A Light for my Kitchen Sink


I cannot write this post without first thanking you for the over 200 amazing comments on yesterday’s post.

I read every single one!  I read them to my husband.  I forwarded some to my sister.  My dad and I were talking about them today.  (He read every single one too.)  Honestly, if you need encouragement, you  may want to go read them too.  They were amazing!

Your comments were heart-felt, loving, humbling, praise worthy, gracious, kind, heart-breaking, joyous, compassionate, empathetic, encouraging, and I could go on and on.

I cried as I read the comments too.

I wish I could write every single one of you back.  I really, sincerely do.   But I just don’t know if time will allow it.   Please know that if I could, I would hug each of you.  I would invite you to meet me at Panera, and we would talk for hours over soup and salad about life and blogs and everything in between!  Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever?!

That post was hard for me to write.  I cried as I wrote it.  And it took me almost two hours to write.

But I am so glad I did.

God is using YOU and this blog to continue to grow beauty in my broken places.

I praise HIM!


Now let’s talk “kitchen”, want to?  Smile

Many of you asked about the lighting in my kitchen.

Truth be told, there’s not much of it. 

We have installed recess lighting above the shelves, but that is all the light we have in that room right now.

kitchen 016 (2)


I do not want to hang lights in the middle of the room or above the table right now, because I am not sure how I want the room to look yet.

kitchen 004

We may be creating a new space for the table, and I may or may not be putting an island in the center of the kitchen.  Until I make those decisions, I do not want to install anymore lighting.

kitchen 019 (2)


But I do want a light for above the kitchen sink.  Doesn’t the window look bare without my Christmas wreath?

kitchen 006

I took the wreath down to try and figure out what type of light I want to put there.



Of course, I could always put in a light above the sink like the one below.  I call those “school house” lights, and they are very characteristic of older homes.  (I like that island too, don’t you?)




Here are some more “school house” lights…




I also thought about putting a mini chandelier above the sink to give the kitchen a little “bling.”  Isn’t this one gorgeous?…

brown country living



Here is the look of a lantern above the sink.  I like it too!




These are probably my favorite.  I would only want one over my sink, but oh my goodness!  Aren’t they gorgeous?!  I would love to wash dishes under those beauties!!

pendants over sink



And I love these mercury glass pendant lights!  I found this picture on a site where it is just a list of emails talking about a subject, so I couldn’t find a source.  Someone called this pendant light an Argento pendant light.  I googled it, and these babies are hundreds of dollars!


But I think it would look AMAZING over my kitchen sink!!  I’m wondering if I could find a cheaper version somewhere else?


This last picture is just a glass pendant light.  It is simple and beautiful, so maybe I should go with something like this?




Decisions, decisions!

What type of light do you think

I should put above my kitchen sink?

(Inspiration pictures in the comments are welcome!) 



  1. I didn’t comment yesterday, but I did cry when I read your post. Thank you for your reminder that God will do beautiful things with broken-ness. I sometimes forget that.

    Your kitchen looks beautiful and makes me think that I can transform my own.


  2. I, too, have yet to comment on yesterday’s post. It struck such a nerve that I think I’ll wait until I’m a bit better composed myself. Thank you for sharing the depth of your feelings.
    Concerning the lighting: definitely the shorter School house light, with the glass pendant coming in second place, perhaps hanging over the island or table if you decide to head in that direction. The natural wood island shown in the first photo would look stunning and I’ve read many great tutorials for something similar.
    The school house is classic and charming and provides great light. I’m still enjoying mine and they are original to the house which was built in 1914, so you can’t argue with their longevity, both stylistically or functionally! While I like the others alot, I always go for the calming and easy to clean for the kitchen.
    Are you going to have any under cabinet/shelf lighting? After adding that when I redid my kitchen, I don’t know how I lived without it. It’s LowVoltage strip minilights with a dimmer. Also great for showing off displays. Your new kitchen is beautiful and I AM SURE whatever you ultimately decide will rock!

  3. We have old school house lights in our kitchen. One ceiling mount over the sink and two on long extension poles over the island. I love them but just a bit of warning..it is hard to change the bulb in the one over the sink as it is so high. We have to get out the ugly green ladder. I think any of them will look great. I guess just think ahead a bit as to what would coordinate if you put in an island.

  4. I LOVE the school house lights, we are in the process of swapping ours out for those, but I think in your sweet little kitchen I like the chandelier the best :)

  5. First, thank you so much for yesterday’s post. I understand broken. I lost my husband suddenly to cancer 10 years ago. There’s been lots of “broken” over the years, some, like yours, that started with something simple that reminded me of all that has changed. I often wished I could tell someone how I felt but worried that no one would really understand. Thank you for being brave enough to show that side. I’m sure that your mom is looking down and smiling with love and pride.

