Hadley Pottery Giveaway! {and FREE gift to first 100 commenters}



Happy Friday, friends!

I have a wonderful giveaway to tell you about!

Have you ever heard of Hadley Pottery?



Well, I have because I am a Kentucky Girl!

I have seen these beautiful pieces of Hadley Pottery in different stores throughout Kentucky.




click on “read more” to enter this giveaway!


Hadley Pottery was first made in Louisville, Kentucky by a young lady by the name of Mary Alice Hadley.






I love the whimsical and unique feel of this pottery. 

There are many different collections of Hadley Pottery, like Beach, Traditional, Fishing, Western, and more!collections





Hadley Pottery also makes beautiful personalized pieces.






They create many other unique pieces as well…






Now to the giveaway!!


There are 2 parts to this giveaway!


Part One:


The first 100 people to go to the Hadley Pottery website will get

a FREE spoon rest!!

($4.00 shipping will apply). 






To get your FREE spoon rest:



  • Click HERE to go to the spoon rest page.
    • Put one of the spoon rests (pig or fish) into your shopping bag.
    • When you’re finished shopping, go to check out, and on the first page of the process, enter the word "spoon" into the box marked "discount code."  The price of the spoon rest ($11.75) will be deducted from your order total.  Choose $4.00 shipping and proceed through the checkout process.
  • If you aren’t one of the first 100 participants, when you enter the discount code "spoon" you will get a notification that the code is no longer valid, before you have to give your shipping or payment information.




Part Two:

Hadley will also give away a casserole dish in the winner’s choice of pattern! 

(A $57.50 Value!)



To be entered into this contest,

  • simply visit Hadley Pottery’s website to take a look around and then come and leave a comment about which Hadley Pattern is your favorite. 

You can earn additional entries by

  • liking Hadley Pottery on Facebook 
  • or by following them on Twitter  
  • or by tweeting about this giveaway       
  •      You can copy and paste this tweet if you’d like:



**Just be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

This giveaway will run through Monday, February 6th at 9:00 pm EST, and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, February 7th!



    1. I too am a Kentucky Girl, actually Louisville Kentucky. I love all of them especially the horse/Derby theme!!! I have several odd pieces, LOVE the color that they are painted in most of all. Thanks!

  1. Hi-
    I really enjoy your blog. You have a beautiful home & family.
    Thank you for the chance to win this great looking pottery. I liked the Log Cabin.
    Lisa S.

  2. I love this pottery so cute. I think I really like the Shop house. I also ordered the pig spoon rest. So cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I like Horse pattern–my 4 year old daughter LOVES horses and this would perfect for our dinner table. Can’t wait for my spoon rest to arrive.

  4. I’m completely torn, because I love both the bold pattern and the Christmas snowman… but as I would love to have it out all year, I will go with the bold one. So cute, and so is that piece with the blueberries!

  5. love, Love, LOVE Hadley Pottery – What an awesome Giveaway – I’ve got my spoon rest ordered!!! My favorite Hadley patterns are Small Friends Frog, the Christmas Tree and Bouquet!

  6. LOVE the Bluette! I collect blue and white dishware (mostly from random yard sales) – ha. This is exquisite!

  7. I adore the pig, cow and sheep patterns. I am always a coutryn girl at heart and those remind me of it.

  8. I love all the pottery but the beach pieces are my favorite. I’d never heard of Hadley Pottery but am so glad to learn about it. Their site is great and there are lots of nice items for gifts.

  9. I love the Beach Pattern and would love to have the personalized Home plate & dog bowls. I got a pig spoon rest and I am sooooo excited. Thanks Girl!!!

  10. Thank you for this great giveaway! I love the traditional bouquet and the bold pineapple collections.

  11. I love the Hadley Pottery–it is so unique . I love the gift items for others as well! I love the country themes.

  12. Ohhh! Such memories…a dear friend from
    Paducah bought my first piece of this
    pottery for me…and I’ve been collecting ever

  13. I really like the log cabin pattern and did not know that it existed. I had a family member that used to collect it from her Grandma. I never knew it originated in Kentucky. Thanks for the article.

  14. I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE Hadley Pottery!!!! I have been building my collection for about 20 years. My favorite collection is the Country!!!!

  15. I love the country items. It reminds me so much of sitting at my grandmother’s table when I was a little girl:)

  16. Love, Love the design. I ordered the fish pattern. My daughter has blue in her kitchen and her husband will go fishing when ever he can, so I ordered the fish pattern for his birthday. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. I collect Hadley pottery and I love it all! I will say the Nautical pattern is my fave (at the moment). Great giveaway…Thanks!

