We’re Tearing Down the Walls! {Well, a little bit of ‘em}


I wanted to show you the progress on our wood floors.

We have decided to go ahead and install the wood floors in our den while the house is upside down.

And from the comments on yesterday’s post, all of you agree that we should “Just Do It!”

Here is a picture of how our kitchen leads into our den….


kitchen 014


You can see the paint color I have chosen for the kitchen above the doorway.

I’ll share that soon! Smile


kitchen 015


The wall in the picture below is the one we have started to tear down.

Directly behind that wall is our new staircase.

We do not want to take the whole wall down because the addition is not insulated, so Cy just tore out the bottom of the wall to make room for the new flooring.

kitchen 016


The door leading into that room will be gone too.  Tearing that part of the wall down will make that space feel soooo much more open!

kitchen 017

The door to our bedroom and the door to our bathroom will be taken out and covered with a wall.

kitchen 022

See that hole in the wall on the right?

That will section of the wall will be coming down too!

(Of course, neither of these walls are “load bearing” walls.)

kitchen 020

I am considering painting our fireplace. 

What do you think about that?!

I am going to see what it looks like first with our new floors and new wall color before I decide.

We’ll see…


kitchen 021


Since we have no furniture in the kitchen, and no furniture in our den, it has made eating quite interesting at our house.

Here is what breakfast looked like this morning…

kitchen 026


My poor boys.  Smile


As crazy as it may be at our house, life is made of precious moments like these.


I am planning on shooting a video today of our addition.  I will hopefully share it tomorrow!


Have a blessed day!



  1. The floors are going to be awesome! Taking down those sections of wall will really open up the room. Your blog holds great memories of all the chaos that will become a wonderful, blessed home! Now, go shoot that video! :)

  2. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without football (at least that is what it looks like is on the TV). That just cracks me up!! :)

    I can’t wait to see what beauty you create in that house of yours!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. This sounds excellent. Especially the part about removing the doors to your bedroom and bathroom and replacing them with a solid wall instead. Just curious, though, do you think that your bedroom and bathroom will be a little bit less useful if there are no doorways leading into them? Make sure you get the cat out of the room before you wall up the doors or it will just sit there and meow meow meow all night and drive you crazy and you’ll end up tearing down the wall to get the cat out.

  4. It is going to look so fabulous when it is all done! Keep tearing down walls :) Go for the gusto!!!LOVE it! Oh and before you even mentioned painted the fireplace, I was thinking, “oh that would look so good white or a “white wash”! Picture of your kids is hilarious!

  5. Love the boy’s breakfast picnic! These are precious memories.

    Are you staining the floors are will they be the natural color?

    Love, love, love the new kitchen paint color.

  6. The boys eating their breakfast together is awesome!!! SO cute. I say paint the fireplace! What the heck… you are so far into it now, may as well go all the way!

  7. You’re nuts! And I am enjoying every minute of it! Haha. :) Seriously though, your blog is my favorite. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

  8. Absolutely paint the fireplace brick….you will love it!!!! I am REALLY enjoying this project…..keep up the good work. What in the world will y’all do when it’s finished?! Happy Thanksgiving. Linda

  9. Definitely paint the fireplace white! If I had brick instead of stacked stone I would paint mine. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  10. Traci, please please please don’t paint the fireplace. My husband and I just bought our first house and the previous owners painted it white. I hate it and I want to remove it but I don’t think it’s possible whithout tons of chemicals. Heres a link to my horribly akward ugly fireplace. Hopefully it will make you think twice about painting yours.


  11. Girl, all I can say is, “I hope you are NOT hosting the Turkey Dinner at your place!” It is going to be fabulous!!

  12. Looks awesome!!! I ordered a sample of 5 inch raw pine from lumber liquidators. Thinking about laying it upstairs. Is that what y’all have down? Cannot wait to see:) ps I love my painted fireplace;)

  13. I think your fireplace is beautiful as is. The brick is very pretty and adds textural interest to the room. Personally, I would hate it if I looked at a house to buy and someone had painted a brick fireplace. I doubt you would ever be able to get the paint off again.

  14. Though we’ve never attempted renovations on the scale of yours – I smiled at your breakfast photo! Our renovations had family meals eaten in odd locations as well and gave rise to a family phrase, I can’t deal with that now – “One disaster at a time!”

