Best Glass Cleaner EVER! {Fish Foam Giveaway!}


One of the fun things about blogging is getting to try out products that I probably would have never tried if it were not for my blog!

For example, glass cleaner.

I have always been a Windex girl.  It’s what my mom used, so it’s what I use.  And for the most part, I have always been happy with it. 

But not now. 

I’m a Fish Foam girl now, and there’s no turning back.  Smile




I received an email before Christmas about getting some free samples of Fish Foam cleaner to try out.  Did you say FREE?!  Um…yeah.  Sign me up!

(I’m a sucker for all things FREE.)  Smile

I got my Fish Foam cleaner in the  mail and instantly tried it out.  I have to be completely honest with you ladies…I am totally impressed with this product! 

When I cleaned my windows with it, I was just expecting clean windows.  But man, those things sparkled.  Not kiddin’.

Then I tried it out on my bathroom mirror, and I swear it took ten years off my face when I looked in the mirror!!  (Okay, I am kidding on that part. )  Smile

But seriously, I truly did feel like I could see myself more clearly in the mirror.

I thought to myself, “Can this cleaner really be better than Windex?”

Then I read about another blogger’s experience with Fish Foam.


Mandi, from Vintage Revivals, wrote an awesome post about her Fish Foam cleaner. You need to read it.  I emailed Mandi and asked her if I could share the pictures in her post on my blog because they truly capture the difference!

Look at the amazing difference in her glass coffee table in the pictures below!



“Fish Foam is an all-weather, ammonia-free glass cleaner and when sprayed, the professional grade cleaner immediately goes to work to make your glass sparkling clean.  It does not leave streaks or a haze. Thousands of home and business owners across the country have tried and seen the improvement Fish Foam makes…even on the sunroofs of their cars.  Your windows, mirrors, winshields, and glass surfaces will shine and cleaning them has never been easier.”    (source)


Fish Foam is alcohol-based which is why it cleans so well.  Other glass cleaners are ammonia and wax based.  Not cool.


Plus, Fish Foam doesn’t drip.  The foam sticks to the glass and just sits there and wait for you to clean it.  Love that!

fevb 031

(my door)

The boys are gonna love helping me clean with Fish Foam!  (in my dreams) Winking smile


You would think this stuff is crazy expensive, but it’s not.  It’s only about $4.00 a can if you order the 3-pack.  Not bad, huh?  Click HERE to order.



Okay, now that you know how awesome this stuff, do you want to win some?


Fish Foam is giving away

THREE 3packs of Fish Foam Cleaner

to THREE lucky Beneath My Heart Readers!

(US residents only)

Woo to the Hoo!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me which glass surface in your home is the hardest to keep clean.

For additional entries:  (leave a separate comment for each)

2. Like Beneath My Heart on Facebook.

3.  Tweet about this giveaway.  (Copy and paste the one below if you’d like.)

Wanna win some of the best glass cleaner EVER?!!  Enter here….


This giveaway ends Friday, Feb 10th at noon EST, and the winner will be announce on Saturday!



I was given this product to review, all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I have a coffee table that has a glass insert. My kids eat their breakfast here every morning and their grimy hand prints are impossible to get off and stay off! I’m hoping this magical potion would do the trick!!

  2. And it is almost spring and I am really ready to tackle spring cleaning and that means all the windows in this house. Pick me please!!

  3. I like Lisa’s comment – nose art! Have it too with 2 cats and a dog. But the dog likes to get up all in the sliding glass doors when the chipmunk or Mr. Squirrel plays peek a boo with him! Mr Squirrel likes to hang down from the deck boards and pops his head down. I will say it was cute at first, but It’s not funny anymore! :) I have nose art that goes 2 inches from the bottom from the cats and then all the way to the 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the glass door from Scooter the dog. I live on a hill, the back yard is all open and a bunch of wildlife runs the edge of the hill. So Scooter gets his fur all in a bunch a lot! So it would be nice to find something that works well!

