I LOVE My New Pantry!!! {Painting Made Easy with Wagner Power Painter}


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Well, the pantry is finished!!


We still have to change the hinges and get some dummy knobs for the outside of the doors.

But that can be done later.

The MAIN thing is that it is finished “enough” to store my pantry food (and more) in it.

Thank goodness!

Having all of our food in Adam and Eli’s bedroom was not very convenient.

I am having a hard time getting used to having the food in the kitchen though.  Tonight, I went into the boys’ room to get some syrup for our waffles. (Yes, we had waffles for dinner tonight.) Smile

I stood in the middle of their bedroom and thought, “Now, what did I come in here for?”

And then I remembered, “Oh yeah!  The syrup!  Which is now in our new pantry!”

Silly me.

kitchen 007

This pantry has soooo much room! Yay!


I had to tell you about a new tool we have in our house that we l-o-v-e, LOVE!

kitchen 010

It is the Wagner Power Painter (compliments of One Project Closer).

kitchen 015

This was the perfect tool for painting our ceiling.  It was amazing how smoothly it went on.

kitchen 006

My husband kept shouting things like, “This thing is awesome!” and “Oh yeah, baby!” as he was painting.

That’s pretty cool when you are doing a project that usually makes you say things like, “$#%@%!@%&*!”

Cy said the best thing about this tool was the powerful motor.  It made the paint come out strong and evenly.

kitchen 011


There is a little bit of overspray, but not much.  However, it was enough that we needed to cover our furniture with plastic, just to be safe.


kitchen 008

Oh yes!  It’s a glamorous life we lead here. Smile

I bet you are just pea green with envy looking at these pictures, aren’t ya?


kitchen 007


The paint sprayer cut our work time in half. Literally!

And the finish it left on the wood was way better than a paint brush or roller.  It is as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

We loved the Wagner Power Painter so much, we decided to use it inside or pantry too.

Can you say, “Glorious?!”


kitchen 002

I usually hate painting shelves.  It is a pain to get all the way in the corners and underneath.

Not a problem with our paint sprayer.

Cy had the inside of our pantry painted in just a couple minutes.


kitchen 003


It was like instant gratification.

kitchen 005

We let the paint dry and then gave it one more good coat.



Cy said the only negative about a paint sprayer is the clean up. It is not fun to make sure you get all the paint cleaned out of the spray nozzle.  However, he said it was sooooo worth the clean up process in order to paint our ceiling and pantry so quickly and so professional-looking.

We are using our Wagner Power Painter on our lower cabinets too.  I am so grateful that we have this tool.

We are planning on using it for many more projects in our home, especially when we paint the exterior of our home in the spring.  (Y’all have probably been wondering when we are going to do that.) Smile


But for now, I am enjoying my beautiful newly painted pantry…

kitchen 017


I haven’t organized the pantry.  There is a bunch of stuff on the floor of the pantry and the top shelf that won’t be there once we get our kitchen completely finished.


kitchen 002

And I still plan on adding a film to the window panes on the door so you will not be able to see in the pantry quite so easily.

kitchen 005


So here is what we are up to today…

Cy is going to finish painting the lower cabinets when he gets home from work, and I am going to try and get the paint for the walls today. Picking a wall color makes me really nervous.  Wish me luck!

I am also going to look at getting hardware for the cabinets.

Later this week, we will be ripping up the linoleum floor and installing hard wood!

Can’t wait to share it with you.  Smile



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  1. Traci! I’m not pea green with envy over your kitchen….well, I WILL be, but that sprayer! OH my word! I need one of those! :) Everything is looking fabulous! I can’t wait to see the paint color you choose for the walls! xoxo

  2. Isn’t it awesome? I won the same sprayer from My Repurposed Life and used it this weekend for the first time. Such a fun toy and the coverage is amazing. The kitchen is looking great, Traci. That pantry and ceiling are fabulous!

  3. Fantastic! Once again…you’ve inspired me! :) And I signed up for the One-Project-Closer newsletter! THANKS! <3

  4. Love, love, love your kitchen reno so far! I know you must be over the moon happy with the way it’s turning out. So happy for you!

    Yes, imho a paint sprayer is an absolute MUST-have tool for the DIYer. If you think it does ceilings and pantry shelves great, you should try it on furniture! The finish comes out awesome. Little to no sanding required between coats for a smooth, professional looking finish with no brush or roller marks. And such a time-saver! I have an older model Wagner that I have used to paint probably 20+ pieces of furniture in my home over the past few years. Couldn’t live without it!

  5. It looks amazing! I have a Wagner sprayer that I haven’t used in forever. I’m going to dust it off and use it to paint our kitchen cabinets. I’ve been dreading painting them, and now I’m ready! Thanks for the push!

  6. I just have to say that I am LOVING what you are doing with your kitchen!!! Your blog gets me in a project mood every time I read. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  7. That sounds like an awesome spray gun. Some of these spray guns do not have a good motor and tend to spit out the paint more than an even spray. I can imagine how much easier it was to paint your ceiling with it. I wish I had one when I painted my kitchen cabinets.
    Your pantry is gorgeous and your kitchen will be too. Can’t wait to see what other fun projects you will do in there.


