Paint and Putty

Well, yesterday was a day of painting.

That is not the fun part, but it has to be done.

My sweet daddy came over to help me.

kitchen 035

I love any chance I get to spend with him.  Even if it is painting a ceiling!

We had the country music up loud, and of course he bought me a coke from McDonald’s to keep me going.  I love that man!  Smile


We focused on putting a coat of paint on the ceiling and the pantry.


kitchen 036


We only had about a half a day to work, so we did as much as we could.

I put the first coat of paint on the ceiling, and I already love it.

Unfortunately, the nail holes and natural wood holes show up once you paint it white.

kitchen 040


So now we are filling in the holes with wood filler. Not a hard job…just tedious.

Here is the wood filler we used, and the paint I am using on the pantry doors.  I will also be using this paint on the bottom cabinets when I paint them.  (Hopefully soon!)

kitchen 047


The pantry doors still need one more coat of paint…

kitchen 046

Whew!  We are getting there!


My husband is off work from the bank tomorrow, so our goal is to finish the pantry and the ceiling.

He is also going to make some cabinets for beside and above the stove.

(I’m going to share more about that in another post.)



I am also going to try and make a decision on what color I want to paint the walls.

I am going for a very light color on the walls.  Maybe something with a hint of gray?

I love the color For the Love of a House has on her kitchen walls.


For the Love of a House

I also love just white walls.  The are so bright and crisp.


Do you have any paint colors you think I should check out?

Any inspiration pictures you want to share?

I’ll have a conversation going on my Beneath My Heart facebook page if you would like to chime in!

Have a blessed day!


  1. hmmmm … I would have guessed you would have gone with a very dark chocolate to make your beautiful white ceiling and cabinets (I’m assuming you will paint them or distress them white) stand out … the anticipation is killing me now !! You’re going in a direction I wouldn’t have pictured … FUN FUN FUN!! Whatever you choose, we know it will be bEautiful !!!!!

  2. I actually DON’T like white walls. I lived in apartments for a long time and couldn’t paint the walls. I always envied painted walls!!

  3. Ohhh…it looks so good already!

    Good luck on Friday with it…may you have happy boys who keep themselves entertained all day long….

    : )

  4. We just painted our LR/kitchen Subtle Touch by Behr and its perfect! I wanted that calm, soothing grey with a slight hint of that slate blue undertone without it being too white. Its right in between your two pictures.

  5. You will love the light grey walls. Here’s a link that shows my paint if you scroll down a bit. It’s a VERY light grey with a slight green undertone (in my opinion). I used to have darker walls and just needed a change. I was tired of the heavy dark colours our house had and I love the light airy feeling we got after the renovation. It’s called Grey Mist by Benjamin Moore. I am so in love with your ceiling!! I hope we can pull that off in our future laundry room re-do!

  6. Hi Traci,
    So much depends on the natural light you have coming into your space? Artifical light will change the true ness of any color in a space. To much natural light could make a light color such as white be very intense or stark! If your heart is set on using white, I would recommend using a white with an under tone of another color – cream, biege, grey or green. Do you have art work or accessories in the kitchen that you could pull one of those colors from? Definitely, paint your walls in a eggshell finish or in a satin finish (if your kids like to touch everything as they run through the house:)) I would then paint the trim in a true white with a gloss finish – that way the hint of color on your walls will give a slight contrast to the trim and also warm up the space just enough. Lots to consider when using white:)
    On another note, I would be interested in doing a giveaway with you. I sent a couple emails but I’m sure like most of us at this time of year you are inundated with requests. Would love to hear from you soon:) Thanks, Stefanie

  7. I too was inspired by Joan’s kitchen from For the Love of a House, chose the same colors (walls Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl and the cabinets/trim Benjamin Moore’s White Dove) and I love it! Feel free to email me if you’d like me to forward pictures of the colors in my kitchen. Sometimes just seeing it in a different space (less light/more light) makes a difference in final decisions.

    1. I too love Joan’s kitchen – acutally her whole house! I would love to see your kitchen as well. We are building a new home in a couple of years and I intend to use all of Joan’s colors that she used. I have bought most of the sample pots of her colors; some are very close in color. I am guessing she used slightly different colors, depending on the lighting in the rooms. Thanks. Roseann in Alberta.

  8. Oh it is going to look soooo great! :) :) As far as the colour for your walls is concern, what about some sort of greyish sage or greyish mashroom??? I think that would contrast lovely with white ceiling, pantry door and white cabinets? What do you think?

  9. Painting is not fun, especially ceilings. I have done so much painting lately and there is still so much to do. How do you survive without a functioning kitchen? It’s tough. It will be worth it in the end.

  10. Stephanie,
    I love your ceiling! We put a different ceiling in each room of our house and we love it!
    It is looking so nice!!

  11. Everything is looking so good. I love white walls and gray walls also. Whatever you pick will be perfect. Maybe even the gray/white mentioned.

  12. Have you seen Maria Killam’s (color expert) blog, Color Me Happy? Last winter I had to choose paint for the living room, kitchen, and foyer, without really knowing what I wanted and what I was doing. Her advice was so helpful. I ended up using white, but she explains all about when to do white and when not to. Just thought this might be helpful. Everything is looking great with your kitchen! Gail

  13. We had a pale grayish green color in the kitchen in our previous home and Loved it. It worked great with glossy white trim, was nicely muted but offered a little warm color at the same time. And it brought in just the right amount of a natural color without screaming NATURE! That would be great with all your acreage around. I think it was called Fennel from one of the paints that Lowe’s offers. Happy Painting!

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