  4. I can’t seem to get the glass and mirrors in my china cabinet clean. Sure would love to try some fish foam!

  5. My front door is always messy. I have three dogs who welcome me home with such excitement. They each leave nose prints (art, that’s cute). I have the hardest time cleaning this door with Windex because it has many panes and the Windex drips under each and every one. It’s so frustrating, I’m not sure which is worse, the nose prints or the drips that I can’t seem to get? Ugh.

  6. Most definitely the inside of my car windshield. It’s never completely clean and the glare from the sun just makes the streaks even worse.

  7. I would use this on my dinning room window. Especially during the summer when sprinkler spray ruins my beautiful clean windows. All my outside windows would feel like they were in heaven if I used this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. The windows in my vehicle are probably my hardest windows to get clean and clear, would love to try this stuff out! Thanks for the chance to win, stay blessed!

  9. The glass on the French doors in our Family Room…the dogs always put their noses on there and the little ones put their hands there.

  10. I would LOVE to try this! The dirtiest mirror in our house is the bathroom mirror. And not the one in my son’s bathroom, lol! My husband is constantly getting “stuff” all over the mirror in our bathroom and I have to clean it almost every day!

  11. I think my glass-topped tables on the covered veranda are the most difficult to clean due to the constant outdoor grime. Plus, all of the light makes every streak and all the haze visible. My DH might disagree, however; he thinks it’s the bathroom mirror due to MY fingerprints!
    I must say that the mirrored cabinet’s manufacturer did recommend denatured alcohol to clean it, so it’s not surprising that the Fish product works so well.
    Not sure if I’m entered as the http didn’t work. We’ll see if I win. This is the first give-away I’ve entered.

  12. I would love to try this glass cleaner. I have only just heard about it. The window above my sink in the kitchen seems to be the one I’m cleaning the most – go figure!

  13. The patio door is the hardest to keep clean and right now all my windows need some desperate help. Also, I already like you :-)

  14. I just cleaned my giant living room window 4 days ago and was immediately annoyed by the streaks that I could NOT get rid of. I knew I needed a new product and now I want to try Fish Foam!

  15. I have a sliding glass door that seems impossible to keep clean. Especially the little dog nose prints on it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. I would love to try this cleaner on the mirror in my downstairs bath, on the glass of my front door screen door, oh and on all of my 19 windows! I guess on any glass surface in my home!LOL!! Thanks for the chance!

  17. Mirrors! I really think the boys would do a great job with this! I use a homemade vinegar mix. Thanks for the chance!

  18. My French patio doors are always a mess. Or maybe it’s my bathroom mirrors. Could really use this stuff!

  19. The most difficult glass I have to clean are the windows on the back of the house. They go all the way down to the ground on the patio so get sprayed when you water the plants. I’m anxious to try Fish Foam. I am a cleaning supply junkie!

  20. Traci,
    I’m big on referrals….especially from someone who I admire! So, I’d love to get a sample just to pass on to a friend….because I ordered some for ME from your link. Spring is coming and I turn into a cleaning machine indoors and out so the possibilities are endless…. What I usually dread the most are windows. In the past, I would climb a ladder several times to only be disappointed with streaks. Hoping that Fish Foam will make all that hard work pay off this year! Then, I’ll be able to give the referral!!!
    As always, thanks for the tip!

  21. I’d love to try this on my windows. i have a lot of windows and they are really big and try as I might, I get streaks. Please< I'm fishing (or wishing) for the fish foam!

  22. I am intrigued by this product! The bathroom mirror is the hardest to keep clean (thanks to DH and 2 adorable step kids who don’t understand that toothpaste belongs on the tooth brush or down the drain, same for soapy water) I would love a product to make it sparkle, Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. My bottom half of my living room windows stay dirty thanks to a wet-nosed kitten and puppy. That would be the first spot I would hit.

