Our Organized Pantry!


I have finally been able to organize our pantry! 

pantry 001

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I cannot tell you how much I love this pantry!  It is so much more convenient that my previous pantry…not to mention prettier!

Do you remember my old pantry? Yep.  That’s Cy in there tearing it down while my kids eat dinner.  Smile

kitchen 014 (2)


Our previous pantry was small, dark, and deep.  Food got lost in there!


pantry 005


Now my pantry is big, light, and shallow!

pantry 028

I can find my food easily and quickly.


pantry 010


I admit that I do not keep my pantry as stocked as some people do.  I keep the basics in the pantry.  When cooking dinner, I usually go to the store that day to get the supplies I need.

pantry 011


My favorite part of the pantry is my little tin buckets.  I got those at Goodwill and put some chalkboard labels on them.


pantry 012


I had them in my previous pantry on the side wall.


pantry 014


I made some more chalkboard labels for my baskets.

Those labels are not only decorative, but functional.  It really does help the boys and Cy find things more easily in the pantry.


pantry 015

pantry 016

I put my cookbooks on the top shelf along with two baskets that hold my cloth napkins.

(Eventually I will be moving my cookbooks to a new area once Cy builds it for me.)  I hope to show you that soon.


pantry 019


I love my organized pantry because it is about the only space in our home that is organized right now!  Ha!  Smile

pantry 022


My shallow, organized pantry also makes it easy for me to tell when I am running low on items.

For instance, notice how my cereal containers are mostly empty?

Guess what I’m gonna be buying today?  Smile


So, does your pantry need organizing?


  1. How I love your pantry!!! I would like to have one like that, or any pantry in fact, but unfortunately my kitchen is too small. Oh well, at least I can dream:)
    I adore the way you organized it – I probably would not be able to keep it so tidy hahaha.
    Love and hugs:)

  2. It looks amazing but I was going to question if you have food stored somewhere else because with 4 boys, I know that that is not enough food to last a day! At least not with my 4 kids!

  3. My kitchen must of been designed by a man who doesn’t spend time in the kitchen because I have no Pantry! I have a lazy susan type corner cabinet as my pantry. I hate it but I just have to rock what I’ve got.

    Your pantry looks amazing! You and Cy did a great job!

  4. No wonder ya’ll are so stinkin’ skinny; there’s no food in your house!!! My gosh, I feel like I have to drive myself down to Kentucky and drag you to the grocery store! LOL Just kidding. Are you gonna spray those door hinges with oil rubbed bronze? Actually, you don’t have to answer that; I already know you will when you get a spare second or two. You have come alooooong way in less than a year! Stand back and take it all in and give yourself a pat on the back!

  5. I am in LOVE with your new pantry! It’s bright and cheerful and functional. What more could you ask for?! Your husband did a great job building it and you did a wonderful job organizing! Well done!


  6. I so need to organize our pantry. Your’s looks fabulous. I spied that Longaberger pitcher. I have quite a few Longaberger baskets and I want to paint them. I made one in Dresden and spray painted it black. Do you think Dave Longaberger would roll over in his grave if I sprayed them all black. Or I could use another color as well.

  7. Organized our pantry back in January. Mine doesn’t look as pretty as yours but I don’t have glass front doors and it seems to work for us. I grouped items together by ethnicity – Mexican, Italian, Asian – on one shelf. Baking items on one shelf, miscellaneous on one, and top shelf is snacks and ceral. I keep changing it around.

  8. The pantry is lovely, but I have to be a bit of reality for you here!! :) With 4 boys you will eventually need WAY MORE room for food. I have two teenaged boys and they are constantly eating and I cannot keep up with it all-it gets overwhelming even with meal planning, baking, multiple shopping trips per week, etc. All of this boy eating gets very expensive, too. Anyway, it all looks beautiful, but that was honestly my first thought! Blessings, Steph.

  9. Beautiful! I love it! Hopefully, I will be able to organize mine some day real soon! Yours is definitely inspiration for such a project. My pantry is under our stairs, so it’s actually like a small walk in closet. Sounds great, I know, but I have the hardest time keeping things under control. I will conquer! :)

    1. And here I thought that I was the only one with a pantry under the stairs (although I would have to be about 3 feet tall to consider it a walk-in-closet). Mine is more like a dark, deep hole. Because it is so hard to get to the back part, I regularly shove my groceries right inside the door instead of putting them in an organized place. Then every once in a while, I can’t stand it anymore, and I take everything out and organize it. Does yours have a light?

  10. Wow! I love your pantry and wish I had room for one. I guess I can dream and maybe the pantry fairy will bring me one. Thanks for the post.

  11. What a difference the light makes too!! Sooo pretty & super organzied!! You’re kitchen re-model belongs in a magazine!!

  12. The project looks great Traci! I, like several of your other readers, found myself wondering where in the world you keep all the food that feeds six people? Even your explanation of shopping for each days meal didn’t quite satisfy me! I would heed “Steph’s” advice, and start stocking up for those four ravenous appetites that are certainly right around the corner. : ) : D

  13. Love the new pantry and your organization. I could never do that just going to the store everyday especially with what we’re paying for gas these days!

  14. Hi! Love the pantry – how did you get the popcorn, drink mix containers hung on the wall? great idea for all those things that get lost and replaced over and over only to have accumulated WAYYYY too many to manage when the pantry gets cleaned out! :)

  15. I would take my husband, daughter and son. I miss family dinners together since our daughter had to move to Arizona to follow her dream to teach (California teaching jobs are hard to get).

  16. I have tin buckets like that in my laundry room. The only difference, the patina on mine makes them much more aged looking, even though I bought them new. I use one for storing my spot remover bottle, bleach pin, etc. I have 2 smaller ones for storing packing tape, nails, hammer, lint shaver, etc.
    Your pantry, btw, looks lovely. I am an over-stocker, so no chance mine will ever look quite so tidy ;)

  17. Looks wonderful! And I have to say besides the beautiful organization, the fact that you don’t have an overwhelmingly large amount of food to store really makes a difference and will help keep things organized! We try to shop weekly for food as we don’t have a ton of storage space. I often covet seeing beautifuly stocked pantries with food for months to come! Yours is a great reminder that even if I had the space, it doesn’t mean it needs to be stocked full!

  18. What are the dimensions of the closet? and how deep are the shelves? door dimensions?

    thanks, very inspired to do the same

  19. The pantry is awesome! I just found you via 6th Street Design. Silly comment here: I noticed that you store your potatoes and onions together. I recently found out that you need to store them away from each other. I guess the gasses from each spoil each other? Google it if you are so inclined. Otherwise…I love what a transformation you and your husband did yourselves! Bravo ;)

    1. Too funny! Great eyes! :) I have been meaning to buy another bin to separate them, but I keep forgetting. hee.hee. I’ll try to remember next time I’m out. :)

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