    Now, on a different note – what about taking a glass pendant and doing a faux mercury glass technique on it. Great way to get the look of the really expensive pendant without the scary price! Your kitchen looks amazing! I’ve loved watching the transformation. I’m trying to talk myself into tackling my 30+ year old kitchen and looking at yours gives me encouragement to try my own!

  6. My 2 cents on the sink lighting: go with something simple that wouldn’t interfere/detract from seasonal decorations you might hang at the window (like the wreath). I really like the schoolhouse lights and I think the simpler style goes better with the new ceiling. I’d save the bling for the open shelves. In the sample photos I notice the smanchier light fixtures are the focus and don’t have any open shelving around (which would give focal competition).

  7. You are just precious Traci!!!

    My love for chandeliers would make me lean toward a beautiful small antique type chandelier, with or without shades, just for a bit of bling …

    BUT, I absolutely love the school house lighting that you pictured. And, they really do fit your room … can’t wait until you post your choice!

  8. Hi Traci,
    go to the west elm website, they have alot of nice lighting and not that expensive. I recently got the mercury glass pendants and i love them, just beware that you need a converter kit to hang them from the ceiling as a true pendant.
    I still have my mother but never ever had the kind of relationship you had with yours. I know that you are very blessed to have experienced the kind of love she gave you and your family. I could use some of that these days!
    I really enjoy your blog and wish you continued success.

  9. Traci,
    I didn’t comment yesterday either but it is obvious God is doing a great work in you! I don’t even know you but sort of feel like I do from reading your blog (odd I know!) Anyway, I was holding my baby this morning and praying and you came across my mind; and it’s like the Lord told me that in the same way He has treasure for us stored up in heaven he also has your sweet mother stored-up in heaven as part of your treasure there! I know you know this already but wanted to share it with you…….Also wanted to share an idea about your kithen. Have you thought about adding another cafe shelf above you window? I’m throwing this out there because I just put one above my sink to display some milk glass. Mine frames out the window on top; the shelf is even with the top of the window and the brackets are flush with the sides of the window. I hope that makes sense….God bless

  10. They all look pretty to me, I would have a hard time choosing a light fixture. I do kinda lean towards those mercury lights though.

    Traci – If you ever come thru my part of Tennessee I will meet you at a Panera A-N-Y-T-I-M-E and break bread together! What a wonderful time that would be!

    Marilyn C.

  11. Traci… 1st, Thank you for yesterday’s post. I read it & then had to quit for a while… I am so sorry that the dishes got broken, but more sorry for the pain that you felt over them breaking. I am struggling in my life with brokeness & it is something that only God can fill & fix. Your post helped bring some perspective.
    I read some of yesterday’s comments & they helped me enormously…( Isn’t the blogging world wonderful? : ) I think I told you before that I would have loved to have met your mom…
    Now…. the lights… LOVE LOVE the mercury glass ones, if not that one… the old school house ones in the 2nd pic… they too are wonderful… Have fun picking one out…

  12. I read your post yesterday too. I have some of my mom’s special things and it would hurt me if they broke as well. She passed away 12 years ago today. The thing I took from the broken glass is how even though something valuable to you lay in pieces on the floor you were so lucky to have a husband who held you, consoled you and loved you through it. No matter what breaks in your life he will be by your side.

    As for the lights, I like the school house light. The expensive light could be recreated using Krylon mirror paint on something that looks similar to the light shape and can be made into a light.

  13. We’re currently in the market for kitchen pendants as well. I’ve found some really cool mason jar-esque ones at West Elm, or I do love the lantern look but haven’t been able to source any that are super reasonably priced (I need 3). I have been able to find some really cool glass pendants (like globe-shaped) on Etsy though and I love to be able to support mom-and-pops of course. Excited to see what you guys pick!

  14. I loved the wreath over the sink and I like the schoolhouse light. Anything hanging over the sink like a pendant will be in the way of your wreath next year.

  15. I love them all! Have you checked LaurieAnnasVintage blog? She has some of those mercury glass ones for a great price if they are in stock. Just wanted you to know. I look forward to seeing what you decide. Thank you again for your transparent heart. God will use that..much love to you.

  16. Couldn’t even comment on yesterday’s post. It reminded me too much of my own broken places. I go back and forth on whether or not I want to air it out on my blog, but I don’t think I’m ready. Virtual hugs to you. Mmmkay, so yeah, let’s talk about lights. Before I even got to the pictures I said (out loud to no one–because you do that kind of thing when you have 4 kids), “Schoolhouse light!” and the second photo is exactly what I pictured. LOVE those!

