Better Photography at your Fingertips!


 (All of the following images are from shootFLYshoot.)

I am so excited about a new online tool to help you and I become better photographers.

One thing I feel I need to work on the most to improve the quality of my blog is to become better at styling and taking photos.

If you are a visual person like me, it is the pictures on a blog that draw me in.  If the picture quality is poor, I will not be able to truly see and enjoy the beauty of a project.

That is why I am so excited about shootFLYshoot.




Kevin Palmer (the other half of The Lettered Cottage) and Josh Moates (from Indie Film Lab) are the master minds behind this incredible site.


They are offering some very helpful classes that will help you take the best possible pictures from your camera.


Photography 101 is the class that I need to take.  Here is the description from their website…


Photography 101 is a training class designed for beginners. It’s for people who own DSLR cameras and but have yet to learn how to shoot in manual mode. (Our motto is: Don’t fear the M!) We teach through videos specifically shot to help make it easier for you to really see all of our shooting tricks and techniques. We’re visual learners, and we wanted to create training classes that were laid back, and very easy to understand. All of our videos are shot in high definition, and the overall goal is to teach you to understand how your camera works so that you can have total control, and take better and brighter photographs.


Doesn’t that sound amazing?!!!

How wonderful would it be to have a video that you could always refer back to as you strive to become a better photographer?

I’ve read my camera manual, and it is Greek to me.

I’ve even read photo tips from blogs, and it is still Greek to me!

But having someone “in person” show me how to use my camera, that is right up my alley!  This is what I have been waiting for!

They are also offering classes for intermediate users, and will soon be adding classes for FILM and PHOTOSHOP!  (Photoshop is something else I would LOVE to learn about!)

So click on the picture below to check out this brand new website!



And if you want to enter to win a 50mm lens for your camera (Nikon or Canon), you can enter their giveaway by clicking on the picture below.

50mm Lens Giveaway




And you want some more good news?

Kevin and Layla, and Josh will be speaking at our Haven Conference this summer?!!!

I know!!!


There are only 40 tickets left, so if you haven’t registered yet, you better do so soon!

It’s going to be the Must Attend blog conference of the year!

Click HERE to register.


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