  24. My front door is impossible to keep clean. My sweet dog loves to stand at the front door and does lots and lots of “nose art” :)

  25. My dining room table is glass (going to change that soon) but it is the hardest to keep clean, I try to use tablecloths but sometimes I just don’t want to…this would be awesome, plus bathroom mirrors, storm door glass….etc…etc…thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I would love to try it on my french doors – they are always streaky!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. my living room window – always marks from cat and kids
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  28. I have lots of windows in my house–and they all need cleaning badly! The ones that are hardest to clean are the glass doors going out to the deck. I already like you (a lot) on facebook :)

  29. The worst glass to keep clean in my house is the front window, our kids get on the ledge and smear just about everything there

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  30. OK, nobody said their eyeglasses! I HATE when there are ANY fingerprints, smudges, shmeers, fuzzies, haze, grime and any other unknown alien ick that clouds my view!

  31. No question – my glass shower glass door is the worst to clean. I would love to try Fish Foam on it.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I keep hearing about this cleaner and would love to try it, especiallly on my shower doors.

  33. This looks like it would be great for my storm door! It is for sure the hardest to keep clean because of kids and a dog.

  34. With five kids, most of the glass in my house is always dirty. ;) The two biggest problems I have are my oversized sliding glass door and my glass top kitchen table. I would love to try Fish foam cleaner and see how much they can sparkle.

  35. This stuff looks impressive! Just about any reflective/transparent surface is hard to keep clean with sticky little 2-yr-old fingers wandering around the house!

  36. My bathroom mirror is absoltely the hardest the keep clean. I would love to be able to try some fish foam on it!

  37. With two young boys, the hardest surface to keep clean is their bathroom mirror. How toothpaste can get to the top of the mirror(near the ceiling) is a mystery…but it happens!

  38. We have a large picture window in our dining room that displays the nose prints of our dog as she anxiously awaits our return!!

  39. This stuff sounds like the product I’ve been needing for a long time now! My bathroom mirrors just won’t get streak free!!!!! It drives me crazy to see all the hard work and elbow grease I put into it only to have streaks! Wait – maybe its the elbow grease? Hmmm…. Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. It’s a toss-up between my sliding glass door and the bathroom mirrors! Hey, I’d clean BOTH! :) Thanks for telling us about Fish Foam (funny name).

  41. I would love to try this product. Unfortunately, the bathroom mirror is the hardest to keep clean. I swear my husband must splash the mirror every morning after he is finished in there. lol

  42. Suonds like an incredible cleaner. My bathroom mirrors…YUCK. As soon as you get them clean, someone splashes water and it is back to being dirty!

  43. I would use it on my car windows first – they are the hardest to get and keep clean – especially with 3 kids. But I would use it on every window and mirror of the house too!

  44. The 9! Count them 9!!!!!! Solid glass doors I have in my home with 3 kids 7 and under and a dog!!!! All I do is clean doors and windows!!!!! I NEED to try this!!!!

  45. The windows on either side of my front door constantly have the finger prints of my daughter.

  46. Sliding glass doors and glass coffee table are very difficult to keep clean and don’t look that clean even after I used Windex. I’m fascinated by this product and would like to see if it makes a difference. Thanks!

  47. My doors are aweful!!! My kids love to add their handprints each and every time they come and go! Guess they just wanna make sure I don’t forget them :-) Great giveaway!!! Thanks!!!!

  48. I would love to try this! For some reason, my bathroom mirror needs to be cleaned at least twice every day, so I could really use it.

  49. Crazy me my families main eating table is glass and always has a haze. My friends give me a bad time about the glass and I say at least I know how gross my table is underneath what about yours…they gasp because they never think to clean the underside of their wood table.

  50. I would love to try this product. The mirror in our main bathroom has a film on it that I have tried everything I know of to remove it. But it is still there. Fish Foam sounds like it could make my day :)

  51. It doesn’t matter what I clean my kitchen window with, when the morning sun shines through it looks awful!
    The streaks are so hard to get rid of. I would love to try fish foam and see how it does on this stubborn window. Thanks!

  52. I would Love to try Fish Foam.
    My huge living room window (3 panes wide) that is always covered with my son’s
    handprints and the dog who always sticks her nose on it. When the morning sun
    hits this window, i see streaks from my other glass cleaner.