  8. Sure could have used that sprayer when totally repainting the entire inside of our home. Sigh. Everything is looking wonderful!

  9. Wow it looks amazing! I have to remember that power painter for when we get ready to do the outside of our house…..looks like it would save us a lot of time. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the cabinets!
    Happily following Ashley @ Thereisnoplacelikehomemade ;)

  10. Looks great. We were thinking of asking for a paint sprayer for Christmas. So you just put the regular paint in it?? Are you going to follow up with a seeler or protectant? And if so, will you spray that on too? Or do it the old fashioned way? Let me know!

    Thanks and good luck!

  11. I’m so happy for you, girl! I’m really proud of the way y’all are doing this–it’s going to be a beautiful kitchen, and you’re doing it all with your own hands! Glad you got the sprayer–what a wonderful tool. I’m guessing I’d think the cleanup was well worth it, too!

  12. EEEK! My hubby was just contemplating getting one! A fresh coat of paint in our house when we go to sell it (hopefully in the spring) is just what we need! Have you had to use it on any textured walls? I’m so excited- we are having the electrician out tomorrow to add the extra circuit for the range hood and microwave- so we when we redo our kitchen we can mount the microwave over the stove and free up what limited valuable counter space we do have. I SOOOOoo want your pantry!!!

  13. Wow, Traci! Your kitchen is looking fabulous!! I might have to fly you two up here to remodel MY kitchen when you’re done!! ;O)

  14. Wow does your pantry look fabulous!! I have to say, I know you were a little disappointed having to move into a fixer upper, but I was secretly happy as I KNEW we were in for a DIY journey & I’m lovin it! The ceilings are ROCKIN!! Your kitchen remodel is like watching a mini-series on TV & freaking out when the episode ends & you have to wait till next week to pick up where it left off. I am DYING to see what you’ve done with your cabinets as well as the color you pick for the walls :)

  15. Your pantry looks great! You have inspired me in my kitchen and I’m trying to convince my husband to let me tear down a wall of cabinets to put in a long thin pantry like yours! Mine is much longer so I think I’m going to have to go with interior sliding bi-fold french doors, but I think it would work!

    Thanks for the inspiration! LOVE your blog, and I can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out!

  16. Hi Traci! Love reading your blog and boy can I relate to the covered up furniture!! We are having our master bath redone (eliminated that huge jet tub that took up 1/3 of the room and replaced with a very large shower). However, we are having it done (I convinced my husband to let professionals do it so it will be completed by Thanksgiving before both our kids return home from college) Anyway, on to the main point of my comment; I too was frustrated and couldn’t decide on a paint color for the room and ended up at the local Benjamin Moore dealer who has a designer on staff to help you pick colors. I took in a sample of my counters, tile, and cabinets and she picked some amazing colors that I never would have thought of. She kept insisting that for a kitchen or bath, you must pick your paint color from your countertop cuz that’s the main accent of the room. Just wanted to pass that on for what it’s worth. Keep up the good work; love seeing your progress!!

  17. The ceiling and pantry look awesome! I can see where you are going with the remodel and it will be AMAZING!! Great job!! I keep showing my husband your ceiling trying to convince him that we need a wood ceiling too. I have been begging since we moved in! Your’s was worth every penny…it will be such a charming little cottage kitchen when you get through with it!!

  18. Hi Traci!
    How deep is your new pantry? Im just trying to guestimate how deep to make mine in our new kitchen.

  19. Instead of buying new hinges, how about spraying them oil rubbed bronze??? I should talk — I still have those glaringingly shiny brass ones on all of my new paneled doors in the house. Painting them is just is so far down the list!!! Thought that that would save some money whereas a can of ORB is about five bucks!

  20. WOW! Your pantry looks great. I totally understand your difficulty finding the syrup. We bought a new frig a few weeks ago and since we had to trim the cabinet above it it was in the breakfast nook for a week, But even though the frig is in its correct place now I keep going to the breakfast nook to get food out of the frig.
    Your kitchen is looking good, keep up the good work.

  21. It looks amazing Traci! Who knew a pantry could look so lovely??? And I AM pea-green with envy, but also happy for you that you had that awesome sprayer to do the ceiling and pantry shelves with. Oh man I want a sprayer badly. If you told a 20 year old version of myself that my 40 year old self would be dying over a sprayer I would have said NO WAY but yes, it’s true. Glad your kitchen is coming together and you don’t have to go to the boy’s room for the syrup anymore!

  22. Oh, wow! Wish we had known about that thing before we brush-painted our ceiling planks! I’m happy with out they turned out, but that would’ve been a heckuva lot faster! :-D

  23. Traci, my friend is using a similar sprayer and is curious if Cy had to use turpentine or mineral spirits to clean out the sprayer? I’ve only used acrylic in mine so I know soap and water works fine for that.

    Your kitchen looks fabulous!


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