  17. That Lantern in the picture looks amazing! I’d go that or a chandelier if it matches your style. Have you thought about putting a small lamp on one of your shelves maybe in the corner? I added a lamp to my kitchen and it makes it so warm when that is the only light on. How about rope lighting along the back of the shelf? Just thinking out loud.

    God bless you and your sweet family.

  18. Oh…and love the picture with your little guy getting a drink. Too cute and it’s what real life is like with kids. Love it!

  19. Thank you so much for your beautiful post yesterday. It was a great reminder of how God can use our brokenness for glory!
    As far as the light goes, I say go for the bling! Us mamas of four boys need to bring in the sparkle however we can!

  20. I’ve looked through at all the comments and the schoolhouse seems to be popular – however – we have had one for 32 years and I’m sick of it. My favorites are the one with the shades, the lantern!, and the unusual ones that are your favorites. Anything will look great because your kitchen looks fabulous! Linda

  21. I didn’t leave a comment yesterday, but I cried and cried when I read your post. Your blog is my favorite to read for many reasons. Like you, I was a teacher and now I am a mom. I feel like you are a real person who struggles just like the rest of us. I needed to read that post yesterday because I am going through so much right. We are moving across the country, I am in my first trimester of my 2nd pregnancy and sick, etc. So many changes, but your blog reminds me that it is in God’s hands! Thank you for your blog. I am thankful for it!

  22. I was in a hurry when I read your post yesterday and didn’t comment. but it broke my heart and brought me to tears. What an inspirational post, because don’t we all have brokeness in our lives? Anyway, just a thought about the light above your sink…I have seen lots of posts over time about DIY mercury glass..if you found an inexpensive glass pendant maybe you could “mercurize” (ha) it?

  23. Your kitchen is beautiful. What a good job you and hubby did. I could not pick just one. Anything you pick will be perfect, just like your kitchen.

    I could not comment yesterday, but your post was so inspirational. Brought me to tears and I really needed a good cry. You are an awesome person and I love your blog.

  24. Traci your kitchen looks gorgeous, as I knew it would. You worked your magic and it looks straight out of a magazine. Now, I just went back and read your post from yesterday and it sure touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes as I ached for you my sweet friend. I have no words for you just an ear to lend anytime.

  25. Iloved your post yesterday. I loke the look of the chandelier. I think every kitchen could use a little bling. It adds a nice touch between your shelves as a focal point, especially if you are not going to use a window treatment above your sink. I would love to meet youat Panera one day for lunch. We have actually met there before, a few months ago. You were inthere with your boys. My blog needs help and I would love your imput. My treat.

  26. Traci, I got a reply from you regarding a comment I wrote as you were beginning your kitchen reno. I was so excited, you’d have thought Brad Pitt was sending me an e-mail. :)

    I like the mercury glass option as it has some bling, but also a rustic quality to it. I don’t know what your budget is, but here’s one ay PB for $99: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/serena-mercury-glass-pendant/.

    I’m sorry that you miss your mom so much. I keep you in my prayers.

  27. I think the school house light is too plain and bulky. I like the chandelier, the little one with glass baubles and the last one.

  28. I was moved to tears on your post yesterday. I was at work on my break when I read it. Like so many others, I have and at times still feel “broken”. I thank God for his work in my life to help me through those times and to see the good He has done from the midst of bad. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. I miss my mother, too.

    Your kitchen is just wonderful. I love budget makeovers and I am amazed what you have done and what it has cost. My favorite light would be the lantern!

    Have a great day!

  29. Hmmm…well I vote for a chandelier, or your favorite one with the baubles (not sure what to call that…guess it’s kind of chandelier-esque too). We’ve got to bring a little beauty to a very unglamorous activity now, don’t we?! Happy weekending Traci!

  30. I do love the school house lights… but the “chandy” is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but will it actually give you the light you need?? oh well… I’m sure you will make a good decision and we all will be WOW’D!!!!!!!!! Have a blessed weekend Traci!!!!! ( btw…. funny that you mention the island… cuz’ I was thinking that you need one)!!! lol… Terri

  31. I cried and cried when I read your post about brokenness and missing your mom. I lost my mom a little over a year ago and still miss her so! So grateful for precious memories and pictures . Won’t heaven be grand?!

    I like the Chandy or pendant lights. Schoolhouse lights are a bit plain, and as someone else pointed out they can be a real PAIN to change the bulbs :)

    I rarely comment, but I read your blog daily. Blessings of joy for this year!!

