A Trip to the Habitat ReStore with my Sister to Find Some Laundry Room Cabinets {A Must See Video}


Okay, so yesterday I went to the Habitat ReStore with my sister, Cyndi, and her daughter, Courtney. 


We were on the hunt for some used cabinets for Cyndi’s laundry room.

We also had a little man in our midst…my great nephew, Colt.  He is delicious.

restore 007


It is always a blast when we are together.  Mainly because Cyndi and I are so different in so many ways, and we love teasing each other about it.


restore 004


Here are some examples of what I am talking about:


ME:  I will go to Walmart without my makeup on or hair fixed.

CYNDI:  She won’t go to her mailbox without her makeup on and her hair fixed.


ME:  Most of my clothes have paint stains on them.

CYNDI:  She doesn’t own a piece of clothing with paint on it.


ME:  I wear my yoga pants 6 out the 7 days of the week. (Still trying to figure out how to dress them up to wear them to church!)

CYNDI:  Doesn’t remember the last time she wore her yoga pants.


ME:  I’d rather make it than buy it.

CYNDI:  She’d rather buy it than make it.


ME:  Goodwill makes me happy.

CYNDI:  The mall makes her happy.


ME:  I cut my own hair or go to Great Clips.  (Just this past January I actually had my first haircut in YEARS at a real salon!  Cyndi was so proud of me.)

CYNDI:  She gets her haircut at a salon every 6 weeks like clock work.


ME:  I am cool.

CYNDI:  She THINKS she’s cool.


So we thought it would be fun to share a little video of our experience with you.  If you can’t see the video in your reader, just click on the post title to view it on my blog.

(You may hear Colt cooing in the background of some of this video.  Sweet baby boy.)





A HUGE Thank You

restore 003

to my sweet niece, Courtney,

who was our gracious videographer

She did a great job, even with Colt in her other hand!


  1. I love seeing how you and your sister celebrate your differences!
    It reminds me of me and my 6 sisters!! Yes, I said 6!
    They are a wonderful part of my life.

  2. Love the video ….it was too cute! I am a little jealous of your restore. Our is no where near that big or organized. Good luck with the laundry room makeover. Oh and the little Colt is too sweet for words!

    Ashley @ Thereisnoplacelikehomemade

  3. Some of my most comfy clothes have stains on them. I’m at a point I only put on makeup if I go out to dinner. I love my yoga pants and I don’t o yoga!

  4. I LOVED it!! That was so cute! The legs coming out of the car, priceless! You need to do more of those during this process. You’re too cute you two!

  5. I Love this, Tracie! I bet you girls are a HOOT together! ; ) I especially loved the scene getting out of the car! BAhahaha!! Good stuff!!
    And I need to throw in that I am TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY J.E.A.L.O.U.S of your Habitat reStore! Mine… yea. well. It’s not anywhere near to that caliber!!

  6. You guys are hilarious! From the dramatic exit from the cars, right down the “MSM Productions”!!! Thanks for the chuckle tonight!!! Love it!!! :O)

  7. fun video!! Our re-Store looks nothing like this. :) Ours doesn’t even have heat and a.c. The furniture is pitiful and the prices are high. A couple of years ago, you could get some deals, but not now.
    I haven’t been in a couple of months, I need to go see what I can find. ;)

    again, loved watching the video, y’all are a hoot!

  8. Yay, I love restore! I go there at least twice a month. About a month ago I got two ottomans there from The Campbell House Hotel that were $10.00 a piece! They are flat on one side and curved on the other side. I bought two and placed them at the end of my bed. I will have to slipcover them, but for 10 bucks….. wow!

    Hope Cindy finds some cabinets, cause they have all kinds of them usually.

    Jeri Hahn

  9. Loved the video. I would never sit on the sofa either, Cyndi, but I do love to go to those stores.


  10. You two are a hoot! Enjoyed your video. Can’t wait to see how you finish your sister’s bathroom.
    By the way, I loved Cyndi’s park job. :)

  11. Hahahaha, I am cracking up here. The funniest part was the two of you getting out of the car (your sister’s heels, lol) and walking across the parking lot. But, the best part about this is that this is me and my sister to a TEE! She lives in Illinois and I live in Canada so when we get together, all she want’s to do is shop at the mall for new clothes (in her best outfit of course) and I just want to hit every home store that I can find (in my Puma’s that she makes fun of) Wow, this is such da je vu that I am going to send the link to my sister for her to see. Not that she would even know what DIY means, never mind a Rehab Store! P.S. I feel like a nerd saying this but you are actually my inspiration as to why I started my own blog! Ssshh, don’t tell anyone!

  12. Loved the video! Great job Courtney….. I would LOVE to have you around for a month Traci. I do like second hand stores but I have trouble thinking outside the box. If something is ugly, I see it as ugly. Lol. Your blog has helped me a ton though and love all our painted light fixtures that you gave me the idea for. I’m learning…. slow and sure! Keep it up Traci… love your blog!!! Blessings!!!

