in decorating my pumpkin was to apply the split peas.

I bought some double stick adhesive paper from Michael’s (in the scrapbooking section).

Nikon 171

I cut the paper in strips to attach to the pumpkin.


Nikon 176


In the picture below, you can see how the adhesive sheet sticks to the pumpkin.  On the left of the picture is what it looks like when you first apply it.  The right side of the picture shows the adhesive once I removed the white paper.


Nikon 174


In some spots, the adhesive pulled some of the paint off of the pumpkin, but I didn’t worry about it.  Once the peas were added, you did not see it a bit!

Nikon 177



I poured my bag of split peas into a dish and then rolled my pumpkin in them.  The split peas adhered very easily to the pumpkin.  If there were any bare spots on my pumpkin, I would just scoop up some peas in my hand and press them on the adhesive.

Nikon 175


I had some brown ribbon, so I added some bows to the tops of the pumpkins.  I love the dark brown of the ribbons with the green of the split peas.

Nikon 192


I had a “Give Thanks to the Lord” vinyl decal from Leen the Graphics Queen that I hadn’t used yet,  and I thought it would look good in this vignette.  So I applied it to a white plate and placed it behind my pumpkins.  If you would like to order this vinyl for only $5.00, you can purchase it HERE.

Nikon 204


I decided to take some pictures without the ribbons…

Nikon 208


I love how natural and simple this vignette is.

Nikon 220


And I am in love with split peas now!  Smile  Don’t they make a gorgeous embellishment?!

Nikon 223


I gathered up some more white things for my vignette to fill up the space on my buffet.

Nikon 243

I told you this project was super easy!

(BTW, I did this project before the kitchen renovation began.  I’m sorry to say it is no longer on the buffet.  And the buffet is not longer in the kitchen.  :)  But it looked good for a while!)


Now for the winner of the Nest of Posies giveaway!!!

Congratulations to Stephanie!!


The Honey Pot

(Who has a  precious little blog, btw.  I loved reading some of her posts.  What a sweet spirit she has!)


  1. These are simply beautiful! I remember seeing your photos before, so I must have seen the guest post you did. I’ve never tried those double sided sticky sheets before, but now that I’ve seen what can be done with them, I’m gonna pick some up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love your split pea embellishments, Traci! You’ve made a beautiful Thanksgiving vignette.

    Have I ever told you that I have the same white dishes you have? Your aunt gave you these, didn’t she? Please let me know if you ever decide to get different dishes; I’ll buy these from you. The pattern is discontinued!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week. Love you!

  3. Oh My Goodness!! ~Squeal! Can you hear me celebrating all the way in Mississippi?! I am thrilled to be the winner of this! I have admired her stuff for a while now! Woo hoo! Thank you SO much Traci and for the kind words too. wow.

    And..I love this project today.. So simple and elegant. Good stuff.

  4. I was skeptical when I read “split peas” but these turned out very attractive and you’ve used my favorite color combination of white, green and brown! That double-stick stuff could come in very handy!!!

  5. What a lovely idea!!!! I’ve been doing a number of fun craft ideas using split peas this fall…but I’ve not seen this.

    Love it.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I love the white pumpkins and peas! How cute! Now I know what to do with all the leftover peas and lentils I have from my Thanksgiving projects from the Pinterest Challenge. It’s so cute!

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