  53. I have a two year old, two dogs, two cats and a lot of windows that are 18 inches off of the ground. I’m ALWAYS in need of window cleaning help. :)

  54. I have a large curio cabinet where I display all the lovely old crystal pieces I inherited from my mom. I can never, ever get the curio glass clean and streak-free. I’ve tried everything from commercial products to homemade and nothing seems to work. I’d love to be able to see my mom’s crystal without looking through the streaky curio glass. I also bought a big mirror from Goodwill which has a haze on it that I can’t seem to remove. That might be too much to ask of the Fish Foam but I’d love to give it a try!

  55. I would love to use it on the inside of the windshield of my car. There is some kind of greasy haze on it that makes it really hard to see out of at night sometimes.

  56. I need Fish Foam for my master bath shower doors. They’re the WORST to clean! Second runner up would be my sliding patio door. They are always covered in dog-nose prints!

  57. My french doors are the hardest to keep clean. Anytime I clean them, it seems to always rain the next day and therefore rain droplets are back!

  58. My living rm and kitchen windows are the hardest to keep clean. The sun beams through one room in the morning and the other room in the afternoon showing every speck of dirt. Look forward to trying Fish Foam on those windows.

  59. Like so many of your fans, I, too, have little noses from 4-legged babies that press against my back door. It would also be great for my master bath mirror. Why can’t husbands wash without splashing all over the mirror? Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. The master bath mirror, without a doubt, is the toughest in my house. I’d love to give this stuff a shot!

  61. I would love to see my bay window shine… my kids love looking out the big picture window… but leave there little prints behind. I do love the little hands as they will grow up fast- but yes- they should probably be cleaned!

  62. The hardest thing to keep clean is the mirror in my sons’ bathroom. I don’t know how they manage but toothpaste has been found all the way at the top of the rather large mirror!

  63. I have struggled with the “haze” that is always left on mirrors…so I would love to try this on the mirrors as well as all the other window/glass areas in the house! I don’t have a twitter account, so I can’t tweet it and I am a facebook fan!!! Thanks for this great post!

  64. My master bathroom mirror is the worst! I swear, I wipe it down every single day and it still looks I never clean it :/

  65. I like your post on Fish Foam. My hardest glass to clean is my picture window, it is 2 small side windows, celing to floor, with a large window between. Then the windows in my sunroom. They have never really shined. I need the Fish Foam!

  66. I like you on FB… :)
    I’ve finally subscribed by email…don’t know why it took me so long. I check in here several times a week.! Now I’ll never miss anything!

  67. Gosh, I wonder if this works on Hard water? Need to give it a try, nothing else is budging the water stains.

  68. The hardest surfaces in my house would be the front and back 8 foot glass front doors!! Between the dogs, kids, and Fedex and other delivery people’s fingerprints… I wish I would NEVER have put glass doors in!! :)

  69. The sidelights by my front door!! My dog loves to watch the neighborhood action and gets his nose prints all over it.

    If I don’t win a pack, I may have to buy one. It sounds incredible.

  70. My patio doors desperately need this cleaner. My 22 month old grandson loves to look at side and kiss his reflection when the sun hits it just right.

  71. Well, my windows aren’t hard to keep clean because I don’t even try! I might with a wonderful product, though. I would probably want to try it out first on my black stove- it shows every smudge and speck worse than glass does.

  72. The Fish Foam could help me keep grandchildren’s little prints off my glass topped coffee table.

  73. Our car windows, specifically the windows where our two boys sit. Constant fingerprints and smears!

  74. I would love to try it out! I am getting antsy to do my spring cleaning of all my windows! :)

  75. The hardest glass surface to keep clean in my home is the sliding glass door! My pups like to look outside and there are countless nose prints all over it! I usually clean it every other day! This Fish Foam would be the perfect cleaner for me!!

  76. This looks like a great product! I would totally use it on our doors out onto the porch- they are never clean!!

  77. Can’t believe I came across this today. Yesterday I saw the sun shinning in through the windows and they were the dirtiest windows I’ve ever seen. It’s to cold where I live to go out and clean them right now but I CAN’T WAIT TO! Would love to do it with this stuff.

