Wicker + Chalkboard = LOVE

I’ve been wanting a chalkboard for my kitchen, but I wasn’t sure what kind or size.

I like the large framed kind…

kitchen chalkboard



and I heart the small, cute ones…

kitchen chalkboard


And I’ve even thought about getting brave and putting some chalkboard across an entire wall!…

Like Layla and Kevin did!

kitchen chalkboard


I just couldn’t make up my mind.

However, when I saw this great little chalkboard at Home Goods last week, I knew it would be perfect for my kitchen.

kitchen chalkboard

I fell in love with it.

But it was $24.99!  And it wasn’t on sale or anything!

I never pay full price for an item.

That price was hard for me to swallow, when I KNEW I could make it for a fraction of the cost.

kitchen chalkboard

The wicker frame is what got me.  I wondered if I would be able to find one at a yard sale or Goodwill that I could turn into a chalkboard and would like as much as this one?

So I put it in my cart and walked around the store some more before I made my decision.

But the more I looked at it in my cart, the cuter it got.  Dangit.

So I caved. 

kitchen chalkboard

But I am really glad I did.

It’s just what my wall needed, and it goes perfectly with the style of my kitchen.

kitchen chalkboard



Do you have a chalkboard in your kitchen?

Do you wish ya did?

Would you have paid $24.99 for this one?


  1. Yes, I probably would have caved for such a cute thing too. I just painted over a goodwill picture with chalkboard paint and have it leaning on my counter against my fridge. Love chalkboards in the kitchen!

  2. Such a cute chalk board! I’m contemplating painting the inserts of my cupboards and pantry doors with chalk paint. :) If I wasn’t doing that… I probably would have taken a picture of it with my phone and headed over to the nearest thrift store to find a deal. All you’d have to do was measure the inside, cut out a piece of wood, and paint it with chalk paint. If you want to go through all the effort of doing that though; I’m one to go all gung-ho on things and do it myself as much as possible. ;)

  3. My husband is a contractor so I have easy access to really cute wooden windows. I guess a frame for me was a no brainer. Of course I HAD to use an old window for my chalkboard (that is also in my kitchen). :)

    I really, really love the look of your wicker chalkboard though. I also hate to pay full price but once in a while you have to just dig into that pocket book a little deeper. The way I look at it, all those “deals” we find, or create on our own, make it possible to splurge on ocassion and do so guilt free. :)

  4. Love it! I would have purchased it also. I have a question for you…..I have one of those glass pantry doors and would love to paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Should I use a primer on the glass first? Thanks ~**Karen

  5. I love it too. I do have a chalkboard in my kitchen, but do have not wall space, so I have a Target clearance platter from Christmas with the inside painted with chalkboard paint and it sits on an easel on my counter top. I love having it there.

    I definitely would have caved. I hate to admit it, even putting in my cart would have made it more of a probability than possibility. (But if you don’t pick it up when you see it someone will grab it!) I think it was money well spent. You know what these cost. I think it fits your room, looks good, and if you enjoy it, then it was worth it.

  6. Worth every penny. I’m not familiar with that store but I’m going to be on the lookout for one just like it for my kitchen.

  7. LOVE your chalkboard! I have one in my kitchen and one in my dining room. The one in my kitchen use to be an old picture belonging to my husband’s grandmother. Spraypainted, distressed the frame, then used chalkboard spraypaint on the glass and made myself a chalkboard. The one in the dining room was also a framed picture no longer used. Just used chalkboard spraypaint on the glass and had another one! Love them!

  8. LOVE it! :-D
    Makes me want to find a shallow wicker tray and attached a piece of wood painted with chalkboard paint to the inside of it! Hmmmmm….. ;-)

  9. I had my darling husband paint a 4’x3′ spot in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. I love it, but it’s still not enough. I think when we paint the kitchen we are going to make the spot bigger! :D Love yours though!

  10. So cute! Glad you found something that looks so good in your new kitchen! It is ok to splurge once in awhile….and I think it is worth it to get what you wanted without having to wait! Tee hee!

  11. Love it!!! I have a small one hanging just above my stove. I write one word on it at a time like “Trust” or “Thank.” And underneath the word I put a verse reference to back up the word I used. I love it! It catches my eye all the time and reminds me to do whatever I wrote on there. :)

  12. It is perfect!! and yes …. I too would have caved!!! When it’s perfect… what else is there to do???? LOL…. Love it!!!

  13. Sometimes we all need a splurge. I normally never ever pay full price for anything either.

    I have a chalk board in my kitchen I got at a garage sale last spring. At the time I got it to make a gallery display over my stove. I really didn’t think I would ever use it but use it every day with my “to do” list. It is right there staring at me motivating me to keep up.

  14. Totally woulda bought it. So stinkin cute. I have a chalkboard in my kitchen. I bought it. Probably shoulda made my own, but I found one I liked and couldn’t resist.

    I love to write Bible verses on it, or lines from old hymns. Always a great reminder when you need it.


  15. Hey Traci! Yes, I have a chalkboard in my kitchen. And yes, I made it for under $5. BUT, I think your chalkboard is PERFECT for your kitchen! What a great find! What I’m learning (and I’m the cheapest cheapskate of them all) is that when you find something you LOVE and it isn’t on sale – it’s worth every penny – and you’ll use it and keep it around forever, and it will make you smile 1000 times over! Way better than three sort-of-cute things you could’ve found on clearance for the same amount but then would end up selling at your next yard sale because they just never were quite RIGHT anywhere. You know?

  16. Every now and again I think it’s perfectly fine to splurge a little on ourselves (as moms)- usually, the purchase ends up benefiting the whole family somehow, right?!

  17. Love it!

    How are things on the remodel coming? I am anxious to see what is happening with your addition, i.e., your new bedroom, the boys’ bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. You and your husband do fabulous stuff, I love your vision!

  18. I would love Fish Foam to clean my French door that goes from my kitchen to my screened in porch. Between greasy kids hand print on the inside and muddy dog and cat prints on the outside it always looks gross and is so hard to clean!!

  19. So cute! Sometimes something just calls your name! Even if you could have made (and let’s face it, we all know you could), it is nice to bring something home that catches your eye.

    We don’t have a chalkboard in the kitchen, but we do have one just around the corner. There’s a quirky little entrace to our office. It’s too hard to explain, but there are two small walls in the entrace to the office that I painted with chalkboard paint. The kids love it and it helps to make sense of the quirky entrace. (Our house is old and once was three apartments which is why there is a strange entrance). We love the chalkboard. In our kitchen and again in our living room we have memo boards with chalkboard bunting. So fun. We change the message on the bunting and pin up pictures/mementos for the each season.

  20. Sometimes, it’s good to “cave” … I probably would have, too !! Looks great in your kitchen. And, yes, we have a chalkboard in our kitchen, too … we made it and added it to our pantry door. *Becca*

  21. It’s SUPER cute! And I, like you, would have really struggled with that $24.99 price tag. But honestly, I kick myself more times than not for not just “bucking up” and dropping an extra $10 on an item that I’m going to LOVE, so good job you for pulling the trigger! I love it!

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