  13. I loved your video…and I also loved that you’re from Lexington, you had on a Wildcats shirt and I have been to that ReStore many times and have found really good STUFF…just found your blog today…and I love it….!!

  14. Y’all are a hoot. I generally don’t watch embedded videos but I’m glad I made an exception. I totally want to go shopping with y’all now!

  15. Hahahaha! LOVED this Traci! Gotta love our sisters :-). I have a feeling Cyndi will be a Re-store queen before she knows it! Can’t wait to see what you do with her mudroom! Hmmm…you put me in the mood to visit OUR Re-Store today! Happy weekend!

  16. Kentucky Girls gone wild at the ReStore! Yall are just too funny! Love that scene of getting out of the car and strutting into the store. Oh and that Colt – what a handsome fellow!

    Hope all of yall are okay after the storms yesterday!!!!


    Marilyn C.

  17. How funny! Love the comparisons. I think I’m more like you but not as cute and talented. ;) And not a Kentucky fan. ;) =D

  18. I loved the video! That man walking by made me laugh out loud! He wanted to be famous and get in on that video! :) I’m definitely like Cyndi, I have to have my hair fixed and makeup on before going to the mailbox too, except this morning the mailman had to drop off a package and I had to answer the door with no makeup and wet hair! Oh my!!! Hope the mailman didn’t get too scared! :) Also I wouldn’t have sat on that couch either, not even on my purse. :) (well maybe if I could’ve wiped my purse off with a wipe afterwards! hehe) Good luck with the laundry room project! Traci, I know you will make it look fabulous! You do a great job on all of your projects. Can’t wait to see it!

  19. Loved the video!! Truly fun!! Make more of those! I am so looking forward to the outcome of her laundry room! I can’t believe you didn’t find anything. Also, your Habitat store is great! Enjoy the rest of the makeover!

  20. Thanks for the laugh! I enjoyed the video. I so wish we had a Habiitat store near where I live. I would drive to Kentucky for a look but I don’t have a truck so I couldn’t bring anything back. Love, love your blog and never miss it. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  21. Oh, my, I love the video- thanks for the chuckle! Your ReStore looks so much better than ours. Actually, we don’t have one, but there is one 30 miles away which I visit occasionally, but rarely find anything.

  22. Traci, you always inspire me. I immediately went to Google to see if there was a ReStore near me. The original store in Austin Texas is within an hour drive of me. Bless you sweet girl.

  23. Every time I see what you find at the Habitat ReStore I find myself wishing I lived in your neighborhood because the one here is mostly junk! Yours is so nice and actually looks like a second-hand store instead of a construction waste bin! Jealous!

  24. Hilarious!! Cyndi’s “deer in the headlight” look is priceless. Reminds me of my sister and I SO MUCH!!! I can’t imagine life without her!!
    Gmama Jane

  25. What a wonderful video, Traci. I loved watching it. When I’m in Lexington, visiting my son at UK, I always go to the Southland Dr. Habitat Store. However, I must say, I like the store in Nicholasville better. The quality and selection are not quite as good as the store on Southland but the prices seem to be much better.
    Can’t wait to watch more videos of this laundry room makeover.

  26. Ok…I don’t know what made me laugh harder…the 2 of you getting out of the car, or Cyndi sitting on her purse??!! Out of curiousity, did Cyndi leave her car parked in the middle of 2 spots or move it after the “exit shot” was taken? Ha ha ha!! Pricless :)
    GREAT video!!

  27. I made it to one of the Restore’s in Louisville! I had showed my husband your video so he took me there. We were laughing because there was a horrible looking sofa there like the one in the video. I wanted to take a picture sitting on it, but it looked too bad to even sit on! Ha Ha! Thanks again for the information. I didn’t find anything this time, but I won’t give up.

  28. OH MY WORD…you two crack me up! My favorite part….watching each of you get out of the car. I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!

    I would LOVE to send a day….as a fly on the wall watching you two.

    Looking forward to seeing what Cyndi ends up picking out. :-)

  29. Oh, Traci, this is too cute. I would have loved to tag along on that trip. What a good time. You have an amazing ability to tell a story and make people laugh out loud.

  30. Great video! I love the guy in the background at the ReStore…he looks so confused. “What are these gals doin’?!” And then the other guy towards the end of the video, “Oh shoot, I’m in your shot! Let me just scoot on by y’all!”

    Seriously though, bummer you didn’t find anything that day. Something will turn up!

  31. If you didn’t find any, my mom has some she’s trying to get rid of on Craigslist. She’s redoing her kitchen and the old cabinets are going.

  32. you two have got to have a great deal of fun together as sisters and as friends. The store is neat and I will have to see if there is one of these stores near by. I can only imagine what all they have!!! Something to look forward to!

    Sweet Spring Blessings to you,
    d from kansas

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