  15. Traci,
    Been lovin watching your reno!! Everyday I log on to see “what has Traci done today?” I love it when there is an update. I have 2 boys and can totally see the same breakfast table happening here when we do work on our kitchen. :)
    I agree with some of the others, don’t paint the fireplace!! I love the variety of colors it has. If you paint it, you may never be able to return it to the original. Our home has a brick fireplace and I’m so glad the previous owners didn’t paint it. I just love it. Although, I’ll still follow your blog if you do decide to paint it. ;)
    Best of luck as you continue. Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. oh yeahhhhh!! You answered my question…. I was wondering what your husband was going to do about the floors when the walls came down and the floors were already done!!! lol….. I should have known….. there was a brilliant plan in the works!!!! WOW!!!! Just my humble opinion…. but paint the fireplace white!!! :) Terri

  17. Traci, I have to say, Don’t paint the fireplace. This one reminds me of the one you had in your master bedroom in your other house.
    I am glad that you are going to wait and see how the whole pictures looks before you paint. You might like it just the way it is. Love to come to your blog and see the progress you have made. It’s so much fun watching others do renovations!!! NO MESS for me!

  18. I love all of your remodeling! And, can’t wait to see the finished product. I have to say that I LOVE your fireplace as is and almost gasped when you said you might paint it. The colors in it remind me so much of Joan’s kitchen fireplace (“For the Love of a House”) and it would bounce beautifully against your new wall color. :)

  19. I have to vote YES to paint your fireplace!! We had a brick fireplace in our old home & we painted it white & it made a HUGE difference. I personally don’t like the look of brick so I am a bit biased :)



    Hang in their boys!!!!! It will be all worth it this time next year. Eli – you be sweet to your momma!

  21. Have you considered staining the fireplace brick? I didn’t even know you could do that, but my sister stained the brick on the outside of her house and it looks awesome! Completely different! Just an idea!

  22. Your boys are just PRECIOUS! :)
    I think the fireplace would look FANTASTIC painted white{or some lighter color}!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Yes, I think you should paint the fireplace a nice creamy white. Please share info of your floors. Wood species? Width? Brand? Your precious Traci & I love your remodeling ideas and ohhhhh sweet Cy.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

  24. Traci,
    I am not surprised you are doing the wood floors now. Makes sense. When my husband and I redid our half bath years ago in a house we lived in PA the very same domino effect happened. Well, if we are going to change the vanity we will need to do the floor….if we replace the mirror we’ll have to find a new light fixture…..blah blah…LOL and you know the rest of the story all too well, right?
    I like your brick fireplace. I think it will lend great texture to the room when it’s done. I would however beef up the mantel. Something a little more substantial may warm you up to the brick. As always , I am sure whatever you and Cy decide to do will come out looking fabulous.

    Oh and by the way, I am so loving your pantry. Lotsa space and it’s beautiful to boot. I can’t wait to see the end of the kitchen reno. It’s gonna be beautiful….like magazine worthy beautiful. : )

  25. LOL! The picture of the boys with the captions totally CRACKED ME UP! So much so, that I had to explain to my husband why I was laughing so hard! I totally brought him up to speed with what has been going on at your house so he understands the humor behind it! : ) It is all looking fantastic! I didn’t get to comment the other day, but I think going ahead with the wood floors into the den was the right decision! Might as well get it done!! And as far as the fireplace….I think you should totally paint it!! : )

  26. When time poor there are the blogs that I occassionally skip but definitely not yours Traci! I can’t wait to see each day what part of your house your managed to rip apart. Absolutely loving all this positive energy activity……B:) x

  27. I love seeing you remodeling progress. Also, your explicit explanations of which walls are going. It really helps to picture things. And NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO DO NOT paint your fireplace. That’s just my opinion. ;-)

  28. Everything is shaping up beautifully in your home, Traci. I am loving coming here everyday to see the progress. I have to say though, I am on team, “Don’t paint your brick!” This is coming from a girl who will paint anything that will sit still to be painted but your brick fireplace looks so warm and adds so much character to the room. I do think a custom surround would look great because it wouldn’t cover all the brick but you have to live with it so, unless you really hate it…let it be! Now get back to work, I can’t wait to see the finished project! :D

  29. This is so funny….your husband must have the patience of Job! I love what you’re doing to the new house and it is going to be fabulous. Your boys are so funny in that picture! Yes, paint the brick!
    Love an shalom and Happy Thanksgiving.

  30. Well, since everything you choose to do in your homes turns out so well, I have no reason to think all of these projects will be anything other than terrific. :) I’m thinking about painting my brick fireplace surround, as well, so I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with yours!

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