  78. My back glass door with dog noses, is the hardest to keep clean and a very close second is the big kitchen window where my granddaughter likes to put her precious little hands!

  79. The sliders to the patio are the WORST to keep clean! Would love to try the Fish Foam ( and love the funny name!)

  80. Hands down I would say the hardest window surfaces to get clean are the lower part. Why? Because of puppy and kitty noses. Cute but messy. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  81. Bathroom mirrors are the toughest to keep clean! So frustrating and I despise streaks on them.

  82. I have a very large mirror in my living room and a large picture window. The little hands that live here keep them quite dirty!

  83. It is so hard for me to keep our interior windows clean! Between my two year old son and the cat putting their faces and hands (or paws) on them, they are constantly smudged. Would love to win this!

  84. Large sliding glass doors that go out to our sunroom……always, always have little grandbaby hand prints.

  85. I have an in home daycare and my entry doors are always covered with little had prints and even dog nose prints. i woul love to try this product it sounds great

  86. I am so excited to try this product! I can’t decide if my most difficult glass surface to clean is my large mirror that is made up of 20 different small mirrors or the window by our front door (it always has hand prints and dog nose prints on it).

  87. Wow, looks like it really works! I’d never heard about it before. I’d have to clean the bathroom mirror first – I swear it gets dirty 5 seconds after I clean it.

  88. I’m ordering some now….can’t even wait for the giveaway since my french doors are constantly covered in dog nose marks and kiddie hand prints. I’ve become more and more aware that Windex (especially the kind with vinegar, even though that’s supposed to be better) isn’t doing the trick. THANK you for this recommendation. Can’t wait until mine arrives in the mail!

  89. Great giveaway. The hardest place to keep clean is the kids bathroom mirror. It seems to always have stuff on it.

  90. I would love to try this window cleaner. I live in an older house and my windows are very hard to clean. Would love to try and give this a shot!

  91. I can never keep my kids bathroom mirror clean! I do believe they try to make designs on the mirror with their toothpaste!! also, the shiny fronts on my oven and microwave. I would love to find something that really works. Thanks.

  92. I need help keeping the glass on my doors clean! Our little baby (aka dog) puts his nose on the doors when he looks out, leaving his little nose prints everywhere! Help a girl out, I REALLY need to win the Fish Foam.

  93. the 2 sets of doors to our patio and the pool are YUCKY- also all the grandkids finderprints at low levels
    Oh my could i use this

  94. I want to try Fish Foam and not just because I love the name……. My front door is 3/4 open glass and constantly holds the fingerprints of my three darling and dog slobber from my two large dogs. Fish Foam take me away.

  95. I can’t keep any glass clean if it’s at puppy nose level. The two sweeties just run around the house pushing their wet little noses against any kind of glass – I think they’re trying to check out their reflections. It’s adorable… and irritating. Could really use some glass-cleaner around here :)

  96. Maybe I need to give this stuff a shot… We moved into a new house and I can’t get our guest bathroom mirror cleaned for the life of me!

  97. One of our goals this week is to clean our windows/screens. This giveaway would be perfect for me! Thanks!

  98. I would love to try this cleaner in my bathrooms and the sink above my kitchen window. Thanks for a great review, pictures help. :)

  99. We have 53 windows in our house, not including the transoms. Even though they are tilt-in, they are a PAIN to clean if only because of the numbers (but I rarely have to turn on lights in exchange). Anything that makes cleaning them is welcome here!

  100. I also suffer from “nose art” thanks to my cat. I would love to try this out on my big large windows in the front of my house!!

  101. I am a mirror fanatic and have a house full, large, small, old, new, bi-fold, tri-fold, you name it, and they are all a screamin for Fish Foam! And I just won’t mention that window above the kitchen sink…how does that stuff get there?

  102. Our front door windows because when we walk our dog, we lean against it and you know, smudges appear! Can’t wait to try this stuff. It looks like a cleaning party in a can!

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