  32. I truly love the schoolhouse lights. I think they would look gorgeous and stay true to your ‘cottagy’ feel with the little bit of dark hardward doing a bit of anchoring in all the fresh white-ness! ;O)

  33. I didn’t comment on yesterday’s post either, heartbreak…sometimes it’s just hard.
    Lighting, I love it all but my favorites are the school house lights, the chandelier, and the mercury lights…just my two cents.

  34. I have to jump on the schoolhouse bandwagon too although I do love the mercury glass lights. You have the bronze on your doorknobs so I like the idea of bringing the bronze upwards. The mercury would also look “old school” and the silvering would match your faucet! I hope you pick one of those two styles.

  35. Traci!!! Find a pendant light you like…and I”ll mercury glass you a “shade”…or you can if you want. It’s real easy, I did a tutorial on it a while ago…but if you want, I can email it to you…if you were thinking of doing it…Lowe’s has those little glass sconces for sale (here…maybe there) right now and you can spray paint em’!


  36. Wow, really surprised at how many people like the school house lights. For me they seem WAY too plain and just not the right proportion for your kitchen re-do. The last one with the clear light is my fave of your options. Won’t take away from everything else and not just a big light in the middle of the ceiling taking away from the simplicity.

  37. I think that it’s really smart to wait on the lighting to see what best fits your lifestyle. Especially with those pristine new ceilings! As far as the peninsula/island decision (even though you haven’t asked for advice so basically I’m being pushy), pleasepleaseplease don’t do what my sister did and find out that the island looked fab but totally disrupted her work triangle. I love how intentional Sherry and John were in their process (http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/09/kitchen-brain-dump/).

    good luck on the lighting search! those schoolhouse lights are wonderful =)

  38. Traci, this idea may have already been shared, but what about buying inexpensive pendant lights with clear glass shades and then using mercury spraypaint on them? I saw so many DIY mercury glass vases, etc. in blog home tours this Christmas and I’m sure you could do an amazing job with it!

  39. Traci, I was touched by your post yesterday. Having lost both my dad and our 4 year old son I’ve been “broken” often over the years. Even though it’s been many years I still have days like yours, that started with something simple that reminded me of Dad or Jarrod. I remember one time in particular, I was in a store shopping and around the clothing wrack came a little boy wearing the same shirt that was our sons favorite. I was so taken by this and started crying right there in the store. I’m so thankful for my heavenly father who wraps his arms around me and gives me strength and comfort . May you be reminded of His love and comfort each day.

    As far as a light, you sure have some great choices! I love the little one with the bling as well, but also love the school house lights. Oh…. so many choices!!! You could also make your own mercury glass pendant by drilling a hole in a faux mercury glass vase or container and then add pendant lighting to it. Have fun choosing :)

  40. What about making your own. Do the Chandy look by using old mason jars, it would go will with your old country sink. What do you think?

  41. Oh, I’m having kitchen lighting decision issues, too! :) I could see the lantern or school house lighting in there and think it would look great. I could definitely see you putting a little chandy there as well! :) Guess I wasn’t much help, huh?

  42. Love your kitchen! Do a search for Edison light bulbs(if you don’t already know them!) I have fallen in love with the light they give off since we recently bought one! Such a warm glow, and often they sell cage pendants or clear glass shade pendants to show them off. Just a thought, they are my current obsession, and since you already have functional light, these are still functional, but so beautiful!

  43. Seriously – yesterday – you said so many things I have been feeling lately. You told me once a LONG time agao that when your heart is broken it is making more room for love – so true. Thanks girlie for always hearing God and sharing His insight for our lives!
    Okay so I really like the mercury glass – get yourself a mercury glass hurricane and rig it as a pendant. I KNOW you can do it –

  44. If you go with a clear shade remember that limits the bulb you will have to use. We went with clear glass on our outside lights and I will never do that again. The bulbs burn out constantly and are a pain to change. If I had opaque glass I could use the CFL’s on them. Just a thought!

  45. I am SO in love with your kitchen! It turned out so beautiful. The ceiling is stunning as well as the coutertops! I have to agree that your window does look naked without the wreath there. So I am thinking you need a bling piece there to draw your eye over. On my webpage is a photo of a light I did in my house. It has black bling and burlap shades. You could do somthing similar but use white/ivory burlap instead. You could use lighter toned blig as well since you kitchen is so light and airy!


  46. I am also for the bling! I think the triple lights would look soooo special, I like the one with the green apples on the island and the lantern. But I really really really love the triple blings, and I would do the 3 of them. Puts glam in the kitchen! But I can tell I am outvoted!
    So sorry about your “broke” day, that can be very difficult. We are all sending vibes of understanding.

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