Oh SNAP! My Camera Broke!

Well, I left last Thursday to head out to Salt Lake City, Utah for the SNAP! Conference.

I was sooo excited for this conference!  I absolutely love flying on  planes, and I snapped some pictures of the gorgeous sunrise as I left Lexington around 6:00 am that morning.

porch 014

Have you ever seen anything so amazing?!!!  My heart was singing praises to God and His beautiful creation.  I truly do not understand how a person can look at this and not know that there is a God.

porch 015

When I arrived in Chicago for my next flight, I had a couple of hours to work on my computer.  I was able to get a lot of work finished and even get a post published.  Then it was time for my next flight to Utah.  I decided to use the bathroom before getting on the plane. 

I hung my carry on bag on the hook on the back of the bathroom stall door.  Then I went to hang my camera on the hook as well. 

Well, the hook was not long enough, and my camera strap slipped right off the hook and my camera went crashing down on the hard bathroom floor.

My heart sank, and I almost let out a huge scream.  But, I didn’t want anyone to think I was giving birth in the stall!

My camera broke into three pieces.

phone 030

I couldn’t believe it.  This is my new Nikon that I have had less than a year.  For a blogger, your camera is one of your most important business tools.  I was sick.


phone 032


So I will be borrowing pictures from my friends who went to SNAP! and hopefully will be sharing them with you soon. 

But for now, Homes.com was at the SNAP! conference, and I was able to find these photos on their facebook page.


These were my fabulous roomies at SNAP!

Beth (Home Stories A2Z), Beckie (Infarrantly Creative), and Rhoda (Southern Hospitality)


I LOVE these women!!!!  I cannot say enough about how amazing each one of them are.

I miss them bunches!


I guess until I can get another camera or get this one fixed, I’ll be snapping pictures on my iphone.  Will see how that goes!  Smile


Oh well, it could have been something worse, right?  I’m counting my blessing that it was only my camera.


Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh Traci, I swear sometimes you and I are karmically connected! I just broke my camera last month, 11 days before my husband’s BFF’s wedding, where we were going to take a zillion pics. My husband ended up ordering one from EBay and we got a really good deal but man, it just SUCKS, doesn’t it? It was 100% my fault. Arg. I hope your new camera lasts you a looooong time!!!

  2. Oh my gosh the same thing happened to me with my canon just before heading to SNAP!! I was so sad to not have my favorite lens so I didn’t take many pics at all. My new lens just arrived though :) gorgeous sunrise pictures! Sad I didn’t get to officially meet you at SNAP although your phone’s jazzy ring during our long SEO class had me busting up laughing! Hope you had a fun weekend!

  3. Hopefully you get another camera soon and life will feel better again. Those suckers need insurance!

    We went hiking with my camera for the first time on Easter Sunday. I was soooo afraid to drop it and I didn’t want DH to touch it at all. He asked me then if he and the camera fell down the mountain, which one would I grab first? I had to think about it…. ;)

  4. Traci~
    even tho the breaking of the camera was YOUR fault..
    you should take it back to where it was purchased.
    did you have a service contract on it?
    you would be surprised at what is covered on one.
    My first Nikon was a D40..I loved it!
    I also purchased the extended service warranty..
    which allowed me a replacement battery FREE.
    That camera was a lemon. It took exquisite photos.
    I had it for less than two years..
    it had to be sent for repair 4 times.
    the first time.. the lens would not turn..had a rattling sound inside.
    turns out, the entire interior mechanism is made of plastic.
    they cleaned my camera, gave me a replacement lens.
    this happened when I’d had the camera about 3 months..
    at about 8 months , it stopped doing anything period.
    couldn’t even turn it on.. sent it back.
    the “computer” in it had to be replaced!
    the third time, same thing happened ..
    the verdict.. the settings were mis-calibrated!
    when it came back.. a letter accompanied the camera..
    authorizing me to have a new camera..
    no D-40 was to be had.. it was a D3000 or nothing.
    I took it and ran! I use my camera daily, just as you do..
    without it .. I am LOST..
    It never hurts to go to the original source..
    being a good customer does have it’s rewards.
    especially when you also have a service contract!
    good luck.. hope you get a new one!
    ps just after my computer died, I dropped the Nikon..
    on the lens! the only injury was to the polarizing lens..
    which I use for keeping the regular lens clean and dust free !
    totally shattered!
    I was devastated thinking the camera destroyed..
    elated to discover it works just fine!!
    hugs! Loui♥

  5. I saw your Twitter post about this, Traci–I am SO sorry! I hope that perhaps it can be repaired. I am glad that it was your camera and not your arm or your leg. . . but ugh! What a beastly thing to happen.

    I’m glad you got to go to SNAP! It sounds as if it was lots of fun. And what a fun room y’all had!

  6. The pictures are beautiful! I am terribly sorry to hear about the camera, I feel your pain. Your camera may be under warranty. I broke my Nikon lens over a year after purchase, I sent mine to the address given on Nikons website, to New York, and I only ended up paying to have it shipped there. I had not filled out any of the warranty information that comes with a new camera either. Good Luck!

  7. The same thing happened to me!! Well, not in a bathroom stall, but my camera broke the same way. The good thing was that the body was fine… just the lens was broken (hope that’s the same case as yours!). Such a sickening feeling, I know. Hope you can get a new lens soon (or use an old one for a while like I did).

  8. I’m a photo nut.I keep a pocket camera in my purse it takes great pics and is always ready for those times my big camera is not available. You just never know when a special moment will arrive..Hope you are able to have you Nikon fixed..

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