Bathroom Faucets for the Bathrooms in our Addition



I FINALLY ordered the shower faucets for both bathrooms in our new addition.

We are not able to get the final inspection on the new plumbing until we install the shower/tub faucets.  So hopefully our new faucets will come in this week, and we can get the plumbing inspected next week!

Once that is complete, we can get rolling on the dry wall!  WHoop! WHoop!



I have to share this great deal I got on Amazon last night.

I was hoping to get a one handle shower faucet to somewhat match the handles on our claw foot tub.  The tub faucet has cross handles, so I was so excited when I found this shower set from Belle Foret!


shower head

Every where I looked online, this same shower faucet was $150 or more!

But I got it on Amazon for $59.61!!


Plus, I had a $25 gift card to Amazon, so I really only paid $35.00!  And it had FREE shipping!

That’s one of the best deals I have gotten in a long time.  Especially for a brand new product.

Right now, our shower looks like this…

january 074

But I am hoping for it to have pretty white tile like this….



And I want Cy to add trim around door frame like this…



The shower at our previous house looked like this…(and I loved it too!)



What color tile do you think I should use in my shower?



I also got a shower/tub faucet for the boys’ new bathroom.

We got it from Home Depot online.


shower 2


I think this is a pretty good price for the set.

Right now, the boys’ bathroom looks like this…

january 075

Here are a couple pictures that I’m using for inspiration…



I REALLY want to do a split curtain.

Probably in stripes, like this one.

And I’m considering white tile for their shower too.  Am I crazy?

I like these cabinet mirrors, and I’m considering doing bead board half way up the wall.  Maybe. Smile

How cool is that double sink?



And Cy is going to make a barn door for the bathroom entry.  Kind of like this one…



Wouldn’t it be cool painted red?

We are hoping in a couple of weeks to finally get back to rolling on the addition.

Cy has gotten a little drywall up, and now you can see the doorway to our master bedroom.

house 018




So excited to share all the progress with you!


Have you gotten any great deals lately?


  1. I am loving that you are sharing this journey with all of us. I look for your post on facebook every day to see what new is happening in the addition. Have you posted any exterior shots of how the addition is added on to the house? I’d love to see that too. Keep sharing and thanks.

  2. Oh my gosh I’m so impressed with how you are getting so much accomplished so quickly. It probably doesn’t feel that way when you’re living in it, but you guys are doing a great job!

  3. Do split curtains do a good job keeping water in? It seems like every time my DH showers, he gets water all over the floor…have yet to figure out how.

  4. I would go for the white tile, it’s classic and never goes out of style. That double sink reminds me of the sink in my old elementary school, it was right outside the cafeteria.

    Great progress! I’m impressed how you did the kitchen remodel while your addition is under construction. Cy is a saint cause my husband would of killed me.

  5. Yikes!!! I paid $274.00 for that same faucet set in satin nickel! It included the tub spout and valves, though. Excellent price!!

  6. Girl, you an awesome deal on that fauce/shower head…LOL, I can’t remember which, but you got the what I call the “deal of a lifetime.” I love it when those kinda deals happen. LOL, doing the happy dance over here for ya. : )

    Love white subway tile. Makes everything look so crisp and clean and most of all, it’s timeless! You can’t go wrong with timeless. Loving the idea of beadboard in the boys bathroom and the cabinet mirrors too…and yes, that sink in your inspiration pic is totally cool…..and even more cool is the barn door. I have seen a few on some other blogs and they are so cool. I will have to look up the blogs I saw them on. I hear the hardware can be pretty pricey for it.

    Thanks for taking on us on your DIY home improvement journey. It’s so cool to see that you can really have the home of your dreams with a little DIY sweat and have it done for much less.

  7. Way to go on your saweeet deal!

    I LOVE the split shower curtain! I have not seen that before! Love!

    your house is looking so good!

  8. Here is the best advice I am going to give you EVER. EBay. Now. In January (okay, it is February today). No one has any money after Christmas and, on home improvement things in November and December too — no one was buying them), so opening bids are getting the deals! I bought an $800 kitchen sink from an eBay Habitat for Humanity store for $75.00!! A steal! A $400 bathroom faucet for — get ready — fifteen buckaroos!!!! One of those waterfall types like you find at a forest preserve. The opening bids were winning the auctions! The only thing is that you can’t be overly picky. I knew I wanted a certain “type” of sink, but wasn’t overly picky on the brand so long as it was a good one. I knew I had to have a certain kitchen faucet so I only saved about fifty dollars on that thing. It seemed that everyone wanted the same faucet. So please do check out eBay for those odd home improvement things too — I found great German antique bin pulls there from WWII era for my bathroom not too long ago; much better quality than you can find at Home Depot today and exactly the look I was going after! Your house is really coming along beautifully. Although, I haven’t been commenting often, I have been following every day!

  9. I say white subway tile….now on another note, I would so have shower doors installed….boys + shower = water on the floor…..Just saying it might be something you want to think about….on the other hand your boys maybe very well trained and there will be no water on the floor. Best Wishes and happy thrifty shopping.

  10. I have a shower in one bathroom of the house we live, the tile on the floor is white and I am not sure if it is because it on the floor, but it is so hard to keep looking nice. Our water is harder too, but I am thinking of replacing it.

  11. I love everything! the sink. Can’t wait for details on the barn door. I have been wanting one on our closet for ever…..

  12. How very exciting! things sure are coming together nicely! I absolutely love the split shower curtain idea. . . . . . and whilte tile??? Go for it! ! ! ! ! :)

  13. LOVE the white subway tile. I wish we would have done that in our master :) So pretty! I do have a tip for the barn door. I have one on my pantry. When we were searching for the sliding part (at the top) we found many that were SOOOO expensive. Then my husband checked our local feed supply store and saved us hundreds! Might be worth checking out. He also rigged a little pin at the bottom that is attached to the wall and runs in a groove on the door. You’ll need something so it doesn’t pull away from the wall and bang. Can’t wait to see it all finished! I’m sure you can’t either :)

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