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I’ve been looking on the internet for some inspiration pictures of decorating with ropes.  There are so many great ideas out there.  Ropes have such a natural feel, and I especially love the thought of incorporating ropes into the boys’ rooms in our new addition.

I think it would be so cool to make some bookshelves for the boys using some rope.

(Click on “source” below each picture to see where I found these pictures.)





I could make rope shelves for their bathroom or their rooms!




Click here to read the tutorial of how to make these rope shelves.


I know the boys would love to have their beds hanging from ropes!  I’m not thinking I will do this. Winking smile

But look how beautiful it is…



Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if I were to hang my boys’ beds from ropes!

Oh, good golly!




I do want to incorporate barn lights somewhere in the upstairs addition.  I love how this barn light is hanging from a rope, don’t you?

I would love a bright red barn light for one of the boys’ rooms!  Or even their bathroom!



In the above picture, there is rope wrapped around the “side table.”  Although I love the look, I don’t think I would actually create that look.

But I do like how this blogger’s side table was covered in rope to create a one of a kind piece.  What a great way to take a plain table and make it more up to date.


created by Jessa from Sparkle


Rope also looks beautiful around mirrors!

I absolutely LOVE a rope mirror.  Especially this one from Ballard Designs, although I can’t find it on their site anymore.



Anyone could take any mirror (like from Goodwill), and add some rope to it to create a beautiful focal point in a room.

Nate Berkus shares how to make a rope mirror.  Click HERE for the tutorial.


Here is another way of how to decorate with rope by Kate from Centsational Girl.  Isn’t this bowl gorgeous?!  You can read the tutorial by clicking on the picture.



I also found this great tutorial on how to make this rope light.  I love the way in turned out.  Maybe I could do something like this in my future office space?


Tutorial on how to make this pendant light.


Chandeliers also look great covered in rope.  I do not have almost $400 to spend on this chandelier, but this look could be replicated for pennies.  You could cover up an ugly brass chandy that you find at a thrift store with rope and get a whole new look!


$380 from



Layla added some jute trim to her chandelier to give it a special touch.  HERE is her post about it.



Speaking of lighting, Martha Stewart shares how to make a rope lamp. Click HERE for the tutorial.


I see lamps that shape at Goodwill ALL the time for just a few bucks.  This is such an easy project.  I’m storing this one in the back of my mind too!


And the last picture I had to share just because. 

How’s that for creative?! A rope covered mannequin. 


Etsy Shop



I am expecting that baby to go viral on Pinterest.  hee.hee.


Well, I hope I gave you some good ideas of how to add rope to your décor.  That is, if you WANT to add rope to your décor. 



I wanted to add real quickly that I got to have lunch yesterday with a beautiful new friend.

lunch 003

Carmel, from Our Fifth House!

We have been online friends for a while, but now we are real life friends.

lunch 008

Can you believe we only live about 10 minutes from each other?!

We had so much fun eating lunch at Panera and talking about lots of blog stuff.  She is beautiful inside and out!  We also figured out that I was her daughter’s music teacher a few years ago at the Mom’s Day Out program I used to work at.  So cool!

And oh yeah, my sister was there too. 

lunch 009

I LOVE every moment I get to spend with her.  I don’t get to see her enough actually!

It is so much fun meeting your blog friends in real life.  I highly recommend it.  That is why I enjoy going to blog conferences so much!  It makes blogging even MORE fun!


Carmel has a beautiful blog that you will enjoy checking out, if you haven’t already. Smile

Her foyer is one of my favorite projects…


Be sure to stop by and tell her “hello!”



  1. i love the mirror idea! i wonder if i could figure out a way to do this to my builder grade bathroom mirrors to give them an updated look? might have to try!

  2. I had such a great time yesterday! Do you mind if I borrow your pictures? I’m so green -totally forgot my own camera. ;) PS – Talk to the hub last night – I’m heading to HAVEN! Buying my ticket tonight! YAY!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful inspiration using ropes ~ it really put me in idea mode in helping my daughter decorate my grandson’s bedroom! Thanks for all the tips, as always you are fabulous and my favor blogger!

  4. Oh I would love to meet yall for lunch sometime ;) I don’t know any other Kentucky bloggers…I am willing to drive from Louisville :) Love all the rope ideas…:) So fun!

  5. I didn’t know you can do so much with rope. My husband liked the bed hanging with rope. I didn’t tell him that wasn’t happening. (Ha-Ha)

  6. Love all the rope decor inspiraton!! I especially love those hanging beds!! I agree that hanging beds & boys don’t mix though!! So cool that you got to me Carmel!! I follow her blog & she follows mine! She seems like such a sweet person!! Can’t wait to become real life friends with you next week!!!

  7. BE NICE OR LEAVE – I must copy that somehow and put it in my house, next to my 3 kiddos bedroom doors, in the kitchen, near the bathrooms, everywhere!! What a great straight to the point message!! Love this blog of yours and all of these decor ideas!! those hanging ropes kinda freak me out too though- I can’t imagine what my 2 boys would do with those….

    I’m a mommy with a makeup problem…

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