  18. I love the dishes from the nautical collection
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  19. I was one of the 100 and can’t wait to get my spoon rest. I can never have too many of them! I think I would like the country collection the best but they are all really cute and fun!

  20. Love the fleur de lis…I have been a fan since I saw this pattern in Nashville, Indiana. My mother-in-law had a service for 12 with serving pieces a few years ago, before I knew her…she sold it in a garage sale when she redecorated her kitchen. Sad face! Thank you so much for the give-a-way. I was thrilled to be one of the 100 and am so looking forward to my spoon rest. Lovely of you and Hadley!

  21. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hadley!!! I have SO many of the farm animal patterns. Now I have moved from the midwest to California so I am collecting the more beachy patterns. My favorite is the lighthouse!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  22. I Love the beachy patterns! I have been to the outlet several times. When my friend moved from the midwest to California I had a plate made for her with our pictures on it!! Your artists are great.

  23. I liked them on FB and clicked like earlier on the site. I love the blue and white. My kitchen is blue and white. The pig spoon rest is so cute. Like everything with the house, or sheep or pigs or snowmen. It is all cute!

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you…and thanks again. Oh how I love the Beach Collection! I ordered the fish spoon rest and can hardly wait to see it. After placing the order I became so enthralled looking at the website that I almost forgot to come here and tell you my favorite pattern!
    Did I say thanks?

  25. After looking again, I do like the house in the country pattern again. Thank you for the chance to enter and for showing us this beautiful site.

  26. I am finally making it back to let you know that I ‘liked’ Hadley Pottery Company on Facebook! Again I became enmeshed in looking at teh site. The children’s piggy bank is so cute!

  27. I have purchased some of the personalized children’s plates as baby gifts in the past. They are so lovely. I would love to have an oval house plaque for myself!

  28. I finally made it back to let you know I ‘liked’ Hadley Pottery on Facebook! They have so many fun patterns, but the Beach Collection is my favorite.

  29. Being a Ky girl, I love Hadley Pottery. It was my first set of dishes when I was first married. Love the farm animals they have always been my favorite. I even have a 3 year old little girl named Hadley. I ordered my pig spoon rest. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. When I was a young girl my mom would pick up a few Hadley pieces every time we visited my Aunt in Michigan. My sisters, brother and I loved having special meals on those plates and we especially LOVED hot chocolate out of the mugs –it tasted so much better and we enjoyed seeing “The End” written on the bottom of the mug. Thanks so much for reminding me of these special pieces. I already ordered my spoon rest. I love all the patterns, but (because I’m reminiscing) I’d have to say my favorite pattern(s) are the Covered Bridge, House, and Log Cabin from the Country Collection.

  31. Living near the beach, my favorite of the Hadley Pottery is the Beach themed pottery. Thanks fo the chance!

  32. When I was 2 years old my mother commissioned a place setting with my name. there were so many Lndas and Karens, etc. – but no Priscillas. So it had to be made specially for me. I have a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and mug. My plate says Priscilla, her plate. the other pieces have only my name.

  33. I like the country patterns, but my favorite is the dog pattern. I also ordered a spoon rest and got it for $4.00 I cant wait to geet it.

  34. At a time when clean, modern, regency, transitional etc. rule the deco trends, I find there’s always a place within that to incorporate Hadley!

  35. I had a cup and saucer set my mother gave me that I loved! Unfortunately it broke alittle while ago so this really grabbed me! I love all of them but I think the horse is my favorite.

  36. I love the “at the beach” dish! Reminds me of vacation time and would serve as a good reminder of sunshine during these winter months! ;O)

  37. Hadley is such great quality! I got a great oval platter for a wedding gift 25 years ago. Still looks like new after all those years of use. My favorite is a toss-up between bluette or bouquet. Both are so sweet.

  38. What an awesome giveaway~~thanks for hosting it, Traci! Can’t believe that I made it in time to get that sweet little pig spoonrest :-D I love MA Hadley-my favorite design keeps changing……today my favorite is the covered bridge.

  39. Awwwwww Booo hiss! How am I just now seeing this?! What beautiful pottery, and what creative designs. I love the western styles as I live in Northern Nevada and it is serious buckaroo country! Keeping the eyes, fingers, and toes crossed for this one!

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