Do You Remember Your First?


I wondered what you thought of when you read this title.

Do you remember your first?

Did you think I was talking about your first love?

Or first kiss?

Well, that’s not what I was thinking about this week.

I was thinking about my first blog follower!

Do you remember yours?

I started my blog in Blogger almost 3 years ago.  My 3 year anniversary is coming up in March.

I had nooooo idea what a BIG part of my life my blog would become in the next three years.

My first header looked like this….


I made it myself.

Does anyone besides my sister remember it?  Smile  (Cyndi, do you remember it?!)

I wrote several posts before I finally got my very first follower.

You know, one besides my sister and my mom.

A follower that I had never met and someone who lived far away from me.

Cindy from Applestone Cottage.  (Same name as my sister!  How cool is that?!)


Over a year ago, I told her that I wanted to do a post about her blog someday as a thank you for being my first follower, and though I am a little late in doing it, I wanted to keep good to my promise.

She will never know how much it meant to me when she clicked that “follow” button on my blog, and her cute little face appeared in my Google Connect box.

Each of you know what I am talking about.  Having a follower finally gives you an audience, a purpose, an excitement about blogging!

So thank you, Cindy!

Cindy lives in the most beautiful area of Wisconsin.  Her and her husband bought a cute little stone cottage surrounded by apples trees on two acres.  Doesn’t it sound amazing?












And look at that beautiful snowscape!

She creates some beautiful tablescapes too, and is always up to something fun.

red and winter white table 010

Wanna do me a favor?

Wanna  help me say “thank you” to Cindy for being my first follower?


I would love it if tons of my readers would pop over to Cindy’s blog and just say, “Hi!”

Maybe you could say, “Traci wants to thank you for being her first blog follower!”

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

If she got like over 100 comments on her blog today?!!

Wouldn’t YOU love to get that many comments on your blog?

So can you help me out?

Click HERE to leave a comment on her blog.  And THANK YOU too!







Did you notice that my Google Friend Connect box was missing from my sidebar?

Google no longer lets WordPress sites show up in Google Readers.

And I don’t want to lose you!!!

So in order to keep getting posts from Beneath My Heart,

you need to pick a new way to follow.



Here are a few…


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Or my new favorite, Bloglovin’!





And of course, do not forget to keep up with Beneath My Heart on Twitter and Facebook!

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Thank you so much for following my blog and encouraging me along the way!




  1. I do not remember my first… is there a way to go back and figure it out??!?! It is encouraging to get followers, but I think it’s even more encouraging to get comments… it’s nice to KNOW people are actually reading!

    heading over to Cindy’s to leave a little comment love!! :)

  2. Look at you and your “racy” titles/topics lately! Of course, I’m referring to the “boob” lights! I now see “boobs” all over my house. :) I’m teasin. I love your blog and following another sister in Christ. I feel like I have a couple of friends in KY, between you and your sis. I can’t wait for my “first” and hopefully it’ll be soon. I’ve been working on setting up my blog all week. I just need to take the plunge with that first post! Did you stress about every detail of your first post like I’m doing???

  3. Well thank-you Traci! So sweet of you and look at your fabulous blog today! You amaze me with your kids, and your projects and keeping up a blog…you go girl!
    And thanks for the sweet post, I will always remember this!
    And I have had several comments on a week old post coming through today, I thought what the heck, and now I know.
    I have been so busy taking care of my 15 month old grandbaby that I don’t get to comment as much but I still come by and read your blog quite often.
    I love the progress your making on your addition, so fun!
    Big Hugs,

  4. Traci – remembering our beginnings is important. There is a scripture, or a paraphrase of a scripture that says, “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.” My house blog has 8 followers. :-) My art blog (which is 5 years old) has many more. I remember those early days well. I went to Cindy’s blog and was wowed by the red and white tablecloth that warmed this winter-weary soul. So thank you!


  5. Yes I do remember. It really was a thrill. Mine were several friends that had encouraged me to do a blog. They were all friends from Picasa, that was a fun site. Cindy is a very special dear friend of mine and I will get to see her in about a month. She is going to be here in Az. Her son and DIL are here and a brand new grand, so she is on the way for a visit. Such a very special and precious lady. Wish you were here to join us and some more bloggers for a fun day shopping and lunch that we have planned.

    I followed you on Bloglovin, and I can be followed there also. Word Press and the nets and coms do let people follow you through Networked Blogs. That’s really simple to set up and everyone can follow just like with Google. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hi Traci,
    I checked my blog a little while ago and I had like fifty some new comments on a week old post!
    Thanks again girlfriend!
    Made my day!
    And I so remember being your first follower! I thought “Wow this is such a talented gal with such adorable little boys!” And I knew then, you would become very popular in bloggy land!
    Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch was my first follower and I so remember how excited I was. At that time she had like 160 followers and I couldn’t imagine ever having that many! hehe! Now look at her followers! Blogging has become such a blessing in my life and I can see from my comments that a lot of folks feel so blessed to have found your blog!
    Hugs friend,

  7. I think that this is so, so sweet of you! I don’t remember my first follower, but I really wish that I did, so I could do something like this.
    I do follow you via GFC, but it is connected to my Google Reader. I followed you via RSS just in case it stopped working. :)

  8. What a lovely way to say thank you and to introduce us to Cindy. I am new to blogging and really enjoy reading about the humble beginnings of other blogs and their journey.

    Best regards!

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